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Every month, Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan present the programme you didn’t know you wanted to hear. It's disability from a fresh angle featuring interviews, discussion and the occasional quiz. The (disabled) presenters dissect and analyse recent events with interest and a good dose of healthy humour.

Every month, Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan present the programme you didn’t know you wanted to hear. It's disability from a fresh angle featuring interviews, discussion and the occasional quiz. The (disabled) presenters dissect and analyse recent events with interest and a good dose of healthy humour.
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Every month, Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan present the programme you didn’t know you wanted to hear. It's disability from a fresh angle featuring interviews, discussion and the occasional quiz. The (disabled) presenters dissect and analyse recent events with interest and a good dose of healthy humour.




'I'm wearing a tight T-shirt so I know where I end'

Is Robyn the only autistic person who doesn’t love fidget-spinners? And what's this about Jamie's T-shirt? We gave two autistic people free rein in a studio with a tin full of questions only “neurotypicals” would ask. The result is an entertaining and enlightening chat about stimming, social gatherings and sensory overload. This podcast is one of a series of takeovers, produced by Damon Rose and Emma Tracey. If you have an idea for a future programme, email ouch@bbc.co.uk. Subscribe to...

Duration: 00:14:40

Can 'sex robots' help disabled people?

They're talked about a lot at the moment, but can "sex robots" help disabled people? Also, the disabled teen punk who left home to find an independent life for herself in the less-accessible 80s. And the action movie where sign language is a super-power. Presented by Kate Monaghan and Simon Minty. Subscribe to the Ouch podcast and have our programmes delivered to your device every week. And please like, review and share Ouch so that others can find it more easily.

Duration: 00:52:01

Why I shouldn't meet others with cystic fibrosis

Vlogger Charles Michael Duke, 22, posts comedy songs and videos about life with cystic fibrosis on YouTube. People with CF shouldn’t meet face to face due to fear of cross-contamination. So they hang out online, where Charles feeds the community with his niche CF references such as having fingers like ET and potent flatulence caused by a low-functioning pancreas. The Southampton-based actor has been waiting two and a half years for a double lung transplant and is working hard to stay well...

Duration: 00:18:51

Gay and disabled

Being part of the male gay scene can be tricky when you “wobble and spasm like I do” says Robert Softley Gale. The actor with cerebral palsy says there is also a lack of accessibility in "queer" pubs and clubs. But for now Robert has a big enough challenge putting on tights in his new touring stage show Blanche and Butch, where he plays a drag queen. Interview by Emma Tracey. Subscribe to Ouch, share it on social media and be sure to review it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your...

Duration: 00:13:09

Behind bars with a mental illness

Ria found herself in prison after she set light to her home when she was in it. She had been suffering from psychosis brought on by distress at the death of a friend. While on remand, she worked hard to make herself better. With Beth Rose and Damon Rose Subscribe to Ouch, share it on social media and be sure to review it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts from so that others who are interested in disability and mental health can find us more easily.

Duration: 00:24:11

Love, sex and cotton buds (replay)

Warning: this programme contains discussion of a sexual nature. Disabled writer and performer Penny Pepper join the team this week. (see Related Links for a transcript) This is a replay of a fascinating interview from early 2016. Pepper talks openly about how she found out about the joys of sex thanks to friends at a hospital boarding school she was at in the 1970s. Though the interview is full of humour and tips, Pepper has some serious messages for disabled people about intimacy with...

Duration: 00:21:29

The woman who experiences pain as red and rectangular

The playwright who experiences pain as sounds and pictures, Tourettes Hero Jess Thom on performing Beckett’s play Not I, the comedian with cerebral palsy whose slow speech is part of her act and the man whose poem OCD has 62 million YouTube hits. The sounds and images in The Shape of the Pain represent how playwright Rachel Bagshaw experiences chronic pain so accurately, that watching her own show makes it worse. Rosie Jones’ slow talking speed is a feature of her stand-up comedy routine....

Duration: 00:52:14

Drunk people ask the most awkward questions

Lost Voice Guy uses an iPad to speak and has become an expert handler of awkward questions as a result. “Can you really not talk?” and “have you ever tried to speak to see what would happen?” are just two questions put to the comedian with cerebral palsy by drunk people after gigs. His many witty comebacks, including pretending he has a side-line as a satellite navigation system, are revealed in the 2nd of our podcasts from the BBC Ouch storytelling night at this year’s Edinburgh Festival....

Duration: 00:29:08

Storytelling Live: Tails of the Misunderstood

Awkward! This week’s podcast, the first of two recorded live in Scotland, is all about a badly timed dislocation, a wheelchair user who stunned a nun by walking and the depressed man who got too good at pretending to like people. BBC Ouch recently took five listeners and two comedians to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they told awkward tales relating to their disability or mental health difficulty to a live audience. It happened to Abi Brown when she stunned a praying Parisian nun by...

Duration: 00:33:08

Rationing energy - and other chronic illness life hacks

No doctors, no charities, no family members - just a frank conversation between two women with chronic illness, about navigating life when energy is at a premium. Faced with a box of random questions such as “do people think you’re lazy?” researcher Catherine Hale and blogger Natasha Lipman praise left-overs for dinner, extreme flexible working and the online chronic illness community. Ironing, and suggestions like “have you ever tried telling it to just go away?” get short shrift. This...

Duration: 00:25:09

Gin, sushi and disability

With stories of running away to Skegness aged 14 and the culture-clash of going from a council estate to Cambridge University, it’s fair to say Allan Hennessy stole the show this month. He’s that visually impaired Iraqi refugee whose recent BBC video went viral after he graduated with a first class law degree. Also in the studio is autistic trumpeter Robyn Steward who sparked a lively debate on the language of disability. And playwright Jackie Hagan recalls the weeks after her leg...

Duration: 00:54:49

“I saw you on stage, you’re definitely bipolar”

Comedian John Scott was labelled schizophrenic for five years before he ended up in crisis in hospital and face-to-face with the psychologists who had gone to his show. During their night out the medics had decided the performer they were watching was definitely bipolar. The chance encounter meant the second time they met - in hospital - John was correctly diagnosed and treated. John has experienced psychotic delusions, but he doesn’t think they are talked about widely enough, so he’s made...

Duration: 00:22:34

What happens to my disabled son when I die?

Mark Neary’s recurring nightmare is that six months after his own death, son Steven who has autism and learning disabilities will end up in a residential unit similar to the one where he was detained in 2010. Later that same year, a human rights court case ruled that Steven’s detention was unlawful. Nowadays he lives independently, with support painstakingly managed by dad, Mark. It's a tough thing to have to think about. Routine is vital for Steven, so Mark hopes that a comprehensive...

Duration: 00:20:54

Dr Hannah: 'I often get to emergencies first because of my speedy wheelchair'

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown made the news recently after revealing she couldn't afford the fairly modest £2,000 wheelchair she wanted but managed to raise the money through online crowdfunding in just 24 hours. She says what was being offered for free wasn’t fit for purpose. Barham-Brown talks about navigating a busy hospital on wheels and how she is very used to talking about disability because many of her family were disabled but not with the same impairment as her, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome...

Duration: 00:23:39

Growing up with disabled parents

Meet heavyweight boxer Joe Joyce who was born almost 30 years ago to his mum Marvel Opara, then a teenager with a visual impairment. The mother and son combo from London have done many challenges together but have now gone solo - Joe won silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics and Marvel is about to climb Kilimanjaro. Glaswegian comedian Ray Bradshaw is a child of deaf adults - also known as a CODA. His 2017 Edinburgh Fringe show, Deaf Comedy Fam, is about growing up with parents who can't hear...

Duration: 00:53:38

The only MP who wears a t-shirt in parliament

Meet Jared O'Mara. He's the MP who knocked former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg off his Sheffield Hallam seat in the recent General Election. It was one of the most talked about scalpings from the early hours of 9 June and O'Mara himself didn't expect to win. [Find a full transcript in the Related Links section below] The 35 year-old was born and bred in Sheffield and has cerebral palsy. A former activist, he knows his disability politics well and proudly says his impairment is part of...

Duration: 00:26:00

Alternatives to the job interview

Fewer than 6% of people with a learning disability have a job. Government figures show that disability employment rates are going up but Mencap says that employment in this group is going down. Mencap's CEO Jan Tregelles and employee Vijay Patel, who has a learning disability, came in to tell us how things could be different. Patel loves his work and says it’s unfair that more people with learning disabilities aren’t given the chance to be employed. Some great insight and depth in this...

Duration: 00:23:53

Why one deaf man didn't vote until his 40s

The podcast this week dives into some of the stats and happenings around disability at the 2017 general election with two interesting guests. [For a transcript, scroll down to the Related Links section on this page] "Deaf people were more engaged than during any other election," says Charlie Swinbourne, editor of popular deaf news blog Limping Chicken. Facebook and other social networks allowed British sign language users to easily post videos, and deaf politics groups were over-run with...

Duration: 00:18:43

When going blind is funny

Tom Skelton adds his bizarre sense of humour to the Ouch podcast and talks about his forthcoming Edinburgh Fringe show Blind Man's Bluff. (Scroll down to the Related Links section to find a transcript) In the show he brings historical blind figures to life to help him tell the tale of his sight loss eight years ago. But they’re not the usual blind role models you might think of - gone is David Blunkett, in is Samson of Old Testament fame who went blind after having his strength-giving hair...

Duration: 00:18:58

To Switzerland or not

This podcast contains discussions about suicide. If you are struggling at the moment, you may choose to leave this episode for another day. Why are so many students dropping out of university due to mental health problems? And what's so great about disability-focused private Facebook groups? Comedian and mental health campaigner Juliette Burton, and TV personality Mik Scarlet, take us through the stories grabbing their attention on social media this month with good humour and the benefit...

Duration: 00:53:29

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