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5 - I Heart Huckabee

Subscribe and Review! Witness Minion Death Cult to your impressionable friends and family! This week the cult covers Net Neutrality by way of Xibit memes, a totally fake, totally viral Sarah Huckabee Sanders right wing fantasy, and conspiracy theories about Michael Flynn, ABC (fake) News, and the stock market.

Duration: 01:10:21

4 - New Cuck (Soy Boy)

Subscribe. Witness Minion Death Cult to your impressionable friends and family. Rate and Review, that we may ascend to a higher plane of iTunes statistics. This episode: Paul Joseph Watson develops a totally-new theory (this one has a hat!) about how soy turns men into “straight” leftists. Alpha Fatherbookers share testimonials about their and their children’s masculinity. The most miserable members of r/thedon_ald come to terms with their own soy boyhood and ask the comments section...

Duration: 01:05:31

3 - #MooreWomen

This week: Why aren't millennials tearing down statues of Kevin Spacey? A Soundcloud rapper tries to score listens off the #metoo campaign. Members of The ACTUALLY FREE Speech Deplorables Facebook group go full galaxy brain in their defense of Roy Moore. Alex Jones celebrates a family Thanksgiving and triggers cardiologists everywhere. Please subscribe, rate and review, and share the show. Send us suggestions or your family's baggage at

Duration: 01:19:39

2 - Kap & Ball

Facebook's reaction to Kaepernick's GQ magazine cover and the UCLA student-athlete-thugs being arrested in China

Duration: 00:54:15

1 - No Rules / Just Right (Intro & "Salute The Brave")

Minion Death Cult. BORN TO DIE / WORLD WIDE WEB IS A FRICK / Kill Em All 2017 / I am troops man / 410757864530 DEAD BOOMERS Hosier & Adam Calhoun - Salute The Brave

Duration: 00:39:43