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The guided meditations contain audio technology called 'binaural beats'. These tones actually help slow the brain waves to induce a relaxed and powerful meditative state. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery.

The guided meditations contain audio technology called 'binaural beats'. These tones actually help slow the brain waves to induce a relaxed and powerful meditative state. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery.
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Los Angeles, CA


The guided meditations contain audio technology called 'binaural beats'. These tones actually help slow the brain waves to induce a relaxed and powerful meditative state. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery.






Unconditional Love, Part 2

Unconditional Love is Universal Life Force that heals us, restores us, and recalibrates our body, mind, & spirit. In today's meditation, we reside in the body of Unconditional Love. Love what we do? Want to support The Meditation Podcast? Want access to all our past episodes, plus other exclusive content? Learn more at

Duration: 00:23:09

What Happened to Falling Asleep?

What happened to 'Falling Asleep', and all our old episodes? We moved our podcast to It's a crowdfunding site, where our listeners can support what we do by subscribing. For just a couple bucks a month, you get access to our entire 10-year archive of meditations, plus our monthly chat, newsletter, and more! You can still enjoy our latest episodes for free, right here where you've been getting them all along. If you love what we do, come join our growing...

Duration: 00:01:08

Recenter, Restore, Recharge

We all get tired sometimes, stressed, and uncertain. Perhaps we've lost our creative drive, our patience or our empathy toward others, or we simply feel out of sorts. In today's meditation, we practice a simple centering exercise to energize ourselves, and help us feel our best.

Duration: 00:23:03

Unconditional Love, Part 1

We have often said that Unconditional Love is the most basic building block in the Universe. Love is a powerful healer, and simply experiencing it can regenerate the body mind and spirit. In today's meditation, we cultivate the experience of Unconditional Love. This is the first step in reiki, tantra, and many forms of partner meditation or healing arts.

Duration: 00:27:06

Healing Trauma Part 2 - DNA and Ancestry

Trauma is passed from generation to generation through our DNA, and through subconscious emotional communication, often for several generations. It can affect us deeply, even if we didn't know the person involved. It affects our well being, and can hinder us from experiencing true joy, freedom, and empathy. This is part 2 of our Healing Trauma series. In today's meditation, we go deeper into the release of trauma and anxiety, to explore our ancestral trauma. In doing so, we heal the...

Duration: 00:27:56

Healing Trauma and Anxiety

Trauma has many sources: combat or confrontation, surgery or injury, death in the family, financial or survival-related struggles, and much more. Trauma is even passed on through generations via our DNA. Many of us carry trauma in our daily lives, which creates anxiety, imbalances our adrenaline, and severely affects our happiness and empathy. In today's meditation, we use a breathing technique -- and specific energetic work within the meditation -- to heal, release, and resolve trauma.

Duration: 00:29:43

Developing Discipline

Many of us have goals that we want to achieve in our lives: write a book, lose weight, learn a musical instrument, and so on. However, we may find ourselves lacking the discipline or self-control to start or to finish. We may even talk ourselves out of accomplishing our goals by claiming that 'it is too hard', or 'I don't have time'. In today's meditation we practice developing discipline: the long-term process of reaching our goals, one step and one day at a time.

Duration: 00:18:22

Creative Freedom

My mom died a few weeks ago, and today's meditation is in honor of her. In today's meditation, we prepare for — and create — beauty. Although this recording is only 20 minutes, please allow one full hour to this process. You may already have a creative outlet — music, dance, drawing, painting. If not, start today. Pick up some paper and paints, or dust off that musical instrument sitting in the corner.

Duration: 00:21:11

Rebuilding Self Confidence

We have all experienced moments in our lives when our confidence failed. We may have doubted our abilities, our appearance, our goals, or our dreams. This doubt may have come from trauma, mental or emotional abuse, or a simple fear of being ourselves. When we break free of these doubts, we begin to experience moving forward in our lives, with infinite success in our dreams and ambitions. In today's meditation we release our doubts and fears, to rebuild our self-confidence.

Duration: 00:23:25

A Higher Perspective

We all have desires and goals, we all imagine and wish for the future. But what happens when we achieve those desires, goals and wishes ... only to realize it wasn't what we wanted -- or that we're not even halfway there? In today's meditation, we look at our goals and wishes from a higher perspective.

Duration: 00:23:46

Self Acceptance

As a culture, we are obsessed with self improvement. Our media is full of ads and images enticing us -- and pitching solutions -- to lose weight, get organized, clear our skin, find love, make money, eat the 'right' foods, and more. The problem is that self-improvement can root us in the thing that we're trying to change. By focusing on wanting to 'improve', it's possible to get stuck in an addictive cycle where all we create is more 'wanting'. In today's meditation, we practice the fine...

Duration: 00:19:09

Healing from Disappointment

When a person or organization does not meet our needs, breaks their word, or otherwise fails to live up to our expectations, we naturally become disappointed, hurt, angry, or mistrustful. In today's meditation, we heal this disappointment. This is an essential first step in reclaiming our own power, so that we can move clearly and positively through our lives.

Duration: 00:21:19


We at The Meditation Podcast are excited to share some changes coming to our podcast. We are committed to expanding, building a community, and engaging more with you, our listeners. As a first step, we are now on Patreon! For as little as $1 per month, we will be able to serve you more, and offer rewards to say 'thank you' for being a supporter. Please check out our page at Patreon dot com slash The Meditation Podcast, and become a supporter today!

Duration: 00:00:34

A Message to Our Listeners 2016

We want to let you know how much we appreciate your thoughtful emails and generous donations. Your testimonies about how our meditations have helped you have been really inspiring to us at The Meditation Podcast. It's encouraged us to continue making a difference. However you choose to celebrate, we want to wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a prosperous and peaceful 2017. Peace and blessings from The Meditation Podcast!

Duration: 00:00:29

Centered and Balanced for the Holidays

In today's meditation, we allow ourselves a moment to pause from the manic holidays.

Duration: 00:21:17

Wall of Peace

In today's meditation, we build a Wall of Peace around our inner world. This reminds us that our external situations remain outside us, and that we always have the power to choose our natural state of peace and contentment.

Duration: 00:04:55

Hearing Your Inner Voice

In today's meditation, we connect with our inner voice, the infinite wisdom deep within ourselves. This voice offers clarity and guidance, perspective and purpose.

Duration: 00:21:07