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Diana Wiley, Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about love, lust and laughter!

Diana Wiley, Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about love, lust and laughter!
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Diana Wiley, Wise and Witty Journeys – the radio show that talks all about love, lust and laughter!






Love Lust And Laughter - 03.13.18

Dr. Linda De Villers ( is the author of “Love Sills – A Fun, Upbeat Guide to Sex-cessful Relationships” – a wonderful book providing step-by-step programs for sexual fun, adventure and growth! Dr. Linda and Dr. Diana have been friends and colleagues since 1991. They both share this in common: Linda’s mother died at 100 in April and Diana’s died at 95 in August of 2017. Both docs were blessed with secure attachment in their families of origin! This is a positive...


Love Lust And Laughter - 03.06.18

We’re calling this show #goodsextoo. In light of the current #metoo conversations, there appear to be women who are unhappy because they had bad sex…not coercive, violent or otherwise non-consensual sex, just sex that wasn’t very good. Sheri Winston and Dr. Diana spoke about how the latter can be prevented. Sheri is a celebrated sexuality teacher, an award-winning author and a medical professional ( Her books areSucculent Sex Craft and Women’s Anatomy of Arousal –...


Love Lust And Laughter - 02.27.18

David Steinberg (, always a fascinating guest, spoke of his new screenplay project about Marco Vassi – a sexual adventurer and visionary. But first, Dr. Diana and David discussed his fine art erotic photographs. He has been involved with the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival for fourteen years, arriving at the “Masters” level. This year in June he has five photos in the show. David’s photography is entirely different from porn; while explicit, he is interested in the...


Love Lust And Laughter - 02.20.18

Cannabis and sex! Better orgasms! Matisse and Chelsea developed a cannabis enhanced sensual lubricant called Velvet Swing which provides more fun for everyone ( Discussions went from the pragmatic (Willie Nelson re being caught with a bag of marijuana: “It’s a good thing I had a bag of marijuana instead of a bag of spinach. I’d be dead by now.”) to the sublime (Natalie Angier, author of “Woman, An Intimate Geography,” said, “Marijuana can be a sexual mentor and sublime...


Love Lust And Laughter - 02.13.18

Would you like a few secrets for becoming a vibrant Valentine? Brad Coates ( – author of “Divorce with Decency”) and Dr. Diana’s fiancé, soon-to-be husband Bryan Brewer ( joined forces to answer that question. Dr. Diana first described what she’s heard women friends and clients want when it comes to love. LOOKS were not mentioned much. Women tend to be much more forgiving of physical flaws – having spent a lifetime perhaps examining their own....


Love Lust And Laughter - 02.06.18

Dr. Mark Schoen, a sex educator and filmmaker, last here last year, returned. His website is the Netflix of sex education! Indeed, this website is a sex educator’s dream come true! There are some 600 films on the site – including sensate focus exercises, the science of orgasms, the true story of how babies are made, the science of attraction, and TRANS (about the transgendered folks dealing with discrimination and rejection). We also discussed his project with Dr....


Love Lust And Laughter - 01.30.18

Dr. Dudley Danoff MD, a world renowned urologist, is the author of “The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health – How to Stay Vital at Any Age” ( We focused on his Chapter 9 having to do with aging and sexuality. Dr. Danoff says, “You do not stop having sex because you get old, you get old because you stop having sex!” Many older men experience ED. What is the cause? Hormones? Psychological changes? Vascular problems? Heart disease? Prolonged monogamy? Or...


Love Lust And Laughter - 01.23.18

What do men want? Brad Coates ( knows because he has handled 8-9 thousand divorces over the last 40 years. He also knows what women want, and everything is documented in the 5 Edition of his book Divorce with Decency. Brad is an unusual divorce attorney because he suggests relationship counseling! He even speaks on cruise ships, cruising to some 140 countries in the last fifteen years. Brad and Dr. Diana discussed the physical and emotional make-up of men, the values...


Love Lust And Laughter - 01.16.18

Sexuality and disabilities are not addressed or explored enough. Dr. Mitchell Tepper ( reports that he “dove head first into the field” because of a diving accident years ago, breaking his neck. Since then he has become an internationally recognized sexuality educator, disability expert, and pioneer in spinal cord research and orgasm. Dr. Mitch has been collaborating with Dr. Mark Schoen on a documentary: “Love After War” ( By going to that...


Love Lust And Laughter - 01.09.18

Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. – Anais Nin. Dr. Lori Buckley ( helped us with this “replenishing” by suggesting a number of decisions (similar toresolutions) we can make as we begin 2018. Decisions are at the core of her book “21 Decisions for Great Sex & a Happy Relationship” (found on Amazon). What if your decision is to have a better sex life? Dr. Lori and Dr. Diana discussed action steps necessary....


Love Lust And Laughter - 11.28.17

Dr. Patti Britton is a friend and colleague of some twenty-seven-years. She and Dr. Diana feel passionately about sexuality – and they both teach, coach, and offer therapy. Her URLs are:; and Here you will find in-depth, sensitive approaches to thorough training. Dr. Patti’s life partner of 17 years died earlier this year…Dr. Robert Dunlap was also her business partner. He left a huge legacy: we discussed it on the air. On Robert’s...


Love Lust And Laughter - 11.21.17

Dr. Lori Buckley – – returned to the program. Her book is “21 Decisions for Great Sex & a Happy Relationship” and can be purchased on AMAZON. This is the time of year to express gratitude; although, all of us would be happier if we did it every day. The happiest couples work to build positivity into their relationships. Positive emotion is about more than just having fun – it includes gratitude, inspiration, and curiosity! Gratitude helps remind us of the good...


Love Lust And Laughter - 11.14.17

Veronica Monet, a relationship and sexuality coach – – returned to the show. She and Dr. Diana discussed sexual harassment. In her twenties, Veronica had some personal experiences with powerful men in Hollywood. Sexual harassment has become normalized, and of course it is an abuse of power. Then there was this topic: How guilt and empathy can save us from shame and low self-esteem. Most folks don’t enjoy feeling guilty; so, why would she encourage us to connect...


Love Lust And Laughter - 10.10.17

Barbi Benton, Dr. Diana’s good friend of 20 years, discussed Hugh Hefner (aka Hef) and his legacy. Barbi was his good friend for nearly 50 years! Hef was a sexual and social pioneer who took sexuality out of the shadows and presented it as part of the Good Life. Barbi shared their good life as a couple (1968-1976), and then how they had remained friends until his death September 27. Barbi recalled trips with Hef on the customized “Big Bunny” plane with a round bed and a shower so that,...


Love Lust And Laughter - 10.03.17

Masturbation and Sex Toys! Do I have your attention? Dr. Carol Queen ( or returned for this informative Part 2. Her “The Sex & Pleasure Book – Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone” is a comprehensive book which advises, enlightens, amuses, encourages – so that sex and intimacy can be so much more fulfilling. Masturbation. How can one simple word be so complex? For many, relationships are the main goal in life; therefore, nurturing a sense of...


Love Lust And Laughter - 09.27.17

Dr. Carol Queen ( or observes in her “The Sex & Pleasure Book – Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone” : “Most of us weren’t given an operating manual for our wonderful bodies and the myriad sensations we can experience with them…especially not in sex education…Can you imagine if Driver’s Ed consisted of a teacher saying, ‘Now here’s a car: Now don’t drive it!’” Dr. Diana and Dr. Carol had a lively discussion around being sex-positive, sexual...


Love Lust And Laughter - 09.19.17

Joan Price ( is on a mission to dispel the myth that older people are not interested in sex! In her books, talks, and webinars she suggests how folks can reclaim their sexuality. Joan has written “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50,” “Better Than I Expected – Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty,” “Naked at Our Age,” and “Ageless Erotica.” Two days ago Dr. Diana heard Joan speak at Catalystcon in L.A. where she was especially impressed with these topics: Expanding What Sex...


Love Lust And Laughter - 08.29.17

Great sex is not about technique. It’s about integrating your head, heart and spirit with your genitals. Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce ( returned to the program to help sort this out. Next month, September 16, she will be a speaker at Catalystcon ( Her topic: “Sexy Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date.” Dr. Diana interviewed Dr. Nancy, covering the following topics: How do we define sexy and why is it even important? What happens to us when we don’t feel sexy?...


Love Lust And Laughter - 08.15.17

Brad Coates ( knows all about marriages and divorce because he’s been a divorce lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii for forty years. His popular book “DIVORCE with DECENCY” is now in its 5 Edition. Dr. Diana and Brad, longtime friends, discussed how the internet, social media, and porn have all contributed to the unraveling of marriages. Complaints about porn use constitute the number-one problem walking in the door of many couple and sex therapists today – a direct measure of...


Love Lust And Laughter - 08.08.17

Dr. Dudley Danoff, MD, FACS, a world renowned urologist, returned to the program. His newest book edition just came out today: “Male Sexual Health – How to Stay Vital at Any Age” – There are many praises for Dr. Danoff’s book – including this from Larry King: “Gives insightful, accurate, humorous, and knowledgeable answers to all the questions you were afraid to ask. I loved it, learned a lot, and highly recommend it.” Dr. Danoff and Dr. Diana...


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