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TPM Episode 31: Brian Aragon, Retired Pro Rollerblader

Brian Aragon’s life sounded like a dream until he realized it wasn’t. He was a world champion pro skater and his video parts were as legendary as his park skills. He’s traveled the world many times over, had 6 Pro Model skates, and a skatepark named after him all before the age of 30…. And then he rolled away from it all to become the Inside Account Manager over at Arrow Electronics. Find out why on the podcast Brian Aragon Show Notes: 2:03: What is a typical Monday for Brian and what...

Duration: 01:03:04

TPM Episode 30: Bryce Phillips, CEO EVO, Pro Skier

Bryce Phillips is as modest as they come for a guy that built an empire that helped change the landscape of retail in action sports. From his humble beginnings as a first grade entrepreneur in Oregon to his professional ski career, to the ups and downs of EVO, Bryce has earned everything he’s built. 2:15: What is going on in Bryce’s life this week? 2:48: Recently breaking his back 3:45: Growing up in Roseburg, OR and what childhood was like 6:00: Tough lessons learned as a kid that...

Duration: 00:51:51

TPM Episode 29: Blake Paul, Pro Snowboarder

Blake Paul came to High Cascade Snowboard Camp with his “Lick the Cat” crew this summer and Blake was the first casualty. A dislocated collarbone forced Blake off the hill and onto the podcast. We talk about the injury, growing up in Jackson Hole, Aaron Robinson, and getting to be a sponsored snowboarder. Blake Paul Show Notes 2:00: What happened to Blake’s shoulder? 3:23: How long has Blake been coming to Windells and HCSC? 4:27: Who did he look up to when he was a camper? 6:15:...

Duration: 00:45:23

TPM Episode 28: Tristan Herbert, Manager of Motorsport and Consumer Racing - Audi America

Not too many professional snowboarders, or race car drivers, come from the streets of Great Falls, VA. Tristan Herbert is the only person I know to have owned both those titles along with a few others. A naturally gifted athlete who always seems to land on his feet, Tristan has used up more than a few of his nine lives on his way to running the US Race Programs for Lamborghini and Audi. It’s a story full of injuries that changed Tristan’s career path time after time. Tristan Herbert Show...

Duration: 00:41:04

TPM Episode 27: Cole Seely, Pro Motocross Racer, Team Honda

Cole Seely’s road to Supercross stardom is a lot different than most. It starts in an apartment in California, where his parents put everything they have into Cole’s career….and then Cole quits racing at 16. When he returns months later, the pressure is lifted and it all comes together for Cole. He consistently places in the top 5 in 250 class and then moves up to 450’s. Right now, Cole is at the top of his game and at 27, the next few years should define his career. Cole Seely Show...

Duration: 00:34:05

TPM Episode 26: JT Holmes, Pro Skier, Wingsuit Pilot, Rally Car Racer, Stuntman

For most of JT Holmes’ 20+ years as a professional athlete, he’s been looked at as a pro skier and he still has that title. These days JT moonlights as a wingsuit pilot, off-road racer, and stuntman, all at a professional level. He’s worked to achieve some great things in the mountains, air, and on the big screen over the years while experiencing more loss (people doing what they love) than anyone I know. JT lives in a world of risk and he gets ‘real’ talking about death, his avalanche,...

Duration: 01:06:48

TPM Episode 25: Andy Farrington, Wingsuit Pilot, Red Bull Air Force

In a world of big personalities, adrenalin fueled exploits and high risk, Andy Farrington is the calm voice of reason. The youngest member of The Red Bull Air Force, Andy is looked at as the quiet, badass who can pilot a wingsuit like no-other. From cancer at age 2 to 25,000 skydives at age 33, to wingsuits and Hollywood, nothing can stop Andy Farrington Andy Farrington Show Notes 1:51: His last big trip to Jordan with Miles Daisher 3:20: His family history of skydiving starting with a...

Duration: 00:45:29

TPM Episode 24: Cam McCaul, Pro Biker, TV and Event Host

Cam McCaul has done more in 31 years than most people do in a lifetime. It all started with his bike and he’s never looked back. From the beginnings of mountain biking to the slopestyle contests of today, Cam has lived through it all. Unofficially retired from competition, Cam is still at most events, only now he’s commentating on the action. And if you miss the comps, you can always see him hosting ‘Locals” on Outside TV. Cam McCaul Show Notes 1:40: How are things in France and...

Duration: 00:41:33

TPM Episode 23: Jill Kintner, Pro Biker, Olympic Medalist

Jill Kintner is a badass on a bike and has been for more than half of her life. Regardless of the discipline, she had a drive to be the best on her bike and that drive was first instilled by her dad. Her story is a rollercoaster of emotions dominated by a lot of wins and one huge loss, it’s worthy of its own afterschool special. Jill tells her story, from the NW, to the Olympics, and beyond. Jill Kintner Show Notes: 1:30: Winning the US Open and dealing with the conditions 5:00: Born in...

Duration: 00:48:54

TPM Episode 22: Arlo Eisenberg, Skate Pioneer, Artist

Arlo Eisenberg was once dubbed the face and voice of his generation and his story sounds like the best 90’s movie that was never made. Arlo, the punk rock kid from Texas drops out of the University of Texas and moves to California to become a star in a sport that isn’t really a sport yet. He arrives on Venice Beach, gets “found” and blows up to be a global sensation who lives a life that is every 13 year old’s fantasy. Along the way he stirs up a national controversy, hosts the X-Games and...

Duration: 01:40:51

TPM Episode 21: Alex Broskow, Pro Skater

Alex Broskow’s life is full of juxtapositions. From dropping out of high school and moving into the dorms of the University of Kansas to being an athlete who is looked at as one of the best to ever participate in his sport…but couldn’t afford groceries. This rare interview dives deep into the world of skating, travel and all that comes with being a pro athlete (minus money). Alex Broskow Show Notes :57: how did Alex end up back in Kansas 2:30: Alex works full time at a warehouse....

Duration: 00:48:42

TPM Episode 20: Don Wallace, VP Sales and Marketing, Liquid Force

The road to wakeboard industry that Don Wallace took was different than most. From humble beginnings in Grass Valley, CA where life revolved around street rods, skiing, and hanging out with his brother/crew. From there it was on to college in the big city of Eugene where his Surfing Magazine subscription parlayed itself into and internship and eventually a career that is highlighted by the sinking of an $80,000 boat amongst other things. Don Wallace Show Notes: 1:14: working with...

Duration: 00:36:57

TPM Episode 19: Shane Bonifay, Pro Wakeboarder

Shane Bonifay has been a professional wakeboarder for 21 of his 33 years. From bringing closed toe set ups to the masses, to wake-pants, to acting as the driving force behind the ‘Pointless Crew’ Shane has done a lot over his 21 years of being a pro and shares the best and worst on the podcast Shane Bonifay Show Notes :10: The hit and run saga 8:05: Photo shoot for Liquid Force 9:39: Growing up in Lake Alfred, FL , his parents, waterskiing babies and Cypress Gardens 12:28: Competing...

Duration: 00:51:09

TPM Episode 18: Joe Ciaglia, Owner, California Skateparks

On paper, Joe Ciaglia's life sounds like a mob movie where the mobster, Joe, is bagging groceries at a store conveniently located across from the track. He meets a couple older gentlemen who introduce him to the inside world of the track. While learning the underbelly of the horse game, Joey starts winning city contracts for skate parks. It’s an interesting rag to riches story that includes professional skateboarders (Rob Dyrdek), race horses, accusations of collusion and no mob ties that...

Duration: 00:38:54

IQ Episode 34: Rory Silva

Rory Silva answers three inappropriate questions from Marc-Andre Belliveau and then asks three questions to Mike Powell.

Duration: 00:10:15

TPM Episode 17: Tom Schaar, Skateboard Prodigy

Tom Schaar is your average 17-year-old...sometimes. He goes to high school, likes to hang out with his brother and friends and gets in trouble with his parents for not doing his homework. In his other life, he’s traveling the world, winning X Games gold and even finding time to buy himself an Audi. While Tom can be the average kid on the personal level, there’s nothing average about what he brings to the table on the professional level. Tom Schaar Show Notes: 3:00: How did he get into...

Duration: 00:26:12

IQ Episode 33: Marc-Andre Belliveau

Marc-Andre answers three inappropriate questions from Mike Hattrup and then asks three inappropriate questions to Rory Silva

Duration: 00:09:15

TPM Episode 16: Mike Jaquet, Action Sports Visionary

At first glance, there’s nothing that screams “rad” about Mike Jaquet, but at points in his career he has been one of the most influential and visionary people in the world of action sports. From founding FREEZE Magazine to directing sales and marketing at Transworld to VP of College Sports TV (and being bought by CBS) and his last paid employment, a 5 year run as CMO of The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association that ended 4/1, Mike has left positive legacies everywhere he's been. His career...

Duration: 01:08:26

IQ Episode 26: Mike Hattrup

Mike answers three inappropriate questions from Matt Margetts and then asks three inappropriate questions to Marc Andre Belliveau.

Duration: 00:17:01

TPM Episode 15: Ian McIntosh, Big Mountain Skier

When it comes to Ian McIntosh, there's no flair, tricks, or showmanship... what you see is what you get. He started skiing at age two, was digging pits in the back country at age 8 and sitting in guide meetings at 10. Ian was born into the mountain lifestyle and this self-described “redneck” is a powerful skier who is the epitome of what Tight Loose is all about. Ian McIntosh Show Notes 2:35: Thoughts on the Armada deal 3:56 It’s been a great season for soul shredding 5:28: What he’s...

Duration: 00:48:29

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