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Episode 22 - Ranger Raptor rage, hydrogen Hyundais, fancy Ferraris and (alleged) diesel dodginess

This week James, Richard and Crafty discuss the current location of Elon's space Roadster (01:35), the Model 3's build quality (03:20) and a cryptocurrency scam (04:40). Then Crafty reports on the response to Ford's Ranger Raptor (05:40), the possibility of an Everest Raptor (09:10) before attention turns to Hyundai's electric Kona and hydrogen Nexo (10:10), meanwhile a German newspaper is accusing Daimler of fiddling with their diesel emissions (13:30). Frosty Chops, for reasons passing...


Episode 21 - "I don't want my bottom to be part of the experience"

In this episode: - MUSK WATCH: Elon's space car is not going where it should, there's now a tracker so you can follow just how soon to the heat death of the universe your Model 3 delivery will be, and Elon was seemingly the inspiration for Bryce Courtney's The Power of One. - The Ford Ranger Raptor is going to be Australia's most expensive ute. - It's like Menulog, but for Holdens. - Is HSV a shadow of its former self or no? - Richard doesn't like the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door. - The...


Episode 20 - I'm wearing rave pants right now

In this episode: - MUSK WATCH: Elon fires a car playing David Bowie into space, which is both very cool and very stupid. Elon also plans to fit houses in South Australia with solar panels and batteries, which is very cool and the antithesis of very stupid. Why is he like this? - Crafty's in Thailand where Ford has taken the wraps off the Ranger Raptor - Mal went to Holden's Lang Lang proving ground to drive the all-new and now-imported Commodore. We can't talk about it yet, but we're...


Episode 19 - "It's not that I panicked, but..."

In this episode: - MUSK WATCH: Elon's flamethrowers are real and absolutely won't end badly, plus Woz (of Apple fame) says Tesla is made entirely of BS. - Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler funded an institute that tested the effects of diesel engine emissions on monkeys, which is pretty messed up. - F1 is getting rid of grid girls, which is good. - The Bathurst 12 Hour is on this weekend, which, also, is good. Richard and Mitch will be there for OverSteer. Doing what? We don't know. Keep...


Episode 18 - "Sounds a bit tacky to me"

In this episode: - MUSK WATCH: Bob Lutz suggests buying a Tesla "while they're still available", which is code for "before they go bust". - We recap the Dakar Rally. - Matt Campbell went to Melbourne to see some tennis, but instead bumped into senior people from Kia Australia. So he asked them some questions about the future. - Mercedes-Benz is going to stop selling diesel passenger cars in the United States. What does it mean for Australia? - Range Rover is going to reveal a coupe...


Episode 17 - Richard made a video and the internet hates him

In this episode: - MUSK WATCH: The Model S is apparently squirting people with water, a lot of people bought boring hats, James discovers Twitter parody accounts, and the Model 3 production line has lost two key members. - The Detroit motor show is on, so we look at what we like the best from North America's biggest car show. - The Dakar rally is mad, also an Australian is leading it. - We've been inundated with an email, Richard has been inundated with YouTube comments. - The...


Episode 16 - "Knobs are better"

In this episode: - MUSK WATCH: Elon wants to relive the 1950s. - Electric and hybrid vehicles have out-sold the combustion engine for the first time. In Norway. Where the field is tilted quite heavily. But still, that's cool. - Meanwhile, in Australia, SUVs are outselling cars, but the HiLux still rules the roost. - Meanwhile, in the US, Ford sold 800,000 F-Series trucks. That's almost-but-not-quite the entire Australian new-car market. - Back to HiLuxes and Toyota has some new ones...


Episode 15 - Font Guys

In this episode: - Musk Watch this week is that Elon wants to built a pickup truck like the Ford F150. Which is great, but perhaps he should focus on the cars he's supposed to be building already. - Speaking of cars coming in the future, we've got our picks of what's coming in 2018 that we're looking forward to the most. There's the Alpine A110, HSV Camaro, Ranger Raptor and Hyundai i30 N amongst a crowded field. - UK publication Autocar has taken a look inside Porsche's secret...


Episode 14 - "I don't need the crystal knob"

In this episode: - Volvo has pushed back their autonomous car program by four years. We have our Surprised Faces around here somewhere. - Speaking of Volvo, Richard has driven the XC60 and has an usual number of opinions about the gear shifter. - The Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 utes have been recalled for a hot diesel particulate filter. - HSV is bringing the Chevy Silverado and Camaro to Australia. People will obviously put Holden badges on them. - In this week's Musk Watch, a Wall...


Episode 13 - Ferraris of the sky

In this episode: - We did our homework and checked with ANCAP about shelf-lives for safety ratings. - Are AEB systems getting too smart? Richard reports on an investigation by Richard & Pritchard. - There's going to be a flying car race in South Australia next year and the future is awful. - Richard has opinions on cyclists. - Musk Watch this week involves hats. - The VW executive gaoled in the US over 'dieselgate' would like to serve his prison sentence in Germany. - Should there...


Episode 12 - Enabled by 'Yes' people

In this episide: - A senior VW executive has been sent to gaol over the 'dieselgate' emissions scandal. Will he be the first of many? - Lambo is making an SUV with an all-new engine that absolutely hasn't been taken from elsewhere in the VW/Audi empire. But it still looks like a proper Lambo, so that's good. - ANCAP ratings factor greatly into people's car-buying process, but should they have a shelf-life? - Elon Musk is going to fire a car playing David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' into...


Episode 11 - "For the sake of science, I had to take my clothes off"

In this episode: - A couple of UK theives steal a Mercedes-Benz S-Class inside 60 seconds. How? And what can you do to prevent the same thing happening to you? - Toyota has a new Camry. It's not built in Australia, and it's not boring. - Speaking of not boring, we've driven the Ford Focus RS Limited Edition. Spoiler: we like it. - What started as a simple test of a car's climate control ended with Richard taking his clothes off. His partner, Pritchard, for reasons passing...


Episode 10 - Short-pantsed Richard

In this episode: - MG (remember them? No, not Mark Geyer) is bringing a small SUV to Australia. It's a competitive segment and they're a historic British sports car brand that is now owned by the Chinese and has a somewhat chequered past the last few years. Should be fun. - Kia is going to launch a brand new ute in 2021. We reckon it'll sell like hotcakes. - Is Tesla cooked? They launched two new products last week, but are struggling to build the products they already have. But then,...


Episode 09 - Two thumbs up in the Harbour Tunnel

In this episode: - Richard continues to apologise for his negative comments about the Kia Stinger. He's driven both engines on offer from the Korean manufacturer and also served himself up a slice of humble pie. - Does the Honda Civic Type R look like a "crevice-laden rockpool"? And what's it like to drive? We've had it in the garage and now we have some thoughts. - Geely (they own Volvo and Lotus among other things) say they'll have a flying car ready in 2019, and an even better one in...


Episode 07 - Who the hell is Crafty anyway?

In this episode of the CarsGuide podcast: - We discuss the highlights of the Tokyo motor show - both the mainstream (Mazda 'Kai' and 'Vision Coupe' concepts) and the weird - LDV T60 and Haval H2 both scored five NCAP stars. Are Chinese brands getting their act together? - So, Crafty, tell us about CarsGuide Adventure… - SEMA is coming. What the hell is it? James Cleary, Malcolm Flynn, and Marcus Craft strip back, pressure test and rebuild the issues of the automotive week. You can...


Episode 06 - "We should ban all cows"

In this episode of the CarsGuide podcast, Richard Berry, Malcolm Flynn, and J3 discuss the hottest office questions of the week, arguing over: - We discuss the latest Mazda concepts: the Mazda Kai and Vision Coupe. Should we be excited about the production-spec spinoffs, should they ever come? - A 1932 Ford powered by a twin-turbo Ferrari V8. What does Richard Berry, our resident leather jacket wearing, Buddy Holly loving, hot-rod obsessed colleague think of it? Is it ready for the...


Episode 05 - "Two men enter, no men leave"

In this episode: -We discuss Holden ending manufacturing in Australia with the last car rolling off the Elizabeth production line this week. The guys share their Holden memories. -James headed to Motor Classica this week and loved it, Richard doesn’t get it. -Another running of the World Time Attack Challenge proves that young people really do still care about high powered death traps. -Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has told us Dodge will stay in Australia despite the rumours that Dodges...


Episode 04 - "I'm a journalist, not an accountant"

In this episode: - Will we ever see the end of the Takata airbag recalls? Perhaps it would just be easier with we didn't bother with airbags at all. - Would you buy a car from a showroom in a shopping centre? Does this run the risk of you impulse buying one, like a chocolate in the supermarket? - Ferrari is going to build an SUV and Enzo will rise from the dead now, surely. - The Tokyo motor show is going "beyond the motor" but isn't considering a change in either name or, probably,...


Episode 03 - Driving through Bathurst

In this episode: - Toyota has closed their Australian manufacturing plant in Altona. What does that mean for car buyers and the economy at large? Also, did anyone remember that Toyota built cars here? - With the iconic Bathurst 1000 this weekend, we look back at some of our favourite moments from The Mountain. But is the event in trouble? What will happen to The Great Race should the Supercars series go the way of the dodo and A1GP? - If a car doesn't have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto...


Episode 02 - SuperDooperCars

In this episode: - After burning rubber up Pikes Peak (Ari Vatanen did it better) in his Mustang for Climbkhana, are we getting a bit over Ken Block's slickly-produced videos? - Every car ever made has set a "lap record" of the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife. So, with everyone seeming to be able to make up a new record every time they go out, do they matter anymore? - Are the Supercars (Australia's domestic touring car series, for international listeners) heading for oblivion or glory...


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