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Moody Radio

Kurt Goff brings you six hours of uplifting music, inspiring devotional insights, and faith-infused conversation with callers. Hear the heart of a pastor as Kurt engages listeners with words of hope and joy, all based on God's Word.

Kurt Goff brings you six hours of uplifting music, inspiring devotional insights, and faith-infused conversation with callers. Hear the heart of a pastor as Kurt engages listeners with words of hope and joy, all based on God's Word.
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Murfreesboro, TN


Moody Radio


Kurt Goff brings you six hours of uplifting music, inspiring devotional insights, and faith-infused conversation with callers. Hear the heart of a pastor as Kurt engages listeners with words of hope and joy, all based on God's Word.




Kurt Goff Live 820 N. LaSalle Blvd. Chicago, IL 60610 (877) 548-3675


Up All Night With God

Have you ever spent the entire night in prayer, worship or study of God's word? It may seem like quite a task for many of us, but in this program Kurt shares a story from believers in Africa for whom this is a regular practice. What they have experienced in spiritual growth and closeness to God is something many believers in this country are longing for. But as you will hear there ARE believers who have taken on this challenge and their experiences will be an encouragement for you as you...

Duration: 02:24:08

Empowered By The Holy Spirit

The pastor of Kurt's church shared a famous story from the life of evangelist D. L. Moody about a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed his ministry from that time forward. It is one of Kurt's favorite stories from his life and the springboard for a lively conversation about what it means to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Duration: 02:22:26

Our Enemy

How often do you think about the supernatural? We all know it is real and active but for many of us it is out there...somewhere. We don't think about it being very real and present surrounding our lives every day. The testimony of an evangelist regarding seeming demonic beings in his hotel room opened the door to this powerful conversation as our listeners share with Kurt and the audience their true stories of encounters with demonic forces and how God used those events to deepen their...

Duration: 02:21:24

God's Counsel

A question from an international listener to the program gave Kurt and our callers to delve deeply into the issues surrounding God's guidance and direction in the lives of His people. There are many varied and interesting facets to this topic and Kurt and our callers explore them all in this edition of Kurt Goff Live.

Duration: 02:25:32

God Will Take Care Of It

A video post from a friend of Kurt's regarding a stolen guitar and the AMAZING thing God to did to bring restoration to this Christian musician is the springboard for this conversation about restoration. Kurt and our callers share their stories of how God brought restoration into their lives when it seemed that all was lost and nothing could turn their situations around.

Honesty & Lies

A Facebook post from from a longtime friend of Kurt's opens the door to our first live conversation after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. It has to do with honesty and what happened when somebody was honest on his behalf. Kurt and our callers explore the nuances of honesty and lies and the significance of both in the eyes of God and in the life of the believer.

Duration: 02:18:03

When Did God Amaze You? (Sharing Your Eph. 3:20-21 Stories)

Ephesians 3:20-21 is the springboard for this end of the week conversation about the many varied and wonderful ways that God chooses to amaze His people with His love, power and kindness. Kurt left the door wide open for our callers to share their stories of times in their lives where God went above and beyond their expectations. As a results we got this wonderful program that we hope will encourage you in your walk with the Lord to believe that His is more than able to amaze you as you...

Duration: 02:20:02

God's Purpose In Your Weakness

We tend to look at weakness and struggle as negative things, but what if God has a greater purpose in your weakness that will grow you and glorify Him? Kurt and our callers explore this very tantalizing concept with stories which demostrate that God's plans are indeed bigger than our understandings and expectations.

Duration: 02:22:30

2018 Abortion Stories

The findings of a new report on why some women choose to have abortions is the starting point for this powerful conversation. Kurt gave our callers a chance to share their abortion stories and how God has led them through the pain of that choice. Some of our callers during the show were men who in younger years encouraged and even paid for abortions. In both cases they shared how God's powerful hand of forgiveness has and continues to work after making such a terrible choice. This is show...

Duration: 02:22:51

Good Samaritan Stories

Have you ever had the opportunity to help somebody out or had somebody lend a helping hand to you? What may seem like a simple, kind gesture is actually so much more. Taking his cue for the parable of the "Good Samaritan", Kurt opens the door up to an exciting coversation about what it means to care for others in the name of Jesus and the deeper implications of this parable in the life of God's people. Along the way he gathers some wonderful stories that are sure to bless your heart as you...

Duration: 02:27:21

Your Red Sea Moment

One of the most powerful stories in the Old Testament is when God delivers His people at the Red Sea at a time where they were trapped and had nowhere and no one else to turn to but Him. Taking that example, Kurt and our callers explored the idea of "Red Sea moments" in the lives of God's people. Our callers shared some deep and amazing stories of how God delievered them in a time when all hope seemed lost. If your back is up against the wall in someway, then this program is for you!

Duration: 02:22:25

How Has The Bible Changed Your Life?

We end the week with a simple question that opened the doors to some wonderful stories about the impact the Bible has had on the lives of our callers. This conversation comes in light of some really great news about the very popular YouVersion Bible app that many people have on their phones and use daily to study the Word. Kurt and our callers share some great stories about the impact of the bible on their lives, specific verses that hold special meanings to them and many other issues...

Duration: 02:21:16

Too Much Information?

Is there such a thing as giving out too much information when sharing your testimony? Something that happened at one church when a lady tried to share hers may make you think twice about your answer to that question. The incident opened the door to a very lively convesastion on the program as Kurt and our callers dug deep into the issues surrounding this question and shared many varied and different viewpoints on the issue.

Duration: 02:21:25

Fresh Starts

The New Year seems to be the perfect time for this discussion about the importance of a fresh start in life. Kurt opened the door to the topic and our callers shared their desires for a fresh start spiritually in their lives. Many of them also shared some incredible stories of fresh starts that God has already given them and how transforming that breath of fresh air has been on their walk and witness.

Duration: 02:25:49

Your 2018 Word For The Year

It is the start of a brand new year and we are kicking it off with what has become a yearly tradition on the show. The question that Kurt posed is a simple one, " What word will define your goal, your focus for 2018?" And with that simple question a door opened up to some thoughtful and challenging answers that are sure to get you thinking about what your 2018 will look like in the rearview mirror. To get to where you want to be and even more importantly where the Lord wants you to be, you...

Duration: 02:21:31

An Interesting Question

In this program Kurt poses a very simple question to our listeners, but the answerst that they gave were anything but. From funny to spiritually moving, Kurt's question opened the door for a wonderful & thought provoking conversation in this time of giving. Just click below to see what the question is and listen to hear what our callers shared.

Duration: 02:22:12

Wise Men Still Seek Him

What does it mean to seek God and what are the challenges and blessing that come along with it? Taking inspiriation from one of the most beloved Christmas sayings, Kurt and our callers share their stories of seeking God and how much it changed their lives and journeys of faith.

Duration: 02:19:26

Dealing With Christmastime Depression

Despite all the holly and jolly, there are many people who struggle with depression during the holiday season. For some it comes from the loss of loved ones. For others it may be brought on by a medical issue. But whatever the reason the struggle is a real one. Join Kurt and our callers as we explore this very important issue and along the way listen as God opens the door of ministry to several callers who are trying to cope with depression this Christmas.

Duration: 02:17:46

Santa Claus Is My Real Name And I Love Jesus

You are in for a treat. Kurt had a special guest who loves Jesus very deeply and serves Him with all of his heart. And his legal name is....Santa Claus. The conversation you are about to listen to will warm your heart and excite your faith in very special ways. Join us as this servant of the Lord unfolds his amazing story and shares his deep and abiding love for Jesus.

God On The Road With You

It's that time of year again when families hit the road, the trains, the airways to visit with loved ones for the Christmas and New Years holidays. Before they hit the road many Christians pray and ask God for his protection as they travel to and from their destinations, something more commonly known as "traveling mercies". So Kurt decided to gather some of those stories from our listeners and give them a chance to show off how good the Lord has been to them as they travel. What came out...
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