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The best prank call show in the world!

The best prank call show in the world!
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The best prank call show in the world!






Don’t Cry, Shitwolf – 10/21/17 - The Macron Show

Don't Cry, Shitwolf - 10/21/17 A special show this week to commemorate the life of Mr. John Dunsworth AKA Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys who very sadly passed away this week just a month after being on this very show, and also Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. Featuring Macron, Jeremy and InkedGoddess we placed some ads for a free TV and tried to get people to come to an actual trailer park. We also handled all the world's complainers once again and got drunk as fuck in the process to...

Duration: 04:12:52

Straight Outta Crumpton – 10/07/17 - The Macron Show

Straight Outta Crumpton - 10/07/17 This show just features Macron and Deloris as Jeremy had to suddenly flee the country over some problems, he might be back soon though. This week we focused on some very angry complainers ranging from more bad food to missing deliveries and dusty TV boxes. We had a few great results despite Macron being very sick and we still managed to do a few hours of crazy entertainment. We just launched a new competition to win an awesome Rick and Morty themed prize,...

Duration: 03:02:35

The End Of The World Show – 09/23/17 - The Macron Show

The End Of The World Show - 09/23/17 Time to celebrate the end of the world in style! This show features Macron, InkedGoddess and Jeremy From Corporate. With Planet X about to collide with Earth and the North Koreans planning to nuke us all we thought we'd go out with a bang! This week as well as handling the usual business of all the world's complainers we placed more ads on Craigslist for free cigarettes and had people come meet us at an Indian casino and bingo hall, with some amazing...

Duration: 04:28:03

Karl’s Free Cigarette Co – 09/16/17 - The Macron Show

Karl's Free Cigarette Co - 09/16/17 This show features Macron, Deloris and Jeremy From Corporate finally back again! Sorry it's been so long since the last show but we promise not to do it again. For this show we placed ads on Craigslist for free cigarettes and then had people go collect them from a certain racist motel owner, with some great results. We dealt with a whole fresh cacophony of complainers from bad fast food to bad motels. As usual people didn't really appreciate our hard...

Duration: 03:48:53

Trouble At Dick’s – 08/27/17 - The Macron Show

Trouble At Dick's - 08/27/17 Back again already! This show features Macron, Inkedgoddess and Jeremey From Corporate. This time as well as our usual collection of awesome complainer calls we also placed an ad for some free Beats headphones and then had a bunch of people all meet at the same place (Dick's) to see how that would go down, confusion and hilarity ensued. We also dealt with a bunch of fast food complaints, a woman who's daughter's hair got all messed up and someone who was very...

Duration: 04:18:54

Don’t Use The Force Luke – 08/23/17 - The Macron Show

Don't Use The Force Luke - 08/23/17 I'm just gonna start right off by saying we pranked Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, on this show! I did the whole Comcast routine on him, you'll just have to listen. Mark I am very very sorry and I love you! Please don't sue me as I have no money! This show also featured Macron, Jeremy from corporate and Deloris, oh and Mr. Fucking Lahey John Dunsworth did a little promo for us when we called him, what a show! Still kind of in shock that all this...

Duration: 04:25:26

Bill Gates’ Boston Pancake – 05/13/17 - The Macron Show

Bill Gates' Boston Pancake - 05/13/17 This show title says it all! This episode features Macron (duh!) Dr. Charles, Ben and InkedGoddess. This week we started with some of our regular Twitter complainers. Then, for some reason, we decided to call everyone in Bill Gates' neighborhood because of course that's a great idea. Don't worry though because none of us definitely lives there. Ahem. As usual we managed to get yelled at by Karl and the Sea Tac Crest and did some funny calls to other...

Duration: 05:21:09

Vive La Macron – 04/29/17 - The Macron Show

Vive La Macron - 04/29/17 Just another silly show, in celebration of Macron being about to win the French Presidency Macron, Ben (AKA Jeremy), InkedGoddess and Dr. Charles decided to call up a bunch of French Restaurants and try to introduce the world to French swear words instead of Indian ones this week. Dr. Charles of course back from his stint in jail after botching Ben's penis surgery. As well as messing with the French we of course checked in with our favorite racist motel owners...

Duration: 05:17:24

Cucking On Gas – 04/22/17 - The Macron Show

Cucking On Gas - 04/22/17 Another stupidly long show, mostly thanks to our new friend Ralph the Redneck. This show featured Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess. Ben once again wanted to host a cuckold party so we did our best. We started with our usual Twitter complainer customers, we then moved on to some restaurants, hotels and motels (obviously including our favourite racist motel!) and then did some classic Craiglist calls which is where we met our new pal Ralph the Redneck who wanted to talk...

Duration: 07:23:43

The Great United Easter Hoedown Throwdown – 04/16/17 - The Macron Show

The Great United Easter Hoedown Throwdown - 04/16/17 This show featured Macron and InkedGoddess only, Ben is recovering from a botched penis enlargement operation carried out by Dr. Charles who is also currently in jail for malpractice. We are hoping they will both be back in time for next week's show. In this episode we celebrated Easter by taking advantage of the recent United controversy over the passenger who was forcibly thrown off an overbooked flight and called up a bunch of their...

Duration: 04:47:29

The Macron And Dr Charles Murder Suicide Incident – 03/18/17 - The Macron Show

The Macron And Dr Charles Murder Suicide Incident - 03/18/17 Oh boy where to start with this one. This show featured Macron, Ben, Dr. Charles and David K. We started by calling our favourite racist motel owners and quickly moved on to our usual weekly batch of Twitter complainers and ended in complete tragedy. Basically the story goes that a certain airline customer named Stephen had made some very negative comments about his flight experience and Ben called up, obviously to try and...

Duration: 04:53:58

Revenge Of The Complankers – 03/13/17 - The Macron Show

Revenge Of The Complankers - 03/13/17 I'm not even sure where to begin with this show as I'm still kinda speechless. We decided to do a bonus extra show this week as we still had lots of numbers left over and a little extra time on our hands, and I'm sure glad we did. This show featured Macron, Dr. Charles, Ben and InkedGoddess AKA The Dream Team. We started by calling a bunch of Twitter complainers, messed with our favourite racist hotel owners and caused chaos at some other random...

Duration: 04:53:41

The Big Comcast Fight Incident – 03/04/17 - The Macron Show

The Big Comcast Fight Incident - 03/04/17 Oh wow, probably my favourite show in a long time simply because of the last call, skip to around 3 hours 30 minutes to hear the epic firing of Jeremiah and the terrible fight at Comcast! This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess once again handling some Uber calls and some awesome Comcast / cable complainers, all culminating in the most epic prank to date, the fistfight between Ron and Jeremiah at Comcast. So much fun was had on this show, I...

Duration: 04:11:36

The Uber Cuckold Experiment – 02/25/17 - The Macron Show

The Uber Cuckold Experiment - 02/25/17 This show features Macron, Ben, InkedGoddess and the first ever live appearance from Motherf*cker Jones himself! We tried a little experiment with placing a Craigslist ad for people to cuckold our wife, with mixed results. We also had some awesome complainers this time focusing on the current Uber debacle and got some amazing reactions, one guy was literally shaking with rage after being insulted by AT&T and Samsung at the same time! There was much...

Duration: 04:57:31

Cuckold Comcast Complainers – 02/18/17 - The Macron Show

Cuckold Comcast Complainers - 02/18/17 This show features Macron, Ben and InkedGoddess as well as whole lot of Twitter Complainers! We got a lot of great calls in this show which was on a little later than planned while Macron fixed his stupid computer. We now have the ringing sound back when we make calls which makes things a whole lot better, no thanks to Skype. This show includes a guy whose family look at transvestite porn during the middle of the night, a very angry 'plus sized...

Duration: 03:51:03

The Pre Super Bowl Washout – 02/04/17 - The Macron Show

The Pre Super Bowl Washout - 02/04/17 I named this show after only just realising the Super Bowl is tomorrow and because hardly any of the complainers we called picked up. We shall make up for this with a new Super Bowl special show tomorrow. This show featured Macron, Ben, Inked Goddess, Marvici from Marvici's Madhouse and sadly just a special announcement from Dr. Charles that he is retiring from the show for good. We love you Dr. C, you had a great run and we hope to have you back as a...

Duration: 03:42:54

Trump Day – 01/21/17 - The Macron Show

Trump Day - 01/21/17 Happy Trump Day! Well I just don't know where to begin with this epic show. To start with I should mention that Macron was suffering from a concussion from an accident a couple of days ago and high on pain killers and somehow still managed to deliver and amazing show. This one features the new Macron Dream Team of Macron, Dr. Charles, Ben and Inkedgoddess. We started things off with a lot of politics and general chat. We officially launched the first ever Macron Show...

Duration: 06:08:58

Friday The 13th With Macron – 01/13/17 - The Macron Show

Friday The 13th With Macron - 01/13/17 Happy Friday the 13th everyone! This show featured Macron and Ben Franklin (who fell asleep in the middle of a call!). To celebrate Friday the 13th we called a huge list of Twitter complainers and brought them lots of good luck with their issues. We had some really fantastic calls on this show, thanks to InkedGoddess who has now officially joined the Macron team as our chief number finder and social media manager. Really grateful for all the effort...

Duration: 03:54:25

Merry F*cking Christmas From Macron Pt 2 – 12/25/16 - The Macron Show

Merry F*cking Christmas From Macron Part 2 – 12/25/16 Macron returns for another dumb Christmas Day show. This time featuring Ben Franklin and Mr. Cheeky himself. This year had very little to do with Christmas and was mostly about calling up restaurants on Christmas day and wasting a lot of people's time. This show features lots of restaurant calls as well as some hotels and a surprise call from InkedGoddess! Happy Christmas and shut the f*ck up now! - Love Macron

Duration: 05:27:34

Ronald Trump’s Halloween Massacre – 10/29/16 - The Macron Show

Ronald Trump's Halloween Massacre - 10/29/16 This show features Macron and Dr. Charles celebrating Halloween together obviously dressed as Donald Trump. We call a bunch of potential Trump supporters, attempt to deal with some complainers, including a few old classics, and we eventually move on to some hotel related mayhem. This was just one of those shows where nobody wanted to pick up. We called a bunch of old people at a gated community and not a single one answered. We did still manage...

Duration: 03:07:51

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