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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.

In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.
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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.




The Spending Bill Is A Bad Deal For Trump & Conservatives; Fight Club: Biden vs. Trump; School Shooting Protest Hypocrisy

Breaking down the details of the spending bill that the House passed without even reading; Biden's threat to beat up Trump sure sounds like a 2020 campaign strategy; President Trump's top lawyer in the Russia probe quits; Andy explains Zuckerberg's attempt to save face; Ben Ferguson guest hosts


Double Standard On Trump's Putin Call; Good Guy With A Gun Stopped The MD School Shooter; Another Celeb Runs For Office

Examining the double standard on Trump's call with Putin, and why the "Do not congratulate" leaker should be fired; The Austin bomber is dead but the threat isn't gone; Why aren't more people talking about the hero who stopped the Maryland school shooter?; Cynthia Nixon is the latest celebrity to run for office; Andy Levy breaks down All The President's Women; Ben Ferguson hosts


Sen. Ted Cruz On The Show; Sanctuary City Fight In California; Serial Bomber Manhunt

Senator Ted Cruz talks about the Mueller probe, calls Putin a "KGB thug," gameplans the supposed "Blue Wave" coming; The panel debates the GOP's muddled midterm strategy; Latest on the Austin serial bomber manhunt; A California town defies the state's sanctuary cities law; Ben Ferguson guest hosts


Why Trump Won't Actually Fire Mueller; Hillary Backtracks After Slandering Trump Voters; Analyzing The President's "Tough" Opioid Policy

Trump's attacks on Mueller are not unprecedented; Hillary Clinton offers a weak apology after insulting Trump voters; Debating the President's plan to give opioid dealers the death penalty; The latest on Austin's hunt for a serial bomber; Ben Ferguson guest hosts


Breaking News: Fatal Bridge Collapse In Miami; The Pelosi Problem & Lessons Learned From Lamb's Victory

A pedestrian bridge collapses in Miami, killing several, SE speaks to an eyewitness; A Republican congressman talks about lessons learned from Conor Lamb's upset win; Will more Democratic candidates distance themselves from Pelosi?; Trump's new appointees face GOP opposition


Should The GOP Sound The Alarm Following PA Election?; Holding Airlines Accountable; Calling Out Russia

Lamb stuns Saccone, and SE goes through the takeaways for Republicans, Democrats, and President Trump; Will the US join Britain's hard line on Russia?; A dog dies in a United Airlines overhead bin, but will anything about airline service change?; SE & Andy remember Stephen Hawking


Trump Fires Tillerson In Latest Round Of White House Musical Chairs; Hillary Clinton Rehashes The Election (Again) & Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth (Again)

The President fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson via Twitter; When will the White House finish cleaning house?; Hillary Clinton again proves she's a liability for the Democratic Party; Elon Musk wants to put nightclubs on Mars


Trump Kickstarts The 2020 Campaign With Highly Quotable PA Rally; Can The Art Of The Deal Bring A North Korea Peace Deal? SE On Why It's Time For Conservatives To Stop Supporting The Death Penalty

President Trump brings out his 2016 Greatest Hits in Pennsylvania to start his reelection campaign; Could he face a primary challenger in 2020?; White Evangelical women are starting to abandon Trump; POTUS supports giving drug dealers the death penalty, and SE thinks this is the wrong solution to a growing problem


The President & The Porn Star: SE Decodes The Escalating Legal War; Jeff Sessions Declares War On California Over Sanctuary Cities, SE Gets Van Jones' Blistering Take; Making Sense Of Trump's Tariffs

President Trump has pretty much dodged major consequences from all his mini-scandals, but will this Stormy Daniels one be different?; Forecasting the effects of Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs; Van Jones reacts to Jeff Sessions' battle with California on immigration


White House Brain Drain As Top Staffers Flee Trump Administration; Porn Star Stormy Daniels Sues The President; Bombshell Sexual Harassment Lawsuit At ESPN; Is The Pope Too Political For American Catholics?

SE dives into the Trump White House's unprecedented turnover rate and how it could endanger the country; The legal battle between President Trump & porn star Stormy Daniels escalates; Pope Francis' support slips among conservative Catholics; New lawsuit paints ESPN as a toxic boys' club; What the Texas primaries tell us about the upcoming midterms


Breaking News: Trump's Top Economic Adviser Gary Cohn Resigns; Fallout From Former Trump Aide Sam Nunberg's Media Spectacle; Can The Democratic Party Reconcile Its Two Factions?

President Trump's Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn resigns following tariff move; SE debates the media's handling of the Nunberg spectacle; Democrats torn between the center and the far-left; How serious is North Korea's latest promise of peace?


Trump's Trade Tantrum At Odds With GOP Leadership (For Now); White House Mulls Military Action In Syria, But Are We Too Late?; Preventing School Shootings With Local Solutions

A looming trade war has Trump excited, and his party worried; GOP hopes White House chaos can be contained to the White House; US offers tough talk to Syria & Russia over chemical weapons use, but what about action?; The Columbine community takes steps to prevent more school shootings; SE & Andy's favorite awkward moments from a dull Oscar night


Hope Lost In Trump's White House?; Syrian Genocide And The UN "Ceasefire" That Isn't; Trump's Flip Flop On Guns; Seacrest Sexual Misconduct Scandal; Oscars So Political?

What does another White House departure mean for the administration?; SE and Rep. Kinzinger on Syria's continuing genocide, in spite of a 5-day "ceasefire"; Trump's stance on guns are leaving Republicans wary and Democrats optimistic for change; Is Ryan Seacrest in for a rude #MeToo awakening at the Oscars?; SE predicts how this weekend's Oscars will go with #MeToo and political unrest in full swing


Trump's Push For A "Comprehensive" Gun Bill May Backfire Among His Base; Syria Under Siege With The Help Of North Korea; Stacey Dash 2018?

SE assesses how loyal Trump has been to his own agenda with founding Freedom Caucus member Rep. Jim Jordan; Fix NICS is well received by Trump but not "comprehensive enough"; Trump is walking a fine line on his response to gun control; North Korea shipping supplies to Syria that could be used for chemical weapons production; SE reacts to Stacey Dash's recently-announced Congressional run


Are Boycotts Stupid?; The Bill Aiming To Ban "Assault Weapons Plus"; Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel Under Scrutiny; Chris Pratt Trolled For "Power Of Prayer"

Are corporate boycotts of the NRA standing on principle or caving to pressure?; SE and Rep. Dan Kildee discuss the sweeping assault weapons ban he plans on backing; Sheriff Steve Israel faces continuing backlash over Parkland school shooting; Chris Pratt maligned for offering prayers for Kevin Smith


SE's Gun Ban Reality Check; Ohio County Sheriff Offers Concealed Carry Classes; Democratic Party Takes A Hard Left Turn; Should Teens Vote?; USA's Curling Team Redeems Itself

The political and practical realities of a ban on all assault weapons, and one bill aiming to do it; An Ohio sheriff on his already-booming concealed carry program, and where Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel went wrong; Democratic incumbents fail to get party endorsements for not being progressive enough; Should the voting age be lowered to 16?; Resident Curling Expert Andy Levy on Team USA's unlikely win


Is The Gun Debate A Conversation Or A Shouting Match?; Gun Reform & Midterms; Should Teachers Be Packing Heat?; Twitter Trolls Attack "America's Pastor"; Is Porn A Public Health Crisis?

SE takes pundits and politicians to task on the "national shouting match" over gun control; How will the gun reform debate shape midterm election strategies (or vice versa)?; Jeanne Assam stopped a school shooting in 2007 and isn't sure about Trump's idea to arm teachers; SE and religion professor Joe Loconte respond to the unlikely controversy over Reverend Billy Graham; Should (or can) we ban porn?


President Trump Holds Listening Session With School Shooting Survivors, SE Analyzes School Safety Proposals; How Masculinity & Mental Illness Play Into Mass Shootings; Bipartisan Background Check Fix Is Within Reach; SE Remembers Reverend Billy Graham

As President Trump meets with school shooting survivors, the nation debates school safety; Is "toxic masculinity" a piece of the mass shooting puzzle?; Will Congress finally improve the background check system?; SE remembers Rev. Billy Graham


In The Latest Gun Debate, The Absurd Is Rising To The Top; CPAC Devolves In The Age Of Trump; SE Wants To Know Why Mitt Romney Is Subjecting Himself To A Senate Run; In Defense Of Fergie

SE warns that when they say they're not talking about taking away your guns, they're talking about taking away your guns, plus she separates the serious gun policy proposals from the absurd ones; Mitt Romney's former campaign advisor weighs in on his senate bid; CPAC preview


Preventing The Next Parkland: SE Breaks Down Proposed Background Check Fixes, Gun Restraining Orders, And Some Ideas That Are Pointedly Absurd; When Will President Trump Take Russian Election Meddling Seriously?

SE looks at the pros and cons of various gun proposals in the wake of the Parkland shooting, including updated background check legislation, GVROs, and using big data; President Trump blames everyone but Russia in latest tweetstorm


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