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005 – #20GREATteen

Welcome to 2018, or as we call it 20Great-teen! We're starting the year off with a bang by discussing our respective holiday experiences, the month of Veganuary, while touching briefly on feminism- not to mention just a bit of flirtation that comes up. Our special guest star this episode is 'the post Christmas retail plague'- featured as Katt's sniffling and coughs. #20greatteen #youremytype

Duration: 00:49:03

004 -What’s Vegan Got to Do With It

Vegan + Non-vegan = ? On this episode you'll find our answer to the equation of relationships between vegans and non vegans, some shout outs to those allies (and just all around good people!) in our lives, some advice on general relationships, and the introduction of Porg. Side note: Go see Star Wars.

Duration: 00:54:01

003 – You Can Sit With Us

In Episode 3 we ask the important questions...Do you have to break up with your favorite vegan brand if they're bought out by a big omni company? Is Ruffles the new enemy of tofurkey and vegans everywhere? As well as the most important question of all...where is our pumpkin pie? In the end even if you make a decision that's "against the vegan rules"- we support you! You CAN sit with us!

Duration: 00:48:31

002 – It’s Against the Rules!

Katt and Dani discuss getting their vegan cards revoked, as well as Dani's friend card and Katt's musical card. Shaming, bullying, thrifting, cookies, bivalves, and doing what you can. Also pumpkin pie. Producer's Note: For the record it is 100% my fault this episode didn't go up on Friday. We cooked a lot of food and did a lot of stuff. I'm so sleepy. Sorry folks!

Duration: 00:51:59

001 – Go There and Bring Food… or Not

The inaugural episode of The V Spot.

Duration: 00:42:19