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Carriers’ ‘magic eraser’ role in compounding uncompensated-detention issue: Rico Muhammad on the e-log shift

As a trade-off for the ultimate hassle of mandated e-logs, in this Overdrive Radio podcast Muhammad's hopeful owner-operators can both individually and collectively use the change as a cudgel to their advantage when dealing with brokers, shippers, receivers ... anyone who would insist on wasting drivers' time.

Duration: 00:39:44

‘Bringing the cultural diversity of trucking together’: Scott Reed, Mike Landis on ELD protest outcomes

In this Overdrive Radio podcast, you'll hear ELD protest part organizer Scott Reed's reflection on outcomes and next steps, and owner-operator Mike Landis offers his narration of what it was like to have been a part of the effort, with his 1999 Peterbilt cabover along for the ride.

Duration: 00:46:26

‘It’s time somebody starts looking out for the little guy’ — more voices from the ELD protests

On Overdrive Radio: As ripples continue to emanate from a renewed sense of camaraderie among many of the ELD-mandate-protest participants in D.C. and around the country, a run through a variety of conversations during protest days 1 and 2 a week and more back, and more from the mailbag.

Duration: 00:35:10

From the scene in D.C. and around the country as grassroots groups press against the ELD mandate

This week's Overdrive Radio podcast: Anti-ELD demonstrators in D.C. reportedly met with officials at FMCSA offices Thursday after spending Wednesday spread across the city in small groups. Tony Justice on tactics. A sampling of calls from around the country about events this week.

Duration: 00:23:27

14-hour, ELD reform should be top priority for new FMCSA administrator, readers say

Readers delivered on our call for viewpoint on just where the next FMCSA administrator's priorities should sit -- the electronic logging device mandate stood out, with views toward hours of service reform with an emphasis on greater split-sleeper flexibility a primary theme.

Duration: 00:15:33

Voices on the call for a shutdown starting October 3

This week’s edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast takes a run through the mailbag following last week’s conversations with organizers of two ELD mandate protest actions set to take place in Washington, D.C., beginning Oct. 3.

Duration: 00:19:30

ELD mandate protest efforts set to stage October 3

Podcast: Two unaffiliated groups -- Tony Justice and company's ELD or Me, and the Texas-headquartered Operation Black and Blue -- share details for ELD mandate protests coalescing around a beginning date of October 3.

Duration: 00:27:42

Listen: Richard Woods, Michael Lochmiller, Terrance Mathis in Trucker Talent Search 2017

Bill Weaver and host Tony Justice, too. This Labor Day edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast takes you back through the performances at this year's Overdrive/Red Eye Radio Trucker Talent Search at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

Duration: 00:22:46

On a Hurricane Harvey relief mission with owner-operator Bill Ater

Landstar-leased owner-operator Bill Ater had his "feet in the starting blocks, hands on the floor" and was "waiting on the starting shot" when we talked Tuesday, August 29, for this Overdrive Radio podcast, staged in South Texas for relief shuttles associated with Hurricane Harvey.

Duration: 00:26:21

‘Benefit of the doubt’ to the driver on the ELD mandate: Texas sergeant urges officers ‘punt’ in questionable situations

In this Overdrive Radio podcast, listen in on a conversation with Texas Sergeant Dana Moore at GATS about roadside hours reality and ELDs post-mandate. Plus: Todd Amen on the burgeoning freight economy, tunes from trucker-songwriter Michael Lochmiller...

Duration: 00:25:29

‘Honky Tonk Nighttime Man’: Talent search finalist Michael Lochmiller

Lochmiller hauls for System Transport out of a home base in Las Vegas. In this edition of Overdrive Radio hear Red Eye Radio’s Eric Harley talk music, trucking and life with the driver.

Duration: 00:08:23

‘Country Road’: Trucking, music, life with Trucker Talent Search finalist Richard Woods

Owner-operator Richard Woods earned his spot in this year’s Overdrive/Red Eye Radio Trucker Talent Search with a cover of the famous John Denver tune, “Country Road.” He’s one of three finalists in the talent search, coming to a close with a final winner Friday, August 25, at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. Woods […]

Duration: 00:12:24

‘Take this e-log and shove it’: A talk with Trucker Talent Search finalist Terrance Mathis

Red Eye Radio's Eric Harley talks here with Rockford, Illinois, resident and Kloeckner Metals driver Terrance Mathis. Mathis is the man responsible for the great Johnny Paycheck parody you'll hear a little of here, which earned his spot in the Trucker Talent Search.

Duration: 00:07:15

Rebuilding: From bulk dedicated to a base of direct flatbed customers with owner-op Tim Klaus

On Overdrive Radio: Flatbedder Tim Klaus re-entered trucking and found himself at the center of the natural gas drilling boom, hauling frac sand. It dried up earlier for him than for many, and since then he's made several moves in freight, trailer spec and more to build a core of direct customers to keep brokered loads to a minimum.

Duration: 00:32:19

The mechanical prowess — and ELD trials and tribulations — of Randy Carlson

Owner-operator Carlson's approach to the business follows an early career as a mechanic, learning from his father, who also trucked, then in trade school and on the job at an International dealer -- a solid basis on which to build an owner-operator business. Is it less common than it used to be?

Duration: 00:32:17

Podcast: Step deck owner’s journey into mobile information tech, more

How to build an effective organizational system for your smartphone apps -- and just what apps are showing plenty utility for step-deck hauler Joey Slaughter. In this Overdrive Radio edition, also, the operator's thoughts on ELDs (he's still on paper), broker relationships and more.

Duration: 00:20:50

Freight niche transition — HHG to expedited with owner-operator Greg Huggins

Podcast: A talk with Greg Huggins, currently leased with a 2015 Cascadia straight truck to Landstar Express America, about his transition three years ago from two decades and more of household-moves hauling. And: A prediction on scale house inspectors after the ELD mandate.

Duration: 00:23:28

Podcast: ‘Make mad money! Be a freight broker!’: Independent James Woods on a culture of dishonesty among middlemen

The push for maximum profit, whatever the cost in toil or honesty be damned, clearly infects some corners of the trucking industry, to the detriment, too often, of those doing the work of hauling the freight. That's the message of independent James Woods, who spoke for this edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast on subjects of transactional transparency, fair dealing and more.

Duration: 00:25:39

Making the e-log switch: The evolution of small fleet Old Time Express

"I know a lot of people, and especially a lot of drivers, would like to cut my head off when I say this ..." -- that's Old Time's Mark White in preamble to some perhaps underappreciated e-log lessons he delivers toward the end of this week's Overdrive Radio podcast. File under: things people might not want to hear.

Duration: 00:22:26

Audio tour through Tony Justice’s new ‘Stars, Stripes and White Lines’ album

The time has come, drivers. Tony Justice's new record, "Stars, Stripes and White Lines," is out and on its way to the truck-stop racks for an official June 30 release. As he and his wife, Misty, note in this Overdrive Radio podcast tour through the album, after a couple months for the physical CD release, a digital release follows in September.

Duration: 00:27:59

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