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The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.

The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.
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United Kingdom


The home of UK based audio and video podcasts to inform, inspire and entertain anyone interested in self powered travel. Walking, cycling and paddling.






No 452 - Cape Wrath Part 2

The second part of this series originally recorded in 2008 as Lee and I make our way from Ullapool to Cape Wrath through a variety of weather and exciting camping conditions.


No 451 - Cape Wrath Part 1

The next few podcasts are to make up for my silence of these last few weeks. I am soon to be interviewing Keith Foskett regarding his forthcoming book High and Low, part of which touches on the Cape Wrath Trail. So before speaking with him, I thought I would re-visit my 2008 adventure and recycle the 5 part series to inspire our audience to consider one of the last wilderness trails in the UK. It has been a joy to listen to these again and I do hope you find them equally interesting. If you...


No 450 - Leave No Trace

This ia an important subject and one which hopefully you wil be able to share with other individuals, groups and interested parties, who all share a love for the outdoors and a desire to maintain it with respect. Life Trek Adventures is run by partners Seb and Heidi. Their shared passion for outdoor sport and adventure travel has taken them around the globe in both personal and professional contexts. They are committed to helping others understand, care for and utilise our wild spaces in a...


No 449 - A Brand New Year

It was a very, very pleasant New Years Eve for Rose and I as Andy and Kate finally made it over to our new place and following a nice wet afternoons walk on the local Malvern Hills to give Pip the dog a good stretch, we settled in for a magnificent Venison Stew and a night of laughter with our old friends. After a good sleep we all woke to a new day and a New Year and naturally after the usual pleasantries were exchanged we got down to the more important breakfast topics of how much weight...


No 447 - The Next Podcast Is Yours

Thanks to you, my audience we have just passed the 10 Million download mark. This is an incredible achievement for a small independent, unsponsored producer. This goes to show there is a need for the content and service we provide and I want to celebrate this by asking you, the audience, to call in and leave a message so I can create the next podcast from you and your relationship with this podcast. I couldn't have done it without you, so please join in the celebration and Skype me to...


No 446 - One Wheel On My Wagon

Hannah Simpson has just completed a 734 Mile extreme cycle touring, wild camping, solo unsupported adventure along the length of Britain. Not very exciting I hear you say. Try doing it on a Unicycle!! Hannah did and here's her story.


No 445 - La Belle France

This podcast is a simple review using the service, who I interviewed at the Adventure Travel Show earlier this year. This was at our own expense and not paid for by Homecamper. It was also the first time we had taken a dog to France and experiencing the customs treatment for the 4 legged travellers. We visit three sites and basically camp in the back garden of those who have linked themselves to this service.


No 444 - News Roundup

It’s been a busy month or two at The Outdoors Station and towers. Our plans for some more remote hikes were scuppered by the urgent installation of a water treatment system as the other failed on Christmas day. However as most folks will know I took off and did the Two Moors Way and Rose tackled the Cotswold Way over a period of 3 weekends, so although it wasn’t the Isle of Skye as we hoped, as least we have stretched our legs. The next mini adventure is a trip to...


No 443 - The Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way National Trail runs between Chipping Campden and Bath, the 102 mile route explores the Cotswolds AONB. Rose undertook this walk in July 2017 with her Springer Spaniel ‘Pip’ over a period of three weekends in a variety of weathers. Weekend 1 - Chipping Campden to Birdlip, weekend 2 - Birdlip to Wootton Under Edge and weekend 3 - Wootton to Bath. Gear was chosen to make this as light a walk as practically possible, however the sacrifice was not to take any cooking gear in...


No 424 - Tread Lite Gear

Tread Lite Gear is a UK cottage manufacturing brand name which most people who are interested in the lightweight outdoor scene, may have increasingly become aware of in recent years. The man behind the idea, the business and more importantly, the sewing machine is Paul Stokes. In the podcast you’ll hear how he took the brave step to teach himself the dark skills of the sewing machine and step away from his white collar career as a surveyor to design, create and sew lots of very cool items,...


No 422 - Alex Roddie Pt2

This is part two of my conversation with Alex Roddie as we explore his writing and backpacking interests more. In this episode we touch on walking in the Alps, his conscious decision to carry lighter loads to travel easier and some of his equipment choices and why. We also discuss how he takes his night time images which have appeared in recent publications. It is an honest chat about how his writing has evolved, his approach to photography and building these skills. His evolution from...


No 421 - Alex Roddie Pt1

Alex Roddie may be a name you are familiar with if you are an avid reader of TGO or Trail magazine. In the last few years his articles have started to appear in many places and prove to be an enjoyable and easy read, describing the familiar and not so familiar places in a romantic and honest style. His writing history is an interesting one, initially starting with well researched but historic fictional mountain adventure stories with characters so strong we are sure we know them! It is an...


No 420 - Recommended Listening Pt2

It is my pleasure to introduce you to two story based outdoor and travel podcasts produced in the UK, which use added audio editing and sound features to bring interesting and inspiring stories of travel to immersion yourself into this holiday season. Delve in, fill up your player and sit back with your sherry tipple and escape from all the madness!


No 418 - Chris Townsend Pt1

Chris Townsend is one of the best known and probably best loved and most respected, long distance hikers who has experienced not only ‘the trail’ all over the world, but also the development of associated equipment of the last 30 years. This podcast is mainly based around his most recent 32 day 450 mile walk from Yosemite Valley to Death Valley in September and October 2016. It is a very interesting observation in the diverse terrain and experience of the high sierras compared with the...


No 412 - 7000kms on a Shoestring Pt2

This is part two of a two part release. At the beginning of 2016 Laura Bingham set off from the Pacific coast in South America to cycle some 7000km across to the Atlantic without spending a penny. In part one we heard about the trip in general and her reasons for tackling it. In part two we get into the nitty gritty, the emotions and the practicalities of dealing with a potentially serious accident in a very remote location. Of course we also talk a bit about gear and more importantly...


No 415 - Competition Time

We are getting more and more people wanting to support us and making donations towards our hosting and running costs which is greatly appreciated. However, as good as this is, as we invest more into the future plans to produce better and a wider range of podcast and videos, it can be a bit inconsistent. Yes we have been approached for sponsorship and advertising, but this take an enormous amount of admin to service and the independent integrity we strive to maintain, can start to get lost...


No 414 - Cycling London to Athens

Megan Cumberlidge has just returned (End October 2016) from this her first long distance 5631km (3519 mile) cycle trip from London to Athens. Not only was it her first cycle trip of this kind, but it also introduced her to her first wild camp and first experience of using Google Translate as a way of introducing herself to people in the countries she passed through. Her schedule was flexible and as you’ll hear she was fairly free to accept offers of assistance and social invitations along...


No 413 - Nicky Spinks

If you feel like you need a little inspiration today, then this podcast is for you. In May 2016, Nicky Spinks, 49, became only the second person to complete a double Bob Graham Round, that's 132 miles fell run across the Lake District's highest peaks, in a record time of 45 hours and 30 minutes. She’s a down to earth lass and who leads a practical life as a farmer and intends to fill her every moment to the max.


No 412 - Recommended Listening Pt1

There is a vast selection of Podcast producers now on the scene. Some of whom produce good quality, entertaining material and others who quite frankly, don’t. I wanted to support those who do. Fellow creators who produce ‘the good stuff’ and especially those who produce material I feel will be of interest to my Outdoor audience. More variety, more passion and appreciation of the world around is a good thing right? So this is part one of a new series entitled Recommended Listening and it is...


No 410 - The Perimeter of the UK

This is a fascinating chat with Quintin Lake a professional architectural photographer and the latest in a series of personal projects he is undertaking, entitled The Perimeter. As you’ll hear, he has set himself the task of walking around the perimeter of the UK and capturing as he see’s it, the abstract and the unusual images as they present themselves. No set up shots, no military planning, just going with the flow and seeing what jumps out at him at that very moment it ‘clicks’.


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