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Episode31- Brain-Pain with Tara Miller and Dr. Tyna Moore

Tara Miller and I sat down and talked about how pain is in the brain, as much as it is in the tissues. I talk to my patients about "brain pain" and we hear a lot about it in physical medicine circles, but what can actually be done about it? How does trauma set up shop in your brain, long after your tissues have healed? How does it alter your genes and imprint on your nervous system? She is an expert in SRT (Self-Regulation Therapy) and we talk about how this can help permanently with pain.


Episode30- Why It's Important to Be Well Conditioned Prior to Receiving Regenerative Injection Therapies.

I am often asked why I believe it is important to enter into regenerative injection therapies with some muscle on ones frame and why I am choosy in my patient selection. After a decade in practice, I am well aware that these therapies do not hold as well on patients who are deconditioned. I have lived it, as I was one of them in years past. Therapies like Prolotherapy and PRP do not hold as well when a person has their joints only hanging on by ligaments and tendons with little muscle to...


Episode29- Shawn Wells and Dr. Tyna Moore discuss Ketosis and Insulin

Shawn Wells and I discuss ketosis, insulin, cholesterol and the the two labs everyone should have ran at least once a year. They could save your life!


Episode28- Kiran Krishnan and Dr. Tyna Moore discuss the microbiome!

He's back! I had my mind blown with round 1, so I've invited Kiran Krishnan back to a second take. This time we are going to really get into the microbiome and specifically his main spore product, Megaspore Biotic. I've been taking this product for the past month and it's changed my life. Not joking. My gut is SO much happier (any of you know know me know that my gut is my weak link). We are going to get into it and talk spores, LPS and biome. I warn you, Nerd Alert!


Episode27- Dr. Mariza Snyder on Essential Oils for Pain and Women's Health

Can not wait to talk to this lady doc about pain, women's hormones and essential oils. Dr. Mariza Snyder is a Women's Hormone, as well as essential oil expert and we will be discussing common oils and their use in pain, hormones, libido and more! She is a dynamic woman and speaker and I know you will enjoy this one.


Episode26- Toxic Skin Care with Dr. Anne Marie Fine

Did you know that most of the skin care that you use is toxic? Seriously. And it all absorbs through your skin! When I first learned this back in Naturopathic college I freaked out and threw everything out. Instead of freaking out, I suggest you educate yourself. I'm super excited to have fellow ND Dr. Anne Marie Fine on my show tomorrow morning to discuss this. She is an expert at Environmental Medicine, Toxicity and Skin Care. I am honored to have her on and can't wait to ask her all the...


Episode25- Dr. Ginger Nash on the Metabolic Consequences of Menopause

Dr. Ginger Nash and I will discuss menopause, what it does to your metabolism and proven, natural solutions that you can implement immediately to begin to balance your hormones.


Episode24- What Makes for a Good Patient to Receive Regenerative Injection Therapies?

When considering Regenerative Injection Therapies like Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells, patient selection does matter. As these therapies rely on the body's own abilities to heal, it's important that the patient's overall health be taken into consideration. Factors such as nutritional status, muscle mass, hormonal profile, gut health and overall wellness all have a big impact on clinical outcomes. Listen in to find out more on what factors count and how to optimize your cell's...


Episode23- Staying Sane During the Holidays: The Naturopathic Way

Staying Sane Naturally During the Holidays with Dr. JoAnn Yanez . Back to the basics: - Stress - Sleep - Nutrition - Movement - Managing relationships (family and friends) during the holidays. The holidays can be tough. Listen in as Dr. Yanez and I discuss how to keep your wits and your health during this season. Listen LIVE: Listen later on Itunes (and please leave a review while you are there!) #naturopathic #holidaystress #painfreestrong


Episode22- Medical Fitness with Dr Tyna & JR Burgess

Can't wait for Friday! I get to talk to one of my dearest friends, the notable JR Burgess on the topic of The Medical Fitness Impact Plan. If you are a doctor, this one is especially important for you. We will be talking about the need for physicians to prescribe medical fitness and the power we have to make change in patients lives. If you are a patient, you will also want to hear the importance of incorporating medical fitness into your life. I'll be podcasting live from the beach in...


Episode21- Pain-Free & Strong Radio [Adrenal Health]

Dr. Tyna Moore will interview expert Dr. Doni Wilson on all things adrenal health and dysfunction. Learn why this really is the root cause to most hormonal issues.


Episode20- Simple Strategies to live a pain-free, healthy and happy life.with Dr. Joe Tatta

Dr. Joe and I both agree, whole-heartedly, that current pain treatments like meds and surgery DO NOT work for pain. He's incredibly knowledgeable and I know you will gain a lot from listening in! Plus, I adore this man and can not wait to catch up with him, we always have great conversations.


Episode19- 7 Reasons Why Naturopathic Medicine is the Future of Medicineal

Dr. Tyna Moore interviews Dr. Ben Reebs on the future of medicine and why Naturopathic medicine is it.


Episode18- "Beyond the Label" with guest Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Join Dr. Tyna Moore as she interviews Dr. Christina Bjorndal about her new book "Beyond the Label", an exploration of mental health from root cause, Naturopathic perspective. You don't have to suffer from chronic depression, there are non-pharmaceutical solutions!


Episode17- Ketosis and Muscle Building with Mike Mutzel

Excited about this one! Join me tomorrow morning, 10AM PST for my interview with Mike Mutzel, MS! We will be discussing ketosis, muscle, strength training and other related topics. My interview with Mike on Women and Strength Training was a big hit. I'm sure this episode will be equally as interesting as I get to interview him this time around, which will be a real treat!


Episode16- Pain Free & Strong Radio with Robb Wolf!

Everything you want to know about Circadian Rhythm and why Sleep is so critically important to your overall health, weight loss efforts, to stave of diabetes and to keep your pain in check..


Episode15- Dr. Nasha Winters on the topic of: "Naturopathic Doctors---the Original BioHackers"

Dr. Tyna Moore interviewing Dr. Nasha Winters on the topic of: "Naturopathic Doctors---the Original BioHackers" We are going to break it down for you. Because, let's be honest, Naturopathy really is the Grandmother of everything that's come since in the functional medicine/biohacking realm. Super excited and you'll want to listen in.


Episode14- Dr. Holly Lucille

How to Navigate Autoimmune Disease with Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Holly Lucille, ND


Episode13- #moderation365 with Jill Coleman

Jill and I discuss how to quit the all-or-nothing dieting trap and learn to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday. Why we binge, and the psychology of food obsession. Problems with the "eat less, exercise more" model of weight loss and how it keeps us struggling. Breaking the cycle using tools like mindfulness, #SatisfactionFactor, preemptive cheats, Intermittent Sampling and more.>


Episode12- Drainage to Decrease Inflammation and Pain with Dr. Jay Davidson

Dr. Jay and I will dive deep into how optimizing your body's processes of elimination and drainage pathways will help you to help reduce pain.


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