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The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.

The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.
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Chapel Hill, NC


The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.








1740 - Republicans Close In on Tax Plan, Will Trump Fire Mueller? w/ Digby & Judy Gold

Paul Ryan wants us to make more babies and Heather Digby Parton (@digby56) joins us to discuss the implications of the AL election, whether Trump is going to fire Mueller, Trump's chances of impeachment, the Trump admin's terrifying foreign policy, and police violence in America. Judy Gold then joins us for a Two Minutes Hate sesh on Omarosa, Roy Moore, Orrin Hatch, Israel, net neutrality, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A new Jimmy Reefercake song is played. On the fun half: Dennis Miller...

Duration: 02:09:57

1739 - The FCC Kills Net Neutrality w/ Ryan Singel

Today on the Majority Report, we're joined by Ryan Singel to discuss the implications of Ajit Pai's decision to overturn Net Neutrality safeguards and how Congress will pay a hefty price as a result. What exactly is Ajit Pai undoing? How this represents a taking of the commons. What will the next phase of the internet look like after the changes, and how quickly will the internet change? On the fun half: Do even dum dums get the importance of Moore losing? Omarosa gets dragged by TV hosts...

Duration: 01:17:58

1738 - What Putin Wants w/ Julia Ioffe

On today's show, The Atlantic's Julia Ioffe joins us to discuss joins us to discuss her recent article in The Atlantic, What Putin Really Wants. While many Americans view Putin's government as a powerful, well-oiled machine, Ioffe says it's more like a messy, corruption-riddled bureaucracy with its various factions not always working together. "The Sopranos" is referenced. On the fun half: Mike from PA calls in with detailed analysis of what drove Jones' win in the Alabama election, Weird...

Duration: 01:04:39

1737 - Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials w/ Malcolm Harris

On today's show, author Malcolm Harris (@BigMeanInternet) joins us to discuss his new book, Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials. While their elders often blame the problems of the millennial generation on millennials themselves, Harris debunks that idea with a structural analysis of the political and economic factors driving their behavior and development. On the fun half: More people call in to discuss Al Franken, Roy Moore's war buddy makes an excellent case for...

Duration: 01:35:01

1736 - The GOP Assault on Institutions & Norms

Good afternoon. On today's show, Alabama voters explain why they're sticking by Roy Moore, Republicans perpetrate voter suppression in AL, the GOP continues to attack institutions devoted to the public good, the right wing media is suddenly skeptical of the FBI, and Carl Bernstein thinks there was a cover-up in the Trump White House. On the fun half: Roy Moore wants to get rid of all the amendments after #10 and implement Christian theocracy, "Sheriff" David Clarke throws shade at John...

Duration: 01:03:11

1735 - Franken Resigns, Sam Seder Returns w/ Cliff Schecter & Andy Kindler

Good afternoon. On today's show, Mike Cernovich flails in an NPR interview, and Cliff Schecter joins us to discuss Al Franken's resignation. Also: Comedian Andy Kindler joins us to talk Weird Mike and the GOP tax cuts (with some Jew jokes thrown in for good measure), the gang enjoys a video of Christian Youtuber Jim Beckwith trying to take us down, and Sam threatens our audience with a talking Dennis Miller doll. On the fun half: A man with ALS grills Jeff Flake (of the performative...

Duration: 03:02:04

1734 - Robbing the Poor to Feed the Rich w/ Eric Levitz (+Al Franken resigns)

Good afternoon. On today's show, New York Magazine's Eric Levitz joins us to discuss the GOP tax bill. As Levitz notes, it's one of the least popular tax bills in US history, and it is (technically) a tax cut. Unlike prior measures, this bill does not even have the fig leaf of fiscal responsibility; it's blowing up the deficit as an excuse to impose (further) austerity measures. Time to make life harder for any politician who supports it. On the fun half: The MR team runs a victory lap over...

Duration: 00:58:39

1733 - Will Alabama Send a Predator to the Senate? w/ Dave Weigel

The Washington Post's Dave Weigel, explains why Doug Jones might pull off an upset in Alabama. Roy Moore's strength of support and what it reveals about Alabama and Republicans. What can Doug Jones do now? And does Steve Bannon wear so many clothes? And depression historian does the perfect Cable news segment. On The Fun Half: Atlanta reporter does a perfect takedown of a racist twitter troll, the team breaks it down. How to get on Dave Rubin's email. Joe Rogan backs Seder, but in an odd...

Duration: 01:05:36

1732 - Remapping Class & Recentering Oppression w/ Tithi Bhattacharya (+Who's Afraid of Mike Cernovich?)

Good afternoon. On today's show, South Asian history professor Tithi Bhattacharya joins us to discuss her new book "Social Reproduction Theory: Remapping class, recentering oppression." After laying out the basics of social reproduction theory, she discusses how it can help us understand our nightmarish present moment, as well as what kind of hope it offers for the future. On the fun half: Mike Cernovich gloats over getting Sam fired from MSNBC, Vic Berger remixes 60 Minutes' #pizzagate...

Duration: 02:39:37

1731 - The GOP's Tax Bill: A One-Sided Class War

Good afternoon. On today's show, Sam sees his skepticism of Brian Ross's Michael Flynn source validated, the Cernovich "controversy" continues, Bernie points out how bad the GOP tax bill is, Orrin Hatch attacks the un-deserving poor, Joe Manchin is sad he couldn't work with the Republicans to shred the safety net like Democrats did under Reagan, and Sam reads the names of vulnerable lawmakers who voted for this monstrosity. On the fun half: Chuck Grassley thinks the "death tax" incentivizes...

Duration: 01:02:32

1730 - Flynn Flips & GOP Poised To Rob With Tax Deal w/ Cliff Schecter

Good morning. On today’s show, Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) joins us to talk about Michael Flynn flipping on Trump, Jared Kushner's involvement in the Russia scandal, and the indefensible Republican tax bill, which is clearly a precursor to cutting social security and other services. On the fun half: Matt Lauer was once quite creepy to Anne Hathaway, Trump can no longer use Kathryn Steinle's death to attack undocumented immigrants, Jamie shares a personal story about how our country...

Duration: 03:36:03

1729 - Should the Left Care About the Russia Story? w/ David Klion

Today, writer and editor David Klion (@DavidKlion) joins us to discuss how the left should orient itself to the Trump/Russia investigation. The thriving ecosystem of russia conspiracy theory and disinformation. What's 'real' with the Russia story with regard to both 'collusion' and money-laundering? How the real story should be focused on the anti-democratic nature of global neoliberalism. On the fun half - Joe Scarborough is finally saying Trump has dementia, Roy Moore blames pedophilia...

Duration: 00:58:31

1728 - Heretical Thought and Leaderless Movements w/ Michael Hardt

On today's show, Sam speaks with Michael Hardt, author of the book 'Assembly (Heretical Thought)' about how grassroots, non-hierarchical movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter could become more politically effective and what lessons we can take from them as we fight for everything from daily survival to the abolition of capitalism. Sam also addresses Mike Cernovich's attempts at cooking up a scandal based on an old tweet of his. On the fun half: A caller reminds us the...

Duration: 01:23:15

1727 - Beyond Test Scores: A Better Way to Measure School Quality w/ Jack Schneider

On today's Majority Report, Jack Schneider, a professor of education at College of the Holy Cross, joins us to discuss why test scores alone are not a good indicator of school quality. After growing weary of seeing state data used improperly, he came up with a new metric that takes into account many factors including a school's teachers, culture, academics, resources, and services geared towards students' character and well being. Schneider also explains why some charter schools produce...

Duration: 01:10:35

1726 - Never Trust 'Never Trump' w/ MR Crew

Good day! On today's Majority Report, the MR crew breaks down the news, including: The archbishop of Canterbury doesn't understand why American evangelicals support Trump, Bill Kristol finds his inner careerist on Twitter, Ben Wittes of the Brookings Institute figures out Trump is bad, and neocon David Frum is equally disingenuous. Come back and talk to us when you #NeverTrumpers bring something to the table. On the fun half: John from San Antonio thinks the Democrats can overcome...

Duration: 01:11:35

1725 - The US Invasion That Opened the West to Empire w/ William Hogeland

Today, historian William Hogeland joins us to discuss his book "Autumn of the Black Snake: The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion That Opened the West." Also, a sample of The Michael Brooks Show members' only content: 'Illicit History - 5 - The Crushing Of Manley's Socialism In Jamaica' originally uploaded Sunday, 8 October, 2017. For members, Bernie Sanders once again joins Sam on Air America to talk about GOP plans to repeal the estate tax, from 6-7-06.

Duration: 01:11:37

1724 - The Secret Family Making Billions from the Opioid Crisis w/ Christopher Glazek

Christopher Glazek (@SeeGlazek) joins us to talk about his article in Esquire, 'THE SECRETIVE FAMILY MAKING BILLIONS FROM THE OPIOID CRISIS.' For members, segments from Air America archives episode 8-17-04, Bernie Sanders talks with Sam and Jeanine about GOP tax cruelty followed by Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping.

Duration: 00:55:25

1723 - Trump Admin To Destroy Net Neutrality w/ the MR Crew

On today's show, Sam addresses an investigation into Matt Taibbi that turned up nothing, the crew discusses Charlie Rose's grossness, John Conyers pays off his harassment victims with taxpayer dollars, the gang mocks census bureau nominee Thomas Brunell and his awful book, the FCC is going to hell and taking net neutrality with it, and the Republicans threaten the role of blue slips in blocking judicial nominees. On the fun half: More discussion of sexual harassment, a caller wonders if the...

Duration: 01:00:03

1722 - The New Deal and the Limits of American Politics w/ Jefferson Cowie

On today's show, labor historian Jefferson Cowie joins us to talk about his book "The Great Exception: The New Deal and the Limits of American Politics." While the New Deal is often held up as the model for progressives to shoot for, it came out of an exceptional period from the 1930s to the 1970s when politics were focused on collective, economic well being. It was also the result of a compromise that excluded African Americans from most of its benefits. In this interview, Cowie describes...

Duration: 00:52:34

1721 - The GOP's Tax Reform Cash-Out & Harassment Tumult Continues w/ Digby & Judy Gold

Good morning everyone, on today’s show Digby (@digby56) joins us to discuss the Republicans' tax plan, which would actually raise taxes on families making less than $75,000/year and give those ill-gotten gains directly to Ivanka Trump. Then, comedian Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) joins us to let it all out regarding the Al Franken story, Trump's absurdly hypocritical tweet, Christian hypocrisy on Roy Moore, sexism in the comedy world, and more. Also: Disgraced former DHS official Jamie Johnson's...

Duration: 04:44:35

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