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The Ski-U-Pahdcast is energetically recorded and (sometimes) carefully edited by the writers of The Daily Gopher on SB Nation. SUP is where we talk everything Minnesota Gophers plus bourbon, beer, & other important topics.

The Ski-U-Pahdcast is energetically recorded and (sometimes) carefully edited by the writers of The Daily Gopher on SB Nation. SUP is where we talk everything Minnesota Gophers plus bourbon, beer, & other important topics.
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The Ski-U-Pahdcast is energetically recorded and (sometimes) carefully edited by the writers of The Daily Gopher on SB Nation. SUP is where we talk everything Minnesota Gophers plus bourbon, beer, & other important topics.




Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.14 - Merry Recruitmas & a Happy Early Signing Period to y'all!

Merry Recruitmas! GoAUpher, UStreet, and gopherguy05 break down Minnesota's best recruiting class ever, discuss sartorial bowling options, laugh at whiny helmet schools like Ohio State, share what recruiting tropes they hate, and explain why Pitch Perfect is a better movie than Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

Duration: 00:38:59

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.13 - Basketball & hockey BAD; recruiting GOOD!

WE'RE BACK! GoAUpher, gopherguy05, UStreet, and zipsofakron try to balance out the suck that has been Gophers basketball and hockey over the last two weeks with the excitement surrounding the impending 2018 recruiting class. Toss in a little arguing over what qualifies as good southern style fast food and our thoughts on Star Wars and we think you've got a nice little Pahd to enjoy!

Duration: 01:15:36

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.12 - Minnesota shootyhoops takes over the Pahd

Due to a case of user error on that part of one of our staff (cough zipsofakron cough, this podcast almost entirely ignores football for the joy that is Minnesota Basketball. GoAUpher, zipsofakron, and UStreet break down the Gophers chances versus Miami, Rachel stops by to preview the NCAA Volleyball tournament, and we talk about the amazing hair game that Victor Viramontes is bringing to the Twin Cities.

Duration: 00:27:49

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.09 - (Over)reacting to Northwestern

WELL THAT WAS FUN. GoAUpher and UStreet ponder what the loss to Northwestern means while also talking about how to maintain your sanity and breaking down some bad TAKES. Plus, "Quiz GoAUpher about game stats" returns and we talk about the new TDG Etsy store!

Duration: 00:29:29

Minnesota Nice - 1.03 - Northwestern Week with Off Tackle Empire

GoAUpher is joined by MNWildcat of Off Tackle Empire to talk all things Northwestern. They also dip into mocking Michigan and Nebraska while also covering high end Minnesota based beer and spirits. In others, the normal TDG Pahd topics.

Duration: 00:34:42

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.08 - Running all over Nebraska is good for the soul

GoAUpher and UStreet celebrate with some good music, talk about why the Gophers were able to run all over Nebraska, share their Nektons of the Week, and tip their caps to all the good people behind the Broken Chair Trophy charity efforts!

Duration: 00:32:37

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.11 - We're all about the Chair on Nebraska week

With Michigan (mostly) in the rearview mirror the trifecta of GoAUpher, gopherguy05, and UStreet come together to talk Nebraska, have some laughs, and wonder why April Dickerson won't pick up the courtesy telephone at San Francisco International Airport. Full list of topics this week: - If Chris is truly a water demon, what should you be drinking to combat this? - Recapping the Michigan game in just one word - The Broken Chair is the best and we love it - Previewing Nebraska - BASKETBALL...

Duration: 00:47:40

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.07 - Our Michigan hangover cure

UStreet and GoAUpher know that the best way to get over a Michigan hangover is to crack open a fresh edition of Great Takes Less Filling. This week we discuss: - The absurd amount of ego stroking Michigan fans require from their Athletics Department - Nektons of the Week - Other thoughts on the thing that happened in Ann Arbor - The hierarchy of bad opposing fans

Duration: 00:51:03

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.10 - Michigan Week, aka the Jake Butt joke edition

GoAUpher, IowaGopher, and UStreet are here with a Pahd full of Michigan thoughts, basketball season previews, and butt jokes (Jake Butt jokes).

Duration: 01:05:26

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.09 - HATE WEEK brings out the best in all of us

Welcome back to the Ski-U-Pahdcast! It’s HATE WEEK and UStreet, IowaGopher, and gopherguy05 are all here with Iowa hate and other quality topics including: - Our new bit where IowaGopher must relive the failures of the Cleveland Indians - HAWKEY TAWK - Illinois, the continued celebration - What should we expect from Iowa (besides terrible fans and a horrible smell)? - Question Time™ - including important topics since as playing for real pigs, favorite Iowa stories, and who has the best...

Duration: 00:51:36

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.05 - GOPHERS WIN, PLAY OUR HAPPY MUSIC!

GoAUpher and UStreet are dancing to some good music. Why? Because Minnesota got their first Big Ten win over Illinois, that's why! Here’s what you’ll get when you crack open our postgame thoughts: - Happy thoughts to happy music - Nektons of the week - Let’s talk about the quarterback play...issues - Coaching, execution, and NUCLEAR SUNSHINE THOUGHTS from UStreet - Does Lovie Smith understand how to use timeouts? - Our favorite Goldy Gopher Halloween costumes

Duration: 00:34:36

Minnesota Nice - 1.02 - Breaking down Illinois with The Champaign Room

Minnesota Nice - 1.02 - Breaking down Illinois with The Champaign Room by The Daily Gopher

Duration: 00:22:17

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.08 - Illinois is BAD, fave movie drinking games, plus hockey/volleyball thoughts

GoAUpher, gopherguy05, IowaGopher, UStreet, and rachelvan4 team up again for Illinois week! After a not at all creepy opening you can enjoy the following #content: - Major League is the only good Major League movie - ILLINOIS IS TERRIBLE - What we'll drink if we lose to Illinois - What we want to see on Saturday - Lovie Smith is going to fail and Rutgers will be better than Illinois in 3 years - Midseason grades for the Gophers - HAWKEY TAWK - Volleyball breakdown - Question Time™

Duration: 00:49:52

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.04 - Final MSU reactions, #NARRATIVES, & trouble with the zipper merge

GoAUpher and UStreet break down the loss to MSU, drop some really :FIRE: takes about some silly responses they saw online after the loss, and discuss whether GoAUpher is bad luck when it comes to weather at games this fall. Also, too many of you don't know how to zipper merge or drop off people at airports at you need to work on that.

Duration: 00:43:23

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.07 - MSU week, the US's World Cup failure is very Gophers, don't be Todd

GoAUpher, gopherguy05, and UStreet digress into Cawlidge Hawkey talk, tackle the mess that was Purdue, look ahead to Michigan State, discuss the importance of not being Todd, and discuss whether the Gophers ever did anything more embarrassing than the US Men's National Team's failure to qualify for the World Cup.

Duration: 00:52:09

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.03 - Lamenting the Purdue loss & the fallacy of "if Claeys was here..."

GoAUpher and UStreet break down everything Purdue, including why assuming the last coaching staff would be an improvement right now is wrong and why Purdue is actually a pretty nice place to visit.

Duration: 00:45:33

Ski-U-Pahdcast - 1.06 - Purdue week, Nyquil, and bad movie talk

GoAUpher, UStreet, gopherguy05, and IowaGopher bring the Purdue week podcast to life through the power of Nyquil, bleach, and whiskey. Here’s the goodness you have to look forward to this week: - UStreet doesn’t know how to read the drug interaction section of a cold medicine label - Our somber quick takes from the Maryland game - What impact will ALL OF THE EARLY INJURIES have on Minnesota against Purdue & moving forward? - Suspensions are a thing that we had to address too - NUCLEAR HOT...

Duration: 01:10:00

Great Takes Less Filling - 1.02 - That Maryland loss...SO FRUSTRATING

GoAUpher and UStreet crack open a tallboy of TAKES following Minnesota's 31-24 loss to Maryland. Here’s what’s in today’s postgame cooler: - Quick thoughts about what we witnessed today - Nekton of the game - Breaking down the defensive miscues - What’s holding again? - We are not good at running the ball - Breaking down Good Rhoda/Bad Rhoda - Are we still a bowl team? - Our new bit: ELITE OR NOT ELITE?

Duration: 00:32:06

Ski-U-Pahdcast - Episode 1.05

GoAUpher, UStreet, and IowaGopher break down the state of B1G Football after 4 weeks, preview the Maryland Terrapins, and explain why this Gophers defense won't haunt our dreams like the collapse prone units of old. UStreet then treats us to a NUCLEAR FIRE HOT TAKE about the NCAA Basketball scandal before we close out with stories about bad locker rooms Jim Harbaugh would hate and the QUESTION TIME BIT THAT STILL NEEDS A NAME.

Duration: 00:58:13

Ski-U-Pahdcast - Episode 1.04

GoAUpher, UStreet, and gopherguy05 break down Minnesota's win over Middle Tennessee State and look ahead to the bye week. Rachel, TDG's volleyball writer also stops by to check in on the Gophers as they head into the Big Ten season. We also discuss the vexing question of whether you have to have a giant beard to brew good beer.

Duration: 00:56:09

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