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Saving vs. Investing: What Is Investing? Part 1 – Cash Flow – TMA 019

Most investing returns fizzle far beneath our expectations. When we most want our money to make money, we end up flatlining, or even losing money. The prosperity and confidence we'd hoped for elude us, leaving us more anxious and uncertain instead.  Could it be that we have our sights on the wrong target? Let's take a look at investing from a cash flow perspective to untangle the confusion and bring you investing clarity. You need to understand why this investing performance failure occurs,...


Transform Your Life and Business with the Power of Gratitude, with Kevin Clayson – TMA 018

Gratitude is a key ingredient in the abundance mindset recipe required for building a life and business you love. It’s like the yeast in a bread recipe or the coffee beans in the coffee. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s the elixir of life. It has the power to heal, elevate, bring clarity, create solutions, expand love, and increase your personal power. It’s miraculous when it’s applied. But for many of us, gratitude is plentiful when things are going well, and non-existent when we...


Saving vs. Investing: What Is Savings? – TMA 017

What Is Savings: Why We Need a Definition In all the financial pressure you feel to plan for the future, have you ever stopped to consider, fundamentally, what is savings? Often the answer is in asking the right questions. Concerning great questions, this is one that will behoove you to ask, understand, and answer that question for yourself.  Savings. We love having it. We know we need it. Everybody wants more of it. Savings is a precept of wealth-building. It’s a foundational...


Trump’s Tax Reform: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know, with Dustin Griffiths – TMA 016

Trump's tax reform has made a lot of big changes to the tax code. Because of the overhaul, our proactive tax team posted a series of blogs outlining the changes and what they mean for you. When we read them, we knew right away that we wanted to share them with you. So, we brought Dustin Griffiths back on the podcast to share the changes we think are most relevant to the small business owner. We're also sharing the links to all of their blogs to help you gain more clarity. Disclaimer: We've...


How to Save Like the Wealthy – TMA 015

If you want to seize opportunities like the wealthy, you will need to save like the wealthy. Building a financial system is a lot like barrel racing. Far away from the roar of audiences, the outcome of the race is determined by the hours of preparation and conditioning spent outside the ring, out of the public eye, before the race. Likewise, in building true wealth, developing a savings system is the preparation and conditioning it takes to succeed. Everything I Needed to Know I Learned...


Explode Real Estate Returns with Privatized Banking, with Jimmy Vreeland TMA 014

One growing company is maximizing their real estate returns by using the premier financing strategy of the wealthy.  As stand-alone tools, both real estate and high cash value life insurance are top-notch. Their powers of cash flow, appreciation, equity, leverage, tax advantages, and a hedge against inflation unrivaled by any other product. But when you combine these two high-quality assets together, your money does two things at the same time. This gives you an unfair advantage parallel...


Why the Wealthy Love Cash, Part 2 – TMA 013

The concept of holding cash – savings – is such an intricate, multi-faceted one. This series will walk you through the WHY, the compelling reasons to value and build cash savings. Then, we’ll show you how to apply it and reveal the key distinctions to keep you on track. If you have a great enough WHY, then figuring out what to do becomes important. But it all comes back to WHY. Since we love Simon Sinek’s Start with Why concept, we aim to apply it in everything we communicate. You may have...


Prosperity Economcis Principles, with Kim D.H. Butler – TMA 012

Kim Butler is a champion of Prosperity Economics principles who's bringing them back into the mainstream. She’s revitalizing the traditional way of thinking, condensing age-old wealth principles into the 7 Principles of Prosperity. She helps people get their money doing more jobs and building wealth outside of Wall Street. She’s the owner of Partners 4 Prosperity, a Registered Investment Advisory firm dedicated to the Prosperity Economics Principles. Additionally, Kim serves as the co-host...


Why the Wealthy Love Cash, Part 1 – TMA 011

Have you ever had conflicting thoughts about cash savings? You'd feel better with more savings, but you're not really sure it's a winning financial strategy.  Savings is pure magic. Within its seed is infinite and tremendous potential. This article will help you see and unleash the power of savings to accomplish your financial goals. Savings is a value of the ultra-wealthy. Having savings – liquid, accessible, safe cash – is critical and relevant, even in today’s economy, even with boring...


How to Pay Less in Taxes Legally, with Dustin Griffiths – TMA 010

“Tax Empowered” vs. “Tax Scared” It’s time to stop tipping the IRS and pay less in taxes legally, from now on. No one likes paying the IRS, but are you letting the government steal from you? If you aren’t strategic, tax deadlines can feel like doomsday. You’re stuck with hating that you pay so much in taxes or fearing you’re doing something wrong. But, there’s no need for the word “taxes” to have you tucking your tail and running for the hills. While the IRS is not your friend, the tax...


Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Top Amazon Seller, with Tyler Douthitt – TMA 009

Along the 12-year journey to becoming a top Amazon seller, Tyler Douthitt has accumulated a wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom. It takes a considerable amount of grit, resilience, vision, and self-awareness to make it to the top 2%. In this interview, you’ll note: His abundance perspective to create a great life, not only for himself but also for others The importance of being responsive The value of taking the one next step We hope his story, his success, and his lessons will encourage you...


What is Prosperity Economics? Part 2 – TMA 008

Typical Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics Prosperity Economics is a wholesome and positive remedy to the limitations, guesses, and fear-based typical financial planning. On the one hand, the typical financial conversation holds an underlying opinion that you should give your money to someone else more qualified than you, put it aside for the future, not touch it or use it now, and hope things work out. On the other hand, the abundance-centric, value-creating, opportunity-seeking...


Maximizing Your Business Tax Deductions in 2018, with Mark Schreiber – TMA 007

Do you know if you’re maximizing your business tax deductions? If the thought of the new year brings you tax anxiety, you’re not alone. Many business owners fear tax season and the “day of reckoning” when they find out how much they owe to Uncle Sam. No one likes to part with hard-earned dollars or wonder whether they may have overpaid. To make matters worse, taxes seem like an endless maze of confusion. Blindly trusting a professional and hoping they’re doing everything in your best...


What is Prosperity Economics? Part 1 – TMA 006

Prosperity Economics has begun its renaissance as an alternative to typical financial planning. An increasing number of courageous, conscious, independent thinkers have outgrown typical financial planning. They resonate with a different financial philosophy that provides more control, certainty, and permission to use their money now. For them, the financial status quo has been losing its luster. Its unfulfilled promises and failure to produce economic security have grown increasingly...


Privatized Banking: Increasing Capital and Cashflow, with Dr. Robert P. Murphy – TMA 005

 Privatized Banking is the perfect savings system for entrepreneurs. It allows you to emulate the most powerful business model in the world: The Bank! Bob Murphy discusses out-of-the-box strategies that complement the entrepreneur. He is an economist in an unconventional wrapper. His sense of humor and straight-talk help him convey the most perplexing concepts with elegance and simplicity we can all understand. He’s a free market thinker with the courage to be contrarian. He goes against...


Abundance: Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs – TMA 004

Your financial life should have come with the instructions: "For best results, abundance thinking required!" Your financial results are a direct product of your way of thinking about money. While it's tempting to jump right into strategies and products and investments, you'll never outperform your mindset. You are your greatest investment, therefore exponential results are created by an abundance mindset. In the famous Indian fable of the Blind Men and the Elephant, six blind men described...


Just Take Action – TMA 003

With naivety that makes me laugh now, after having my first child, I thought I'd have so much free time, why not start a business? As much courage as it takes to tell one’s story, it’s also tremendously freeing and empowering. I heard it said that the most important gift we can give is our story. Every story we hear is a gift because we find ourselves in each other’s stories. We receive the gift of permission to live out our own story bravely, own it, and share it. I’ll share how I became...


The Mindset Shift – TMA 002

At 25 years old, Bruce had chest pains and thought he was having a heart attack. The crisis caused him to face his own mortality. He re-evaluated the nobility of hard work, pushing himself, and hustling. Bruce’s backstory highlights two strategic mindset shifts that have developed him into the person he is today. Because of his experience, he has become a giver with the keen ability to add value to his clients’ lives. The first shift was a decision not to be dependent on another person or...


How The Money Advantage Began – TMA 001

The Money Advantage was born out of unexpected collaboration in the most unlikely of circumstances. Three financial service professionals in an industry known for its undercurrent of competition, from across state lines, different companies, different levels of experience, and different generations. With the common ground of a desire to bring empowering education to business owners to help them keep and control more of their money, a Go-Giver spirit, a willingness to say yes to the unknown...


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