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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!

Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!
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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!




Nothing Went Fine (Ep. 144 - Les Miserables)

This Week's Guest: Michael Blutrich According to the FBI, my guest this week was involved in one of the largest fraud schemes in history -- the nearly half-billion dollar failure of the National Heritage Life Insurance Company, which had 26,000 elderly policyholders. While Michael Blutrich was involved in the insurance scheme, he was also running a strip club called Scores that had mafia ties, and he secretly recorded conversations that helped the government convict numerous organized crime...

Duration: 01:06:23

Surrounded by Death and Drugs (Ep. 143 - Sina Grace & Iceman)

This Week's Guest: Sina Grace My guest this week set out to answer a simple question: how do you live a content life? Sina Grace is the comic author and illustrator behind autobiographical books like Self-Obsessed, and Marvel's current Iceman series. A few years ago, he reached a point of disillusionment with the American dream, discovering getting all the money and possessions you wanted isn't as fulfilling as family, health, and love. Isolated and literally wasting away, Sina set in...

Duration: 00:52:20

Everything is Queer (Ep 142 - Matt Rogers)

This Week's Guest: Matt Rogers Where do you learn where you belong? My guest this week is Matt Rogers, half of the comedy team behind the Las Culturistas podcast. Matt's upbringing taught him that there was only one acceptable way to be masculine, while deep down inside he longed to belt showtunes. So how did he get from sporty athlete to an arbiter of the queerest of New York homosexual culture? All it took were a few panic attacks, Neil Patrick Harris, and a crab shack. Check out...

Duration: 00:53:20

A Britney-Whitney Gay (Ep. 141 - Best Little Whorehouse in Texas)

This Week's Guest: Emerson Collins When it's hard to find the words you know you need to say, can you use someone else's? This week's guest is actor and producer Emerson Collins, whose new film A Very Sordid Wedding is a sequel to the classic Sordid Lives. Growing up around the big hair and church bells of Texas, Emerson struggled to speak openly about who he really was. Until he got up on stage. Big thanks to everyone supporting the Sewers of Paris on Patreon. I could not make the show...

Duration: 00:58:32

A Sandbox of Weirdness (Ep. 140 - Jamie Pierce)

It takes about ten hours to produce each episode of The Sewers of Paris, so if you're enjoying the show please help support it with a pledge of a dollar or more per episode. This Week's Guest: Jamie Pierce How do you balance a need for solitude with a need to collaborate? This week's guest is Jamie Pierce, an actor, comedian, and dancer who's no stranger to career changes. Several years ago, he decided to transform his work and his life after an experience onstage. And just last year, he...

Duration: 01:10:49

Everybody Should Have Secrets (Ep. 139 - Imitation of Life)

This Week's Guest: Tim Kirkman What are the secrets you're carrying around, and what would happen if you dropped them? This week's guest is Tim Kirkman, a storyteller with a knack for exploring the things people don't say. His film Lazy Eye is about confronting secret loves, and his documentary Dear Jesse is about his unexpected connection with America's most notorious homophobe. What Tim's found, in his work and in his life, is that the information people withhold about themselves is...

Duration: 00:52:49

Bonus Episode! The Lost Treasure of the Neverglades

Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Sewers of Paris! Last weekend some familiar friends and I hosted a fundraiser for Seattle Children's Hospital, bringing together a group of gays to play a custom made Dungeons and Dragons adventure for a livestream audience. Joining me were comedian Bryan Safi, Carlos Maza from, Anthony Oliveira, and LGBT film scholar Bryan Wuest, all-role playing a D&D quest together. I thought you might enjoy hearing these past Sewers of Paris guests...

Duration: 02:25:25

Putting Your Body Through a Car Wash (Ep. 138 - Spirited Away & BDSM)

Huge thanks to everyone who makes the show possible with a pledge of support on Patreon! If you're enjoying the show, help keep it going at This Week's Guest: Ali Mushtaq If you could step out of your body and look at yourself from the outside, how unfamiliar would you look? It's impossible to evaluate yourself with complete impartiality, but my guest this week has found ways to get as close as possible. Professor Ali Mushtaq's preferred method for...

Duration: 01:04:29

Underground Culture (Ep. 137 - The Smiths & To Kill a Mockingbird)

Huge thanks to everyone supporting the show on Patreon! Help keep the show going with a pledge at This Week's Guests: Walter Naegle & Matt Wolf How do radical movements for justice become mainstream over time? This week I'm talking to two guests: the first is Walter Naegle, the surviving partner of Bayard Rustin; and the second is Matt Wolf, who made a documentary short about Walter entitled Bayard and Me. Bayard was a key figure in the civil rights...

Duration: 00:48:38

Royalties and a Husband (Ep. 136 - West Side Story & Eric Marcus of Making Gay History)

Help keep The Sewers of Paris independent and ad-free with a pledge of support on Patreon! This Week's Guest: Eric Marcus Is it a problem that there's "sex" in "homosexual"? My guest this week is Eric Marcus, a writer and journalist who often found himself called upon to represent the model gay man on shows like Good Morning America and The O'Reilly Factor. For years, Eric strove to put across an image of respectability and harmlessness. But these days, as the creator and host of the...

Duration: 00:57:40

I Always Thought Your Father was a Bit of a Poof (Ep. 135 - Sonnet 20)

Enjoying the show? Join the folks who make The Sewers of Paris possible with a pledge of $1 per episode on Patreon! This Week's Guest: Will Kostakis What are the things you're not telling people -- and what's stopping you? My guest this week is Will Kostakis, author of award winning young adult novels and the upcoming book The Sidekicks. Growing up, Will and his best friend were as close as friends could be, or at least, they told themselves they were. There was something neither one was...

Duration: 00:54:28

Tina Turner Realness (Ep. 134 - Proud Mary)

This Week's Guest: Tony Moore What's it like to go from a fan to a friend? This week's guest is Tony Moore, who hosts celebrity interviews on his show Loungin' with Tony. For years, he looked up to actors and entertainers as role models. And he found that the more he worked alongside them, the more they opened up to him -- not just as personalities, but as people. Big thanks to everyone supporting the Sewers of Paris on Patreon. If you're enjoying the show, you can help keep it...

Duration: 00:48:05

How to be Awesome (Ep. 133 - Terry Pratchett)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of as little as $1 per episode! This Week's Guest: Scott Flashheart We all know life's short, so how do you make the most of the time you've got? My guest this week is Scott Flashheart, comedian and host of the podcast Probably True. He grew up in a tiny British mining town -- or at least, what WAS a mining town, before the mine was closed, sending the place he lived into a slow downward spiral....

Duration: 00:53:46

The Priests of Hollywood (Ep. 132 - Designing Women & Gone with the Wind)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of as little as $1 per episode! This Week's Guest: Jason Powell What are the excuses you make for not doing what makes you happy? It's so easy to come up with reasons that NOW is the wrong time to launch into that project or hobby or career change you've always wanted. So where do you find permission to make a change in your life? This week's guest, Jason Powell, has only recently learned to...

Duration: 01:17:41

Super Extra (Ep. 131 - Gabriel Fontana & Britney Spears)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of $1 or more per episode! This Week's Guest: Gabriel Fontana How much are you willing to do for love -- and how much can love do for you? This week's guest is Gabriel Fontana, who grew up in violent crime-ridden Brazilian ghettos before escaping to Sweden, where he rose to pop stardom as the winner of a Swedish Idol spinoff. Gabriel's always been something of an escape artist, relying on a mix...

Duration: 01:12:39

Bonus Episode: Dungeons and Drag Queens

Welcome to a special bonus episode of The Sewers of Paris! A few days ago, some amazingly talented drag queens and I got on stage for a live show called Dungeons and Drag Queens. We played a custom-made Dungeons and Dragons adventure in front of a live audience, and I’m really excited to share it with you. If you don’t know anything about Dungeons & Dragons, that’s OK. Some of the players didn’t either! Basically, we sit around a table, I describe a situation, the queens tell me what...

Duration: 01:58:41

It's F*cking Tough to be Reasonable (Ep. 130 - Suikoden 2)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of $1 or more per episode! This Week's Guest: Carlos Maza If you were to form a band of adventurers, what role would you want to serve -- fighter or healer? My guest this week is Carlos Maza, who knows how to put up a verbal fight as the host of insightful explainer videos for But off camera, the role in which he's most at home is that of caretaker, looking after others and supporting...

Duration: 00:58:33

Glitter and be Gay (Ep. 129 - Julie Andrews)

This Week's Guest: Kevin Clarke What hidden worlds are waiting to be found right under your nose? My guest this week is Kevin Clarke, who grew up in a divided Berlin, so close to the wall he could hear the police threatening to shoot people who came too close. He was eager to leave as soon as he could -- but he was drawn back to the city years later. By then, he was old enough to discover and explore a bawdy underground gay culture that had always been hiding right in his own back...

Duration: 00:59:16

Everything but the Snakes (Ep. 125 - Worship songs)

This Week's Guest: Josef Krebs What's the project of your life? My guest this week is Josef Krebs, who's done a lot of thinking about the impact he can have on the world, whether through the evangelical church in which he grew up, or the world of theater where he eventually found a more satisfying home. Josef's work has always been about chasing the feeling of ecstasy, not just for himself but for the people around him. This Week's Recommendation: Katamari Damacy I'm going to get very...

Duration: 01:03:43

Luxury Music for Surplus People (Ep. 124 - Madonna & Prince)

Enjoying the Sewers of Paris? Support the show on Patreon! This Week's Guest: Thomas Hårdell What makes you feel ugly, and do you try to hide it or highlight it? My guest this week is Thomas Hårdell, a Danish student-teacher and musician. Growing up, he was told to blend in like a stalk of wheat, and to avoid standing out like an oak tree -- which is ironic, given that he's well over six feet tall. There were times that standing out put him at risk, like when a host family found out he...

Duration: 00:48:43

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