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Weekend Wrap Up - 3-19-2018

UMBC takes down Virginia and a few other topics regarding the first and second rounds of March Madness. Also, don't blink or you'll miss the Western Conference Playoff magic!!!


Episode 52: The Art of Coaching - with Derek Etzel

It takes a special person who has a very special skillset to be a solid coach. It's much like a manager and you must adjust to each team you coach because you have different players ever year. Different ages, personalities, talents, etc. I brought on my good friend, Derek Etzel to talk with me about coaching today. Derek has recently started his coaching career so we're going to get to know him a little better and hear what he's learned so far during his time as an assistant and absorbing...


Episode 51 - Shot Clocks in High School Basketball - with Tyler Bates

It's been a discussion for years and has come up multiple times recently. Tyler Bates (better known as TB) joins me again on the show to help educate everyone on the different pros and cons of implementing shot clocks in High School basketball. We're giving you our opinions, experiences and overall thoughts on why we should add shot clocks to High School basketball. (And not just in the 8 states that currently do have them) Believe it or not there are some cons to adding them. Make sure...


Weekend Wrap Up - 3-6-2018

Just giving you my thoughts from this past weekend in sports! I'll give you my thoughts on the NFL Combine and then briefly discuss High School Basketball after having watched the State Championships here in Idaho this weekend. Make sure to subscribe to the show and let's get this thing going!!!


Episode 50 - The eSports Biz - with Jordan Moorhouse

You've heard me talk about eSports a few months back when I had Scott Johnson on the show. We talked about the new love that is taking over the world as well as some benefits of gaming. This week, my guest, Jordan Moorhouse will join me to break down the numbers. We're talking about the potential of eSports from a business standpoint. Jordan will also give us some examples of the experiences he had during his time in Korea, where he felt that gaming really began to take off. What might...


Episode 49: Matt Jones - "The Stripling Warrior"

Matt Jones, also known as "The Stripling Warrior," decided one day that he was going to go "all-in" on his fighting career. That's right, he's a professional MMA fighter out of the Treasure Valley who is working diligently to make it to the UFC. Learn what Matt is up to these days including his training and travel. See where his nickname came from as well as what he enjoys doing on the side outside of fighting. From training, to nicknames, to gaming, to fight night prep, this show has it...


Weekend Wrap Up - with Myles - 2-20-2018

On this episode of the Weekend Wrap Up, we will break down the semi-boring and anti-climatic weekend in the sports world. Listen to our thoughts on the National Anthem.


Episode 48 - Why I Love Lebron James

So many people hate on Lebron James, I get it though, there are a lot of things that "erk" people. That said, he should most certainly be in the discussion with MJ. Lebron takes care of his body. I'll compare him to some of the others that have come into the league with him and after him, and we'll see how they are at this point in their careers. If you think Lebron only wants to play with superstars? Maybe think a little bit about that first. We'll touch base on this as well as his...


Weekend Wrap Up - 2-12-2018 - with Myles

Myles and I are going to break down the trade with the Cleveland Cavs to see if they improved or not. Do the Cavs have major potential? Let's see what happens!!! Also, what's the future look like for the Jazz?


Episode 47 - Highland Games - with Phil Sansotta

Today I have the World Champion of the Highland Games with me to discuss the sport. It's more than just men in kilts tossing heavy objects into the air. There is a lot of technique involved and it requires a lot of training. Listen and learn what it took for Phil to reach his current status now, a World Champion. You'll learn when he started, how he recovered from injury and the work that it takes in the gym to get to where he is.


Episode 46 - Just a Numbers Game - with Myles and Clayton

If you want some laughs, make sure to listen in. Clayton and Myles join me for a podcast to discuss the different pay structures and contracts in the different sports. You even get to hear Myles bust out the good ol' guitar at the beginning of the show and introduce the episode. Clayton experiences technical difficulties and basically quits on us midway through the episode, but will he make an appearance before the end? The only way to find out is if you listen to the whole...


Weekend Wrap Up - 1-29-2018 - with Myles

Myles and I are chatting about the Pro Bowl. What's the point of it? Maybe it gives the players something to look forward to... but as for the fans? Not so much. We'll touch base on the Boogie injury. It's sad for not only him, but for the NBA as well. What's your favorite Super Bowl food? Hear what Myles has to say.


Episode 45: The Life of a Legend - with Roberto Bergersen

When I was a little kid, Roberto Bergersen is the man I wanted to play like. I wanted to dribble like him, shoot the ball like him, be just like him. Today, I got to interview him and let him explain his journey. We'll talk about his life as a college athlete in Boise as well as his experience playing professional basketball. You'll hear about his draft day experience as well as what happened right after he got drafted. The sacrifices that professional athletes, as well as their families,...


Weekend Wrap Up - 1-22-2018

Myles and I will break down this weekend's sporting events for you on this episode of the Weekend Wrap Up. Are the Cavs in trouble? Who's championship is it to lose this year in the NBA? Do we really want another "Alabama and New England" type of Football season? Check out this week's show and share with your friends. Thanks so much!


Episode 44: Breaking Down the Utah Jazz & the NBA with Hunter

More Check out Sports Take if you want some NBA (and some Utah Jazz) information. Want to know why Donovan Mitchell is fitting in so well in Utah? Who should the Jazz trade for if given the right opportunity? Can the Celtics compete with Cleveland this year in a 7-game series? Make sure to check it out today as Hunter joins me for an awesome discussion. Follow Sports Take on: Instagram: Facebook:...


Weekend Wrap Up - 1/15/2018 - with Myles

Chandler Hutchison dropped a 44 piece this weekend vs San Diego State. Keenum, Foles, Bortles and BRADY??!! "One of these things is not like the other"


Episode 43 - Vegas Golden Knights - with C.C. Hawkley

**Please forgive the audio as there is a 'tapping' sound throughout the majority of the recording** It is not very often that you see expansion teams in any league, see success in their inaugural season. C.C. Hawkley is back in the house and him and I are going to discuss how the surprising and exciting success of the Vegas Golden Knights. We'll talk about other franchises that didn't see such success so quickly and we'll make sure to help you have a better idea of how much it would cost...


Weekend Wrap Up - National Championship Game Recap with Myles

Today I'm talking with Myles over the phone about the game last night. Here's what our thoughts are on it. We'll discuss whether or not the Committee got it right. What we think about Nick Saban. What the expectations are for next year. Make sure you don't miss this episode of the Weekend Wrap Up!!


Episode 42: How Bodybuilding Saved a Life - with Rocky Detwiler

In 2008, Rocky Detwiler was riding high. Everything seemed to be fitting into place until one day when it all came crashing down. He lost a lot of money, he had to move out of state, and he found himself at a crossroads in life. Rocky had a decision to make, did he want to live or die? Listen to his inspirational story of how the sport of Bodybuilding helped him gains some control over his life and helped him get to where he is today!


Brasil - Ep. 1 - Futebol no Brasil

Eu tinha a oportunidade de morar no Brasil por dois anos. Nestes dois anos eu aprendi muitas coisas sobre a cultura do Brasil. Uma coisa que aprendi foi como as pessoas tem um paixao bem forte pelo esporte de futebol. Por favor, escute do primeiro episodio do podcast em Portugues.


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