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Episode 32: Johanna Rothman talks TRS-80, project problems are really people problems and more

Author and Agile Consultant Johanna Rothman ( stops by the People Stack to talk about Culture, the impact of the TRS-80 on tech, and yes, Agile methodologies. Check out Johanna’s latest Book “Create Your Successful Agile Project: Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, Deliver” (

Duration: 00:45:11

Episode 31: Russell Matthews from the University of Alabama talks about bad advice online and more

Russell Matthews ( ), Associate Professor in the Department of Management at The University of Alabama, stops by the People Stack to dispel some common myths online about managing your time between work and family, the word "balance" as it pertains to work and family, incivility at work and more

Duration: 00:42:53

Episode 30 - Nick Caldwell VP of Eng at Reddit talks team building, hiring, and more

Nick Caldwell (, VP of Engineering at stops by the People Stack to talk about hiring practices, building great teams, the importance of diverse backgrounds in those teams, and developing leaders to rapidly scale. You can check out Nick’s writing on these topics and more on, and

Duration: 00:42:17

Episode 29: Jean Hsu talks about the transition to leadership then to entrepreneur and more

Jean Hsu ( ) has worked at companies big and small, fast and slow and is now a full time Tech Leadership Coach and writer. Checkout her work at and Jean stopped by the People Stack to talk about her transitions from Junior to Senior Engineer, then to Engineering Leader, and now entrepreneur as she takes on technical leadership consulting clients. Oh, and she's a mom too.

Duration: 00:45:26

Episode 28 - Elyse Hammond talks about the role of HR, pay and transformational leadership

Elyse Hammond,( HR Generalist for GSK ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the changing role of HR, just who's job IS IT to fill out pesky I9 forms, how pay influences motivation, transformational leadership and more.

Duration: 00:45:12

Episode 27 - Technical coach Marcus Blankenship talks one-on-ones coding while managing and more

Technical coach, author and former coder Marcus Blankenship ( stops by the People Stack to talk about how much you should code as a manager, how to better handle your 1:1s, surviving your battlefield promotion to manager and finding role models other than a pointy-haired boss.

Duration: 00:49:42

Episode 26 - Jess Gallus of the US Army SHARP office talks harassment and prevention

Jessica Gallus ( of the US Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program ( by the People Stack to talk about augmenting the people skills of strong contributors once they move to management, raising awareness and preventing sexual misconduct in the US Army, and making sure you unplug when work is too real.

Duration: 00:41:17

Episode 23 - Mike Johnson of Mass TLC talks hiring, pay transparency and more

Mike Johnson (, Director of Communities & Technology at Mass TLC stops by the People Stack to talk about the benefits of MassTLC membership, pay transparency, the current hiring climate, and the addition of his new role where he gets to fix printers.

Duration: 00:42:33

Episode 23 - Andrew Ramsden of Alpha Transform talks about the 6 tech management Superpowers

Andrew Ramsen (, CEO of Alpha Transform and host of the Alpha Geek Podcast (, stops by the People Stack to talk about his journey, the 6 superpowers of tech management and his upcoming book.

Duration: 00:46:03

Episode 21 - Luke Stevens of Berklee Online talks remote teams, custom tools and more

The People Stack drops in on Luke Stevens (, CTO of Berklee Online at the Berklee College of Music ( to talk about building tools for online education, leading a mixed team of local and remote developers, the benefits of making some communication public, using Slack, and try to answer what the hell email is for.

Duration: 00:50:38

Episode 20 - Ali Greene from Duck Duck Go talks about people operations across timezones and more

Ali Greene ( of Duck, Duck, Go ( answers the question of the ages: what does it mean to "go to work" when you work remotely? Also, hear how a recent work-cation to Japan highlighted people challenges when your team is half a world apart.

Duration: 00:45:28

Episode 19 - Rhiannon Chiacchiaro of Deep Core Data talks about the human side of IT

Rhiannon Chiacchiaro (, the Director of Marketing and Technical Documentation Services at Deep Core Data ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the 4 C's of good tech documentation, the human side of Marketing, and the struggle of getting past the "customer" to the human inside.

Duration: 00:45:02

Episode 18 - Katie Greenman of HumanSide talks improv comedy, research and more

Katie Greenman ( of HumanSide ( stops by the People Stack to talk about how listening from your heart can make you a more balanced person and how grad school and Improv comedy changed her life (and work).

Duration: 00:36:41

Episode 17 - Constance Ip of New York Code + Design Academy talks about training and more

Constance Ip ( of New York Code + Design Academy ( joins the People Stack to talk about their merger with Strayer University, training new developers, being part of a distributed team, and positive effects of glass of wine.

Duration: 00:33:52

Episode 16 - Tracy Lee talks Javascript, being a serial entrepreneur and being yourself in public

@ladyleet ( ThisDot ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the life-changing experience of learning Javascript, starting and running companies, staying positive in the face of adversity, and the importance of Mentoring

Duration: 00:44:33

Episode 15 - Sam Glasberg from Stitch talks hiring, getting acquired,

Samantha Glasberg ( from Stitch ( stops by the People Stack to about people management while growing a startup and getting acquired. Sam and Jen also talk about hiring, firing, compensation negotiation, career paths and way more.

Duration: 00:48:14

Episode 14 - Dawn McDougall of Code for Philly talks about community, tech and civic engagement

Dawn McDougall(, Executive Director of Code for Philly ( stops by the People Stack to talk about managing and leading for civic tech for the betterment of the city of Philadelphia and how people of all stripes can get more involved.

Duration: 00:38:36

Episode 13 - Yuval Yarden talks startups, culture and establishing a tech community

Yuval Yarden (, Program Director at Philly Startup Leaders ( talks about getting into tech, working to grow the Philadelphia start-up scene, managing in an non-profit and how she got to be the Program Director.

Duration: 00:40:23

Episode 12 - Sarah Johnson from TechGirlz talks workshops, STEM education and all things Geek

Sarah Johnson (, National Outreach Manager for TechGirlz stops by the People Stack to talk about STEM education opportunities for middle school girls, running a workshop using their TechSHOPZ-in-a-box, and the meaning of Geek in a world of computer literacy.

Duration: 00:49:22

Episode 10 - Thomas Guidotti of Omne Solutions talks about autonomy, estimation and being a ceo

Thomas Guidotti(, CEO of Omne Solutions ( stops by the People Stack to talk about the balancing act that is autonomy, building better meetings, and helping clients to help themselves.

Duration: 00:26:21

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