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A weekly Movie and TV podcast where we discuss the latest news, review current films, look at upcoming releases and put our own comedic spin on movies and television.

A weekly Movie and TV podcast where we discuss the latest news, review current films, look at upcoming releases and put our own comedic spin on movies and television.
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A weekly Movie and TV podcast where we discuss the latest news, review current films, look at upcoming releases and put our own comedic spin on movies and television.






The Best of The Hollywood Outsider Podcast 2017 | Volume 2

We might have taken the week off here from our 2017 Podcast Awards winning show, The Hollywood Outsider, but that does not mean we do not have quality entertainment to offer! As you traverse the country, hunt for something to deafen family members, or just to ease the chaos of shopping; we have selected three of our most popular topics from earlier this year and combined them into on mammoth episode. We kick things off with a quick review of Wonder and Radius, followed by those moments...

Duration: 01:50:53

DC's Justice League | Review and Reactions Podcast

Take a listen as we break down every character and major story beat from DC's latest offering in their Extended Universe, Justice League. Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Flash, Superman, and even the CGI of Steppenwolf - it's all here, so enjoy! Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast: GroupFantasy Movie League Do your holiday shopping via our Amazon Link!

Duration: 01:44:57

Bad Movie Dates, TV Shows We Struggle To Love, And White Chicks | Ep 294

As our team takes a week off, we did not want to leave fans without an episode to peruse as you go about your day. Therefore, after a review of the recent Kenneth Branagh adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, enjoy this sampling of topics from our Patreon exclusive offerings. We discuss respectful celebrity homages, bad movie dates, several recommendations of smaller titles, and television shows we have tried repeatedly yet just cannot seem to understand the love. Also on this...

Duration: 02:10:59

TV Shows in Need of an Overhaul | Ep 293

We all love TV shows, but sometimes we love a television series long after we should have parted ways on good terms. This week, we discuss when is that moment we walk away from a beloved TV show? Also, what current shows would we like to see changes from before we depart, as well as which ones we would love to see return in some form or another. Also on this week’s podcast: Aladdin turns 25, reviews of Thor: Ragnarok and A Bad Mom’s Christmas, Twilight Zone and Lord of the Rings return to...

Duration: 01:56:22

Thor: Ragnarok | A Roundtable Reactions Podcast

Imprisoned, the mighty Thor finds himself in a cage match against the Hulk, his former ally. Thor find it in himself to escape his chains, defeat a planetary system bent on containing him, and reach home before Hela, his sister, destroys Asgard once and for all. For this bonus episode, Aaron, Scott, and John are joined by listeners Steve and Michael to discuss Marvel's latest opus. The film boasts a Guardians of the Galaxy-like tone, does it work to the film's advantage? Or does it hinder...

Duration: 01:01:14

Superhero Mashups and Stranger Things Season 2 Reactions | Ep 292

Superhero mashups are becoming more and more prevalent these days. Hulk visits Thor, Batman visits Wonder Woman, Iron Man plays Uncle Ben in Spider-Man, they’re EVERYWHERE! But often times, studio rights keep our perfect pairings from ever happening. So this week, we pretend we live in a perfect world and discuss who our ideal superhero matchups would be! And then, head over to Hawkins, Indiana as we discuss every single character and arc over Season 2 of Netflix’s Stranger Things. From...

Duration: 02:34:36

Building A Perfect Horror Movie | Ep 291

Every Halloween we discuss horror movies and what we love or loathe about them. And every year, Hollywood doesn’t listen. But what if we held the power? The power to wield that axe like a maniac in a corn field? It’s time to put up or shut up, because on this episode, we are each going to build a perfect horror movie! Also on this week’s podcast: Michael Bay is producing a Dora the Explorer movie, Magnum P.I. tries another reboot, Star Trek: Discovery opens the doors for network streaming...

Duration: 01:59:02

Interview with Director Kurt Voelker | The Bachelors

The Bachelors stars JK Simmons as Bill, a calculus teacher who is still reeling from the death of his beloved wife, and mother to their son Wes (Josh Wiggins). The film opens with Bill at his son’s bedside, explaining they need to make a change. So they pick up their life and move to Los Angeles where they begin anew at a private school run by Bill’s old friend, Paul (Kevin Dunn). Bill and Wes both welcome new women into their lives in the form of Julie Delpy’s French teacher, Carine, and...

Duration: 00:26:06

Interview with Director David Burkman | Haze

Haze is director David Burkman’s take on fraternity and sorority hazing. Shortly after another pledge has died while being hazed, we follow Nick, a new pledge who takes us through this journey of humiliation, debauchery, and occasionally brotherhood. We also follow Mimi, Nick’s best friend who pledges to the affiliate sorority so she can be closer to Nick. Unlike Nick, this doesn’t mean as much to Mimi, it’s simply a way to keep them together. The film follows both of them as they engage...

Duration: 00:31:11

Favorite Fan Theories and The Harvey Weinstein Effect | Ep 290

Fan theories have been around forever. When you’re watching your favorite TV series or movie, and you’re left with an unanswered question, where does your mind wander? To solutions, of course! This week, we discuss some of our favorite fan theories over the years, and even a few we are thankful never materialized. Also on this week’s podcast: Marvel plots a Hulk trilogy in mysterious ways, a Settlers of Catan movie is underway, reviews of Happy Death Day, The Babysitter, Haze, upcoming...

Duration: 02:08:27

Interview with Director Camille Thoman | Never Here

In Never Here, Mireille Enos stars as Miranda Fall, an installation artist who follows, photographs and documents total strangers for her respective pieces. Late one night after a show, her married lover Paul (Sam Shepard in his final role) witnesses a crime outside Miranda’s apartment. She then agrees to cover Paul’s witnessing of the crime as Miranda takes his place. After she partakes in a lineup - where she obviously cannot pick the offender - Miranda follows one of the curious men...

Duration: 00:21:54

What REALLY Scares You? | Ep 289

What REALLY scares you? Not moments in TV or film, but actual and specific elements in entertainment that get us each and every time. This week, we discuss the things that unnerve or terrify us. Apparitions, pulled finger nails, bugs, and many other horrific items are about to be revealed. Also on this week’s podcast: Harvey Weinstein becomes a scandal, Statham and Rock spin-off and out of Fast and the Furious, reviews of M.F.A., Better Watch Out, Blade Runner 2049, The Mountain Between...

Duration: 02:09:02

The Greatest Tearjerker Moments In Film | Ep 288

Crying while watching a movie can be a horrendously embarrassing experience, or it can be a cathartic release. It’s the most vulnerable moment we have as viewers, to let our guard down and expose what hits us right in the heart. On this week’s podcast, the guys turn the show over to Amanda, Angela, Amy and Courtney for a week as they dive into what brings us to tears in the theater. Happy tears, sad tears, all the tears will be debated as our quartet lead you down the greatest tearjerker...

Duration: 02:41:24

The Modern TV Villain Battle Royale and Kingsman: The Golden Circle Reactions | Ep 287

What makes a great TV villain? Many believe it is the depths of evil one can go, while others believe it is how shrewdly a character can maneuver within the fabric of society, bending a weaker man’s will to their own. On this week’s show, we debate who is the greatest villain on television over the last ten years, and many of our selections might just surprise you. Could Joffrey rule them all? Is Boyd Crowder just sly enough to eek out a victory? Ben Linus seems like a sure winner. But...

Duration: 01:57:47

Interview with Special Makeup Effects Artist Anthony Pepe | The Blacklist

As the head of the makeup department, Anthony Pepe’s job is to bring all the crazy blood, deformity and loss of limbs to life that you see on television each and every week. Starting out wanting to be an animator for the likes of Walt Disney Animation Studio, on a whim he attended makeup school in Florida and found his passion in the ability to transform the human appearance. NBC's The Blacklist returns to TV September 27th, and we've got a special treat for you! Take a listen as Aaron is...

Duration: 01:36:33

Fall Television Preview and One Bad Mother | Ep 286

Fall TV is finally here! We all love television, and fall is still the most popular time of year for new shows to release, giving us new obsessions to ponder for several months, as well as more than a few bombs to forget. On this week’s podcast, Kyle Nolan from joins us to break down this fall’s influx of new and returning shows. Law and Order, Lethal Weapon, Mindhunter, The Punisher, Ghosted, and Young Sheldon are just a few of the many TV shows we profile on this latest...

Duration: 02:32:42

When Entertainment Ruins Your Happy Place and Stephen King's IT Reactions | Ep 285

We all have those special places in our hearts for things we love. Puppies, beaches, clowns. And then Hollywood comes along and tosses Cujo, Jaws, and Pennywise into the mix, forever ruining these bastions of joy! This week, we discuss when entertainment ruins our happy place. Also on this week’s podcast: Star Wars gets a few more shakeups, Disney drops Netflix, Wonder Woman locks up Patty Jenkins, reviews of The Show, Little Evil, and The Orville, recommendations, and much more. After...

Duration: 02:48:25

The 2017 Summer Movie Awards | Ep 284

Summer Movies of 2017 is officially in the bag, so how was it? Many people have complained that this was one of the weaker summers in memory, was it really that bad, or are moviegoers suffering from too much awesome? We debate 2017 at length – where it stood, what was lacking, which franchises were born and which need to be put out to pasture, what caught our eye on television, and even our own favorite summer movie experiences. We then cap it all off with our annual Summer Movie HO...

Duration: 01:23:18

Game of Thrones Season 7 Recap And Reactions Podcast

As Game of Thrones sets sail for their final season, we have arrived to wrap up the past as we discuss all of the comings and goings in Westeros during Season 7. On this special episode, we take the major happenings over the past 7 episodes and discuss what we loved or loathed about our favorite heroes and villains in the Seven Kingdoms. Unlike many podcasts, we will not be breaking things down chronologically. Instead, we take on each territory as we inch toward The Great War that has...

Duration: 02:29:40

The Worst Advice In Movies And Television | Ep 283

We have all been victims of bad advice from time to time, but movies and television are supposed to be where advice gets it right. They have time, money, and talent to toss out some of the greatest life-changing mantras in history, and we have come to expect greatness. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the way entertainment works. So this week, we are taking a look at the worst advice in the film and television. Perhaps it was a little nugget of insight that was simply misguided, or maybe...

Duration: 01:52:26

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