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Remember when radio sounded like more than just one thing? I we got to work and built a new radio station for Muskegon, Michigan. Starting 2015 Stormy Weathers built Skeetown Stereo to bring a great mix of music to Muskegon and to be Muskegon’s 1st Intenet ONLY Radio Station. It's been brewing a while, and we have to give credit where credit is due, it wouldn't be here without Stormy Weathers at Custom Computer building Skeetown Stereo a few years ago. His creation had been running along and we'd talked a few times about growing it some, but The Muskegon Channel had to have a strong enough base to build on. We've got there and we're ready to roll. The mobile app will be available for both Apple and Android VERY soon! On the app, you'll find links to everything....from Muskegon Channel Radio, to the Muskegon Channel Website, Positively Muskegon and all of our social media outlets! We'll also make it possible to get some exclusive offers from local sponsors through the app!! We're going to be online and on your phone exclusively. No heavy costs of transmitters or buildings to buy and maintain. We'll be announcing our air staff soon too but for now, enjoy a unique mix of rock, pop, classic hits and more. You can take a listen, share this page with some friends and help us spread the word! We're making local radio truly local again! Welcome to Muskegon Channel...