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We are pleased to announce the birth of a NEW radio station in Tobago Pulse 89.5 FM – The Beat of Tobago. Pulse 89.5 FM, aims to inform, educate and entertain the people of Tobago, by creating a platform which fuses popular music with skilled announcers, ensuring that its listeners are captivated and provided with information to live and better their lives and communities. This radio station, located in Signal Hill Tobago, comes under the umbrella of Trico Industries Ltd, which has been in operation for the past nineteen (19) years and operates under the leadership of Mr. Claude and Patricia Benoit. Trico Cable TV, the cable television arm of the Trico Industries Ltd, has delivered efficient service to households over the past 19 years, and has continually expanded in its service and technological capabilities. Also, under the Trico Industries Ltd umbrella, is Tobago Channel 5, a local cable television channels which was birthed in 2001 to showcase the talents, ideas and opinions of the people of Tobago; giving Trico Industries Ltd another opportunity to expand in the telecommunications and media arena. The growth and development of Tobago Channel 5, later led to the start of another local cable television channel in 2012 the Tobago Inspirational Network (TIN); a television station committed to the spiritual enrichment of Tobago and its people. Tobago Channel 5 and...






#65-67 Lambeau Signal Hill Road, 00000 Signal Hill, Tobago (868) 639-8953