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Mike Bender on The Golf Swing and Launch Angle, Trajectory and Spin Control

Mike Bender is a former PGA TOUR professional and one of the leading golf instructors in the game. He joins "On the Mark" to discuss his philosophy and approach to the golf swing and the use of training aids and proper practice. He shares anecdotes from his work on the PGA TOUR including tips from his most notable client, The Masters and The Open champion, Zach Johnson. He also shares his take on Launch Angle, Trajectory and Spin Control that can help you hit wedges like Johnson.

Duration: 00:38:12

Webb Simpson on Success in Life, Golf and his 2012 US Open Victory

Webb Simpson is a four-time winner on the PGA TOUR (including the 2012 US Open at The Olympic Club). He talks about his wins including the US Open and highlights events and lessons that can help you to shoot better scores. He also talks at length about how he navigated the 2016 "Anchored Putting" ban and shares thoughts on success on the greens. Webb further talks about the use of statistics for improvement, pre-shot routines, communication and resiliency and how those intangibles have an...

Duration: 00:42:07

Boyd Summerhays on How to Swing Your Unique Swing to Play Better from Tee to Green

Boyd Summerhays comes from a prolific golf family and he had a successful golf career as an Amateur, NCAA Collegian and Professional on the Web.com and PGA TOURs. He parlayed all of his playing experience into a highly successful career as a golf instructor to both amateurs and professionals. Boyd joins our podcast to share his experiences and his insights to help you to better technique and better play from tee to green to lower your scores. Summerhays also shares lessons you can learn...

Duration: 00:43:27

Jamie Mulligan Shares His Holistic Approach to Golf Instruction

Jamie Mulligan is one of the foremost minds in golf instruction. PGA TOUR professional Paul Goydos calls Mulligan "The best mind in the game". Mulligan joins the podcast to discuss and share his holistic approach to improved golf. He shares his concept of 'The Wheel" that he applies with all of his PGA TOUR (incl. Patrick Cantlay and Luke List) and LPGA Tour clientele. Jamie also talks about good practice and tournament approaches that are guaranteed to help you play better.

Duration: 00:43:35

Mark Immelman with Insights and Lessons from the 2017 President's Cup

Mark Immelman was a part of the broadcast crew for the 2017 President's Cup and so he had a unique view of all of the events. He brings that view to you as he analyzes and shares lessons you can learn from the players and coaches. All of these lessons are purposed to help you shoot lower golf scores.

Duration: 00:37:29

Mark Immelman and Will Haskett Analyze the Foursomes and Fourballs Sessions from the 2017 President's Cup

Will Haskett from PGA TOUR Radio once again joins Mark Immelman to wrap up the Friday and Saturday Fourballs and Foursomes matches at the 2017 President's Cup. They analyze each match and discuss the players' performances and bring you up to speed on everything you need to know from Liberty National Golf Club.

Duration: 00:34:19

Will Haskett and Mark Immelman Wrap the Day One Foursomes Matches from the 2017 President's Cup

PGA TOUR Radio play-by-play announcer, Will Haskett, joins Mark Immelman to break down the five Foursomes Matches from Day One of The 2017 President's Cup at Liberty National Golf Club outside of New York City. Immelman and Haskett break down each match and delve into the performances of both teams.

Duration: 00:29:49

Jose Campra with Lessons from The TOUR and from Leading South American Golfers

Jose Campra is a leading global golf instructor from Argentina as well as a PGA TOUR caddy. He has worked for multiple Major Champion, Angel Cabrera, among other professionals. Campra currently works for PGA TOUR winner, Emiliano Grillo. Jose joins our podcast and shares golf lessons you can learn from some of the leading South American golfers for whom he has worked. Campra talks about good ball-club contact, swing rhythm and timing, controlling the spin of a golf ball and imagination...

Duration: 00:35:26

Jeff Pierce Shares Lessons from His Stable of PGA TOUR Clients

Jeff Pierce has spent time under the counsel of two of the best golf teachers in the game, Butch Harmon and Pete Cowan. He has parlayed that experience into a successful career in golf instruction at both the professional and amateur levels. Jeff joins the podcast to talk about college golf (he has been an Assistant Coach at Georgia Tech) and the bridge between College and the Pro Ranks. He gives insight on elements, like on-course decison-making, collegians (and all golfers) can apply to...

Duration: 00:46:09

Mike Weir Shares His Thoughts on Golf and The President's Cup

Mike Weir is Canada's most accomplished golfer and the 2003 Masters Champion. He joins "On the Mark" to talk about his career, the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows and some anecdotes from his career in golf. Mike talks about The President's Cup and his famous Singles victory over Tiger Woods in 2007 in Montreal. He shares advice he got from the great Jack Nicklaus that can help your game; he talks about navigating the way through golf instruction and he reminisces over his victory...

Duration: 00:42:21

Verne Lundquist on Golf, Football and Some of the Great Calls of His Broadcast Career

Story-time with "Uncle Verne" is a favorite pastime of many of the CBS Sports Crew. Mark Immelman brings you into the fold to hear some of Verne Lundquist's many stories as he recounts his career in sports broadcasting. The "Golden Voice" of broadcast talks about some of the great sports events he has witnessed including the 1992 Duke/Kentucky NCAA Basketball game when Christian Laettner made "The Shot" to win in overtime. Verne also talks at length about College Football and, among other...

Duration: 00:50:03

Damon Goddard (Jordan Spieth's trainer) on Developing Yourself Physically

Damon Goddard is a highly sought-after physical trainer given his success with Jordan Spieth. He brings interesting insights to the podcast regarding the natural movement of the body and he talks about how to work out with a contra-lateral focus to allow maximum golf swing performance. Damon also speaks about the value of addressing the ankles and how ankle strength and mobility can improve the functioning of the golf swing. He also takes you into the gym and shares how Jordan Spieth...

Duration: 00:45:53

Jason Zuback on Long Driving and Power off the Tee

6-Time World Long Driving Champion Jason (Golfzilla) Zuback takes you "inside the ropes" at a Long Driving Contest. He talks about how Long Drivers create massive clubhead and ball speeds in order to launch the golf ball those mammoth distances. He delves in-depth and talks about the physical training of a Long Driver and the Mental and Strategic approach to driving the golf ball a long way. He also shares ideas to help you gain a little more distance off the tee - Ideas that include,...

Duration: 00:50:49

Andrew Rice on Golf Swing Style vs Substance and Form vs Function

Andrew Rice is a long-time member of the #OntheMark Tribe and a leading voice in the world of golf instruction. He joins the podcast to answer questions about golf ball performance in variable conditions, Conditions such as wind, variable temperatures, golf ball damage and variable ball-club contact. He also delves into the subject of "Style vs Substance" and he shares his take, using examples such as Jim Furyk, Miller Barber and Calvin Peete, on what elements in the golf swing are...

Duration: 00:45:20

Bradley Hughes Shares Tour-Proven Insights to Help Your Golf Swing

Bradley Hughes is an Australian professional golfer with 7 wins on the global professional stage. He has played on the PGA TOUR, the Web.com Tour and the European Tour and is now bringing his talent and knowledge to the golf instruction arena. Bradley was always one of the more accurate ball-strikers in the game and he shares some of his insights to help you strike the golf ball with more consistency and accuracy. He also illustrates lessons you can glean from watching the golf swings of...

Duration: 00:51:16

Jason Glass Delves into Rotational Strength and Speed in the Golf Swing

Jason Glass is one of the leading Rotational Strength and Conditioning Specialists in the world. He joins "On the Mark" to talk about elements that pertain to speed and power in the golf swing, especially "Windows for Speed" and "Acceleration and Deceleration". Jason shares ideas for kids and adults alike to take advantage of the "Windows for Speed". He explains how "Deceleration" in athletics and golf can actually help athletes (and you) gain power. Jason also talks about Adam Hadwin,...

Duration: 00:49:06

Jake Thurm Discusses Ground Force Reaction in the Golf Swing

Jake Thurm is a foremost expert in use use of Pressure Mapping systems (BodiTrack) and he joins the podcast to share his research and insights on how the body interacts with the ground during the golf swing. Jake differentiates between Center of Mass (COM) and Center of Pressure (COP) and helps you to understand those descriptors and how they apply in the golf swing. He discusses how the feet pressure the ground and the vertical forces involved in the golf swing. Jake shares acceptable...

Duration: 00:49:11

Dr. Bhrett McCabe Unpacks a Healthy and Constructive Mindset for Golf

Dr. Bhrett McCabe is the founder of "The Mindside" and a Sports and Performance Psychologist and coach to many leading PGA TOUR golfers. He is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of experience in sports having been a top performer and National Championship winner while in college at Louisiana State University (LSU). In this podcast Bhrett shares thoughts and insights on a healthy mindset and a constructive mental approach to golf and life. He unpacks and advises on...

Duration: 00:42:50

Ted Scott (Caddy to Bubba Watson) with Anecdotes and Lessons from The TOUR

Ted Scott is a highly experienced PGA TOUR caddy with a wealth of knowledge. He joins our podcast to share stories, lessons and analogies from his 18 years of travel in the professional game. Ted shares lessons you can learn from some of the players for whom he is caddied and players he has spent time around. (Ted has caddied for Paul Azinger, Grant Waite, Webb Simpson and Bubba Watson but also shares insights from Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods.) Among other things he talks about the mental...

Duration: 00:50:06

Mike Thomas Shares Lessons from PGA Champ Justin Thomas

Mike Thomas is a PGA Master Professional and the father of the 2017 PGA Championship winner, Justin Thomas. An accomplished player and a decorated teacher, Mike shares some lessons he has given Justin from childhood through the present. He talks about properly fitting and advising junior golfers. Mike also shares insights on how to best communicate and direct competitive children and juniors and he talks at length about Justin Thomas and Justin's growth as a player from his junior days to...

Duration: 00:42:10

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