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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.

In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.
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In S.E. Cupp Unfiltered, S.E. leads a panel of contributors in discussing everything from legal mysteries to celebrity misbehavior to the political stories that hit home. On S.E.'s show, strong values matter, and partisan politics are out of favor.




Is The Gun Debate A Conversation Or A Shouting Match?; Gun Reform & Midterms; Should Teachers Be Packing Heat?; Twitter Trolls Attack "America's Pastor"; Is Porn A Public Health Crisis?

SE takes pundits and politicians to task on the "national shouting match" over gun control; How will the gun reform debate shape midterm election strategies (or vice versa)?; Jeanne Assam stopped a school shooting in 2007 and isn't sure about Trump's idea to arm teachers; SE and religion professor Joe Loconte respond to the unlikely controversy over Reverend Billy Graham; Should (or can) we ban porn?


President Trump Holds Listening Session With School Shooting Survivors, SE Analyzes School Safety Proposals; How Masculinity & Mental Illness Play Into Mass Shootings; Bipartisan Background Check Fix Is Within Reach; SE Remembers Reverend Billy Graham

As President Trump meets with school shooting survivors, the nation debates school safety; Is "toxic masculinity" a piece of the mass shooting puzzle?; Will Congress finally improve the background check system?; SE remembers Rev. Billy Graham


In The Latest Gun Debate, The Absurd Is Rising To The Top; CPAC Devolves In The Age Of Trump; SE Wants To Know Why Mitt Romney Is Subjecting Himself To A Senate Run; In Defense Of Fergie

SE warns that when they say they're not talking about taking away your guns, they're talking about taking away your guns, plus she separates the serious gun policy proposals from the absurd ones; Mitt Romney's former campaign advisor weighs in on his senate bid; CPAC preview


Preventing The Next Parkland: SE Breaks Down Proposed Background Check Fixes, Gun Restraining Orders, And Some Ideas That Are Pointedly Absurd; When Will President Trump Take Russian Election Meddling Seriously?

SE looks at the pros and cons of various gun proposals in the wake of the Parkland shooting, including updated background check legislation, GVROs, and using big data; President Trump blames everyone but Russia in latest tweetstorm


After The Tragedy In Florida, It *Is* Time To Talk About Guns...And About How Journalists Talk About Guns; SE Talks To Democratic Congressman Jim Himes About Solving School Shootings; Day 10 Of The White House's Rob Porter Scandal

SE: "When it comes to guns, news anchors take off their journalist hats and put on their activist hats. And they do it without shame or disclaimers because they believe righteousness is the same thing as being right"; SE interviews Democratic Congressman Jim Himes about solving school shootings; The White House still hasn't cleaned house over the Porter domestic abuse scandal


White House Spin Spins Out Of Control In Rob Porter Abuse Scandal; Tracking Trump's Religious Rhetoric; Is The GOP Getting Short-Term Wins At The Expense Of Long-Term Support?; Swapping Food Stamps For Food Boxes

The White House can't seem to get its story straight on the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal; SE tries to decode Trump's cachet among the Religious Right with the help of CBN's David Brody; Republicans should start worrying about members fleeing to become Independents; President Trump's food box proposal is a Pandora's box of big government problems


Is the White House Officially a Hostile Work Environment?; #MeToo & Midterms; Western Media And The North Korean "Charm Offensive"; SE Interviews One Rising California Politician Taking On Poverty

West Wing scrambles to handle the fallout from Rob Porter's resignation and reports of almost 40 without security clearance; Can midterm hopefuls win without acknowledging the #MeToo movement?; Media outlets fawn over Kim Jong-un's sister in Olympic coverage; Obamas reveal presidential portraits to mixed reviews


White House Domestic Abuse Scandal; Pelosi's Shutdown Stunt: What Did It Accomplish?; SE Interviews The Student Who Filmed His Teacher's Anti-Military Rant

White House rocked by scandal after Rob Porter's resignation amidst domestic abuse accusations; How long did John Kelly know about the allegations?; Nancy Pelosi's speech broke a House record but did it even affect the shutdown debate?; SE talks to the student who filmed his teacher's anti-military rant; Eric Holder teases a 2020 presidential run for some reason


Edwin Jackson's Death Reshapes The Immigration Debate; Trump's Parade Idea Is A Headache, But It Might Be A Winning Issue For Him; How Do You Solve A Problem Like Pelosi?; Cornell Frat Sex Scandal

The death of Colts star Edwin Jackson is already political, and it will test both parties' commitment to fixing our broken immigration system; President Trump wants a military parade; SE asks Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan about Pelosi's future with the party; Cornell frat's disgusting "pig roast" scandal


Our Broken Immigration System Leads To NFL Star's Death; Democrats' Fundamental Misunderstanding Of The Middle Class; What You Need To Know About The Stock Market Rollercoaster

A twice-deported undocumented immigrant with a prior DUI conviction allegedly drove drunk again, killing a young NFL star; How immigration politics distort immigration policy; Stocks are down, up, down, so when is it time to worry?; Democrats like Nancy Pelosi misunderstand the middle class; Some millennials think swearing off having children will save the planet


Nunes Memo: Just A Political Prop For Both Parties; Botched Sex Predator Investigation; Political Football At The Super Bowl; California's Lefty Gamble

The Nunes memo is being used as a political device by Republicans & Democrats; Glenn Greenwald & Rep. Dan Kildee join SE on memo fallout; Report that Larry Nassar sexually abused dozens while being investigated; The Super Bowl hangover, now with a political headache; California Democrats make a sharp left turn


Memo Madness Consumes Washington; GOP Gaining Steam For Midterms; What Did US Olympics Know About Nassar & When Did They Know It?; Trump Wants Gitmo Open For Business

Nunes Memo has POTUS at odds with the FBI; SE explains why Democrats should be scared of a Republican rebound in 2018; Bombshell report says USOC sat on Nassar allegations for a year; How realistic is Trump's plan to fill up Guantanamo Bay?; DJ who groped Taylor Swift resurfaces


Sean Spicer & Van Jones Grade Trump's State Of The Union; Hillary Clinton's "Apology" Is Too Little Too Late; Troop-Insulting Teacher Gets Major Blowback

State of the State of the Union: Sean Spicer & Van Jones weigh in on Trump's speech; Democrats struggle to unify; SE, Christine Quinn, & Ben Ferguson debate Hillary Clinton's so-called "apology" for a 2008 sexual harassment scandal; Teacher who slammed the troops gets blowback from the White House


Gameplanning Trump's First State Of The Union; Teacher In Hot Water After Slamming The US Military; Rep. Adam Kinzinger Breaks Down The Latest DC Drama

SE talks to Ben Ferguson & Ken Cuccinelli about what to expect, and what Trump needs to say, at the SOTU; Rep. Adam Kinzinger talks about the Nunes memo, Syria, & North Korea; Ben Shapiro weighs in on a teacher who insulted the military in class; Are states trying to win over Amazon with cushy new laws?


Hillary's Struggle To Stay Relevant; GOP Loses With Wynn; Is FitBit Endangering Our Troops?; Pregnant Behind Bars

Hillary Clinton's Grammy appearance highlights her #MeToo hypocrisy; The Steve Wynn accusations prove it's time for consistency from both parties regarding sexual misconduct; Is FitBit endangering our troops?; Supreme Court to decide on Election Day dress code law; Shocking conditions incarcerated pregnant women must endure


"Amnesty Don" Is Back; Larry Nassar Fallout: MSU President Resigns, And Did The Judge Cross The Line?; If Not Oprah...Then John Kerry?

President Trump suggests a path to citizenship for Dreamers; SE speaks to a former Michigan State gymnast about the university president's resignation in the wake of the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal; Plus, the panel debates Judge Aquilina's fiery rhetoric from the bench; If Oprah doesn't run in 2020, is John Kerry the Dems' best hope?


Larry Nassar Sentenced To 175 Years In Prison; Drilling Down On Why Evangelicals Defend Trump; Immigration Stalemate

SE speaks to Nassar survivor Lindsey Lemke, plus Christine Brennan weighs in on the case's repercussions in the sports world; An Evangelical voter helps explain why the religious right gives POTUS a pass; Trump, Schumer, and the immigration impasse


Does US Olympics Have A Sex Abuse Problem?; Shutdown Blues For The Democrats; "Fake News," Real Threats; The President and The Porn Star... and Evangelicals

SE Interviews two of the brave women who faced down their abuser Larry Nassar in the US Gymnastics sex abuse case; Dem infighting following the party's shutdown blunder; Politicizing the CNN death threat; SE explains why Evangelicals are sticking with Trump in the wake of his porn star sex scandal


In Shutdown Showdown, Dems Cave; Where Was President Trump During All This?; Scarjo's #MeToo Double Standard; Liberals' Illiberal Media Stance

SE interviews Republican Rep. Ralph Norman & Democratic Rep. Darren Soto about the shutdown deal; Trump stays out of the fray during the shutdown standoff; Scarlett Johansson calls out James Franco, but is she a #MeToo hypocrite?; Liberals complain about the media's coverage of Trump supporters


Trump's Credibility On The Line With Shutdown Looming; SE Interviews Freedom Caucus Member Rep. Scott Perry; Does White House's New Syria Policy Abandon America First Platform?; POTUS & The Porn Star

Analyzing President Trump's mixed messages when it comes to DACA and the looming shutdown; SE interviews Freedom Caucus member Rep. Scott Perry about the CR negotiations; US preps for a protracted presence in Syria; Trump's Stormy Daniels scandal; One group's quest to split California into two states


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