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The B2B Revenue Executive Experience: B2B Sales | Marketing | Training-logo

The B2B Revenue Executive Experience: B2B Sales | Marketing | Training

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Barb Giamanco on Improving the Sales Experience

Everyone is familiar with the phrase “customer experience.” But what about the experiences a customer has with a sale before signing on the dotted line? We spoke with Barb Giamanco, author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media and one of the most recognized thought leaders in sales about what makes a good sales experience and how salespeople need to invest in themselves to find success.

Duration: 00:36:15

Todd Handy on Outsourcing Your Sales Efforts

At some point, every company has to consider what type of a sales team they will use. Outsourcing sales can benefit companies by not only improving ROI, but by providing a core competency in something that a business might not have. We recently sat down with Todd Handy, Vice President and Managing Director of Digital Media and AdTech at MarketStar, to discuss why companies consider outsourcing.

Duration: 00:41:12

Brian Burns on 5 Things That Make a Demo Great

Demos play a critical role in every sales process. Oftentimes, just being prepared to give a demo isn’t enough. Sales professionals need to be mindful of other factors besides knowing their products to have their demo be a success. Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, sat down with Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner, Value Prime Solutions, to discuss five things that make a demo great.

Duration: 00:28:52

David Bauders on Negotiation Training for Sellers in the Cognitive Era

Sales training has long been viewed as a necessary evil, lacking a major component to success: negotiation training. We recently interviewed David Bauders, CEO of Strategic Pricing Associates, a company that leverages analytics and training to master profit opportunity. Here’s what we learned from Bauders.

Duration: 00:30:02

Jay Mays on How to "Own" a Room and Increase Your Presentation Skills

Most of us fear public speaking. That’s a problem in client-facing professions like sales, where presentation skills can make or break relationships. So why don’t more of us actively try to break out of our shells and practice what we pitch? Jay Mays, Co-Founder of Pitch Lab, thinks that a solution is rooted in stand-up comedy. We sat down with Mays to learn how his experience in stand-up comedy helped him become a better sales professional and inspire others to do the same.

Duration: 00:20:30

Lavon Koerner on How Psychometric Science Prompts Prescriptive Sales Training

The industry of sales training has been revolutionized by the idea of prescriptive training. This industry has experienced many new developments in recent years.Oftentimes, companies are focused on sales training in order to increase their revenue. This approach has largely been the standard of the business industry for years, but recent studies are suggesting that this one-size-fits-all training approach is ineffective in regards to revenue growth. In order to understand more about this...

Duration: 00:38:14

Arun Lal on How Salespeople Can Utilize AI for Content Creation

There are new tools out there to help sales reps cut down the amount of time it takes to find the right content, organize it, and put it into a pitch that is going to be compelling and move a sales cycle forward. Today’s guest is Arun Lal, cofounder and CEO at Contiq, a new startup in the bay area that’s bringing a product to market that should drastically reduce the time it takes sales reps to create content. Find a breakdown of this episode here.

Duration: 00:34:09

Scott Santucci on How Sales Enablement Can Turn Your Sales Org Upside Down

Throw away your 57-step sales guidebook and keep it simple, stupid. In the most recent episode of the podcast, Chad sits down to talk to Scott Santucci, Director of The Alexander Group and founder of The Sales Enablement Society. Scott sees countless inefficiencies in many sales orgs today, but he has developed a method of simplifying the whole approach through Sales Enablement. This interview explores what the term “Sales Enablement” means, how to keep the sales process simple, how to...

Duration: 01:07:53

Julie Thomas on The Difference Between a Sales Methodology and a Sales Process

There are those out there who don’t understand the difference between a sales process, a true framework, and more tactical types of training. If you’re one of those people, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re talking to Julie Thomas, CEO of ValueSelling Associates, about how sales methodologies fit into your organizations and how you as an individual contributor can leverage them to effectively increase your success. Julie uses an American football analogy to explain. Find a...

Duration: 00:38:35

5 Ways to Make Your Deals Larger with Brian Burns

Sales professionals are interested in making their deals larger, increasing the revenue gains and hitting quota with fewer deals. The challenge - few know how to consistently accomplish this. There are tactics and approaches which have proven effective and continue to be table steaks for sales professionals selling today. Podcast Blog Link: FEEDBACK FORM (Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card):...

Duration: 00:30:26

Joe Apfelbaum on How to Optimize the B2B Digital Marketing Funnel

There’s a lot of talk out there about how to understand value from the buyer’s perspective. New companies are trying to engage with prospective clients in ways that provide them value instead of just showing the value the company thinks it has. Today’s guest is Joe Apfelbaum, CEO at Ajax Union. As Joe says, “The right strategy will save you a decade,” and “energy without strategy is useless.” That’s why you need to understand exactly what the B2B digital marketing funnel is—and how to...

Duration: 00:36:49

How and Why B2B Buyers Buy

The number of people talking about how B2B buyers have changed and are more informed today are legion. The question now becomes how do you understand them, how do you connect with them, and what do you need to know in order to connect with them effectively to drive revenue growth and results. Podcast Blog Link: FEEDBACK FORM (Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card):...

Duration: 00:29:38

Matt Lockhart on Business Transformation: Pitfalls, Benefits, and the Cutting Edge

Change is inevitable. Whether you’re working for a small business, or a company of forty thousand people, at some point you’re going to go through some sort of major organizational change. On this episode of B2B Revenue Executive Experience, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Matt Lockhart, Executive Vice President at Magenic and chat about business transformation. It’s pitfalls, it’s benefits, and why it’s so important for companies to stay on the cutting edge. You can find a...

Duration: 00:37:04

Bryan Kramer on Why the Future of Sales and Marketing Belongs to Humans—Not Robots

Lately, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to people about the future of AI. Today, we want to take a look at the other side of the coin: human to human interactions. At this point, you’ve probably heard the abbreviation “H2H,” made popular by a viral photo involving Bryan Kramer. In this episode, Bryan talks about how the idea came to him, why he wrote his books Human to Human and Shareology, and what happened that one time he interviewed Ted Turner. Find a breakdown of this episode here.

Duration: 00:38:55

5 Things Sales Managers Want From Their Teams

Sales Managers are often faced with ever-increasing challenges, only one of which is making sure the team is delivering the results the company demands. Working to understand their perspective, we are diving in to identify five key things sales reps should be aware of in order to be not only an A-player, but a valued member of the team. Podcast Blog Link: FEEDBACK FORM (Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card):...

Duration: 00:30:45

Jeff Koser on The Power of the Voice of the Customer

When you look at your best prospects and customers, they should be just as distinctive as zebras. That was the idea behind Jeff Koser’s book Selling to Zebras. Jeff noticed that the companies he was working with had the same problem, even though they thought they were unique. So he just wrote a story. It’s gone on to be wildly successful, and Jeff has now written another book called The Voice of the Customer. Listen in to hear why you shouldn’t sell without the secrets in that...

Duration: 00:34:31

What Sales Executives Need To Hear To Improve Results

Peter Philpott is a Managing Partner with Value Prime Solutions and has been a sales executive for over 30 years, running successful teams at Kodak before becoming a sought-after sales enablement consultant. In this interview, we discuss Peter's background and dive into the three things his experience has shown him are critical for sales executives to be aware of in order to improve their results. Have a cup of coffee on us! - Complete this form and we'll send you a $5 Starbucks gift...

Duration: 00:15:25

Gabe Larsen on The 5 Key Components of a Cadence

A lot of people are fascinated by genetic structure. This is true whether that’s literal genetic material like the human genome or more metaphorical like the DNA of a sales process. Breaking things down to their lowest level gives us a better idea of both what we’re working with and how to get the most out of it. Seeing how things function is useful for many industries, and sales is no exception. It’s one thing to initiate a process like a sales cadence. It’s quite another to...

Duration: 00:41:08

Leverage Your Sales Process for Differentiation with Brian Burns

Everyone is looking for ways to differentiate in sales, but often miss the one place that is closest to home, their own sales process. Chad Sanderson and Brian Burns discuss five of the key areas of focus for sales executives and professionals to consider in order to make differentiation possible. Subscribe to the podcast or listen to the episode above as they discuss the 5 key elements sales executives must consider as they build their next generation sales teams. Podcast Blog Link:...

Duration: 00:29:50

Jiri Marousek on How Building a Capable Internal Team Equals More Revenue

You’ve seen plenty of companies focused on pushing sales organizations hard to generate more revenue. There’s often a focus inside companies to get more out of the salespeople they have. This is a viable plan of attack, but it’s not the only one. Over the last five years, we’ve seen an increase in marketing and services agencies, and they aren’t cheap—even if the services they provide are seen as critical. So today, we want to talk about how building that internal capability is not only...

Duration: 00:47:11

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