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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!

Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!
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Stories about the books, movies, tv, music and more that have changed the lives of gay men. Subscribe now for a new interviews, clips, and conversations every Thursday!




The Priests of Hollywood (Ep. 132 - Designing Women & Gone with the Wind)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of as little as $1 per episode! This Week's Guest: Jason Powell What are the excuses you make for not doing what makes you happy? It's so easy to come up with reasons that NOW is the wrong time to launch into that project or hobby or career change you've always wanted. So where do you find permission to make a change in your life? This week's guest, Jason Powell, has only recently learned to...

Duration: 01:17:41

Super Extra (Ep. 131 - Gabriel Fontana & Britney Spears)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of $1 or more per episode! This Week's Guest: Gabriel Fontana How much are you willing to do for love -- and how much can love do for you? This week's guest is Gabriel Fontana, who grew up in violent crime-ridden Brazilian ghettos before escaping to Sweden, where he rose to pop stardom as the winner of a Swedish Idol spinoff. Gabriel's always been something of an escape artist, relying on a mix...

Duration: 01:12:39

Bonus Episode: Dungeons and Drag Queens

Welcome to a special bonus episode of The Sewers of Paris! A few days ago, some amazingly talented drag queens and I got on stage for a live show called Dungeons and Drag Queens. We played a custom-made Dungeons and Dragons adventure in front of a live audience, and I’m really excited to share it with you. If you don’t know anything about Dungeons & Dragons, that’s OK. Some of the players didn’t either! Basically, we sit around a table, I describe a situation, the queens tell me what...

Duration: 01:58:41

It's F*cking Tough to be Reasonable (Ep. 130 - Suikoden 2)

If you're enjoying The Sewers of Paris, please join the folks who keep it going with a pledge of $1 or more per episode! This Week's Guest: Carlos Maza If you were to form a band of adventurers, what role would you want to serve -- fighter or healer? My guest this week is Carlos Maza, who knows how to put up a verbal fight as the host of insightful explainer videos for But off camera, the role in which he's most at home is that of caretaker, looking after others and supporting...

Duration: 00:58:33

Glitter and be Gay (Ep. 129 - Julie Andrews)

This Week's Guest: Kevin Clarke What hidden worlds are waiting to be found right under your nose? My guest this week is Kevin Clarke, who grew up in a divided Berlin, so close to the wall he could hear the police threatening to shoot people who came too close. He was eager to leave as soon as he could -- but he was drawn back to the city years later. By then, he was old enough to discover and explore a bawdy underground gay culture that had always been hiding right in his own back...

Duration: 00:59:16

The Doctor's Wife (Ep. 128 - The Witches)

Enjoying the show? Help keep it going with a pledge of support on Patreon! This Week's Guest: Jonathan Duffy What are you willing to sacrifice for your freedom? My guest this week is Australian-Icelandic comedian Jonathan Duffy, who's found a way to laugh through good times and bad, whether serving as Creative Director for Iceland's entry into Eurovision... to an unexpected calling tending to people near death in a small town the Australian Outback. There used to be a time when he just...

Duration: 01:06:17

I am Militantly Vulnerable (Ep. 127 - Sailor Moon)

This Week's Guest: Gilda Wabbit What's the future you want to see? My guest this week is drag queen Gilda Wabbit, who experienced a strange moment of internet fame thanks to a photo of her riding the subway in full drag next to a Muslim woman. What that photo didn't capture was Gilda's background searching for her voice -- literally, as for years she struggled as an opera singer to find roles that felt right. Turns out putting on a wig and a dress helped point her in the right...

Duration: 01:05:13

Swept Away by Dracula (Ep. 126 - horror films)

This Week's Guest: Jeffrey Schwarz We're noted from time to time on this show that many gay men hold a special place for horror in their hearts. But that's only a fraction of the story with this week's guest. Jeffrey Schwarz has made a lifelong study of film, starting with an early job editing the documentary The Celluloid Closet, right up to today with a new documentary about flamboyant producer Allan Carr. As a weird young gay man, he found kindred spirits in people who, like him,...

Duration: 01:10:10

Everything but the Snakes (Ep. 125 - Worship songs)

This Week's Guest: Josef Krebs What's the project of your life? My guest this week is Josef Krebs, who's done a lot of thinking about the impact he can have on the world, whether through the evangelical church in which he grew up, or the world of theater where he eventually found a more satisfying home. Josef's work has always been about chasing the feeling of ecstasy, not just for himself but for the people around him. This Week's Recommendation: Katamari Damacy I'm going to get very...

Duration: 01:03:43

Luxury Music for Surplus People (Ep. 124 - Madonna & Prince)

Enjoying the Sewers of Paris? Support the show on Patreon! This Week's Guest: Thomas Hårdell What makes you feel ugly, and do you try to hide it or highlight it? My guest this week is Thomas Hårdell, a Danish student-teacher and musician. Growing up, he was told to blend in like a stalk of wheat, and to avoid standing out like an oak tree -- which is ironic, given that he's well over six feet tall. There were times that standing out put him at risk, like when a host family found out he...

Duration: 00:48:43

Elizabeth Taylor is my Higher Power (Ep. 122 - Hillary Clinton)

This Week's Guest: Ryan O'Connor We all have our sources of security -- it could be a career, a home, a relationship, a circle of friends. How would you handle the loss of all of those things? This week's guest is Ryan O'Connor, co-host of the outstanding LadyWatch podcast. A few years back, Ryan was pretty sure all of his goals were coming together like a tidy checklist. And then, one by one, they all fell apart, and he discovered that when you lose everything you have, you find out who...

Duration: 00:57:17

We've Cornered the Market on Mermaids (Ep. 121 - Joel Kim Booster)

This Week's Guest: Joel Kim Booster When did you first escape your bubble? We all start life protected by adults, looked after and shielded from the harsh realities of the world. Some of us burst out of it as fast as we can, and others like to pretend they never have to leave. This week's guest is comedian Joel Kim Booster, whose parents tried so hard to control his life that when he finally did come out, it was with so much momentum he found himself homeless -- until a family he hardly...

Duration: 00:53:19

Anita Bryant, God Bless Her (Ep. 120: Gore Vidal)

This Week's Guest: Albert Williams What's the difference between an end and a beginning, and are they sometimes the same thing? My guest this week is Albert Williams, a longtime queer artist and activist who's seen the queer world transform over the course of his life. Throughout that time, there were periods when change just wasn't coming fast enough, and that's when he and his friends found ways to force one era to end and a new one to begin. Also -- throughout the month of July, The...

Duration: 00:54:24

He Found Out my Secret - (Ep. 119: Matchgame & Press Your Luck)

This Week's Guest: Mandel Ilagen This week's guest is Mandel Ilagen, but it's not the first time his name's come up on the show. He's a ringleader of a group of gays who are obsessed with game shows -- you might remember past guests Louis Virtel and Randy West describing Mandel's house parties that are like TV show tapings mixed with cocktails and queens. Game shows might seem like frivolous entertainment, but for Mandel and many of his friends, they provided a way to prove themselves...

Duration: 00:54:23

Roll Yourself in Glitter - (Ep. 118: Justin Sayre)

This Week's Guest: Justin Sayre My guest this week is Justin Sayre, whom you may know from the excellent Sparkle and Circulate podcast, or his delightful live show The Meeting of the International Order of the Sodomites. He always knew there was a big queer community out there, but he never quite felt a connection with it, so he decided to do something about that: by appointing himself its chairman. This Week's Recommendation: Mae West in Myra Breckinridge For my recommendation this...

Duration: 01:09:34

I Was a Teenage Theater Tyrant (Ep. 117 - Pee-wee Herman)

This Week's Guest: Tom Lenk Have you ever proved yourself wrong? My guest this week is actor Tom Lenk, who appeared as Andrew on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tom was convinced for years that he lacked the skills that seemed to come naturally to other actors -- and so he was terrified when cast in a show that demanded more of him than he thought he could deliver. Facing that challenge changed the course of his career -- thanks in part to confidence he absorbed at an early age from the most...

Duration: 01:09:56

Queer Desire Has Always Been There (Ep. 116: Kurt Cobain)

This Week's guest: Hamed Sinno What did you rebel against when you were a teenager, and are you still rebelling today? This week's guest is Hamed Sinno, whose Lebanese upbringing afforded him only brief glimpses of gay culture and queer voices in pop culture. In college, he formed a band with some friends and discovered to his surprise that his defiant songs resonated with other folks. But with that heightened visibility came new risks -- particularly when he came to America. This Week's...

Duration: 00:56:07

A Weird Thing From Outer Space Having a Love Affair (Ep. 103 - RISK's Kevin Allison)

This Week's Guest: Kevin Allison Imagine this riskiest thing you could do -- and then imagine what would happen if you did it. My guest this week knows something about taking a chance -- Kevin Allison is the host of the Risk podcast, a show where people tell true stories about the times they put everything on the line. It's a concept that came to him after he'd spent too many years playing it safe, from tiptoeing around his sexuality to his mild-mannered persona on the sketch comedy show...

Duration: 01:15:41

Where's the Coming-Out Advice for Somebody in a Chair? (Ep. 102 - Narnia)

This Week's Guest: Drew Gurza Most gay men have had the experiencing of needing to decide just how open and honest we're going to be about our lives, even when that openness is difficult for some people to hear. This week's guest makes openness about difficult topics his life's work. Andrew Gurza is the host of the podcasts Disability With Drew and Disability After Dark, in addition to being one of the organizers of a recent accessible sex party in Toronto. His mission: to demolish...

Duration: 00:44:55

Going to the Beach with John Waters (Ep. 97 - Peaches Christ)

This Week's Guest: Joshua Grannell My guest this week is Joshua Grannell, but you may know him as Peaches Christ -- the host of San Francisco's wild midnight mass shows and creator of outlandish drag exploitation films. Even as a kid, Joshua orchestrated elaborate halloween shows that his whole family got in on. And as an adult, he's crafted an entire media empire dedicated to exposing the uneasy frights that hide just below the surface of suburbia. You can see that media empire at work...

Duration: 01:10:39

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