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Traffic Radio Station was created for friends and colleagues from DJ Bobby D, for non-promotional purposes only and thanks to Networx-BG. Does not advertise and sell an ad on the Internet. For 8 months from 08.02.2005. was only local, from 25.10.2005. has its streaming internet. From then on Tuesday and Thursday at 23 o'clock. shows are broadcast on Bulgarian DJs. The purpose of the radio is to get acquainted the listeners with the club culture and house music, which since 2000 has been a part of the music market in Bulgaria! Since the beginning of 2007 Traffic Radio Station has held second position and since July 2007, is ranked first in the Internet top-5 ranking of Bulgaria by May 2008. Then they decided not to listen to the Internet radio, it was not really 13 months for the radio to be the number one ... In 2005, when you started listening to the radio, the frequently asked questions were who the track is currently or who is the contractor. When I played in a club, you wanted the music that was spinning on the radio. Thank you for the support and evaluation you have been giving for 15 years now.