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The Come Up Show is a multi-media presentation of Hip Hop culture. It’s new, it’s clear-cut, it’s authentic, it’s where feel good music lives.

The Come Up Show is a multi-media presentation of Hip Hop culture. It’s new, it’s clear-cut, it’s authentic, it’s where feel good music lives.
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The Come Up Show is a multi-media presentation of Hip Hop culture. It’s new, it’s clear-cut, it’s authentic, it’s where feel good music lives.




Clairmont The Second: I'm working on everything myself now. I control where this goes.

Clairmont the Second is a rapper representing the west side of Toronto. He’s a multi-faceted artist, with a sound that can’t be compared to any other artist in the game right now. This is Clairmont’s second appearance on The Come Up Show Podcast, and there’s been so much growth since the last time we spoke. In our interview, we talked about his different personas from Clairmont The Second, Lil Mont from the Ave, Saucy Boss. He told us about the time he almost lost his life in a car...

Duration: 01:03:28

Majid Jordan: Look for those moments that inspire you differently and open your eyes

Meet Majid Jordan, the magical musical duo straight from OVO Sound 🗣 🔉 🔉. The two Toronto natives, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman, have made waves with their electronic, R&B music. They met in 2011 when they were students at the University of Toronto, and now five years later their headlining shows and performing at festivals 🔝🚶. We got a chance to speak to Majid Jordan at Manifesto Festival. Listen to them talk about the Canada’s “tight-knit” community 💪, how the Toronto sound...

Duration: 00:16:10

The Internet: Own your creative journey

We could spend hours and hours just trying to grasp the very essence of The Internet’s style, and we wouldn’t even cover the surface. The Internet is a futuristic, funk, R&B band based in L.A. They’re known for their unique style of electronic, funk beats and dreamy lyricism. Not only that, but they’re also appraised for being a band that works together but also respects each member having their own solo career. Their style, energy, and music have widened the stage of R&B to more eclectic...

Duration: 00:23:57

Northern Stars: Exploring the alternative to Toronto's sound

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Toronto sound”? I’m willing to bet Drake or The Weeknd instinctively come to mind. What many don't know is that Toronto's music scene is complex and varies on a spectrum that goes beyond the dark, moody sound that often characterizes the city. Take for instance singer-songwriter and producer a l l i e, her style in music goes beyond the typical dark-moody sound that Toronto is known for. Her sound involves a lot of groove and funk...

Duration: 00:42:29

Jidenna: Toronto is moving humanity

Jidenna is an artist that stands out in almost every way possible. His fashion, music, and all-around persona has made a daring contribution to hip-hop culture, and it’s making waves. Despite his success, Jidenna shares how he wants to dig deeper into his art, and why he believes there’s true strength in vulnerability. The Come Up Show is excited to present our interview with the international popstar. Play the podcast to hear from the legendary “Classic Man.” Each and every Wednesday...

Duration: 00:18:45

Saudin: What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy

This week we present our interview with Toronto producer and singer Saudin. He's having his debut show this Friday, September 1 at the Mod Club and we definitely recommend you check it out. Saudin is most commonly known for his role in the long-running TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Now he's making music with his first EP "Before I Met You" four months ago and just released a brand new EP "A Midsummer's Daydream." We had a very inspiring conversation that explores Saudin’s...

Duration: 00:59:07

Raz Fresco Pt.2 : I almost died a week before my birthday

We present part two of our interview with artist, producer, and entrepreneur Raz Fresco. Part one of our interview we talked to young rapper about what it’s like to perform to overseas, recording in Tory Lanez basement, and much more. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to it, you can find it here. This part of the interview Raz takes us through his music career thus far, how he’s built networks, and so much more. Raz Fresco has released eight projects and he’s set to release his next...

Duration: 00:51:54

Raz Fresco: Energy is the realest thing

My special guest is Raz Fresco, artist, producer, and entrepreneur. Even though he’s only 22 years young, he’s released 8 projects over several years and he's set to release his next project H.U.S.T.L.E. which is an acronym for "How U Survive Through Life Every day. " There was so much history and gems revealed in this interview that we had to split it into TWO parts. In part 1, Raz Fresco talks about what’s it’s like to perform to overseas, the classic stories recording in Tory Lanez...

Duration: 00:59:39

Merna: It’s not about ego anymore….It’s about sharing

My special guest is Palestinian born and Toronto-based singer/songwriter Merna (formerly known as Ayah). I’ve been a fan of her music for a long time, which is why when she released a new record, Sans, I had to have her on the podcast to talk about the project and her journey in music. Merna talked about the decisions she made on how she’s approaching her music, why it’s not about ego anymore-it’s just about sharing. The distinction she has made separating music as a business and music as...

Duration: 01:07:41

a l l i e : Music has been one of the most healing aspects of my life

My guest today is singer/songwriter a l l i e, her debut album Nightshade is out right now and it’s fyaah. We talked about what’s it like to work on a project for 2 years and finally release it to the world. a l l i e tells us about the divine feminine, her lowest point on this journey and so much more. Each and every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a brand new interview with a guest we feel that you should know about. If you love podcasts subscribe at the options below. Subscribe to The Come...

Duration: 01:02:53

Sean Leon: Your come-up is the most romantic part of your career

This week we have Toronto artist Sean Leon as our guest. Aside from rapping he is also a visual artist, dabbling in the arts of film-making and directing. He started out in 2013 with the release of his first mixtape “Ninelevenne, the Tragedy,” which featured production by Jordan Evans who also worked on Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same.” He had a second mixtape release in 2014, and started releasing singles up until 2016 with the release of his album “I Think You’ve Gone Mad Or (The Sins Of...

Duration: 01:06:37

Gabriel Garzon-Montano: I used to wait for the storm to pass, now I'm learning to dance in the rain

This week we have Gabriel Gorzon-Montano as our guest on The Come Up Show Podcast. Gabriel was invited on tour with Lenny Kravitz in 2014 after the release of his EP Bishouné: Alma del Huila. When he was on tour, he got a call that his track “6 8” will be sample on Drake’s mixtape If You’re Reading This, it’s Too Late. Since then his career took off, and he’s been on tour with indie-rock artists like Glass Animals and Mayer Hawthorne. In this interview he talks about the three CD’s he...

Duration: 00:28:28

Son Little: Music saved me over and over again

Our guest today is Aaron Livingston who goes by Son Little, a Grammy Award-winning producer, singer, and songwriter born from Philadelphia, PA. One of my favourite songs, I’ve had on repeat by Son Little is his song “Lay Down” which has played close to 8 million times on Spotify. Son Little has toured the world with artists as diverse as Leon Bridges, Kelis, Mumford & Sons, in addition to his own headlining runs. I caught up with Son Little literally before his set at NXNE. We talked about...

Duration: 00:18:05

Jalen Santoy: I'm so hungry at times, I don't realize the happiness in the moment

This week we present our interview with North Carolina rapper and songwriter Jalen Santoy. Jalen first made waves after the release of his single “Foreplay” in 2016 which has nearly 25 million listens on Spotify. Two years later Jalen released his highly anticipated debut album Charlie Eastern. The album is a tribute to his cousin, Seiyid “Fast Cash” Rahmaan, who died from police brutality in his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. Jalen talked about the meaning behind Charlie Eastern,...

Duration: 00:26:48

Burd and Keyz: Toronto producers are more progressive... We are more likely to push the envelope

Our guest this week is Toronto producer Burd, who is half the duo of Burd and Keyz. Burd has been in the game for a while and he's produced for many big names like A$AP Ferg, Pusha T, French Montana, Wiz Kid, to name a few. His partner in crime Anthony "Durty Keyz" James was Burd’s childhood friend that passed away at the age of 23 due to a rare bacterial infection. We talked about Keyz passing, the production scene right now, and so much more. Each and every Wednesday we’ll be uploading a...

Duration: 01:16:34

Dynesti Williams: We don't take enough time to be truly happy in our lives

This week we have Toronto west end rapper Dynesti Williams as our guest. The fierce entertainer also goes by the name Dyna as she plans to feed her audience with soulful sounds that’ll make you feel good. As a child, her mother was diagnosed with depression and since then her understanding of happiness has been altered. Since then she’s centered her fo­cus on men­tal health sta­bil­ity as the foun­da­tion of her art, in­spir­ing the ti­tle of her 2016 EP release, The Bal­ance, and her...

Duration: 00:48:21

McCallaman: Music is sacred because it has the power to control

This week we present our interview with McCallaman, a young Toronto musician on the rise. He’s most known for producing the song “When I Die” for DMV rapper GoldLink’s highly acclaimed album “The God Complex”. Other artists he has worked with include TiKA, Clairmont The Second, Shi Wisdom, Marz Lovejoy, Mariami, & Sydanie. McCallaman has shared the stage with GoldLink, Khalid, Leela James, Gravez, & River Tiber, to name a few. Sometimes on stage as a DJ, other times singing his original...

Duration: 00:48:33

Khalil: The music industry is not consistent, but my experience made it really easy to adapt to that

Khalil’s story of getting signed to a major label sounds more like a storybook tale. He got discovered after posting covers on Youtube at the age of 13. Not too long after, he was signed to Def Jam and became close friends with the soon-to-be international pop icon, Justin Bieber. Now, Khalil has redefined his music career with a new focus on writing his own material. Khalil talks to us about his upbringing and how the foster care system parallels to the music industry.How old school R&B...

Duration: 00:28:30

Adam Bomb: My thing is legacy over currency

Adam Bomb is ⅓ of the Juno award winning group Naturally Born Strangers, and part of the super group The Freedom Writers. He was listed as one of the Top Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever by CBC Music. Adam has been part of groups for most of his career as an artist and he’s releasing his original solo album titled Live from Larstone produced by Big Sproxx. We went through the night that Adam Bomb won a Juno Award for Best Rap Recording of the year and the bumps in the road he’s had in his...

Duration: 01:17:08

THEY.: It’s not always about being the most talented, it’s about putting in the most work

It’s a Nü Religion, as LA based musical duo THEY. would call it, a movement to embrace your individuality and to stay true to yourself. The duo, Dante Jones and Drew Love, first made waves after the release of their EP “The Nü Religion” which was a hit on Soundcloud and received support from big names like Timbaland. Now they’re on their first headlining tour after touring with Bryson Tiller and PartyNextDoor. THEY. will be making an appearance at the Wayhome Music and Arts Festival on...

Duration: 00:59:10

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