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What Makes An Effective Video Advertising Campaign?

This episode has a bit of a backstory to it which we thought we would share with you. Ciaran was working on the podcast schedule when by chance he was contacted by another Ciaran Rogers on LinkedIn with a very simple message "Hey Ciaran, Great Name!" Out of curiosity he looked up the sender and saw his extensive background in advertising. They got chatting and the three days later recorded this episode over Skype. What started out as a bit of fun developed into a really interesting...

Duration: 00:35:40

Social Selling for B2B Businesses

Ciaran talks to Margharite Maspero, from SoAmpli, about effective social selling for B2B businesses. We explore how to use different social channels with the right marketing materials and Margherita shares some practical tips they use within their own B2B sales and marketing teams to build strong and effective connections with a whole variety businesses. We also explore ways to break down the traditional barriers that often exist between sales and marketing team, so they work in close...

Duration: 00:34:43

Message Me

This week Ciaran talks with Joshua March, the founder and CEO of Conversocial, a leading social customer service solution used by hundreds of the world’s biggest brands to deliver enterprise-scale customer service through social media and mobile messaging platforms. A renowned expert in social media and customer service, Joshua has been featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, and the BBC. We discuss Joshua's soon to be released book called "Message Me. The Future of Customer Service in...

Duration: 00:35:36

Get To Know Your Visitors Better

Ciaran talks to Joe Cotellese an experienced digital marketer and founder of the social media tool Sharey. Ciaran explores Joe’s experience in learning more about customers and uncovers how Joe came to better understand quantitative and qualitative data working in the apparel industry while measuring up customers in their underwear. We also explore what Joe learned about marketing personas as a result of failing a Ninja aptitude test. Joe introduces us to the tool he has developed to...

Duration: 00:29:16

Halloween Special: 5 Tenuously Spooky Digital Marketing Tools

In this episode recorded while Ciaran and Daniel were touring the highlands of Scotland Ciaran has picked out some tenuously spookily named digital marketing tools we think are great. Nothing particularly scary happens in this episode, but Ciaran was keen to do a Halloween themed show, so we thought it best to let him get it out of his system. In this episode recorded while Ciaran and Daniel were touring the highlands of Scotland Ciaran has picked out some tenuously spookily named digital...

Duration: 00:20:20

The GDPR Interview

With the new GDPR legislation coming into force on 25th May 2018, most organisations are facing a genuine change to how they conduct their business and manage their data. GDPR is a significant evolution of the current law and a step change that brings greater accountability, transparency and consumer control. To comply with this new legislation, all organisations need to fully understand the new rights for consumers and citizens. To help, we went looking for an expert on the subject who...

Duration: 00:51:39

CIM Digital Summit Special 2017: Gimmicks Vs Reality

Daniel talks us through the reality behind some of the latest technologies grabbing the headlines in marketing circles and at conferences. It's always worth taking a look at gimmicks vs reality in digital marketing so you can gain a deeper insight into what is happening in between the headline-grabbing stories that are circulating. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are often confused as the same thing, but actually, they refer to...

Duration: 00:24:52


This week we are bringing you an online story that as far as we know hasn't been told, and we think it's a good one. If you enjoyed last weeks episode on building faster websites [] this week's interviewee will be a familiar voice. When we caught up with Jon Henshaw, Raven Tools Co-founder, Ciaran couldn't help but ask Jon a whole heap of questions about Raven Tools and how it came into being. What...

Duration: 00:41:37

Build Faster Websites

Ciaran Interviews Jon Henshaw, SEO expert and founder of Raven Tools. In this episode, we discuss AMP and How to make your website faster without needing to make use of AMP. What Is AMP? AMP ( which stands for Accelerated Mobile pages) is a Google-backed project with the aim of speeding up the delivery of content through the use of stripped-down code known as AMP HTML. The idea behind the project was to make it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content once and have it load...

Duration: 00:31:05

Social Media Listening Tools and Strategy

Daniel and Ciaran discuss where social listening fits into your Digital Marketing Strategy. Social Media listening can help you to understand your market and how existing and potential customers are talking about your brand and products. Set up correctly a good social listening programme can provide excellent insight into how you can help and respond to customers and be a more efficient organisation. Are you using it to best effect to monitor your results and customers reactions to your...

Duration: 00:30:05

Test Everything

Inspired by a podcast listener, Ciaran and Daniel explore the importance of testing everything in your Digital Marketing. We discuss both A/ B testing and Muti variate testing. If you start from the position that “You know nothing” it puts you in a good position to gain insights by testing and validating different variations of what you are doing. This technique can be incredibly insightful and because it doesn’t work on assumptions that can be wrong can very often surprise you. We also...

Duration: 00:23:04

Is Your Ad Experience Good Enough For Your Customers?

Daniel and Ciaran explore the importance of taking a good look at the experience your customers have of your brand or organisation when they experience your advertising online. What is it like to be on the receiving end of your brand advertising campaign? In this episode, we explore some issues around online advertising tech and the user experience of Ads. Banner advertising, in particular, has had a bit of a reputation of being forced upon users. Retargeting was supposed to help this...

Duration: 00:23:57

Futureproof - How to get your business ready for the next disruption

After a long and successful international career at L’Oreal, Minter Dial returned to his entrepreneurial roots to create The Myndset, a boutique agency designed to help senior management teams to adapt to the new exigencies of the Internet-enabled marketplace. Minter’s newest book, co-written with Caleb Storkey, is Futureproof, How to get your business ready for the next disruption, published by Pearson, and will be coming out in September 2017. Futureproof paints a complete picture of...

Duration: 00:32:21

A Beginners Guide To Crowdfunding

With crowdfunding successfully driving billions in revenue globally, crowdfunding continues to go from strength to strength as a viable source of funding and support for both business and personal endeavours. We talk to crowdfunding expert Heather Delaney, a crowdfunding PR communications expert from Dynamo PR in San Francisco who specialise in helping companies build and execute successful crowdfunding campaigns. Heather launched the world's first crowdfunding division of a PR agency and...

Duration: 00:30:14

Top Tips for Managing Search Engine Optimisation

Get our top tips on managing SEO for your company. Whether you manage SEO via an agency or run your own in house programme, we have some top tips to help you with managing your search engine optimisation campaigns. Daniel walks us through the processes required for an SEO programme from the initial technical audit through to translating any audit into actionable steps by your website content and development teams. We also explore themes in your SEO content and how that helps to generate...

Duration: 00:23:46

Top Collaboration Tools

Are you struggling to stay on top of your email inbox? Is everyone else in your company in the same boat? Maybe it's time you reviewed the collaborative communication tools you provide your teams. Target Internet is a distributed company, so we all work in different parts of the country. As we don't all get to meet every day we have found online collaboration tools essential to effective team work. In this episode, we are sharing with you some of our favourite team collaboration tools...

Duration: 00:27:18

The Science of Content Marketing

In a digital self-publishing world, it's become almost too easy to post out content in huge volumes. Blog posts, Video How To Guides, Social Media Status Updates, Live broadcasts, Webinars… They are all out there by the thousands. As a result, the level of noise in the content marketing space has become almost unbearable. So we think there are a few questions we should all be asking: - How good is our content and how effective is it at actually reaching your business goals? How much is our...

Duration: 00:13:34

Guide To Working With Digital Agencies

Daniel and Ciaran talk us through the highs and lows of working with agencies to support you with your projects. A great agency relationship can make an enormous difference to what you can achieve, but these relationships rarely happen by accident. Listen in to get our recommendations on how to find the right agency for you. We also highlight some of the common digital agency contractual issues you will want to avoid. We also share with you some of the challenges that agencies have...

Duration: 00:24:27

How To Develop Your Digital Marketing skills

Daniel and Ciaran have an update on some changes happening at Target Internet which we hope you all our listeners will find of value. As you may or may not know, Target Internet produces a whole host of different learning and training materials of which this podcast is just one part. We also publish regular articles in our Resources section which if you haven't dipped in and read recently we highly recommend. You can also sign up for our email updates which are every fortnight, and we...

Duration: 00:21:44

9 Digital Marketing Psychology Tips & Techniques

Daniel walks us through some rather clever marketing psychology techniques which can help you to secure more sales and improve your overall online sales results by making use of a number of cognitive biases. We discuss some of the ethical issues surrounding the use of psychological techniques and how they can apply to digital marketing. Techniques covered include: How to use Cognitive Biases How to make use of Scarcity How to use Social Proof How to use Consistency How to use Loss...

Duration: 00:27:08

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