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The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.

The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.
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The Majority Report is a scathingly funny, no-holds-barred, informative talk show focused on politics. Sam Seder hosts this daily podcast with guests including comedians, politicians, writers and musicians.








1797 - The Fox News Cabinet and Lessons From PA-18 w/ Benjamin Dixon & Film Guy Matthew Weiss

On today's show: Ryan Zinke says "konnichiwa" after listening to a woman's story of Japanese internment camps. Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon), founder of and host of The Benjamin Dixon Show joins us to break down the latest news from the Trump White House. North Korea hawk John Bolton is set to become Trump's national security advisor. Trump's increasing confidence that he can do whatever he wants and no one will care. Can our institutions absorb this? How Trump and...


1796 - Divining Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation w/ Liza Featherstone

Journalist and author Liza Featherstone (@lfeatherz) joins us to discuss her new book, Divining Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation. On today's show: What Conor Lamb's victory means for the GOP. Sean Hannity criticizes student walkouts, brags about being 100% Irish. Journalist, author, and professor Liza Featherstone joins us to discuss her latest book, Divining Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation. The surprising origin of focus groups in the government...


1795 - Is Mexico About to Elect a Leftist President? w/ Christy Thornton

Good morning on today's show, Christy Thornton,(@llchristyll) a Professor in the Sociology Department at Johns Hopkins University joins us to talk about the prospect of Mexico electing a left President. First, Fox and Friends try to spin Conor Lamb's victory as disappointing for Dems. Who is Andrés Manuel López Obrador and where does he fit in the context of Mexican democracy? The outlines of the Mexican left. The long shadow of Mexico's longtime sole party, the PRI. What are the major...


1794 - Tillerson Out, CIA Promotes a Torturer, & ICE Spokesman Resigns

On today's show: Trump bids a fond farewell to Rex Tillerson. Sarah Huckabee Sanders won't blame Russia for UK gas attack, even after Theresa May said it was probably them. Republican Rick Saccone claims to be the underdog in PA Congressional race. Incoming CIA director Gina Haspel's dark history of overseeing torture and covering it up afterwards. Trump won't answer a valid question re: Tillerson. ICE spokesman in resigns over being told to lie about California arrests. On the fun half:...


1793 - An Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century w/ William Darity Jr.

On today's show: Trump wants to arm teachers who are "naturally talented" with guns. William Darity Jr.(@SandyDarity) joins us to discuss An Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century, a piece he co-authored for The American Prospect with Darrick Hamilton and Mark Paul. FDR's proposed "second bill of rights" that would have enshrined economic rights into the constitution. Employment programs under the New Deal and the idea of a federal jobs guarantee. How such a program would be funded....


1792 - Trump Loses a Globalist and Goes to North Korea? w/ Digby & Andy Kindler

Digby (@digby56) and Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) join us for Casual Friday. On today's show: Trump likes Gary Cohn even though he's a "globalist." Trump's awkward press conference with steel workers. Digby (@digby56) of updates us on what the hell Trump thinks he is doing with North Korea. Hannity's absurd "rocket man blinked" segment. More theories on the Stormy Daniels situation. A pee-themed performance Trump might have watched in Moscow. A brief explanation of the Seychelles...


1791 - Marx & Our Crisis w/ Richard D. Wolff

Professor Richard D. Wolff (@profwolff), of U Mass Amherst and The New School, joins us to discuss the continuing relevance of Marx. On today's show: Sam Nunberg changes course on complying with Mueller's subpoena. Professor Richard D. Wolff (@profwolff) returns to talk Marxism, crisis, and economic democracy. How the financial crisis of 2008 awoke many Americans to the fatal flaws of capitalism and made them curious about socialism. How globalization and the credit industry have harmed the...


1790 - West Virginia Teachers' Strike w/ Mike Elk

Labor reporter Mike Elk (@MikeElk) joins us to discuss the teachers' strike in West Virginia. On today's show: The GOP's fake mailer about Democrat Conor Lamb's support of gun rights. Ted Cruz's hackish attack ad against Beto O'Rourke. Labor reporter Mike Elk (@MikeElk) of The Guardian and Payday Report joins us to talk about the West Virginia teachers' strike. The issues that led up to the strike and why the striking teachers had the support of their communities. The role of union...


1789 - Attacking Wall Street Reform w/ David Dayen

David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss bipartisan attacks on Wall Street reform. On today's show: Updates on how the West Virginia teacher strike is developing. Will Oklahoma teachers be next? And Sam Nunberg's origin story involves meeting Trump at Wrestlemania. Journalist David Dayen (@ddayen) of The Intercept joins us to discuss the latest bipartisan attack on Wall Street reform. While Congressional bill S.2155 was pitched as a way to relieve community banks and credit unions from...


1788 - Kushner In Quicksand & the DCCC vs. Progress w/ Ryan Grim

Ryan Grim (@RyanGrim) of The Intercept joins us to talk about the tightening legal net around Jared Kushner and why the DCCC is attacking progressive candidates. Brian Kilmeade tells Ainsley Earhardt if she's worried about he pay at Fox News she should be glad she isn't in Hollywood. The, a look a the Kushner family's business practices and what a failed loan deal with the Qataris tells us about the sort of legal trouble Jared may be in. Why democratic strategists are still stuck in the...


1787 - West Virginia Teachers Striking, How Parkland is Different, and Remembering Barry Crimmins w/ Cliff Schecter

On today's show: The West Virginia teacher strike and how it relates to the Janus case. School child owns Governor James Justice on the topic of education funding. Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) joins us for a weekly politics rundown. What's different about the Parkland shooting that will actually inspire change? The state of Georgia's extortion of Delta over the NRA discount. How gun control will impact youth voting patterns. The latest on Jervanka. Sam re-plays a 2015 interview with the...


1786 - Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment w/ Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz

Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz (@rdunbaro) joins us to discuss her new book, Loaded, A Disarming History of the Second Amendment. On today's show: Sam remembers Barry Crimmins, a pioneer of political comedy who died on Wednesday at the age of 64. Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz (@rdunbaro), author of Loaded, A Disarming History of the Second Amendment, joins us to discuss the history of gun rights in America. How Dunbar Ortiz first discovered the addictive power of guns when living in 1970s New Orleans. The...


1785 - Trump's Rhetoric and Rise In Iraqi & Syrian Casualties in 2017 w/ Murtaza Hussain

Murtaza Hussain joins us to discuss his latest piece from The Intercept where he details the skyrocketing civilian death toll in the U.S.-led war against ISIS and whether our political changes may be influencing the conduct of this war. First, Gorka wants teachers to lay down suppressing fire in event of shootings while Hannity wants guards on every floor. What is the contrast between the Obama and Trump administrations regarding rhetoric, policy, and personnel? Understanding how...


1784 - Janus & the Potential Destruction of Public Sector Unions w/ Ann Hodges

Ann Hodges, a Professor of Law at the University of Richmond, joins us to discuss the implications of the Janus case. On today's show: The NLRB throws out an anti-labor ruling due to a Trump appointee's conflict of interest. Donald Trump won't share his umbrella with his wife and child. A brief introduction to the Janus case. Ann Hodges, a Professor of Law at the University of Richmond, joins us to discuss the Janus case and what it could mean for public sector unions. As per the Abood...


1783 - DiFi Snubbed, Unions in Jeopardy, & Gun Exec Outed

On today's show: Gorka menaces Mediaite reporter at CPAC, public sector unions under attack, judge blocks part of Trump's efforts to end DACA, Dianne Feinstein loses the support of the California Democratic Party, CNN's Erick Erickson says Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg is a "bully." Spotlight on James Dabney, the Smith and Wesson CEO making piles of money off gun sales. On the fun half: John from San Antonio talks gun control's potential effect on elections. Dana Loesch says "many...


1782 - Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal w/ Aviva Chomsky

Aviva Chomsky joins us to talk about immigration and her book "Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal." The myth that there are a finite number of jobs in the US and immigrants take away opportunities from natural-born citizens. Our history of settler colonialism and slavery. How the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 opened up immigration from Asia but restricted it from Mexico for the first time, creating the concept of the Mexican "illegal" immigrant. The history of "chain migration." How the...


1781 - Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It w/ Shane Burley

Shane Burley (@shane_burley1) joins us to talk about his book, 'Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It.' The fascist reverence for "natural" hierarchies as justified by racial pseudoscience and gender essentialism. The attractive-to-some notion that white men aren't doing well because the system supports the wrong people. The taxonomy of the modern right and how people with a variety of passions come together under "alt-right" and "alt-lite" banners. How the alt-right coopts left...


1780 - The Polarizers: Postwar Architects of Our Partisan Era w/ Sam Rosenfeld

Sam Rosenfeld joins us to talk about his new book, 'The Polarizers: Postwar Architects of Our Partisan Era.' The New Deal and when American politics lacked polarization. What are the problems of too much bipartisanship? The problem posed by the conservative/white supremacist southern democrats. How patronage and historical legacies were more important than ideological and material concerns. The decline of party machines and emergence of an important national government. The assymetry of...


1779 - The Doomsday Machine w/ Daniel Ellsberg

Famed whistelblower Daniel Ellsberg joins us to discuss his new book on the 'omnicidal' dangers of nuclear weapons, 'The Doomsday Machine.' Ellsberg's personal history, including his father's connection to the US military-industrial complex and Daniel's time at RAND. How Ellsberg took more classified material than the Pentagon Papers as insurance. The Strangelovian reality of 'Dead Hand' mechanisms and how they could spell global apocalypse. The shocking casualness Ellsberg noticed in his...


1778 - How Democracies Die w/ Daniel Ziblatt & Steven Levitsky

Authors and academics Daniel Ziblatt & Stephen Levitsky join us today to discuss their new book, 'How Democracies Die.' The pre-Cold War coup-centric deaths of democraceis, and how elections ended democracies during the cold war. The importance of institutions to making democracies last long. The gatekeeping capacity of political parties. How the GOP has abdicated responsibility for maintaining democracy and became a white identity party. What happens when it's one side breaking the norms?...


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