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Ep 9: Monday Night RAW #199 - The Atomic Dropcast

It's Monday Night RAW from BERLIN, Germany! We're drinking again and we talk about this show! Highlight of the night; first ever European Champion is crowned!


Ep 8: Monday Night RAW #198 - The Atomic Dropcast

It's the ECW INVASION! Need I say more!?


Ep 7: Monday Night RAW 197 - The Atomic Dropcast

It's EPISODE 7 of The Atomic Dropcast and Brian and Mikey cover Monday Night RAW #197 ... and get this shit - it's 1997! Triple 7's Jackpot, BAY BAY!! Also, we recorded this in two parts and each of us - got pretty drunk during our respective halves ... except Brian, he kind of got drunk in both. ENJOY!


Ep 6: In Your House: FINAL FOUR 1997 - The Atomic Dropcast

It's the FINAL FOUR and it is IN YOUR HOUSE!! With 100 percent LESS Ahmed Johnson!! Someone renewed his Prozac prescription, apparently. Chyna DEBUTS! Honky goes missing! What? You read that right! We have a new CHAMP! Which ... ? You gotta go watch and or listen to find out! Not to mention ... the RETURN of LAFURNACE AND ... AND ... yo, AND ... LIEF MF'N CASSIDY in the HOUSE ... well, technically in your house. Check it out! We had a great time watching and recanting the awesomeness and...


Ep 5: Thursday RAW Thursday 1997 - The Atomic Dropcast

This week it's THURSDAY RAW THURSDAY LIVE! We've got LOST SMILES and A VACANT TITLE! PLUS The Blue blood defends the Intercontinental Title against the Swedish PRINCE IKEA! Will his cheaply made shoulder block be enough to put Hunter's nose in the dirt! Honky Tonk Man is HERE! ... so there's that. The Headbangers DEBUT against the Yellowed Jockstrap wearing Aldo Montoya & "Vroom Vroom" Bobby Holly! The DEAD MAN takes on The Puerto Rican DUSTY RHODES! Austin VS. Syntax Sid! Farooq & Crush...


Ep. 4: Royal Rumble RAW #196 - The Atomic Dropcast

It's ROYAL RUMBLE RAW ... and other then seeing some clips from a PPV ... you could have already watched ... this is JUST a LONG RAW. The First two hour RAW! We have Vader and Steve Austin. Savio Vega rolling with the NATION taking on Flash Funk and his BOOTS! No bait and switch! WWF World Tag Team Titles are ON THE LINE; Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon challenge Owen Hart & The British Bulldog ... who just can't seem to keep it together! Crush continues to challenge are understanding on human...


Ep. 3: Monday Night Raw 195 - The Atomic Dropcast

The FINAL FOUR is heating up but MORE IMPORTANTLY ... RAW IS AHMED! With a surprising lack of red satin wedgies ... this card is ALL AHMED ALL THE TIME! That is, of-course, when it isn't eating up the bulk of it's run time with the Royal Rumble/Stone Cold fall out. Bulldog facing off against one half of LaFURNACE - while Owen is killing the late nineties tracksuit game! Clarence Mason Esquire is STILL the hardest working man in the WWF and for some REASON - the MAIN EVENT is The Godwinns...


Ep. 2: Monday Night Raw 194 - The Atomic Dropcast

Christmas came early! NOT that early ... but early enough! Episode 2 is on deck! Raw's got numbers! Who knew? We got COMMERCIALS, we got ROYAL RUMBLE FALLOUT and we've got Doug Furnas & Philip LaFon taking on Owen Hart & The British Bulldog, Faarooq's MISSING Helmet verses' Bart Gunn's boots ... AND The DEADMAN against the Rattlesnake! But don't get it twisted - this show is ALL ABOUT the Final Four(?) ... Don't worry Gorilla Monsoon will sort it all out. It's a RAWkus forty some odd...


Ep. 1: Royal Rumble 1997 - The Atomic Dropcast

What better place to get this start than Royal Rumble 1997! Hunter Hurst Helmsley one on one with Goldust! The Man They Call Vader against The Man That They Call Something Else; The Undertaker! The Royal Rumble itself! And Physco Sid defending the World Championship against Shawn Michaels in his own back yard! And the most important of them all ... AHMED JOHNSON! Everyone is truly tuning in to see the Pearl River Powerhouse. Listen as Brian and Mikey discuss this event in detail from a...


Ep 0: Coming Soon

Check out a quick clip of our first episode! Weekly drops coming soon! Those drops are of course of the Atomic variety.