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The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.

The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.
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Chapel Hill, NC


The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.








1759 - The ICE Terror Campaign Against Immigrant Families w/ Corey Pein

Hello everyone. Today, journalist Corey Pein (@CoreyPein) joins us to discuss the brutal crackdown on immigrants and the state of the government shutdown. First, a Steakhouse CEO is upset waitstaff no longer act like servants. Then, Corey and Michael talk the state of play on the government shutdown. Then, the onslaught against immigrant families and sanctuary cities carried out by ICE. The role of faith groups in defending immigrants from the ICE terror campaign. On the fun half - Joe...

Duration: 00:57:05

1758 - Government Shutdown, Trump's Secret Fetish, and Bernie Sanders Calls In (For Real!)

On today's show: Mark Steyn says "at least white supremacists are American citizens." Heather Parton a.k.a. Digby (@digby56) joins us to talk government shutdown. Will Democrats hold the line on DACA, or will they cave like they always do? The extreme unpopularity of GOP policies, especially re: immigration, gives Digby reason to be hopeful. She then lays out a theory as to why Trump's tryst with Stormy Daniels supports the existence of a Russian piss tape. The truth is out there! Next,...

Duration: 02:17:07

1757 - GOP Attacks on DACA, Looming Government Shutdown, & Legalized Slavery for Refugees

On today's show: Fox News' Bob Massi thinks the Democrats boycotting Trump's state of the union are the real racists, Senator Ed Markey says Dems are "not going to blink" without DACA, General John Kelly says Trump's views on the wall have "evolved" and gets reamed out on Twitter by Boss Baby himself, Trump's policies and the El Salvador government are working together to force refugees into slave labor in Qatar. On the fun half: Greg in OK plugs progressive Tom Guild's 2018 congressional...

Duration: 00:35:27

1756 - Wisconsin Election Surprise w/ Dave Weigel

Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) joins us to talk about the changing political tide. On today's show: Trump paid adult performer Stormy Daniels $150k for mysterious reasons but nobody cares because it's Trump, and Eric Trump goes on Fox and Friends to claim his dad is too greedy to be racist. Journalist David Weigel joins us to discuss "the Wisconsin surprise." Is it a sign that districts all over the country will switch from "R" to "D" in 2018? While wealthy exurbs will benefit most from the...

Duration: 00:43:12

1755 - GOP Determined to Avoid Shutdown, Terrorize Children & Families with Immigration Policy

Iowa voters openly laugh at State Senator Joni Ernst when she suggests Trump is "standing up" for certain countries, Tom Cotton thinks the Democrats will be punished politically if they shut down the government over DACA, KY governor Matt Bevin defends Medicaid work requirements, a woman bids a tearful farewell to her husband who's being deported after 30 years in the US, and Sam says the f-word, with good reason: Trump's attack on immigrants is racism, pure and simple. On the fun half: Jon...

Duration: 00:44:13

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2018

Dr. King’s first tv “interview” from the show "The Open Mind – The New Negro" in 1957, hosted by Professor Richard D. Hefner. Beyond Vietnam, delivered on April 4, 1967 at Riverside Church in New York City. MLK’s last speech “Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution“ delivered at the National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., on 31 March 1968. Walter Cronkite reports King's assassination. Nina Simone "Why?" live, 3 days following MLK's assassination. Telephone Conversation between...

Duration: 02:03:55

1754 - The Evils of Aflac, GOP Tax Bill Layoffs, & Psychedelic Cinema w/ David Dayen & Film Guy Matthew

David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss the evils of Aflac and Film Guy Matthew Weiss (@langdonboom) drops some quality movie recommendations. On today's show: Dick Durbin is outraged that Trump called countries "shitholes," ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra can't name a single Dutch politician burned alive by Muslims, and Jesse Waters defends Trump's remarks. Journalist David Dayen discusses his new series at The Intercept, Behind the Duck, in which he exposes the wild abuses...

Duration: 01:39:24

1753 - The Real Causes of the Iranian Protests w/ Trita Parsi

Trita Parsi, the founder and president of the Iranian American Council, joins us to discuss the recent Iran protests. Parsi explains how the country's government's leaked budget, with cuts to entitlements, and new taxes enraged its citizens and led them to protest. Cronyism, economic inequality, and state religious repression in Iran. Outside agitation by the US and others and Rouhani's acknowledgment of protester rights. The red line ruling-class conservatives crossed in letting political...

Duration: 00:47:10

1752 - The Killing of Eric Garner w/ Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) joins us to discuss his new book, I Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street. On today's show: Infamous former sheriff Joe Arpaio thinks he's qualified to be a senator, and click here to win a ticket to see Dennis Miller live. Let's fill the front row with MR listeners saying "bap bap bap" in unison! Journalist and author Matt Taibbi provides background and context to the police killing of Long Island man Eric Garner. As gentrification crept into Garner's...

Duration: 01:01:19

1751 - Murphy Oil & What Me Too Can Teach the Labor Movement w/ Jane McAlevey

Author, labor organizer and scholar Jane McAlevey (@rsgexp), author of "Raising Expectations (and Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement" joins us to discuss union organizing in the age of Trump. On today's show: Trump's HHS nominee Alex Azar once extended Cialis' patent by testing it on kids. KS state Rep. Steve Alford thinks blacks are especially susceptible to marijuana abuse. McAlevey breaks down the potential fallout from the Janus and Murphy Oil cases, gives tips for...

Duration: 02:09:37

1750 - Hidden in Plain Sight: America’s Slaves of the New Millennium w/ Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco

Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco (@MehlmanOrozco) joins us to discuss her new book Hidden in Plain Sight: America’s Slaves of the New Millennium. Drawing on a large volume of research, Mehlman-Orozco debunks some of the preconceived notions people hold about trafficking victims, traffickers, and clients, who are often unaware they're employing trafficking victims. She critiques counterproductive policy like the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, which targets websites like, and lays...

Duration: 00:56:41

1749 - Pot, Drilling, and Bannon: The GOP's Senate Nightmare w/ Cliff Schecter & Andy Kindler

On this Casual Friday episode, Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) joins us to discuss the Democrats' chances of re-taking the Senate, Jeff Sessions' racist war on pot, the electoral impact of Puerto Ricans moving to Florida, and why the Democrats refuse to run on extremely popular issues like marijuana legalization. Next, Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) comes on to discuss Michael Wolff's book and Trump's cognitive capacity for trying to bang his friends' wives. Is he an idiot savant? Then Sam...

Duration: 04:14:27

1748 - Extremism and Democracy: The Far Right In America w/ Cas Mudde

On this episode of The Majority Report, Cas Mudde (@CasMudde), an assistant Professor of International Relations at University of Georgia and author of The Far Right in America (Extremism and Democracy), joins us to discuss far right movements in Europe and the United States. How are these movements different in the US vs Europe? How reliant are they on shady rich people's money? Whatever happened to the Tea Party? And the five stages of liberal denial! On the fun half: Gavin McInnes thinks...

Duration: 00:48:56

1747 - The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare w/ Suzanne Gordon

Trita Parsi calls out William Kristol for his calls to bomb and kill Iranians. Healthcare journalist Suzanne Gordon (@suzannecgordon) : "The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Policy Making and Patient Car", explains the importance of VHA's public scientific health innovation. Why Veterans health is a nationalized public health system.Why public healthcare works better. The distinctions between treating veterans and civilians. Why socialized medicine works...

Duration: 00:46:45

1746 - The Republican Assault That Was 2017 & What Will Come In 2018

Fox & Friends freaks out about California decriminalizing weed and making itself a sanctuary state. The Trump Administration makes it easier for Oil companies to create another Deep Water Horizon spill. Also nursing homes will be less safe thanks to Republicans. The Australian roots of the Russia investigation. Milo's editor notes. All the many, many, many ways that Trump and the Republicans are destroying America. On The Fun Half: a delusional caller debates Sam and Michael about the...

Duration: 00:38:19

Best Of 2017: Becky Bond and Zack Exley: Lessons From Bernie’s “Big Organizing”

Best of from November 2016: Zack Exley (@zackexley) and Becky Bond (@bbond) on their new book on lessons from their time on the Bernie Sanders campaign: Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything (Paperback – November 18, 2016). “Distributed Organizing” and using technology to actually make contact with voters. How important an earlier start to the Bernie campaign could have been. Giving volunteers more responsibility, along with structure and accountability....

Duration: 01:23:06

Best Of 2017: Naomi Klein: No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need

From August 2017: Best selling author Naomi Klein, author of, No Is Not Enough: Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need, explains the history of modern branding. The formation of the Trump brand. The liberals who helped create the CEO myth of leadership. Why Trump can’t be worked with. Why labor unions should fight Trump on all fronts. Why the climate crisis needs to remain central to our politics. What to learn from Jeremy Corbyn. Why the Left needs to synchronize...

Duration: 01:34:56

Best Of 2017: Chris Hayes: A Colony In A Nation

Best of from April 2017, Chris Hayes, host of the Chris Hayes Show and author of, A Colony in a Nation, explains Richard Nixon’s role in the creation of the modern law and order state. Colonialism and American revolution. Why smugglers were popular in early American history. Colonial era smuggling and the modern drug war. The murder of Eric Garner and Jefferson’s attack on the crown. Policing and revenue and Ferguson. Police as occupying forces. White fear and American history. Police...

Duration: 01:24:14

Best Of 2017: What You Think You Know About Money is Wrong w/ Stephanie Kelton

An interview from May 2014: Professor Stephanie Kelton explains the Bretton Woods System and the end of the Gold Standard in the 1970s, why comparisons to the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe made by austerity promoters are wrong, high inflation does not happen in well functioning democracies, why we think about the deficit in the wrong way, the smart way to think about the Simpson Bowles austerity plan, the purpose of taxes, Hillary Clinton running on bringing down the debt and addressing the...

Duration: 01:13:08

Best Of 2017: Eric Foner: American Radicals and the Change We Could Believe In

From February 8th: Eric Foner, DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University, explains what is radicalism. Why radicalism is different from liberalism and incrementalism. Has America always had radicals. The 1990s and the “end of history”. Tom Paine, America’s original radical. Radicalism in times of crisis. The opportunities the Left has today. Why are people marching against Trump? How radicalism moves from saying no to articulating what it wants. The old order is dying,...

Duration: 01:24:36

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