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Advanced LinkedIn with Cathy Cain-Blank

In the second of a two-part series, Lorraine and her guest Cathy Cain-Blank of CC Marketing and Communications dive deeper into Linkedin. If you are ready to ramp up your LinkedIn profile, this program is for you. More Than a Few Words is a production of Roundpeg.


One Philosophy with Ellen McDowell

Do you show up every day, knowing that you will make a difference in someone else’s life? You have the potential to be that person to someone. Everyone needs somebody to lean on. Are you that person? Join Roundpeg’s Lorraine Ball and Your Social Butterfly’s Ellen McDowell as they discuss the One Philosophy, a book by Nancy Matthews. You can find their original session here. More Than a Few Words is a production of Roundpeg.


Read This Now - How to Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

No matter how interesting your email campaign is, it won’t be very effective if people don’t open your email. Discover tricks to command attention and drive readers to open your email as soon as it arrives in their inbox. This is an excerpt from a longer presentation on subject lines. You can view the entire video here.


LinkedIn Basics with Cathy Cain-Blank

Looking to get your LinkedIn program started? In this first of a two-part conversation with Cathy Cain-Blank of CC Marketing and Communications. More Than a Few Words is a production of Roundpeg, a digital agency focused on helping business owners use digital marketing tools to grow.


Social Media Survey

Every year, since 2010 we have studied internet marketing trends among small business owners. This year the study looked at social media platforms, email, blogging, and internet advertising. This week we share some of our findings in this podcast. And if you would like the entire report you can find it at


Facebook Changes - Don’t Panic

Join Roundpeg’s Lorraine Ball and Lydia Thurston while they discuss the new updates to the Facebook stream algorithm that drastically changes the way that marketers use Facebook. If you are not aware, on Thursday, January 10, Facebook announced changes to its algorithm to increase engagement by showing more content from friends and family members and less from publishers and businesses. We can expect Facebook to almost completely stop showing posts from brands, news outlets, and...


Episode #300 - Blog FAQ

The questions on every business-owner’s mind: how should I blog? Am I blogging enough? Why is blogging important? Join Roundpeg’s Lorraine Ball and Sam Von Tobel as they discuss the basics of blogging. The Blogging Guide mentioned in the podcast can be found here. More than a Few Words is a production of Roundpeg.


Use Reviews to Improve Your Business

Customers are likely to believe what other people say about your business. That’s why reviews are so important. In today’s podcast, Lorraine chats with Bryan Caplan of BJC Branding about how to collect reviews and what to do when you get them. Learn more about BJC branding and their new review monitoring tool. MTFW is a production of Roundpeg, and social media agency.


Are You Ready to Be a Video Star?

For more than a decade images have ruled the internet, but 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the video. With cameras in everyone’s pocket, it has never been easier to create a video to market your product. This week we explore some of the trends on how and why you need to be thinking about video. We also talked about a new tool, Promo by Slidely, which will make it easier than ever to create professional looking short videos. More than a Few Words is produced by Roundpeg, an...


Help Google Find You

Everyone knows the best place to look for a dead body is on page 2 of a Google search. Why? Because no one will actually look there. To avoid a fate worse than death, small business owners need to embrace and active SEO strategy that includes: Research - Think like your prospective customers, then check your assumptions using the Google keyword planning too. Relevance - Use your keywords in all parts of your website to increase its relevance. That includes in titles, subtitles, urls, and...


How to Grow Your Email List

It doesn’t matter how good your email newsletter is, if you don’t have enough people to send it to you won’t have a chance to share your information. In today’s program, Lorraine shares an excerpt from a longer presentation on how to grow your email list. Find more email resources from Roundpeg, an Indianapolis email marketing firm.


How to Find and Be a Male Ally

Julie Kratz, a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer, speaker, and author, joined us for a conversation about male allies. We talked about what they are - Supportive, but not necessarily a white knight Why women need them - Because there are still too few women in leadership positionsWhat is in it for men - Being a male ally has benefits for everyone involved. Julie is the author of the book ONE: How Men And Women Partner For Gender Equality! and the founder of Pivot Point an organization...


Overheard at the ‘Peg

These days everyone is pumping out content. There are blog posts and pictures and video that all follow a predictable formula. After a while, every company looks the same. One way to stand out in the timeline, particularly on Twitter is to create a hashtag and use it consistently. At Roundpeg we selected #OHatThePeg as a way of infusing a bit of fun and personality into our timeline. As we share funny snippets of conversations heard around the office it is like letting the world...


Hand Turkeys

Last week we made hand turkeys. Sure it is a silly thing for adults to do, but as Sam explained, there are several good reasons why every business should. Lorraine Ball and Sam Von Tobel are part of the turkey making team at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing firm.


Food, Glorious Food Marketing

At Roundpeg, we love all our customers, but we definitely enjoy working with our food clients a bit more. Why? Well, of course, there are the products, but also the creativity and the opportunity to promote product customers really enjoy interacting with. So if you manufacture or distribute a food product, or run a restaurant or shop sit back and enjoy today’s podcast. More than a few words is a production of Roundpeg, a food marketing firm.


Branding Yourself With Erik Deckers

Today, Erik Deckers is recognized across the country as a humorist, author, and marketer. But just a decade ago, that wasn’t the case. So how did Erik make that transition, and build his personal brand? That is the subject Branding Yourself, (3rd Edition) by Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy. I had a chance to sit down recently with my good friend Erik to talk about the book, what’s new and the relevant lessons for anyone looking to build a personal brand. From social media profiles to face to...


Getting More from Your Facebook Ads

Advertising is easy. For a relatively small investment, even a novice marketer can reach a wide audience. but when you are ready to go beyond the basics, then Lindsey Anderson has some solid tips for you. From building an audience by “Carpet Bombing” or retargeting your ads from landing pages used in your Google Adword campaigns, she explains how you can reach the right people at the right time. Want to learn more about Lindsey? Check out her podcast at or her...


Conversation with a Life Long Networker

Albert Kaufman considers himself a lifelong networker. In this conversation, he shares his opinions and tips for making the most of your networking activities. Learn more about him at More than a few Words is a production of Roundpeg, a marketing and web design firm in Indianapolis.


Audit Your Website: Part Two Content

Your website has to do more than just look good, it needs to be filled with keyword rich, recent and relevant content. In the second of a four-part series, Lorraine looks at some of the most common content mistakes and how to avoid them. These podcasts are excerpts from a webinar on the same topic. To view the webinar, click here. More than a few words is a production of Roundpeg, a web design firm.


What to Expect From the Gutenberg Update

Wordpress is promising us that Version 5 of the popular software is going to be packed with some pretty significant changes. The biggest is Gutenberg, their new text editor. The developers are promising that the Gutenberg editor will revolutionize how we edit content, but is it really the best thing since sliced bread? While some users are excited, others include plug in developers are concerned the changes are being rushed. MORE THAN A FEW WORDS is a production of Roundpeg, and...


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