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Episode 42: ART & MUSIC & WHY

Visual Artist Tim Okamura and Audio/Visual Artist Cecilie Beck join DJ CherishTheLuv on today's episode of Primary Food. Today, we are talking about ART & MUSIC as our primary food and WHY it is SO important, necessary and healthy to have personal creative expression in our lives. We discuss why we make our art and who we nourish with it. Music provided by and performed by Cecilie Beck!

Duration: 00:53:25

Episode 41: How to Cook Up A Song

Big News! DJ CherishTheLuv will be doing music work in an orphanage in Ecuador with Unfucktheworld in May, so in today’s episode, we’ll be talking about MUSIC as our Primary Food. We are going to find out HOW TO COOK UP A SONG and ENJOY LIFE with today’s musical guests, Haitian-born SMAX MUSIC, your new favorite Caribbean Rock/Groove and Acoustic Soul Man! He’s described as Bob Marley meets The Rolling Stones. Joining us is Doug Hinrichs, a percussionist and composer based in New York...

Duration: 00:47:02


Memorial Sloan Kettering's Creative Writing Program, Visible Ink, has been an important Primary Food for Cynthia Cherish Malaran. Today, we have the Visible Ink Team in the studio to tell us all about the importance of creative writing as a source of nourishment and healing.

Duration: 00:42:57

Episode 28: Gin, Dads, and the Making of Music

New Zealandesque New York singer/songwriter, Carrie Beehan, and her father (in the form of a bottle of gin) join Cynthia Cherish Malaran in the studio today to discuss how food, drink and family inform the music you create and thus, feed into the world. We will discuss the process of creating Carrie's new album, entitled "Alazon In the Quiet Room” which is available now on iTunes, and is receiving critical praise in a growing number of music publications online.

Duration: 00:39:13

Episode 25: A Second Helping Of Life

Women Power and Fooding for a Cause is our topic today as Cynthia is joined by Angie Mar, Executive Chef at Beatrice Inn, in the West Village, and Beth Cling, Director of Communications for SHARE. SHARE is a nonprofit organization that helps women facing ovarian and breast cancers. We will be discussing A Second Helping of Life, a food event on Monday, September 19, 6:00-9:30pm, where 26 women chefs, with the aid of celebrity sous chefs (women personalities from media, entertainment, and...

Duration: 00:45:35

Episode 23: From Sea to Shining Sea

Seafood Master and then some, Chef Aaron Bashy, Executive Chef of Maloney & Porcelli, talks about creativity inspired by the ocean, the Greenmarket, the CIA, food real estate, and life at Le Bernardin, the Water Club, The Minnow and more.

Duration: 00:47:06

Episode 22: Food and Creativity

Continuing on the topic of Food and Music pairing, today's episode of Primary Food features super creative, food-loving, musician/songwriter and artist guests, Joanie Leeds, from NYC, and Rohitash Rao from L.A.! We will share stories about how food inspires and informs our creativity. We will also discuss some wonderful points on creativity and cooking, from Chef Eric Ripert's new book, 32 Yolks.

Duration: 00:46:13

Episode 21: Food and Music Pairings

As a DJ, it dawned on me recently that there was a reason why I like to play music while I eat food and prep food. Music makes everything about life taste better! Okay, the RIGHT music, that is. In this episode, musician Isaac Raz, Founder and President of Whole Music LLC, discusses why food and music go hand in hand in this thing called life.

Duration: 00:45:56

Episode 18: WE CAN BE HEROES

Marvel Comics writer, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Editor-in-chief and partner with Darryl "D.M.C." Matthews McDaniels at Darryl Makes Comics joins us in the studio today with his wife and son Kyung and Ennio. Edgardo has just launched his new super heroine, LA BORINQUEÑA, the world's first Afroboricua Superhero. Kyung and Edgardo are incredible storytellers and artists and we are going to talk about making a food superhero... or even a cancer fighting one!

Duration: 00:45:10

Episode 12: When Healthy Women Get Cancer

I was a vegan, and a health coach when I developed my cancer. It happens. But, why? Fellow health coach, Christine Walsh Egan, Hay House author of The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer, comes in to talk about her “unthinkable one-year journey,” something I, and too many, can relate to. Cancer stories usually start with some kind of struggle or fight. This story starts with a song. “You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here? You may say to yourself, my God, what have I done?” These...

Duration: 00:46:41


Emily Hyland, of Brooklyn’s Pizza Loves Emily, and soon-to-open Detroit-Style pizza hotspot, Emmy Squared, brings in her crew of awesome women to discuss the importance of primary food in their pizza making lives. How does yoga, music, and playing with babies make for a happy and successful pizza business? Tune in and find out! Listen along for a fun and loving glimpse into sisterhood, motherhood, pizzahood, Primary Food, cancer survival, Integrative Nutrition, plus more, with guests on...

Duration: 00:45:06

Episode 6: Better Than Tinder

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match… Well, the previous episode of Primary Food was about weddings and ceremonies, but how do you even get to the wedding stage without a great relationship going? That’s why we’ve got on the mic Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Expert, Gabi Lovve, discussing it all, from sexual compatibility, to alpha males, strong femmes and queens, mind mastering, card readings, and more. Chiming in about relationships and getting insight of her own is Primary...

Duration: 00:44:03

Episode 1: Primary Food Debuts!

Cynthia Cherish Malaran, aka Rev. DJ CherishTheLuv, a breast cancer patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, talks about the importance of PRIMARY FOOD’s role in her successful cancer treatment in this pilot episode. The food on our tables that we put in our mouths is secondary food. Primary Food is all the stuff in life that nourishes us before we eat—Our creativity, our relationships, our spirituality, physical activity and interaction with this awesome world we live in. It was the...

Duration: 01:15:27