Rockville, MD


WQER-LP is a low power FM radio station in Maryland. WQER broadcasts 24/7 and can be heard on 96.7 FM dial. The on air signal from WQER covers the communities in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, North Bethesda, North Potomac and surrounding areas. WQER programming can also be enjoyed via online streaming on www.wqer.org. • The mission of WQER is to enlighten, enrich, and entertain the local multi-cultural communities by a variety of radio programming that promotes cultural heritage and traditional values shared by different cultures. • WQER aims to serve local communities with a variety of radio programming. The contents of the WQER programming will cover different aspects of lives, from news, health, food, gardening, to music, cultural awareness, language learning, as well as to the spiritual pursuits. WQER will feature local-centric programming brought to you by talented and dedicated producers working in a wide variety of genres and styles to bring the sights and sounds of the local community to our listeners. • WQER aims to serve all the multi-cultural communities in local areas, not just the Chinese American communities. WQER radio programming will be in English and Chinese, and other languages if desired by the local communities. WQER is an outlet and a platform for anyone interested in creating, producing, and delivering broadcast-quality content to...