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TPM S2 / EP9: Devin Logan, Pro Skier, Olympic Medalist

Devin Logan is the youngest of 5 kids and was treated like a little brother by her two closest siblings, Sean and Chris. Chasing her brothers around in between runs at contests and their general influence on her has given her the relaxed confidence that she uses to reach the podium at places like the Olympics….which she is about to do so tune in to watch Devin go for Gold in Slopestyle and Halfpipe in South Korea. Devin Logan Show Notes: 2:14: Coming up to Windell’s Camp and the perks of...


TPM S2 / EP8: David Wise, Pro Skier, Olympic Gold Medalist

David Wise is the most decorated halfpipe skier of all-time. Going into the Olympic Games, he is on fire and is everyone’s favorite to win back to back gold medals. He’s a likable 27 year old going on 40. He has a wife, 2 kids, and likes to spend a lot of time alone in the woods bowhunting. In a world of rock stars, he’s a man of faith with nothing to prove to anyone other than himself. We talk life, getting dropped from 4FRNT and more on the podcast David Wise Show Notes 2:20: What is...


TPM S2 / EP7: Brita Sigourney, Pro Skier, Olympian

Brita Sigourney has spent most of her ski career in two places: Standing on the podium and laying in a hospital bed. She’s going into the Olympics with a clean bill of health and the some of the best results she’s ever had as a professional skier. On the podcast Brita and I talk about her whole life and focus on the multitude of injuries she has experienced over the past 8 years, coming back to podiums each time and more. It’s another good one! Brita Sigourney Show Notes: 2:54: Big year...


TPM S2 / EP6: Torin Yater-Wallace Pro Skier, Olympian

Torin Yater-Wallace had to overcome more challenges than anyone I’ve talked to. From growing up with a dad in prison, to moving countess times as a kid, to injuries, to a sickness that became so bad that he was medically paralyzed for 10 days. Through all of this, Torin had skiing and all his dreams revolved around becoming a professional. With all the cards stacked against him, Torin never quit or felt sorry for himself and made his dreams happen. The funny thing is, listening to the...


TPM S2 / EP5: Tim Pogue, CEO Mizu, Founder Ride Snowboards

Tim Pogue is a visionary in the world of action sports, specifically the world of snow. When this 10 year non-alum of University of Minnesota, he also happened to be a sponsored windsurfer, moved west is his VW bus, the last place anyone would expect him to land was taking classes at Harvard or on Wall Street. Tim’s life has been the one of dreams for the action sports marketer turned executive and he maps out his long strange trip on the podcast. Tim Pogue Show Notes: 2:00: Pre-trade show...


TPM S2 / EP4: Nick Goepper, Olympic Medalist, Pro Skier

There was a time when Axl Rose left his small town in Indiana as there was nothing left for him there. To make it, he needed to move west where he would surround himself with other, likeminded people. While Nick Goepper is no Axl Rose, his story is the same. He started honing his craft in the Hoosier state, moved west to Windells Academy and found more success than he ever dreamed of. Like Axl, Nick learned that with success comes problems. While Nick didn’t alienate his fans and get fat,...


TPM S2 / EP3: Alex Schlopy, Former Pro Skier

Alex Schlopy set a goal for himself going into the 2014 Olympic Games: In his words it was “make the Olympics or I’d rather be dead.” Unfortunately, Alex missed making the US Olympic Team by the slimmest of margins and decided to seek out crack and heroin to dull his pain and follow through on the ‘or I’d rather part’. A few suicide attempts and an arrest later, Alex went to treatment and is currently getting back into the sport he loves. He’s young and still has a chance to regain all...


TPM S2 / EP2: Joss Christensen, Olympic Gold Medalist, Skier

Joss Christensen was on the bubble to make the US Olympic Team in 2014 when he lost his dad. When he was selected to the US Team with the discretionary spot, skiers all over the internet were outraged and Joss was put down, harassed, bullied, and even asked to give up his Olympic spot for someone else. While this hurt Joss’s pride, it also gave him something to prove…And he did by becoming the first ever Ski Slopestyle Olympic Gold Medalist. Fast forward 4 years and Joss is on the bubble...


TPM S2 / EP1: Jeff Ament, Bassist, Pearl Jam

Jeff Ament is known for being the bassist for Pearl Jam but his story goes much deeper than that. He doesn’t do many interviews, and none go this deep. From working on a farm in small town Montana, to turning down football scholarships as an all-state quarterback, to music, to charity, the dude has done a lot in his life and he’s remained as humble as they get. Hear it all on the podcast. Jeff Ament Show Notes 1:35: What has Jeff been up to lately? 3:25: Born and raised in small town...


TPM Episode 49: Roy Tuscany, Founder, High Fives Foundation

Roy Tuscany was that cocky, aspiring pro skier that I’m sure everyone knew at one point. He had his life together, graduated from college and moved out west to pursue his ski dreams. When Roy overshot a jump and suffered a life altering injury, everything changed. He realized that there was more to life than himself and that it was time to give others the support he received when he had his accident. Through the High Fives Foundation, that punk kid has become a selfless adult who strives...


TPM 48: Spencer O'Brien, Pro Snowboarder & Olympian

Spencer O’Brien is one of the top slopestyle competitors in the world, which is an amazing feat considering that she suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. On the podcast, we talk about her decorated snowboarding career, what the Olympics mean to her and how she is still able to compete while suffering from a debilitating disease. Don’t’ miss it! Spencer O'Brien Show Notes 1:15: What is Spencer up to now? 3:49: Vancouver sports and growing up in Alert Bay and getting into skiing 6:00:...


TPM Episode 47: Jaimeson Keegan, Sports Agent

Jaimeson Keegan’s professional life has been one that every high school kid, who’s not the best at what they do sports-wise, dreams of. He went from college to the music industry in Seattle when it was on fire and left that world for a company, RedBull, that no-one had really heard of yet. That career choice created countless opportunities, the latest of which is his decade old sports agency, Superheroes Management. For a desk jockey, he has a great story. Jaimeson Keegan Show...


TPM Episode 46: Bobby Brown, Pro Skier, Olympian

Bobby Brown didn’t start skiing until he was 11 years old and just 7 years later found himself standing on top of the X-Games podium, which he considers more important than the Olympics. Bobby and I talk about coming up, his career, his final shot at Olympic Gold and everything in between. Bobby Brown Show Notes: 1:17: What is Bobby up to now and what was his summer like 2:25: Watching the Broncos lose the Super Bowl when he was in Sochi 3:50: Getting into skiing at 11 years old, the...


TPM Episode 45: Kimmy Fasani, Pro Snowboarder

Kimmy Fasani has never let the lows of life drag her down and she’s been through some painful experiences on her way to and at the peak of her snowboarding career. She also hasn’t let the highs of being a top level professional snowboarder get to her head. How long will that career last now that, coming of her best season ever on paper, Kimmy is pregnant with Chris Benchetler’s baby and her contracts are set to expire? Hear what Kimmy has to say on the podcast. Kimmy Fasani Show...


TPM Episode 44: Kris "Jaymo" Jamieson, Action Sports Visionary

Kris “Jaymo” Jamieson is one of the nicest and unintentionally cool people you will ever meet. He doesn’t try to be the man, he just is and his passion is contagious. He’s done everything you can do in action sports at the highest level, from being an athlete, media personality, desk jockey and now, to start up partner. He’s never done anything soley for money, it’s always been about passion and the money has followed. Kris 'Jaymo' Jamieson Show Notes 2:00: What is Evo Gimbals and...


TPM Episode 43: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Pro Skier

While Sage Cattabriga Alosa had set his goal on being a professional skier, his ski career was made in one shoot and he never looked back. From racing in Wyoming to chasing the Collins Brothers around in Utah, Sage honed his craft and became one of the best skiers of his time. His exploits are legendary, his movie segments many and his outlook on things is a little bit different and that’s just one of the things that makes him awesome on and off the hill. Sage Cattabriga Alosa Show...


TPM Episiode 42: Matt Sterbenz, Founder, 4FRNT Skis

When Matt Sterbenz finished at the U of M, he left the Midwest in search of bigger mountains that would help him achieve his goal of becoming a pro skier. When Matt turned his dream into a reality, he could finally peak behind the curtains of the ski industry. When he realized he didn’t like what he saw, he decided take matters in own hands. He starts 4FRNT Skis as a vehicle to help evolve the sport he loves and after 15 years of no profit, is forced to sell. On the podcast Matt shares all...


TPM Episode 41: Howard Katkov, RED Mountain CEO

Howard Katkov is doing something that’s never been done in the ski industry with his “Fight the Man, Own the Mountain Campaign.” He started as a surfer then became a student, lawyer, developer, manufacturer, corporate executive and for over a decade, he’s been the owner of RED Mountain. Now, he’s creating the opportunity for everyone to own a piece of what he and many others think is the best skiing in North America. Find out his story and all about owning RED. Howard Katkov Show...


TPM Episode 40: Nate Bozung, Boznutz

Nate Bozung was once the young buck on Forum Snowboards who oozed style. He fully embraced the rockstar lifestyle and rode with it. Nate created brands, owned companies, traveled the world, blew money, and lived the drinking life to the fullest. Now, Nate is back in Utah, living a life of moderation (for Nate) and figuring out what to do next. Nate Bozung Show Notes: 1:30: What is Nate up to now, going to a wedding and snowboarding 4:00: Growing up in CA and being Mormon 7:21: Team...


TPM Episode 39: Scott Stevens, Pro Snowboarder

Scott Stevens is one of the most creative snowboarders out there and his skills on a trampoline are second to none. He’s not a household name but he should be. Instead, he’s a blue-collar snowboarder who is comfortable in front of the camera, not crowds. I caught up with Scott at High Cascade Snowboard Camp to talk about his life and career. Scott Stevens Show Notes 2:27: Scott’s history at High Cascade Snowboard Camp and who influenced him 4:00: Who rides like him in...


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