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The Impact of AI on Sales and Marketing with Justin Williams

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a hot topic in sales and marketing today, but few in the field have the experience or exposure to provide a great deal of clarity. We went outside of sales and marketing to speak with Justin Williams, founder of Tinman Kinetics, who is competing for the IBM Watson A.I. Xprize, to get a fresh perspective. From the history of AI to the current state to discussions around what B2B sales will look like in the future, the discussion starts to paint a slightly...

Duration: 00:27:35

Eric Berggren on Customer Value: Why Organizations Fail to Get It Right

Every successful business needs to sell something at a price where they can make enough money. If they can’t, they’re going to go out of business. If that’s the fundamental challenge, we’ve got to understand how customers decide to buy. Everybody talks about value, but nobody really tells you how to do it. That’s what we’re addressing in this episode with Eric Berggren, Professor of Marketing from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern and Managing Director of Axios Partners. In...

Duration: 00:37:39

3 Things Sales Executives Need To Hear, But Are Ignoring with David Shatz

Sales executives face challenging jobs with ever increasing numbers, so it is no wonder it is easy to lose sight of the things which can truly increase revenue performance. David Shatz shares a powerful story from his 20+ year career and breaks down the three things he feels sales executives need to be hearing but for some reason are ignoring. David Shatz on LinkedIn: Chad Sanderson on LinkedIn:...

Duration: 00:14:36

3 Tips for Creating a Sales Culture that Sells with Kevin Dorsey

Businesses are complicated entities with a lot of moving parts, any of which are indispensable to making sure that things run smoothly and that the revenue continues to flow inward. But, there is one department that is impossible to ignore when trying to sell a product: Sales. A bit obvious perhaps, but as many can attest, developing an effective sales team can be like fumbling in the dark for a light switch that you’re only 90% sure is actually on the wall nearby. And a lot of that...

Duration: 00:35:40

5 Key Elements to Build a Next Generation Sales Team

Sales has become an increasingly dynamic profession - from AI, to the evolving use of social media, to ever more complex decision making from buyers. As a result, team structures that used to work, will not work in the future. Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, sits down with Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner, Value Prime Solutions, to discuss the five key elements sales executives need to consider as they design their next generation sales team and sales...

Duration: 00:27:33

Tim Matthews on The Challenges of Demand Generation and Goal Setting

In this episode we were able to sit down with Tim Matthews, VP of Marketing for Imperva and syndicated blogger and author of The Professional Marketer, to unravel the mystery of how to effectively align sales and marketing and challenges related to demand generation planning and goal setting.

Duration: 00:31:51

Mostafa El-Bermawy on The 4 Pillars of Effective SEO

Mostafa El-Bermawy is VP of Marketing at Workzone, but “SEO” probably belongs somewhere in his title, too. Mostafa has been doing SEO for about eight years. He’s made a lot of mistakes, but those mistakes helped him eventually settle on a formula that work very well for creating sustainable SEO. Listen in to hear Mostafa share some of his SEO formula, as well as his thoughts on marketing automation today. Find a breakdown of this episode here.

Duration: 00:36:05

Daniel Miller on How to Make Your Email Marketing More Effective Immediately

Email is always a hot topic, and we all know that outreach is a critical component of effective prospecting. But just because we realize the importance of email, it doesn’t mean we’re anywhere close to using it as effectively as we can. In this episode, Chad interviews Daniel Miller, Director of Marketing for Benchmark Email, who lives and breathes the world of email marketing. He shares his best tips for what to change today in your email strategy, including segmenting your subscribers,...

Duration: 00:26:20

Audelia Boker on Sales Is Rapidly Becoming More Digital (Here’s How to Stay Ahead of the Trend)

Lots of companies are trying to map customer journeys across channels, but that may be unnecessary. The customer journey is becoming more and more digital. A few statistics illustrate the point. In the UK, eCommerce sales account for just 14% of total retail sales. In the U.S., it’s only 8%. Looking at these, you wouldn’t expect that digital is taking over, but then the narrative shifts when you look at preferences. It turns out that 40% of U.S. males between the ages of 18-34 say that...

Duration: 00:36:25

12: Interview: The Importance of Having a Well-Trained Sales Team w/ Alex Rosemblat

Imagine a wall. If you have an untrained sales team, and you say, “Go, go, go,” they will inevitably keep running into the wall and bouncing off. After running into the wall enough times, you have to step back and ask how to get over it. There might be a lot of ways: you might be able to bring a ladder, make a human ladder, fly over, or use a pogo stick. It’s an analogy, but for Datadog’s VP of Marketing, Alex Rosemblat, this is what training is: teaching people how to get over the walls...

Duration: 00:38:34

11: 3 Key Components of Customer Service in Sales w/ Cindy Kennedy

“The most important and most valuable service you can provide is an excellent experience.” - Cindy Kennedy, District Manager for Corus360 Customer service is a critical component to driving revenue and account expansion. In this episode, Cindy Kennedy tells us why listening, trust, and responsiveness are inseparable from sales success. Find a breakdown of this episode here.

Duration: 00:25:13

10: Why Sales Reps Shouldn’t Select Their Own Accounts w/ Mark Kosoglow

“The more complex you make the sale, the less success you’re going to have. As Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at, puts it, “humans suck at making decisions.” Therefore, the way you sell has to be focused and value-driven. In this episode, Mark shares some of Outreach’s greatest successes and obstacles, as well as why revenue executives shouldn’t allow their reps to select the accounts they prospect into. Find a breakdown of this episode here.

Duration: 00:38:01

9: The Challenges of Marketing and Selling to the Public Sector w/ Juliana Slye

In Juliana Slye’s long career throughout the private and public sectors, two things have stuck with her more than anything: “It’s not about me, or where I believe the market is headed. It’s really all about the customer.” At the end of the day, if the customer doesn’t want it, it’s not going to happen.“You can’t go against your DNA.” Whether personal or professional, you have to take that DNA and make that work for you. Today, she is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Government Business...

Duration: 00:47:02

8: Why Revenue Should Be Used as a Trailing (Although Critical) Indicator of Business Health w/ Brian Turner

“Revenue should not be your leading indicator.” Come again? That’s the claim made by Brian Turner, General Manager with Slalom. Brian says that while revenue is absolutely a critical indicator of the health of your business, you run into problems when you make it the leading indicator. You solution your rate and structure around a dollar, and you can backend the most important part of the solution—the value you bring to the client. Find a breakdown of this episode here.

Duration: 00:37:04

7: What “Digital Transformation” Really Means Today w/ Mark Shank

Digital transformation isn’t Mark Shank’s favorite term. Yet, he recognizes that it’s widely used, and so he uses the term to speak the language of his clients. He takes the often narrow definition of digital transformation—implementing a new system—and teaches people to work outward from that understanding to identify how everyone involved in transformation is affected. Listen in to hear Mark share tips for staying ahead of the curve in transformation based on his work with KPMG. Find...

Duration: 00:39:38

6: Generating Revenue in a Digital Agency w/ Mike Moore

We’ve seen a lot of consolidation of digital agencies over the years, with many getting bought up by “the Big Four.” Today, independent agencies struggle (at times) creating and maintaining a sustainable pipeline. So it’s worth asking: How do those that survive work to make their revenue more predictable? In this episode Mike Moore, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer at WillowTree, covers the “real” social selling, some of his agency’s greatest hits, and why WillowTree isn’t aiming for...

Duration: 00:39:38

5: The Minnesota Vikings Fan Experience (and Where It’s Headed) w/ Tod Caflisch

Tod Caflisch has been in pro sports IT for almost 30 years, so he’s seen the incredible transformation in the fan experience at sports venues. In college, he used to go to Celtics games, where the crowd was all men smoking cigars and cigarettes. Halftime would come, they’d play the organ, then the basketball game would finish. That was the fan experience of the day. We’re light years from there today, with mobile integration and high-tech access control everywhere. The presentation of...

Duration: 00:36:21

4: “My Client Is the Devil:” How to Stop Complaining and Get a Better Perspective w/ Mark McKinney & Steve Fedorko

There’s never a shortage of people complaining about their clients. You can get stuck in that kind of thinking, but there is another way of looking at things. It all comes down to the way you think about yourself and your client. After all, you can’t do a great job taking care of clients until you’ve taken care of yourself. Today’s guests are Mark McKinney, VP of Client Development at Bottle Rocket Studios and Steve Fedorko, both authors of the book My Client Is the Devil (And Other...

Duration: 00:41:26

3: Why Founders Often Make Terrible CEOs w/ Les Trachtman

Quite commonly, founders make terrible CEOs. They often have a difficult time segregating their personal relationships with their founding teams from the objective reality of the situation. That’s not an attack on founders: it’s hard time starting a company from scratch, and you often have to have a band of loyal followers in the beginning. The problem is that a company, once it scales, usually needs much different talent. In this episode Les Trachtman, CEO of Purview, shares from his...

Duration: 00:27:50

2: Sales Methodologies: What to Use and How to Get Internal Adoption w/ Robbie Traube

As any revenue executive knows, you can’t just walk in and lay down a new methodology for an organization. It takes buy-in in order to get the types of results we know are possible. So when you come across a home-run sales methodology, how do you get internal adoption? The ironic answer is that you have to sell it. No matter your role, you’re either selling internally, or you’re selling externally. In this episode Robbie Traube, Vice President, Strategic Accounts at Adobe, shares the...

Duration: 00:27:33

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