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Monthly podcast about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest.

Monthly podcast about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest.
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Seattle, WA


Monthly podcast about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest.




#1802, February 2018 – Back from the Frozen North

Today’s interviews are with Cycle BC and The Pacific Riding School. Derek and Tom have just returned from the Vancouver Motorcycle Show and they share tidbits about their trip. The Mecum auction in January was one one of the biggest and the entire assets of Excelsior-Henderson were on the block. Cycle World cuts back to quarterly issues and much more on this month’s show.


#1801, January 2018 – The Moto Calendar Ahead

There’s a whole year of riding ahead and Derek and Tom have plenty of ideas for you to plug into your 2018 riding calendar. We get a visit from a special woman from Redmond who thinks she knows it all. But does she? Several recalls will put bikes in the shop this winter. Are you on the list? A longtime dealer owner passes, and it looks like there’s light at the end of the tunnel for a local company’s German parent. What are you doing for breakfast next weekend? You’ve got options. You want...


#1712, December 2017 – Holiday meals on two wheels

Tom has just returned from the International Motorcycle Show and shares what he knows about all the new models and sights on the floor. Boggan’s Oasis burns to the ground, MAG files for bankruptcy and Indian announces a big bore kit. It’s a light calendar as we roll into the holidays.


#1711, November 2017 – Canadian Vortex

Kris Fant with WomenADVRiders magazine is our guest today, telling us about their new campaign #AdventureIsAttitude. It looks like Derek may need to run the show solo today as Tom’s been taking advantage of the mild fall weather causing him to disappear into oblivion. Riders are up in arms about the proposed $50 per motorcycle by entry fee to key national parks. Dealer news rolls in from Skagit Powersports, Big People Scooters and Triumph of Seattle. Today’s show is dedicated in memory of...


#1710, October 2017 – Hello Autumn

Jonathan Koch has been traveling the Western US on his Harley-Davidson Doin’ IT For The Kids and he’s here to tell us more about his moto sabbatical. We’re looking at some of the new 2018 models and Derek discovers some interesting numbers on local commuters. The calendar is packed with highlights including swap meets and events perfect for fall. We close with tips about being fit and venturing beyond your own motorcycle.


#1709, September 2017 - Electric Scam?

There’s plenty to talk about as Confederate goes electric, Harley-Davidson drops the Dyna and V-Rod in 2018 and Kenneth crashes his GL1500 into an elk while driving intoxicated. The September calendar has some great rides to enjoy before the fall weather chills down the Pacific Northwest. We read through some of the feedback provided from years Rally in the Gorge event and wrap the show with a few tips and tricks.


#1708, August 2017 – It’s Rally Time

It’s time for The Rally in the Gorge and we’ve got interviews with Connie Adams who procures door prizes and auction items; and Jesse Murphy who will be teaching every day during the event. Our social media post about the MSF 1 second group ride following distance suggestion caused a stir so we discuss it in detail. Is the Washington State Patrol trying to curb motorcycle fatalities, or profiling bikers? Washington Road Construction is heavy, Alta and Zero motorcycles gets added to three...


#1707, July 2017 – Things are heating up

This month we interview Eric Folkestad as he prepares for the third annual Pendleton Bike Week. It’s hot, so the duo talks about the caveats of heat management. It’s also rally time all over, so the pair discusses what you need to do to get prepared. Motorcycle thefts are way up in Spokane and is Harley-Davidson buying Ducati? That and more newsbytes along with a fat calendar make up for a jam-packed show.


#1706, June 2017 – Feeling Eurofouric

Our special guest for this show is a highly regarded Pacific Northwest Motorcycling Ambassador, Dave Richardson who is joining us to talk about the latest models of euro bikes based on the Euro 4 Emissions standards. The show kicks off with a discussion about the recent Sound RIDER! Road Trip 2017, a new product – the EZ Gauge Deluxe in-line air gauge and who are the up and coming moto heroes? Our newsbytes and calendar segments are packed full of eye-opening tidbit and event to keep you...


#1705, May 2017 – Out of the brine, into the sunshine

Our special guest for this show is Pacific Northwest Motorcycling Ambassador, Dave Eady, sharing bits about his stunning collection of memorabilia. For many it’s riding season again and we’re talking where to ride and where not to. A brief recap is in order concerning the upcoming Sound RIDER! events and then we discuss the new collector’s moto t-shirts on the way. Newsbytes is packed with information about name changes, a possible IPO r sale for Ducati, a new dirt track riding school in...


#1704, April 2017 – Derek’s running the show

It’s April and you know what that means – somewhere in here there must be a spoof. A great coffee table book has hit the market and we’ve got an exclusive interview with the author. Derek introduces a new segment – Gas or A-- (insert donkey option here). It’s also time for the part-time riders to throw a leg over the bike and we’ve got some events for you to think about. We’re talking new products, a new dealership, a price break on rider training and what’s going to happen now that we...


#1703, March 2017 - The nature of the nature

If you’re not a year-round commuter, then riding season is just around the corner, but with all mother nature has been dishing up, it’s going to be an interesting year ahead. As long as we’re cooling our heels waiting for spring, let’s talk about healthy and nutritious foods you can take on the road. For the interview segment, Tom talks about the latest updates for Rally in the Gorge, Café to Café, Road Trip and the Sasquatch Dualsport GPS Adventure Tour. Don’t miss the last-minute event...


#1702, February 2017 – You ask – we answer

After looking at our recent web stats, Tom and Derek compile some of the keyword and phrase searches to come up with a list of questions our readers are obviously asking. To add to the fun we attach some catty names to who we think might be asking and then the pair proceed to answer. But before we get to that, the pair review a plethora of newsbytes happenings and a brief calendar overview. The show wraps with a few tips leaving plenty of time for you to get back to prepping your bike for...


#1701, January 2017 – Need more salt in your diet?

Our guests today are Delvene Manning with the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials and Bill Woods of Sodium Distortion. We’re talking Land Speed Racing and how you can play a part in it even if you don’t want to race yourself. Another new year has arrived, but last month brought forth more news than you can shake an empty champagne bottle at. It’s a light calendar which leaves us more time for our interviewees. And of course, we close with some interesting tips and tricks. Cheers!


#1612, December 2016 – Gifts for the Season and more

It’s getting a little cold outside, but the guys are here to share all the latest news, events and tips and tricks so you’re ready when it’s time to ride again. Can’t think of what to get that special rider as a gift this coming holiday season? Tom and Derek run through a few ideas you may not have thought of. All this and more on the December show.


Title: #1611, November 2016 – Playing it cool in Winter

With no International Motorcycle Show in the Pacific Northwest this year, Tom and Derek look for other ways to keep busy with the bikes. And there are plenty of options. The show opens with discussion of current happenings and a distinct lack of marketing in the market overall. During Newsbytes the pair discuss the pros and cons of bringing ten new models to market in a single year. The calendar is deceivingly loaded with events and the show closes with more tips and tricks every rider can...


#1610, October 2016 – The Best Time to Ride is NOW!

Was there ever a better time to own and ride a motorcycle in the history of man, than now? Is it going to get even better, or worse? What was it like to ride a motorcycle 100 years ago? There’s new books and new gear on the market for fall you need to know about. We talk current PNW MC news, look at the calendar and look forward to some fall riding. Did the guys actually open Bumble accounts during the show? Find out.


#1609, September 2016 – Live from Hood River!

We thought it might be fun to record the show live, in front of an audience, and what better audience to do that with than the attendees at this years’ Rally in the Gorge. But we’re talking about more than just the rally as we interview the attending vendors to find out what’s new for fall from each of them. We’re also talking California’s legalization of lane-splitting, motorcycle sharing ventures, upcoming events in the PNW and more.


#1608, August 2016 - The Rally in the Gorge and more!

We’re up to our neck in Rally Gators and we’ve got interviews today with the people behind the scenes making it happen. But first Tom and Derek dive into newsbytes to discuss a west coasters look at the Motus, fall TV fun, new 2017 models and trail booby traps in Idaho. The calendar is smoking hot this month so the team covers the highlights in detail. Key staff lays out many of the details about the 2016 Rally in the Gorge over two segments of interviews. The show closes with a few tips...


#1607, July 2016 - Crushing a gnome

Tom has just returned from the Sasquatch Dual Sport GPS Adventure Tour and has stories to tell. A look into our News Bytes reveals a used bike shortage and we won’t see an International Motorcycle Show in the PNW this year. The calendar shows what a clusterduck it is in rally land this month. Then the guys review new gear on the market and share a few of their tips to close out the show.


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