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Ep 27 - The Spring Break Episode

On episode 27, we welcome BACK Derek, fashion analyst and Oscar extraordinaire, who helps us analyze the best and worst of the Oscar gowns. We chat Carrie Underwood's facial injury, Ludacris' most underrated album, and Netflix's preview for next month's Rachel Dolezal documentary. Find us @popteapodcast, send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com, and subscribe to the Pop Tea Podcast on iTunes.


Ep 26 - Happy Belated Birthday?

It's not anyone's birthday, but find out why guest host Lord D-Rock made a birthday wish really awkward. On episode 26, we welcome BACK The Full Montea (remember him from episode 22), we get into Safaree's new (nude?) pics, and we discuss just why Tisha Campbell's newfound music career makes us oh-so-uncomfy. Like us on Facebook, follow us @popteapodcast, and send your questions in to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Ep. 25 - Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Fergie.

On episode 25 of the pop tea podcast, we welcome Brigid Washington, author of Coconut. Ginger. Shrimp. Rum, her first book highlighting the four major Caribbean flavors, which you can buy on Amazon. While we have Brigid, we talk motherhood and Fergie, how Rihanna played a huge role on her wedding day, Jen Aniston's separation, and our plans to see Black Panther (by ourselves!) Listen, post, and subscribe @popteapodcast on Twitter, @popteapodcast@gmail.com and wherever you get your...


Ep 24 - Happy Valentine's Day!

On this episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, we welcome BACK 1/2 of the Life's a Drag Podcast, available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Stitcher. We recap RHOA (we're feeling like this season is a little slow), rally behind team Kim (Cattrall, not Zolciak), and dissect Chris Brown's really strange tweet from over the weekend. Get your juiciest questions answered at @popteadpodcast@gmail.com Follow us @popteapodcast on IG and Twitter, subscribe on iTunes, tell a friend, and don't forget to...


Ep 23: Life's a Drag - Part 2

In this week's episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, Cheri welcomes 1/2 of Life's a Drag (remember Vidra from episode 21?) to guest cohost the podcast, and he has a LOT of opinions. We talk that Superbowl, JT's controversial halftime performance, Stormi Jenner's arrival, and Quincy Jones' dgaf attitude now at the tender age of 84. Follow Genesis Carter, our guest, at @msgenesiscarter on IG Follow Pop Tea at @popteapodcast, and send your questions in to popteapodcast@gmail.com Don't...


Ep 22 - The Full Montea

Cheri, on her first episode hosting solo, interviews Monte of The Full Montea, a must follow Facebook and Instagram personality. They discuss the Grammys, the Black Panther purple carpet, and Beyonce at the ceremony. Then Drew, who is not fired this week ;) joins Cheri and they answer two questions from the mailbag and discuss what kind of things you could discover on a romantic interest's Instagram that would make you want to pull the plug. Send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com,...


Ep 21 - Interview with Ivana West from America's Next Top Model and we discuss Oscar Nominations!

On this week's episode of the pop tea podcast, we interview Ivana from cycle 24 of America's Next Top Model, and she's spilling a little tea about her casting, the house, and who she keeps in touch with these days. We also say congrats to Oscar nominees Jordan Peele and Mary J Blige, and once again, we're scratching our heads at tone-deaf brands (Wycon). Remember to subscribe, rate us on iTunes, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com!


Ep 20 - Life's a Drag, and so are false alarms...

On this week's episode, we welcome guest co-host Vidra Jones from the Life's a Drag Podcast. We chat the end of Aziz Ansari's drag makeup, and the end of the guy's job who pressed the button on the push notification heard 'round Hawaii.


Ep 19 - Welcome to 2018

Pop Tea is back after a holiday hiatus - on this episode, we talk the Oprah effect, Cardi B makes history (again), Bruno Mars throws it back to the 90s, and H&M finds themselves in hot water - when will they learn! You can find us on IG @popteapodcast, email us at popteapodcast@gmail.com, and on Twitter at @popteapodcast Subscribe, and rate us where you find your podcasts!


Ep 18 - Sleep with Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this episode, we recap 2017, interview Andrew Ackerman from the Sleep with Me podcast (he's FASCINATING), and talk housewives - are the housewives still a thing?


Ep 17 - ANTM alumna Brittany Brower from Cycle 4, Roy Moore and 50 Cent's club debacle

A super-sized episode 17! On this week's episode, we welcome ANTM alumna Brittany Brower from Cycle 4! We also talk Roy Moore's defeat, black's womens' victory, and 50 cents club debacle.


Ep 15 - Russell Simmons, Meghan Markle's haters, and rank Kimmy's favorite fast foods

On this week's extra special pop tea, we welcome guest cohost Kimmy, friend to the podcast. She explains why we call it the "poop tea podcast",' tells us a few dating stories, and regales us with work tales. We also talk Russell Simmons, Meghan Markle's haters, and rank Kimmy's favorite fast foods! A listener (and fellow podcaster) talks with Cheri about some dating challenges.


Ep 15 - Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Blake Shelton as sexiest man alive and we catch up with Brittani about her life post break-up with her boyfriend.

We say goodbye to Della Reese, spill the tea about Blake Shelton as the choice for sexiest man alive about talk Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry. We catch up with Brittani on how she’s doing post-breakup from her boyfriend!


Cheri's 30th, WWHL awkwardness, Louis CK admits wrongdoing, and GQ knocks it out of the park with covers.

Cheri turns 30 - and in that week, Andy Cohen shares an awkward half-hour with xscape, we discuss the demise of Hollywood's bigwigs, and Colin Kapernick sets a thirst trap on the cover of GQ.


Ep 13 - RHOA Recap, Diddy changes his name ::eyeroll::, and we are UBER frustrated with Apple's glitch

On lucky episode 13, we recap fall on Bravo, wonder why Diddy is claiming a name change, chat Tyrese, and talk tech frustrations.


Ep 12 - Interview with Kate Casey, goodbye Kevin Spacey, and Wendy Williams, how you doin (seriously, get well soon babe)

We welcome back Jeffrey, interview special guest and pop culture guru Kate Casey, talk Kevin Spacey’s career-ending misstep, Bethenny Frankel’s loss, and Wendy Williams’ health scare.


Ep 11 - Tamar files for divorce, Gabrielle Union offers us some advice, and Derek's back!

We welcome friend to the podcast, Derek (@lorddrock) back from episode 0, talk NFL, Gabrielle Union's explicit advice, and Nicki Minaj's involvement in a disturbing case.


Ep 10 - Harvey Weinstein's continued fallout, the #metoo campaign, and a special interview with Alison from the AskAManager blog!

Hey guys, on this week’s episode of the Pop Tea Podcast, we’re celebrating 10 episodes, we talk more about the fallout from Harvey Weinstien’s alleged assaults and coverups, we talk the #metoo campaign, and interview Alison from the Ask A Manager Blog! Subscribe, rate us on iTunes, Tweet us @popteapodcast, and send your questions to popteapodcast@gmail.com


Ep 9 - Nelly in the news, Nene heckles the heckler, Dove beauty comes under fire, and Jemele Hill is kind of our hero!

In episode 9 (we're one away from 10), we briefly revisit dick pics (can't get enough), issue an update on Applebees' Dollarita, and express our disappointment in Nelly, Nene, Dove, and Harvey Weinstein (as well as those who shielded him). The only person winning this week is ESPN's Jemele Hill. Keep listening, because we are celebrating hard on episode 10!


Ep 8 - Finally - a reason to dine (drink) at Applebee’s, Tina Campbell defends her vote, and the Juice is Loose!

This week we say goodbye to Hugh Heffner and Tom Petty. We talk about OJ being “loose” and Cam Newton’s sexist comments. We talk about Tina Campbell and her thoughts on voting for 45. $1 Dollaritas. Would you tell a love one if you did not like the significant other?


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