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Nairobi, Kenya


Ramogi is a very popular vernacular station amongst the Luo speaking audience mainly residing in Nyanza province, Lake Victoria region. The Luo people may also be found in other major towns in the country residing both in the rural and urban areas. The station’s footprint covers Nairobi and its environs on 107.1FM, Rift Valley on 95.4FM, Nyanza on 107.6FM and Siaya on 98.6FM. Language of broadcast is Luo. The target audience, both male and female, is mature falling between the 20-45+ years age bracket. Program format is simple, unpretentious, fun and interactive. It is based on the identity of the Luo person. Our audience is guaranteed to loads of information, interactive talk shows, news, sports, benga and lingala music mix and entertainment on Ramogi. The station has hosted successful activations both on ground and on air. Through these activities the station has gained popularity and achieved loyalty.