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Challenge: Scales & Arpeggios (Dragon Attraction)

This week, it's all about dragons except when it's about Jim's new show-witin-a-show PassFast where he discusses rides and/or attractions he absolutely will pass and fast. After that, your faithful hosts delve into their dragon attractions and Scottye finds it difficult to insert a hidden dickey into a ride that is literally about hacking the internet. Jim then showcases a weak rollercoaster of his own design that he would also probably not ride. If you dig the show, feel free to check us...


Challenge: Stand Out (High Score Game Attraction)

This week it's all about getting a high score! How do we do that exactly? Well Jim takes a trip into the cloud to find some nuts, of which there are plenty. Scottye, meanwhile, decides the best way to win is to kick an old lady out of her house that she wouldn't sell to us. How dare her. Spoiler alert: There's a happy ending in there somewhere, also probably dick jokes. We can't have an episode this season without 'em, so strap in, hold on tight, and keep your head down as we speed from...


Challenge: Ev'rybody Wants To Be A... Dinosaur? (Rock N Roll/Dinosaur Attraction)

This week your faithful heroes deal with Scottye's insanity head on as he laid down the challenge of a dinosaur attraction with some rock and roll, or maybe a rock and roll attraction with some dinosaurs. Something like that. Anyway, Scottye takes his song stylings to Jurassic Idol, while Jim sets his course for Amazon dot com. Listen in as Jim steps all over Scottye's lines because he had trouble hearing him during the recording! Be wowed by Scottye's confusion over what exactly the...


Challenge: Two Worlds One Family (All Ages/Family Attraction)

We took a week off due to Valentine's Day being our recording day and the two hosts being a little under the weather. We return with some family style fun in our quest to not have crotches be part of every attraction. Jim's attraction reworks the classic tea cup aesthetic while Scottye decides the even a family ride needs some darkness and goes full A&E Channel on our theme park. Also, this episode was recorded live on Twitch, which we invite you to check out by going to link provided...


Challenge: Just Keep Swimming (Streaming Splashing Water Ride)

This week, it's all about water rides - but not just any sort of water rides. This is an internet park, you see, so we need something that we can stream (get it, cause it's water!) and something with a splash. Also, your fine hosts ramble a bit about a potential Disney park name change and Scottye has to shut Jim down before he goes too off the rails and makes the show four and a half hours long. He can do it. Don't test him.


Challenge: You've Got A Friend In Me (Mascots & Their Attraction)

This week, it's all about mascots for VISTA! Jim starts the party by not fully understanding the intricacies of the deep, dark web. Scottye follows that up by building a web all his own around a large chunk of the park's real estate. Note to any listeners: Don't go on Scottye's ride after dark. Yikes. And you thought you were afraid of spiders before...


Challenge: Poor Unfortunate Souls (Dirty, Nasty, Anti-Disney Attraction)

We gotta warn everybody right off the bat that things do take quite a turn in this episode. NSFW is not just a descriptor of this episode, oh no, it's actually the name of Scottye's attraction. Jim, on the other hand, at least waits till the sun goes down to be a dirty boy. Also, Scottye details the reason for there being no episode last week - that being a combination of snow, sickness, and a trip to Central Florida.


Challenge: Hot Dog Dance (Weenie)

This week, we finalize a name for our new park - VISTA, and set about giving the park it's vaunted weenie that will draw guests in from miles and miles around. Both hosts hit the ground falling with drop rides and we get our first instance of a dedicated restaurant being mentioned as a park addition. Now let's go splinter some families.


Challenge: A New Theme Park (Season Premiere)

After a week off, the dynamic duo of design return to pitch their ideas for a brand new theme park. Scottye decides to make the internet into a theme park - and it works. Jim tries to pitch something somehow involving the former head of the FBI, but relents to Scottye's premise fairly quickly due to how difficult it would be to use new IPs in a park built around arcade games a decade older than Scottye. Damn these kids. Get off our collective lawns! Winners Don't Use Drugs.


Challenge: What Stays And What Goes (Season Finale)

This week, we finish season one by figuring out the fifteen attractions that will become the core of Apex, The Peak Of Themed Entertainment. While Jim is more than happy to explain how dumb some of his ideas are, it becomes an issue of placement as they try to find five good attractions for the Hero, Villain, and Battle areas of their park. It's harder than it sounds.


Challenge: Sponsored Attraction

This week, we find ourselves in a pickle to find some kind of sponsorship for an attraction at our park. While Jim is happy with his first choice, Scottye fields somewhere in the neighborhood of 741 phone calls with various corporations and other assorted odds and ends before going with his gut instincts and creating an attraction for the ages, or at least the old ages. Please note that this week's episode and next week's episode will both be dropping on Wednesdays before a two week layoff...


Challenge: Animal-Based Attraction

On this week's episode, we design animal-based attractions for, get this, a superhero park. Scottye believes all animals are fundamentally evil when given the gift of superpowers, while Jim...mostly agrees. The boys also share their theme park animal stories and make plenty of animal noises. Please note that no chipmunks were harmed in the making of this episode, but there may have been injuries prior to recording. Our sincerest apologies.


Challenge: Music-Based Attraction

This week, it's all about the music! After a somewhat brief discussion of Scottye's plan to bring a slight agoraphobe to Orlando, we bring forth our creations for this week's challenge. Jim puts all his marbles into the Wallflowers while Scottye is visited from space by the alien Kavinbacahn. The villainous Milo Strange will never be the same again, that's for sure.


Challenge: Motion Simulator

This week, DisneyQuest is officially a flat plane of land. Your hosts discuss their various visits to the indoor "amusement park" and then answer the challenge of the motion simulator Jim put up last week. Scottye spends most of his time running into a wall with a monkey, while Jim tries, and fails quickly, to create a potential new cartoon franchise for the park. Audio quality took a slight hit, once again due to Jim's shortcomings and scheduling conflicts. He's still a beast on Mighty...


Challenge: Gift Shop Ride!

This week, it's all about that consumerism and a little bit of fun as Jim and Scottye do their best to give APEX a gift show themed attraction. While Jim sets out to reinvent the entirety of Apex's theme, at least a little, Scottye in turn uses the power of the multiple choice questionnaire to put everyone in their place whether they like it or not. In the end, both do remarkable similar things and both go trackless and, eventually, get their park visitors to open their wallets and dump...


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