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The Wintrust Business Lunch with Steve Bertrand and Amy Guth from WGN Radio 720




Wintrust Business Lunch 9/23/17: Danny Hakim, Alby Gallun, Adina Solomon, Dr. Sandy Goldberg

Jon Hansen is filling in for Amy this Saturday, and he begins by discussing the latest controversy surrounding Monsanto, sparked by one of their weed killers, with Danny Hakim from the New York Times. Alby Gallun, reporter at Crain’s Chicago Business, joins him to talk about an obstacle to a major real estate development project near Goose Island. Adina Solomon breaks down her recent piece for the Washington Post about how tech companies are changing the funeral industry. Later, Dr. […]

Duration: 00:36:59

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/22/17: London Ditches Uber, Passion House Coffee, & Zaycon Fresh

More unfortunate news for Uber as Ben Meyerson joined Steve to talk about how Uber has lost its business license in London along with other stories around Chicago. Tom Gimbel discussed the best way for older workers and young professionals to get back into the work force, Josh Millman & Aaron Cowans discussed the coffee industry through the eyes of Passion House Coffee Roasters (a small coffee roastery), and Mike Conrad discussed how Zaycon Fresh is skipping the middle man […]

Duration: 00:25:13

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/21/17: A $100M Grant, Teddy Ruxpin Reboot, & Chicago Half Marathon

The MacArthur Foundation is one of the most charitable non-profits in the country, and they are giving away another 100 million dollars. Kara Palamountain is part of the N.E.S.T Project Team competing to will the $100 million grant. Bill Geiger looked at yet another way to prep for a comfortable and secure retirement, Bridget Carey described the latest in children toys that takes parents back down memory lane, and Dan Lakin prepared Steve for the Chicago Half Marathon & 5K […]

Duration: 00:28:11

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/20/17: Insurance Awareness,, & Mining Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve two-day meeting today, and that kicked off the conversation for Steve Bertrand and Terry Savage. Terry also updated listeners on the latest update from the world of insurance in her most recent column. Frank Sennett shared with Steve about the millions of dollars Chicago based, just acquired, and finally Chris Matthews explained the lucrative methods of obtaining Bitcoin.

Duration: 00:25:47

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/19/17: Fearless Stock Markets, vom FASS, & The Cork Industry

The markets continue to impress, despite a world leader’s talking about the potential of destroying other countries. Steve and Jon Najarian touched base after the President Trump’s UN address and talked through the various high profile mergers today. Andrew Herrmann detailed the possibility of Chicago’s downtown becoming a “super loop”, Mike Aldrich turned in his corporate job to franchise the latest European retailer vom FASS, and Peter Weber shared with Steve the benefits of having a real...

Duration: 00:25:22

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/18/17: Office “Happy Meters”, Rebuilding Tourism, & Living Rent Free

Kicking off the week, Jon Hansen sat in for Steve Bertrand and chatted about the latest in the world of tech with Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis to hear how “happy meters” could be coming to an office near you. Jon then turned his attention to the recent news about the damage from the hurricanes Harvey and Irma and how quickly parts of Florida will be able to rebuild their tourism economy from the expertise of Nicholas Hyrhorczuk, and finally, […]

Duration: 00:27:12

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/15/17: The Negatives of Amazon in Chicago, Life Coaching, & Get IN It MusicFest 2017

Steve Bertrand closed out the week checked in on the innovation world with Andrea Hanis to learn what Second City is doing to utilize its in demand space by joining the co-working world, and while most of the city is excited about the potential of Amazon bringing 50,000 jobs to Chicago, Tom Gimbel shared the set backs it could bring as well. Rhonda Richter then gave Steve a few pro-tips on life when she explained the background of her life […]

Duration: 00:23:54

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/14/17: Amazon Impacting Real Estate, Facebook Gets Political, & Calls To Action

Amy Guth jumped in for Steve but didn’t slow down for real estate news. Dennis Rodkin looked at the big potential of Amazon moving its HQ2 to Chicago, but what would that mean to the real estate market? Rochelle Garner joined Amy to break down the way Facebook has found themselves in political news headlines, and Ilyce Glink explained the best way of taping into an online audience for a call to action.

Duration: 00:25:43

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/13/17: Equifax Hacks, Amazon’s HQ2, & Chicago Architecture Biennial

What should Americans be doing since the wake of this Equifax data breach? Terry Savage knows that this historic data hack will change the industry, but first she has suggestions for the 140 million impacted Americans. Frank Sennett jumped on the line with Steve to discuss why Chicago should go all out in order to attract Amazon’s HQ2, and Jack Guthman showed the importance of the largest architecture and design exhibition in North American – The Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Duration: 00:26:14

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/12/17: Apple iPhone Unveiling, Monday Night Football, & Video Gaming in IL

The focus today is all about Apple. The newest iPhone is announced today in California so Steve and Jon Najarian are awaiting the impact it will have on the rest of the market. Andrew Herrmann shared the latest neighborhood news about the flourishing of the city’s B & B industry, Suzanne Muchin challenged Steve on last night’s football broadcast and Mike Gelatka detailed the impact of video gaming in Illinois and what it has done to the economy in the […]

Duration: 00:26:28

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/11/17: Amazon HQ in Chicago, Fuel Efficiency, & Digital Secrets

Chicago is booming in the tech industry, but it could receive a huge leg up in the global community. Jim Dallke and Katherine Davis told Steve about how Chicago could in the running to house Amazon’s second headquarters bringing high paying jobs to the city. Lauren Fix aka “The Car Coach” shared the latest regulatory changes for the auto industry and how consumers might end up paying for it, and finally Randi Shaffer told listeners that its possible to keep […]

Duration: 00:27:43

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/8/17: Kickstarter Setbacks, Healthcare Pricing, & Rewards Credit Cards

Suzanne Muchin jumped in for Steve Bertrand to close out the week, yet Andrea Hanis kept the show in line by sharing the latest with a Kickstarter veteran from Chicago having to work just as hard as everyone else. Alyssa Sullivan shared the details behind the future of the workforce, Lance Larsen shared with Suzanne the reason why doctors charge different prices for the same tests, and Kevin Condon told listeners why its more important now than ever to have […]

Duration: 00:23:31

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/7/17: Mentor Veterans, Russian Facebook Ads, HR Tech Semifinalist

Often, the Chicago business community gets attracted to the new incubators, and mentorships when there have been resources in the city for decades. Steve chatted with one of the veterans of the small business industry, Dan Pollack, about SCORE Chicago. Bill Geiger told listeners about the next financial hurricane, Ian Sherr dove deeper into the Facebook disclosure of Russian ads, and Ilyce Glink announced that is a semifinalist in the HR Tech awards.

Duration: 00:28:36

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/6/17: Fed Vice Chair Steps Down, Colombia College, & MATTER’s “3.8”

The Federal Reserve is always busy since they help direct the economy, but news shook the business world when Federal Reserve Vice Chair Stanley Fischer announced that he is stepping down, so Steve discussed his impact with Terry Savage along with her take on the rescinding of DACA. Frank Sennett detailed the latest shake up in the airline industry and Colombia College’s adaptation to a possible commuter school, while Holly Copeland detailed the partnership of Horizon Pharmaceuticals with...

Duration: 00:24:51

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/5/17: A Red Market, American Astronaut Peggy Whitson, & Amazon

Today, the market reminded us that it cant all be record setting numbers. Steve and Jon Najarian touched on the big influencers of the down market for the day. Andrew Herrmann told Steve about the new invention that keeps the wind in the windy city in check, Suzanne Muchin shed the spotlight on one of the most experienced astronauts in history back on earth, and Jamie Moorhead explained how Amazon is not only disrupting brick and mortar businesses, but the […]

Duration: 00:24:24

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/2/17: Josh Dean, Jeff Wise, Becky Yerak, Polly Mosendz

Amy Guth discusses the business of NASCAR, a new lawsuit against Starburst, the ill-fated Fyre Festival, and how you may be using Foursquare when you don’t even know it.

Duration: 00:32:11

Wintrust Business Lunch 9/1/17: Restaurant Software, Corporate Donating, & Millennial Travel Debt

Restaurants are always in flux with their innovation and software is a scarce, but when the right one comes along, it could revolutionize. Ben Meyerson (News Editor at Blue Sky Innovation) shared the latest restaurant startup from Chicago that could achieve that. Tom Gimbel shed some light on the surplus of charitable giving from companies in the wake of disasters, Maria LaMagna told Steve about the growing trend of millennials diving deeper in debt to travel the world (but it […]

Duration: 00:23:26

Wintrust Business Lunch 8/31/17: Student Healthcare, Drones Saving Swimmers, & Texas Housing Impacts

The school year is gearing back up and what many students (and parents) might not be thinking about is their healthcare. Steve chatted with Dr. Joyce Knestrick to learn about the alignment that’s needed for students’ their schools, colleges, and universities. Bill Geiger jumped in studio with Steve to recap the best retirement moves, Ian Sherr shared the latest in drone technologies where they are identifying sharks in Australia, and Ilyce Glink detailed this week’s housing numbers and the...

Duration: 00:27:03

Wintrust Business Lunch 8/30/17: US Tax Reform, Bank Branches, & Operation Homefront

Tax reform is expecting a big change by the end of this year and Terry Savage has plenty of thoughts. After addressing the Illinois’s CPA Society, Terry and Steve discussed the role of the US’s taxes and Amazon’s impact to the consumer world. Frank Sennett looked at the presence of brick & mortar companies in Chicago from banks to burger joints, and Dawid Jacob is honoring military veterans by riding his motorcycle over 11,000 miles visiting 50 veteran’s memorial sites […]

Duration: 00:27:29

Wintrust Business Lunch 8/29/17: Chicago’s Chinatown, Clothing in Society, & The Wrapperoo

Hurricane Harvey is impacting thousands in Texas, but is it impacting industries elsewhere? Steve turned to Jon Najarian to see who is feeling it the most in the markets. Andrew Herrmann told Steve about how the growth of Chicago’s Chinatown is outpacing other major cities, Suzanne Muchin noted the impact that clothing has on society, from the White House to Evanston Township High School, and PJ McGuire is sharing her invention story to encourage other inventors/entrepreneurs to take a...

Duration: 00:30:36

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