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Journey into an exciting world where the truths of God's Word are shared by a cast of lovable animal characters and the lessons learned are entertaining and life-changing. Paws & Tales helps children grasp essential life lessons in a fun and memorable way. Here you can listen to a weekly children's radio drama, that teaches biblical principles in a way that is both entertaining and life changing. Through story and song, each episode serves up a cast of lovable animal characters who experience exciting adventures while learning important lessons to which kids of all ages can relate.




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Episode 39: "Miss Helga Grissel"

July 01, 2017 - Staci can hardly believe what a rude reception she receives from Miss Helga Grissel. After all, she was only trying to welcome Miss Grissel to Wildwood. With Miss Harbor's help, Staci learns an important lesson in showing grace to someone who's hard to love.

Duration: 00:27:20

Episode 38: "C.J. & Ahab"

June 24, 2017 - When Ned refuses to part with an autographed baseball C.J. wants, C.J.'s envy threatens to get the better of him. With the help of Mr. Collins' cylinder player, C.J. hears the story of King Ahab and Naboth's Vineyard, and discovers how destructive envy can be.

Duration: 00:27:19

Episode 37: "Love Hopes"

June 17, 2017 - Staci tells “The Club” the shocking news… Hugh wants to join the club! But the club only wants him if he's changed his ways. Hugh is seen doing good deeds and being kind to others. His transformation even impresses Miss Harbor. But C.J. quietly struggles how one can know if a person has really changed.

Duration: 00:27:23

Episode 36: "The Tribe"

June 10, 2017 - C.J. tries to bring peace between “The Club” and Hugh. Being a peacemaker is certainly what God would want, right? But C.J.'s idea to bring the “two tribes” together explodes when his methods betray his good intentions.

Duration: 00:27:23

Episode 35: "Whose Name Is Jealous"

June 03, 2017 - The local baseball team is on the brink of winning the championship, when an injury sidelines their star player. But Gooz finds a “lucky” penny, and the Cavalry is on a roll. Now “The Club” must decide if the team's dependence on the penny is just some harmless fun, or takes their focus off of playing to please God.

Duration: 00:27:22

Episode 34: "Cylinder 137K"

May 27, 2017 - A hot day drives C.J. and Staci inside to explore the cool basement of the Collins Mansion. The recovering of Mr. Collins' private journal leads them to the discovery of a lifetime! But someone lurking in the shadows will do anything to keep them from it.

Duration: 00:27:42

Episode 33: "And Then There Were None"

May 20, 2017 - When Miss Harbor teaches a lesson on King Arthur, The Club decides it should make up some rules of conduct, just like Arthur and his knights did. But instead of bringing peace, the club's rules threaten to divide them all.

Duration: 00:27:49

Episode 32: "The Hire Principle"

May 13, 2017 - When it seems that Tiffany can fire anyone who works for her father, she forces all of the kids of Mr. Rockler's employees to be her personal servants… or else. C.J. decides Tiffany must be stopped. But can he carry out his plan when he finds out who her next victim might be?

Duration: 00:27:46

Episode 31: "Eye of the Tiger"

May 06, 2017 - Marsha goes head to head with spelling bee champ, Tiffany Rockler. When Tiffany shows her true colors, Marsha must decide if the championship is worth winning at any cost. It's a real D-I-L-E-M-M-A!

Duration: 00:27:48

Episode 30: "The Dedication"

April 29, 2017 - The Fortress” is finally completed. But the club can't agree on what to use it for! Surprised by an uninvited “guest”, the club must work together to discover the fortress' true purpose.

Duration: 00:27:49

Episode 27: "The Gift"

April 22, 2017 - C.J. and Ned see Hugh and his gang committing a crime and C.J. alerts the authorities. But Hugh discovers that C.J. turned him in and wants revenge! Now the club must protect one another from Hugh and his cronies. In his weakest moment, C.J. discovers he has a gift that could only have come from God.

Duration: 00:27:45

Episode 29: "I'm a Believer"

April 15, 2017 - C.J. thinks he knows everything about Easter. He's heard it all before. But he's never experienced an Easter like this. Discover with C.J. what it means to be a true believer of Jesus Christ. Paws & Tales presents a very special Easter story for your whole family.

Duration: 00:27:49

Episode 26: "The Grecian Urn"

April 08, 2017 - Ned and C.J. break something in the Collins Mansion. Instead of confessing and asking for forgiveness, they deceitfully try to hide the evidence. Now, what should have been a small matter becomes a volcano in the hands of Mrs. Collins' sister, Eunice McGruff!

Duration: 00:27:51

Episode 25: "If the Tooth Be Known"

April 01, 2017 - Opening night of Miss Harbor's new play is just days away, but the star is sick! Or is he? Staci and Marsha do their best to cure him, but C.J.'s real problem is fear. Will he find the real remedy in time to save the play?

Duration: 00:28:02

Episode 24: "The Scarlet Stain"

March 25, 2017 - A defiant Ned trespasses into an abandoned mine looking for gold. But what he finds there is more than he planned on! Now the results of Ned's sin are growing out of control and begin to affect his friends. Will Ned, C.J., Staci and Gooz do the right thing before the Scarlet Stain spreads?

Duration: 00:27:13

Episode 23: "Plans in the Breaking"

March 18, 2017 - All they want to do is spend a day fishing at Blossom Lake, but Paw Paw Chuck and Staci are distracted at every turn. If God causes all things to work together for good, why is there no good in sight? Staci learns a valuable lesson about how God orders our every step to accomplish His will.

Duration: 00:30:19

Episode 22: "A Pirate's Life"

March 11, 2017 - C.J. wants to run away from his problems… any place where they don't have rules. But he quickly discovers that running away from his problems just makes more problems… for himself and for others! Will C.J. be able to escape his new life in time to save his father?

Duration: 00:27:30

Episode 21: "The Hullabaloo at Hunker Hill"

March 04, 2017 - Hugh brags that his soapbox derby car is faster than Staci's and dares her to try it out. Never one to back away from a challenge, Staci takes Hugh's car for a spin… a spin that turns into disaster at the bottom of Hunker Hill! Now the club must decide whether to seek revenge, or to forgive.

Duration: 00:26:46

Episode 20: "Blinded by the Sight"

February 25, 2017 - La palabra de Dios está llena de promesas para aquellos que siguen a Dios. De igual manera, la Biblia también es muy clara en cuanto a aquellos que rechazan a Cristo Jesús.

Duration: 00:26:55

Episode 16: "Hold the Anchovies"

January 28, 2017 - C.J.'s in a pickle. He knows God wants him to do something he doesn't want to do. Captain Gus reminds C.J. of the story of what happened to someone in a similar situation; someone named, Jonah!

Duration: 00:27:54

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