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Veggie Garden Remix with Edible Expert, Niki Jabbour

Today we’re STOKED to be chatting with the one and only, Niki Jabbour! She’s a Canadian gardening expert who you’ve probably turned to for advice at some point. Whether it’s her website, or her books or both — she has all the answers for cold-climate, short-season growers. Seriously, Niki is an expert, and her newest book, Veggie Garden Remix features some extraordinary crops you’ll want to try in your own garden this year. We chat with Niki about growing chickpeas,...


Episode 18: Peppers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we’re turning up the heat by starting our may be cheesy but it’s true! It’s the time of year for us gardeners to start thinking about varieties, indoor growing setups and maintenance. So today, Maggie and Dave chat about all things peppers. Plus, they debunk a few pepper myths you probably thought were true. They also share their favourite fast-growing and productive pepper varieties, discuss how to turn your plants into perennials...


Episode 18: Talking Seedy Saturday & Landscape Design with Special Guest Natalie Elizabeth from Urban Eatin’

With the annual Seedy Saturday coming up in Manitoba this week, we wanted to give you an inside look at what you can expect at this year’s event. Maggie and Dave chat with event organizer, Natalie Elizabeth who fills us in on seed swap etiquette and what types of awesome workshops Seedy Saturday is offering. Natalie also shares her insight on landscape design and how her organization, Urban Eatin’ helps private and public gardens succeed. Plus, Natalie has brought a very special GIVEAWAY...


Episode 17: The Jungalow with Special Guest: Nicole Ryan, creator of Cree Ryan

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran grower — you probably have at least one houseplant in your home that gives you your daily green fix. This week’s guest, Nicole Ryan is somewhat of a houseplant and jungalow superstar, who’s beautiful plant decor has definitely popped up on your social media feed once or twice. Nicole tells us what inspired her to start her business, Cree Ryan and how she connects her macrame plant hangers to Indigenous traditions. She explains what the jungalow means to...


Episode 16: Seed Starting

It’s just about that time of winter when the really eager gardeners set up their trays, grow lights and soil and get those seeds going. This week, Maggie and Dave lay-out month for month the seeds you should be starting, the techniques that will grant you great success and the major things you should avoid. Dave shares his favourite seed suppliers and Maggie shares how she’s going to inexpensively collect her seeds for the 2018 season. Stay tuned til’ the end so you can get in on this...


Episode 15: Unusual Plants Part 2: Caring & Growing with Special Guests Chris Bryan and Ainsley Sturko

We’re welcoming back our unusual plant enthusiasts this week to share more about their experience caring and growing the wacky and weird plants that live in their home. Chris & Ainsley go through the dos and don’ts of caring for your plants after they’ve made the long journey to you. They share their top three easiest and toughest unusual plants to grow and care for plus, they share all their tricks on germinating. Maggie and Dave also debunk the myth about fertilizing your garden with...


Episode 14: Unusual Plants Part 1: Sourcing with Special Guests Chris Bryan and Ainsley Sturko

It’s all about weird, wacky and wonderful plants on this episode of The Grow Guide as Maggie and Dave welcome two “unusual plant enthusiasts” to the studio to share their stories about sourcing unusual plants from all over the world. They’ll fill you in on the ins and outs of ordering online (and what to seriously avoid), their favourite strange plants (that you’ve probably never heard of) and how you can start your own unusual plant collection today! Stay tuned for this week’s giveaway as...


Episode 13: Grow Lights

Happy 2018! Maggie and Dave think there’s no better way to start off the new year than by setting up your very own grow lights. In today’s episode, they share all the details you need to successfully grow productive herbs, plants and microgreens inside your home. From lighting to trays to seed varieties, The Grow Guide has everything you need to have an awesome grow light setup. To win this week’s giveaway join the Facebook group: To...


Episode 12: Favourite Plants of 2017

With the new year right around the corner, Maggie and Dave reminisce on their favourite plants of 2017. They each share their top four favourites from the garden with some growing and cooking advice for each one too. The duo admit a few gardening resolutions they’re aiming to accomplish in 2018 and give you a sneak peak into what the new year has in store for The Grow Guide. This week’s giveaway is a BIG one and you could win a major prize by connecting with these platforms: The Facebook...


Episode 11: Holiday Special

Happy Holidays! Tis’ the season for decorating your home with festive plants. But ever wonder what to do with your poinsettia and Norfolk pine after January 1st? Well listen up as Maggie and Dave fill you in on everything you need to know about caring for Christmas plants.They also chat about a unique botanical tradition, answer a listener’s question about caring for her all-spice plant, and give you the chance to win the weekly giveaway. Join the Facebook group to win:...


Episode 10: Succulents

If you have just one plant in your home we’re guessing it’s a succulent since they’re easy to grow for just about any level of gardener. They’ve become hugely popular over the last few years, and this week Dave and Maggie dive deeper into different varieties, watering schedules, blooming and re-potting. Dave debunks the myth that all succulents are low-maintenance (spoiler alert: they still need watering too) and Maggie shares her tips for propagating succulents which will save you loads...


Episode 9: Special Guest — Kids!

The Grow Guide switches things up this week and takes a trip to the Casa Montessori & Orff School in Winnipeg, Manitoba to chat about gardening with some of the most interesting minds in our world, kids! Dave and Maggie learn about the unique botany practices these students and their teacher implement in the classroom and how other schools can do the same. They also bring some seeds for the kids to start their own indoor garden and see the debate that arises over what type of herbs to...


Episode 8: Listener Q & A

Today’s episode is all about YOU, the wonderful listeners! The Grow Guide is answering all the questions we’ve received over the past few weeks. From what type of seeds to grow in small, countertop aerogardens to how to get your jasmine blooming to whether you can still plant your garlic this late in the season — Dave uses his expertise to answer everything you’re dying to know. And Maggie helps your questions feel not so “rookie-like” after-all by adding in her own questions too. This Q&A...


Episode 7: Special Guest — Modern Farmer, Will Bergmann

This week The Grow Guide welcomes another guest to the podcast — third generation conventional and CSA farmer, Will Bergmann! Will hangs out in the studio to chat about his diverse family farm in Glenlea, Manitoba that has helped him develop an even deeper love for feeding people. He shares his thoughts on being transparent about farm life on social media, using pesticides vs. growing organic, AND he spills the beans on his new project: a soon-to-open farm to table restaurant called Oxbow....


Episode 6: Using Gardening to Heal Seasonal Depression

With the days getting shorter and colder, Maggie and Dave decide to touch on a topic many of us face during this transitional time of year — seasonal depression. Dave’s lists some of his favorite serotonin-boosting plants, Maggie shares a few gardening activities to do during the “off-months” and consider creating a “What Your Plants Say About You” quiz for all those looking for the deeper meaning in gardening. Plus, a listener’s question about how long to keep grow lights on for, evolves...


Episode 5: Special Guest — Daniel Kanu from Food Matters Manitoba

There’s a big FIRST today on The Grow Guide...the first ever guest on the podcast! Dave and Maggie welcome Daniel Kanu from Food Matters Manitoba to chat about what growing food is really like in some of Canada’s most northern climates. Daniel comes loaded with cool information, like how to make a greenhouse out of old trampolines, how fish heads can benefit your garden and how gardening brings communities together. Dave shares stories from his own adventures in Churchill, Manitoba this...


Episode 4: Spooky Plants Halloween Special

It’s an exciting week over at The Grow Guide Podcast with all the fun of Halloween happening and the launch of Maggie’s new website —! The spooky vibes take over the studio as Maggie and Dave share their own scary gardening tales, go over the top 10 creepiest plants and chat about gardening with the moon cycles. There’s even some discussion of growing hallucinogenic plants and witchy DIY crafts!


Episode 3: Squash vs. Pumpkin vs. Gourd

Raise your hand if you’ve already seen an Instagram photo of someone posing in a pumpkin patch! We have! So today we chat about the many varieties of these diverse plants, which are easy enough for enough a rookie to grow! Dave talks about the winner of this year’s Giant Pumpkin growing contest, Maggie shares the squash she grew this year and they both leave the studio craving pumpkin pie.


Episode 2: Growing Herbs Indoors

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians! This week, Maggie and Dave fully embrace the Fall vibes, talking about how great this time of year is for finishing up those last outdoor projects. Dave decorates the studio with a variety of delicious smelling herbs — a perfect fit for this week’s theme — and he surprises Maggie with a gift! He also shares his top tip for perfect seed germination (it involves your fridge) and his top 5 favourite herbs to grow indoors! Again, the duo give one listener a...


Episode 1: Season Extending in Zone 3

Hey, and welcome to The Grow Guide Podcast! In this first episode, Maggie and Dave chat about embracing Fall as they explore which crops grow well in this cooler weather. They answer a listener's question about pest control, share their own stories on what plants are Zone 3 warriors and give some DIY tips for making your own cold frame. Plus, they have a GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner!