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EP.24 WISE WORDS - Hope versus Fear

How many decisions do you think the average person makes a day? According to a number of sources, a grand total of 35,000 decisions are made by one person every single day. That's a lot! Think about how many decisions you've already made in your life thus far. How many choices did you make out of fear? How has fear held you back? In Episode 24 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, PWM Founder, Gianna Lucas shares her own insights and experience on how she overcame her fear of the future. Gianna...

Duration: 00:07:50

23. A Walk With Marina Passalaris

Marina Passalaris is the Founder & CEO of Beautiful Minds – Australia’s Leading Provider of Self-Esteem & Confidence Education for Teens. Beautiful Minds was established 12 years ago and since then their work has helped change the lives of millions of teenagers around Australia. Marina is one incredible woman. Her desire to empower the next generation is so infectious. Her back story is unbelievable. The Marina we all see today was once a very different woman. Our Founder, Gianna Lucas...

Duration: 00:42:45

22. A Walk With Stevie van der Chys

How do you view your body? Do you embrace your shape? Your eyes? Your smile? Stevie van der Chys used to be the girl who feared her body. She didn’t know how to embrace her natural beauty. The reason? She was a was a victim of domestic violence. As a teenager, Stevie developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Within time her whole world came crashing down. Stevie is now 27 years old award winning businesswoman. She's no longer a victim of PTSD. Instead she is full of vibrancy and...

Duration: 00:47:37

21. WISE WORDS - The Art of Saying 'No'

Are you a girl who often says 'Yes!' to everything, until you reach burnout? When proving your devotion and commitment to someone or something, we often feel obliged to say yes to things. Why? For a few reasons. For one, you might not want to offend the person. Or you may want to show them you're proactive and super keen to go the extra mile. This is ok, but only if your putting your health first. We live in a world that tells us to always sprint, let alone walk. We're constantly connected...

Duration: 00:07:29

20. You Me & A Pot of Tea (September 2017)

This month on You Me & A Pot of Tea, Gosha Rakiej & Gianna Lucas discuss: - RU OK? Day (Thursday 14th September 2017) - Google's most searched 'How-To' questions for 2017 - The art of saying 'No' (Say goodbye to over-committing) - The beauty of paying it forward (Good news story) - Short & Snappy (How much water should be actually drink?) Enjoy! If you love this episode, don’t forget to subscribe and give a 5-star rating to The Promenade With Me Podcast on iTunes and TuneIn. This will help...

Duration: 00:31:24

19. A Walk With Marissa Hyatt

What would you love to do as a career? Where can you see yourself? In Episode 19 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, Gianna goes on ‘A Walk With’ American Wellness Coach, Marissa Hyatt. Marissa is a 26-year-old entrepreneur with a mission to share the positive impact essential oils can have on our health. Last June PWM Founder, Gianna Lucas met Marissa whilst holidaying in Italy. Her outlook on life and career journey is super relatable and inspiring. She wasn’t born a businesswoman, instead...

Duration: 00:45:03

18. WISE WORDS - Tackling Transitions

Are you in the middle of moving house or leaving a job? Are you recovering from a relationship break-up? Have you recently lost a loved one? If you are, you’re probably experiencing some uneasiness and discomfort (which is completely understandable). Let’s face it, nobody likes transitional periods. The good news is, there are things we can do to make coping with life’s changes that little bit easier. It’s all about changing our mindset. In EP.18 of The Promenade With Me Podcast I share my...

Duration: 00:07:16

17. Leap & Reap - Budgeting & Property Investing With Bryce Holdaway

Ladies, listen up! Are you easily tempted to buy the latest fashion craze filling up your Instagram feed? I too am a victim of this. There's nothing wrong with making purchases like this, as long as you're following a sound budget. Now let's dig a little deeper. Where can you see yourself in say 10 years? Would you like to own an investment here and there? I’m a big advocate of forward planning. When I created my vision board in July, I asked myself these same questions. If you’d like to...

Duration: 00:46:27

16. WISE WORDS - How To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How would you rate your life out of 10? ...Interesting question to ask, right? Life is tumultuous – like the sea, it has its ebbs and flows. Regardless how any given day or week pans out, the most important thing is that you’re pleased with the life you’re creating for yourself. No matter what life throws at you, if you are genuinely happy, you’ll be able to work through its challenges. It all comes down to your mindset. Job satisfaction certainly plays a key role in our overall happiness,...

Duration: 00:09:13

15. A Walk With Natasha Pinto

Natasha Pinto is an international recording artist, singer-songwriter and performer. But more importantly, she has an incredible heart. Through her music she aims to empower others, especially young women. Later on this year, Natasha will be releasing her new EP. However she admits her musical journey hasn't always been an easy one. Despite the tumultuous tales of the mainstream music industry, Natasha has proudly made an incredible name for herself. What makes this amazing woman extra...

Duration: 00:41:57

You Me & A Pot Of Tea (August 2017)

What does your week normally look like? How much time do you set aside to keep fit? Last month Stanford University conducted a worldwide study which found that Australia is the 19th laziest country in the world. But are we really that lazy? Gosha and I try to answer this question. 'Bullying is so not ok.' We couldn't agree more with the Supre Foundation. Like so many Aussies, we too have been affected by bullying. It’s easy to feel isolated and misunderstood when you’re the victim, but...

Duration: 00:34:46

13. A Walk With Emily Drew

Emily Drew is an amazing woman. She’s literally an encyclopaedia dedicated to all things health and wellness. She has travelled the globe as an Exercise Physiologist and has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars, including actress and women’s rights activist, Emma Watson. Emily, AKA The Celebrity Trainer now resides in the Gold Coast, QLD and devotes her life to helping women live out their best lives. Emily has an incredible heart and so it’s my pleasure to bring you her story and...

Duration: 00:39:01

12. How To Create A Vision Board & Make It A Reality

Have you always wondered what a vision board is? Have you thought about designing your own but have never had the opportunity to creating it? Now you can. In Episode 12 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, I help give you the tools to create your very own vision board – and it isn’t as hard as you think! So how do you bring your vision to life? Apart from wholeheartedly believing in your aspirations, there’s a few other handy hints that can help you make your goals a reality. I recently...

Duration: 00:10:35

11. You Me & A Pot Of Tea (July 2017)

Whether you’re out at a café or at home on the couch, generally there’s a cup of tea in hand and lots of conversation. I’m no different. I’m a tea fanatic and I absolutely love to talk – hence this podcast! My amazing friend and brekky radio host, Gosha Rakiej couldn’t agree more with me. So we’ve decided to team up once a month over a few cups of tea and chat about things that us women experience every day. To make things official, we’ve dubbed this #PWMPodcast show, ‘You Me & A Pot Of...

Duration: 00:25:13

10. How To Learn Your Love Language

It is said that 'love' comes in two main forms – affection and interest. Despite this, we all express it differently. That’s what makes us unique. Whether you’re in a relationship or a single lady or gent, there’s so much to gain from discovering what your ‘love language’ is. Trust me. Episode 10 of The Promenade With Me Podcast teaches you how you can learn your love language/s. For more info, I highly recommend Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times Best Seller, ‘The 5 Love Languages’. With...

Duration: 00:05:52

9. A Walk With Sammi Lucas

Have you ever heard of Ulcerative Colitis? When I met my sister-in-law 7 years ago I learnt all about it. In short it’s a nasty chronic inflammatory bowel disease which affects millions are the globe. Sammi was a bubbly 16-year-old Year 10 student battling one of the most difficult years of her young life. For 10 years Ulcerative Colitis had a hold on her. For many years she spent her days between her bed and the bathroom. Despite her ill circumstances, Sammi remained resilient and...

Duration: 01:10:30

8. From Mentee To Mentor

Are you on the hunt for a mentor that can inspire you and your dreams? Or are you oozing with goodness and knowledge, you'd like to mentor somebody else? I believe that each and every one of us needs at least one mentor - one who can empower our lives and also provide direction. Whether you’re a millennial or a retiree, we all crave support and wisdom no matter our age. None of us is meant to walk life alone. Whether you're a super keen mentor or mentee, this podcast is for you. Enjoy!...

Duration: 00:05:44

7. A Walk With Dianne Yoong

Imagine this. You’re at the supermarket buying some groceries and suddenly, you no longer can walk without some assistance. Your balance starts to waiver as your muscles weaken… This is a reality for many suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. MS affects approximately 23,000 Australians, with an estimated 2.5 million diagnosed worldwide. There is no cure for MS and sadly, every year the number of people diagnosed increases by 4%. My beautiful friend and mentor, Dianne Yoong lives with this...

Duration: 01:06:50

6. The Power Of Your Potential

(Subscribe on iTunes & TuneIn) It's true what they say... “You are only confined by the walls you surround yourself.” If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you most likely will never do it. We all carry personal battles. More often than not, 'self-doubt' appears at the top of the list, with 'fear of the unknown' coming in at a close second. Establishing a positive mindset isn't an easy task. It doesn't happen overnight. However, it's most definitely achievable. Practicing...

Duration: 00:07:09

5. A Walk With Sharon Witt

In this 3rd Episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, we turn our attention to a topic that affects many young women today. No matter where we turn, we're told that our body is our currency. Our values, passions and dreams are no-where near as important. Social media is there, on cue, 24/7. And with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, tweens, teens and even millennials are constantly feeling its pressures, which in turn translates into their ‘offline’ lives. This is an area Gianna Lucas...

Duration: 00:56:21

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