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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.

We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.
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We are a weekly show focusing on the paranormal aspects of history.








Forty-Seven: The Unidentified Saucers of America - The Government and UFOs

In this MASSIVE episode we bring you our first ever attempt to cover more than an event, but rather an era. In our first ever 'stuff you should know' edition of the show, Sam takes you on a trip through the first three government programs to study Post-War UFO sightings. We'll be focusing on cases like the Lubbock Lights, the Death of Captain Mantell, and the Washington UFO Flap of 1952\. We'll explain how the golden age of ufology started with Kenneth Arnold and ENDED with The Robertson...

Duration: 01:54:06

Episode Forty-Six: The Van Meter Visitor - Pterosaur Out Of Hell

This week we explore the baffling mystery of the Van Meter Visitor, a large, flying reptile that plagued a small Iowa town over 100 years ago. This creature, which flew out of the earth only to return to it days later, has been labelled as everything from Antediluvian Horror to the Prince of Darkness himself. We hope you'll enjoy as we dig deeper not only to this phenomena, but to the idea of living dinosaurs as a whole.

Duration: 01:12:33

Forty-Five: Disclosure Lite™ - A Conversation with Your UFO Guy, Rob Kristoffersen

Today we, for the first time, branch into the topic of current events and talk about the massive news coming out of the pentagon relating to the secret UFO project that has been in the works for the past ten years. We'll touch on how it relates to our good friend, Big Money Bigelow and by extension, Skinwalker Ranch, and its connection to Tom DeLonge's 'To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences'. We hope you'll enjoy, and don't forget to go subscribe to Rob's new show, Our Strange Skies,...

Duration: 01:35:55

Forty-Four: The Zombification of Clairvius Narcisse Pt. 2 - The Frontier of Death

This week we finish up our investigation on the most compelling account of Haitian Zombification of all time, that of Clairvius Narcisse. We'll cover the travels of Wade Davis, attempting to make sense of what happened that day in 1962 when Clairvius died, up until his final doctoral thesis and conclusions.

Duration: 01:28:43

Forty-Three: The Zombification of Clairvius Narcisse Pt. 1 - Voodoo Sorcerers and Magical Lands

This week we dive into the most compelling account of zombification to ever occur in the nation of Haiti, that of Clairvius Narcisse who was buried in 1962 and shambled into the market 18 years later with a tale of being dug up by a sorcerer and set to work on a sugar cane plantation. When he returned, his story found its way to the attention of an intrepid ethnobotanist who vows to discover how this could be true and discover the secret of the zombie poison. We hope you'll enjoy the...

Duration: 01:18:53

Forty-Two: The Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square - All The Better To Strangle You With, My Dear

This week we jump head-first into an urban legend that's been around almost as long as the United States, with events beginning as far back of 1790. However, beyond the spooks and the kooks, something else seems to lurk in the darkness of Number 50, Berkeley Square in London, which has, more than once been called the most haunted house in all of England. A Nameless Thing. Maybe even an Ancient Thing. A terrible, awful, horrendous thing. One might even call it a cosmic horror. Join us...

Duration: 01:16:13

Forty-One: The Murder of Charles Walton Pt. 2 - Higgins? Is That You?

Join us tonight as we conclude our two part series on the Witchcraft Murder of Lower Quinton, the death of Charlie Walton. We’ll switch from setting the scene into the act of investigating the brutal murder itself, take you through the suspects, the evidence, and the ‘lore’ surrounding the homicide, before finally passing judgement. We hope you’ll enjoy the episode. For more information on this episode you can go to

Duration: 01:39:14

Forty: The Murder of Charles Walton, Pt. 1 - A Charming Little Village. With A Secret

Join us tonight as for our first episode in a two part series on the Witchcraft murder of 1945. On a sleepy day in the village of Lower Quinton in Warwickshire a body was found, brutally murdered. As the investigators started their search, they realized that not only were things not adding up to produce a suspect, what they were producing was something even more alarming. Witches

Duration: 01:16:46

Thirty-Nine: Jason Special #4 - The Last Dragon (Messed Us Up)

This week, Sam sits idly by and allows Jason to explore the world outside of his cage, and host his fourth ever JASON SPECIAL! Science and Sorcery, Logic and Lizards, Math and Magic combine to bring you a thorough debunking of the very IDEA of Dragons. Not only are all these poets and storytellers from the Middle Ages and ancient world terrible liars, but they also don’t understand how physics works, and Jason is here to clear all that up for them. We hope you’ll enjoy! You can head to...

Duration: 01:38:04