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A radio now cannot remain only in FM, it would risk finding itself soon in a museum next to the radios in galena. ON AIR en FM, of course, but above all and decisively on the WEB, DVBT, DAB + and all the necessary interconnections and relationships, with special attention to the next inevitable technological developments. A multi-platform project that embraces and provides for every possibility of dissemination, not excluding, indeed focusing on television projects, either for web TV (the project is already active), as for specific expressions on digital terrestrial But for the moment let's talk about radio. A radio that plays quality music and is attentive to information. Great successes, spanning 50 years of music, with an eye and an ear particularly attentive to what happened and played in the final 3 decades of the past century, and continuous, concise and exhaustive appointments on national and world events, with moments of specific information and in-depth segment, and therefore MUSIC. With the attention always being updated due to the successes of the moment (HITS in the technical term of programming) his focus is on the POP ROCK sound of the late 60s until 2000. Articulating his schedule in the alternation of 2 major categories such as OLD (to be clear from "La is my lady" de Frank Sinatra to "Like a rolling stone" de Bob Dylan, pasa por Whitney...