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909 Favorites's podcast covering AMC's Walking Dead television series. News, episode analysis, weekly segments and more!'s podcast covering AMC's Walking Dead television series. News, episode analysis, weekly segments and more!
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Description:'s podcast covering AMC's Walking Dead television series. News, episode analysis, weekly segments and more!






Season 8 Preview

Jim and A.Ron look ahead to season 8 of The Walking Dead! We discuss our thoughts on the promo materials, the legal bombshells that dropped over the spring/summer break, and finally we get spoilery discussing the comic book version of the “All Out War” storyline at the end of the pod. See you this weekend!…

Duration: 00:35:32

Season 7 Wrap Up!

Jim and A.Ron say goodbye once again to AMC's The Walking Dead, but first, we have some things to get off our chest and a ton of feedback from our fellow fans to share. What lane does the Dead need to stay in? How long can it last? How big a star is Andrew Lincoln, anyway? Will the War with Negan last 8 episodes, or 16? Just how many episodes of Trash People backstory will we be inflicted with? Should Gimple and company just let Heath go? All this and more will be discussed!

Duration: 01:01:47

716 – The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

by The Walking Dead's season 7 finale, "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life". Well staged action and CGI stunt tigers get the pulse pounding, but it's not long before well worn bad habits start to get in the way; a convoluted plot by Negan to once again impress upon Rick that resistance is futile, literal Garbage People, and Sasha's "I'll save you from the situation I helped create" heroics, all these unfortunately mire the proceedings. But that's not our last work on the subject. We'll...

Duration: 02:00:35

715 – Something They Need

A decent episode of AMC's The Walking Dead nevertheless provokes a bunch of questions regarding "Something They Need". Is Rick's group really justified in their "take no prisoners, take all guns" approach with Seaside? Has Eugene really turned turncoat? Is Gregory Negan's "little bird"? Why can't Grandma McGee pull a gun on somebody proper like? And does Rick know that a man is at his most dangerous when he's on his knees? Dwight knows. He's been to the School of Eugene's Nut Cracker, and...

Duration: 01:29:03

714 – The Other Side

Jim and A.Ron watched the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "The Other Side", and then immediately crawled through a wood pile and launched an assault on the episode. First we tried sniping, but then we went in for a frontal assault. I promised to watch Jim's back, and then betrayed him to his chagrin at the end. As always, Eugene, excuse me, Chief Engineer Dr. Eugene, was useless. Listen in for all this, some feedback, and yours truly holding court in the Spoiler Section!

Duration: 01:40:48

713 – Bury Me Here

Jim and A.Ron agree that AMC's The Walking Dead delivered an entertaining episode with "Bury Me Here", but maybe not for the reason we were supposed to. Hilariously bad premises, unbelievable payoffs to trivial moments, characters getting massive backstory dumps before being unceremoniously bumped off... it's a pretty full "Bad Walking Dead Bingo" card. But hey, an end to the era of rampant Morgalizing, so that's something!

Duration: 01:36:36

712 – Say Yes

Jim and A.Ron are reasonably pleased with the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Say Yes". After many long years, TWD finally found a way to have a philosophical argument about "why we fight" and "what' it's like out there" and "this is the way the world works" that doesn't actually involve any of those words, and inserts a few new ones, "hope" and "future". The fact that it goes down between Rick and Michonne, characters with chemistry that we actually care about, makes it that...

Duration: 01:30:30

711 – Hostiles and Calamities

Jim and A.Ron point and laugh at poor Eugene in the latest episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, "Hostiles and Calamities". Eugene fails at lobster, succeeds at Yar's Revenge, blows up some balloons, puts on a wiz bang science show, and ultimate turns into the bad guy? Yeah right, we'll believe it when we see it. Meanwhile, Dwight reaches the sad boring conclusion of the Dwight/Sherry saga that began way back in episode 606, "Always Accountable". Also, A.Ron vents his spleen about Eugene's...

Duration: 01:34:20

710 – New Best Friends

Jim and A.Ron slog through a mess of a Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, as Rick negotiates a complicated treaty with the Romulan sub-commander of a garbage world. There's some good stuff too; some emotional punch with Daryl and Carol, some nuanced Morgalizing from Morgan, and a "have to see it to believe it" Mad Max / Lord of the Rings inspired zombie pit fight sequence. Maybe that's how TWD is going to roll going forward, pilfering from better...

Duration: 01:16:23

709 – Rock in the Road

Jim and A.Ron are back to further chronicle the legendary journeys of one Rick Grimes and his merry band of post apocalyptic crazies. This week, we consider "A Rock in the Road", which we found to be an amazing episode in terms of epic clothes lines, and considerably less so when judging by its titular morality tale. Speaking of morality, there is some rampant Morgalizing in this episode. But we get just the right amount of Negan. All this plus explosions and fan feedback!

Duration: 01:11:06

Mid-Season 7 Wrapup

The first half of season 7 wasn't exactly what we hoped for but it should have been what we expected. We dip into the feedbag one more time for the year to consider what we've seen and what's to come. We'll be back in February in some capacity so until then, enjoy your holiday and have a great 2017!

Duration: 00:49:27

708 – Hearts Still Beating

AMC's The Walking Dead entered it's mid-season hiatus last night with the episode, "Hearts Still Beating", which had Jim and A.Ron asking if their hearts were still stirred by the drama on screen. Your mileage may vary, but we found it doing just enough to make up for the missteps this season, and promising just enough up tempo pacing that we're, knock on wood, excited for it's return in February? That maybe losing more than a 1/3rd of it's audience in a season will scare the creative and...

Duration: 02:01:37

707 – Sing Me A Song

A.Ron and Jim are pleased to note that "Sing Me A Song" is an improved, if far from perfect episode of The Walking Dead. We discuss invisible Jesus, Carl being gun shy, Rosita being unreasonable and Eugene proving her claims of cowardice true, Spencer's Latin studies finally paying off, and Rick and Aaron up to something awesome that unfortunately we'll have to wait until next week to actually see. All this and a ton of feedback, coming your way!

Duration: 01:50:08

706 – Swear

Jim and A.Ron wonder if it's all worth it anymore after seeing a historically bad episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, number 706, "Swear". Aside from being the dreaded single POV focus episode featuring a second-tier character, so much of this made no sense and seemed pointless. From the zombie action sequences involving improbable combinations of dump trucks and sand, to the 538th, 539th, and 540th time we've heard one character bemoan the degradation of humanity to another, to...

Duration: 01:48:57

705 – “Go Getters”

Carl and Enid rolling down the street! S-K-A-T-I-N-G! Sure, we all loved Richonne, but step aside, there's a new hot apocalyptic romance in Alexandria: Carnid. Or Earl? Whatever, it was cute, and fun, and gives Carl a new angle to work besides the increasingly silly hair and hat routine. What else? Oh, Maggie is a boss, of course, tractors are employed in unusual circumstances, Gregory is literally The Worst, Michonne struggles to adapt to a post-Negan world, and the biggest surprise of...

Duration: 01:39:53

704 – “Service”

Jim and A.Ron rap about AMC's The Walking Dead episode 704, "Service", and in keeping with the episode title, we're thinking of stiffing the Gimple and company on their tip. The maniacal focus on single plot line story telling is doing real damage, not just to the pacing, but to their otherwise solid and memorable attempts at characterization with Negan and Dwight. Also, WHERE IS TARA AND HEATH?! Did they run into the crew of the S.S. Minnow and decide to take the three hour tour? On a...

Duration: 01:48:21

703 – The Cell

A return to form for AMC's The Walking Dead in episode 703, "The Cell". And that's not necessarily a good thing. We discuss turd sandwiches, mysterious motorcycle mishaps, Negan's lose definition of "consent", the internal politics of the Negan compound, and much, much more. Plus, we consider a bunch of feedback.

Duration: 01:36:52

702 – The Well

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Duration: 01:51:32

701 – “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

The Walking Dead comes back with season 7's premiere, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be". Did they do enough to win back fans from last season's disastrous cliffhanger? They guys are somewhat divided on their opinions on that score, as are our fans. Jeffery Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln are amazing, but can ?TWD? curb it's worst instincts and put their collective pedals to the metal, and keep the momentum they've managed to build? We'll find out together!

Duration: 01:52:42

Season Seven Preview

A.Ron and Jim try to puzzle out the big "mystery" from last season; who does Negan beat the ever-loving piss out of? We use clues from the previews to try to figure it out, before giving our own predictions and a bit of comic speculation in our spoiler section. We'll be back next Monday with our full coverage of the premiere episode!

Duration: 00:37:34

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