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National Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Puppy Up

Luke Robinson, the founder of Puppy Up, joins Steve Dale this morning to talk about his amazing organization that supports funding for cancer studies in dogs and people. It’s also National Puppy Mill Awareness Day! Hooray! Steve tells listeners how they can participate in the National Puppy Mill Awareness March on Michigan Avenue that is happening later on today!

Duration: 00:19:52

How to Keep Your Pet’s Life Safe In A Natural Disaster

This morning on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Steve spoke to veterinarian Dr. Patrick Flynn in Florida. The doctor is in Clearwater, FL which isn’t far from Tampa. Steve speaks to him about why he stayed and what the weather is looking like. Then, Dr. Bill Folger joins us from Houston. He gives us an update about the city overall, specifically the pets. Also, pet disaster preparedness! Steve shares some tips on how to prepare your pets for an emergency evacuation. […]

Duration: 00:15:04

Steve Dale’s Pet World: Types Of Service Dogs, Reducing Your Cat’s Anxiety & Stress, and Pet Rescues in Hurricane Harvey’s Wake

This morning on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Dr. Aubrey Fine joins the show to talk about all of the different types of services dogs there are and the good work they are doing. After that, Dr. Mike Lappin stops by to speak about the research that is being done for our felines when it comes to stress. Steve also discusses animal rescues during Hurricane Harvey.

Duration: 00:12:55

Celebrating Santo

Steve Dale sits down with Vicki Santo of the Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation to talk about the annual “Celebrating Santo” fundraiser. Vicki also speaks about training these life-saving dogs, and how you can help.

Duration: 00:19:48

Exciting News from the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge!

Cole & Marmalade‘s Chris Poole and Jenny Tiner of The Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge shares some exciting news this morning on Steve Dale’s Pet World. Steve also speaks with Dometi Pongo about what to do with your pets during Monday’s eclipse.

Duration: 00:20:11

The K-9 Frisbee World Championship is coming to Naperville!

Chuck Middleton, Champion Frisbee Disk Player, joins Steve Dale this morning to talk about the K-9 Frisbee World Championship. Steve also shares updates about the dog flu, The Windy Kitty Cat Cafe and Lounge and more!

Duration: 00:21:10

You Can NOW Wash Your Dog at Montrose Dog Beach!

Paul Fehrenbacher aka Mutt Jackson himself joins Steve Dale this morning to talk about the new self-service dog wash stations at Montrose Dog Beach. The two also discuss what else is on the horizon for the company!

Duration: 00:17:21

Can Dogs Really Detect Cancer In Humans?

Vallie Szymanski of Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization joins Steve Dale this monring to talk about how dogs – that’s right – dogs are actuallty identifying cancers!

Duration: 00:18:49

The Importance Of Preventative Care For Our Pets And Double-Defense

This week on Steve Dale’s Pet World: Dr. Janet Donlin, Executive Vice President/CEO of American Veterinary Medical Association joins the show to talk about the importance of preventative care for our pets. Listen in as she explains why going to your veterinarian regularly can make all the difference in your pet’s health. Then, veterinary parasitologist Dr. Byron Blagburn, Distinguished University Professor at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, tells us about a new protocol,...

Duration: 00:15:23

A Purffect Addition: Chicago’s First Cat Café Is Coming To The Windy City!

The Windy City Cat Cafe and Lounge is finally happening…but they need your help! This morning on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Steve speaks to Jennifer Tiner, who has launched a campaign to open Windy City Cat Café and Lounge. To donate to the cafe, you click here: INDIEGOGO Windy City Cat Café and Lounge Campaign.

Duration: 00:19:53

Could Illinois be the first to ban performing elephants?

Marc Ayers, Illinois State Director for the Humane Society of the United States, joins Steve Dale to explain how Illinois could become the first state to ban performing elephants but Governor Rauner has yet to sign the bill. Also, there are some new rules regarding rescuing dogs from hot cars.

Duration: 00:21:31

All things cats with Dr. Drew Weigner

Dr. Drew Weigner, feline veterinarian, and a board member of the Winn Feline Foundation, reveals some exciting news from the recent Winn Feline symposium in Chicago and answers your cat questions on Steve Dale’s Pet World.

Duration: 00:14:09

The Good Stuff Pet Truck Tour Rolls Into Chicago

The Good Stuff Pet Truck Tour is rolling into Chicago with FREE samples. Listen in to find out how you can check that out and get positive reinforcement dog training with Vita Bone Trainers and Steve Dale!

Duration: 00:16:49

What’s going on at Tree House Humane Society?

This morning on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Steve speaks to Leona Less, a former employee of Tree House Humane Society. Leona joins the show to discuss what’s gone wrong at Tree House, sadly.

Duration: 00:18:51

Ending FIP

On this week’s Steve Dale’s Pet World, Susan Gingrich, founder of the Winn Feline Foundation Bria Fund joins the show to discuss Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and the upcoming Winn Feline Foundation Annual Symposium at The Fairmont Chicago on June 29 (200 N. Columbus Dr.).

Duration: 00:16:29

Dr. Anne Beall on the Power of the Human Animal Bond

Author and social psychologist Dr. Anne E. Beall joins Steve Dale this morning to talk about her book “Heartfelt Connections“, which explores the relationships that occur between humans and animals. During the show, Beall describes the many people whose lives have been changed tremendously by animals and more.

Duration: 00:17:59

Companions for heroes: Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets Chicagoland Chapter Director Roger Rosenquist joins Steve this morning to talk about how service dogs make a real difference.

Duration: 00:17:14

Punching Out Parvo

Emily Klehm, CEO of the South Suburban Humane Society joins Steve Dale in the studio this morning to talk about the importance of pet adoption in the south suburbs and the society’s upcoming events…which includes free Parvo Vaccine clinics throughout the summer to dogs and a 5K!

Duration: 00:19:07

Bark in the Park 2017 & Anti-Cruelty Punishment To Fit The Crime

Steve Dale with David Dinger from the Anti-Cruelty Society. Talking about their annual event & How can we get the punishment to fit the crime when it comes to animal cruelty. Be a part of the 23rd Annual Bark in the Park 5K and Fundraiser. ​Date: Sunday, May, 21, 2017 Location: Soldier Field Stadium Green, Chicago, IL 5K Kickoff Time: 10 a.m. Beer tent opens: 11 a.m. Scavenger hunt begins: 11:45 a.m....

Duration: 00:17:12

Pet Care in the New Century with Dr. Aaron Jackson

Dr. Aaron Jackson, Medical Director of MedVet Chicago joined Steve in the studio to talk about amazing gains in veterinary medicine. Listen here!

Duration: 00:18:53

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