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47. Leap & Reap | Confidence 101 With Emmylou MacCarthy

What would you do if you had all the confidence in the world? According to Emmylou MacCarthy, you should “just do whatever you want to do”. This is Emmylou’s mantra. It’s what she’s known for. It’s apparent in everything that she does and her thousands of social media followers couldn’t agree more, having most recently strut down Melbourne’s very popular Bourke Street Mall in just her bathers! She absolutely rocked it because she did it with confidence. Emmylou MacCarthy is an Australian TV...


46. You Me Pot of Tea | March 2018

Gianna Lucas & Gosha Rakiej are back in March 2018 hosting their monthly show, You Me & A Pot of Tea, exclusive to The Promenade With Me Podcast. It's Episode 46 and it’s one fabulous show! This month they discuss: – International Women's Day: It's history and the impact it continues to make – Friendships: How we get to know people. We uncover a truth bomb – Travel hacks: How to pack for weekend stays Plus more! PS. If you love this episode, don’t forget you can subscribe and give a 5-star...


45. Leap & Reap | 6 Steps To Living A Fearless Life

What does it mean to be courageous? What does courage look like to you? In this 45th episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, I sit with well-renowned speaker trainer, writer and podcast host, Monica Kade. She is one wise woman. Monica spends her days helping people become their best selves as they work towards achieving their dreams. So in this episode, Monica shares her insights to help you live a fearless life. We spoke about: 1. Honing in on your passions 2. Coping strategies to help...


44. Leap & Reap | What is Your Why?

Why does the sun rise and set every day? Why does the blue light on our screens keep us up at night? Why is too much sugar bad for us? How many times do you question the reasons why we do what we do? I’m guessing a lot and you probably don’t even know it. In 18th century Britain, there began an industrial revolution, where special-purpose machinery started taking over jobs that we used to do without aid. Other countries eventually caught on with factories being established across the globe....


43. You Me & A Pot of Tea | February 2018

Gianna Lucas & Gosha Rakiej are back for February 2018 hosting their monthly show, You Me & A Pot of Tea, exclusive to The Promenade With Me Podcast. It happens to be Episode 43 and it's a jam-packed one! Here's what you can expect: - All things relationships, the single life & love; We cover it all - How & why collaboration is the key to success - The perks of pursuing your passion whilst working or studying full-time All this and more! Like always, if you love this episode, don’t forget...


42. Wise Words | How To Overcome Your Fears

Who likes to face their fears? I’m guessing you’re not jumping for joy at the idea! Or maybe you are. Adrenalin junkies seem to have it covered. They refer to bungy jumping, rock climbing and sky diving as a walk in a park. I beg to differ. If somebody said to me, Gianna would you like to sky dive tomorrow? I’d definitely say no. All I can think about is the worst case scenario in these sorts of situations. On the contrary, if I was asked to speak at a conference instead, I would immediately...


41. A Walk With Christy & Erin | Grace Pads & Blessing in Disguise

Malawi is one of the world’s poorest countries. 50% of girls in Malawi experience rape, that’s 1 in 2 women – and these are just reported cases. Stealing another person’s bike is a higher offence than a person molesting a woman. It’s very common for girls in Malawi to miss one quarter of school each year just because of their period – something that none of us have an issue with thanks to proper sanitary care. There were no long-term solutions to help women manage something as simple as a...


40. Leap & Reap | Ready Study Go!

This week students around Australia are heading back to school for another year, with many going into their final years of study as they work towards their future goals. I recently had a chat with Jess Holsman, who’s most commonly known for her YouTube channels, in particular Study With Jess. As the name suggests, Jess knows a whole lot about careers and mindset techniques to help you thrive as you go about your studies. But this is just one aspect to Jess’ repertoire. She’s also an author,...


39. Wise Words | How To Be Miss Individuality

In this episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, PWM Founder, Gianna Lucas draws synergies between tweens, teens and adulthood as women. In Wise Words | How To Be Miss Individuality, Gianna shares a story she heard this week whilst presenting a workshop. She was so inspired by the story, she had to include it in this episode. In short it's about a young girl who learnt how to live a confident and fulfilling life as herself. Gianna also shares how you can get yourself out of the comparison...


38. You Me & A Pot of Tea | January 2018

It’s that time of the month again when PWM Founder, Gianna Lucas and Brekky Radio Announcer, Gosha Rakiej catch up for You Me & A Pot of Tea! And boy do they have lots to talk about! Gianna and Gosha deep dive into some very moving stories that recently caught their eye – Oprah and the Times Up Legal Fund, as well as the young 14-year-old, Dolly Everett who took her own life because of cyber-bullying. They also look at what some super-creative millennials are doing to turn Berlin’s...


37. A Walk With Inge Blockmans

A couple of months ago PWM Founder Gianna Lucas met a girl, Inge Blockmans. At the time she was studying here in Australia, at Deakin University. Inge is half way through her PHD which is focussed on the sexual wellbeing of women and men with spinal cord injuries. Her research is tipped to revolutionise the lives of those with the condition. Inge is from Belgium and is one amazing chick. Her story is absolutely inspiring. Her zest for life and perspective on the world is so encouraging....


36. Wise Words - 4 Steps To Success In 2018

2018 is here and what a better time than now to think about your goals and the year ahead! In this episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, Gianna Lucas deep dives into New Year's Resolutions and goal setting. Drawing from her own personal experiences and triumphs, she shares her 4 tips to help you succeed in 2018! It's all in Episode 36 'Wise Words - 4 Steps to Success' on The Promenade With Me Podcast. Enjoy! The PWM Team xx PS. If you love this episode, don’t forget to subscribe and give...


35. You Me & A Pot of Tea | December 2017

The holiday season is upon us! Christmas Day has just passed and the new year is literally around the corner. So in this special edition of You Me & A Pot of Tea (December 2017), Gianna Lucas and Brekky Radio Host, Gosha Rakiej chat about: - Christmas traditions & rituals - Making New Year's resolutions - How to chill out and be present May this episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast encourage you to embrace 2018! Merry Christmas & a happy new year! The PWM Team xx


34. A Walk With Shauna Ryan

Who do you feel is a strong woman? Your mum? Your best friend? Oprah or even Meaghan Markle? What qualities make up a strong woman? Shauna Ryan is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and Founder of online movement, Strong Woman. She is definitely qualified to speak about this topic. Shauna’s mission is to celebrate women, encouraging them to see beauty in every story, no matter the journey. In this special episode of The Promenade With Me Podcast, I chat to Shauna about her own story. She’s...


33. Leap & Reap - How To Live A Courageous Life

How do feel today, on a scale of 1 to 10? Have you taken the time to stop and relax today? Have you told yourself how amazing you truly are? If you haven’t, you totally should. You deserve it. Dr. Rebecca Ray is a Clinical Psychologist and Creator of 12-Week Positive Psychology Course, Happy Habits. Rebecca is super-passionate about encouraging us all to be brave and courageous, no matter what life throws at us. She’s built an exceptionally strong community of followers through her online...


32. Wise Words - Happiness in 10 Steps

With Christmas only weeks away, life seems to get even busier with end-of-year parties, family catch-ups and of course gift shopping. Christmas is also a great time to reset our focus, especially with the new year around the corner. This week on The Promenade With Me Podcast, Gianna Lucas looks into life-long happiness. Amongst doing some research for an upcoming podcast interview, she stumbled across some interesting facts about happiness and those who seem to nail the craft. From the...


31. Leap & Reap - The Happiness Formula

On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you? Do you love the life you’re living? We all want to feel good about ourselves and our lives. It’s only natural. But it’s not always easy. Last Sunday PWM Founder, Gianna Lucas interviewed a gorgeous girl about this exact topic. She’s knows all about happiness, it’s her jam. Her name is Emily Hazell and she is the brains behind Serotonin Eatery Exercise + Education. It’s the world’s first Happiness Centre and you can find it in Burnley, Melbourne....


30. You Me & A Pot of Tea (November 2017)

Whoohoo! Episode 30 is here! In this November Edition of You Me & A Pot of Tea, hosts Gosha Rakiej and Gianna Lucas are devoting this podcast to the festive season, shopping & dating! Here's what you can expect: - Speed dating: Gosha shares her recent experience - Jewellery shopping: Where to get a rare find! - Christmas countdown: How to make the most of the festive season All this & more! Enjoy Episode 30 of The Promenade With Me Podcast! Dream BIG & Boldly, Gianna & The PWM Team xx PS. If...


29. Leap & Reap - How To Master Modern Etiquette

Are you applying for a job? Do you get nervous at the thought of public speaking? Do you have a formal event coming up? No matter which option relates to you most, there’s one thing that is essential to excelling, and most importantly, enjoying all three – a touch of etiquette. Even though etiquette first came into play in the 17th century, it’s still widely appreciated, especially in business and social settings. So in Episode 29 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, PWM Founder Gianna Lucas...


28. Wise Words - 4 Ways to Live for Today

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Everything happens for a reason’? We believe there’s a lot of truth in it. It’s normal to feel a little uneasy about the future. But despite our uncertainties, it’s so good to know that everything happens on purpose. Instead of spending time worrying about the ‘what-ifs’, we reckon it’s so much healthier to live in the present moment. In Episode 28 of The Promenade With Me Podcast, PWM Founder, Gianna Lucas shares how she’s learnt to embrace each day as it...


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