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Wookiee Radio 30: Another Chapter In The Saga

This week, the Imperials interfere with the Wookiee Radio signal, cutting our broadcast short. Before getting cut off, the Smugglers Three manage to discuss a few topics, such as an article discussing why Star Wars is not an true Sci-Fi flick, and fake facts that fans assume are true. The gang begins to talk about some of the greatest Star Wars items in the galaxy when the signal is lost. Does this spell doom for the Smugglers Three? Or will they be able to revive their broadcast despite...

Duration: 00:43:57

Wookiee Radio 29: Experience The Void

This week, the Smugglers Three cover a couple of items about Star Wars attractions at the Disney theme parks, and then cover some news about The Last Jedi, including a review of some released pictures from the film. After that, we move to the upcoming Han solo film and discus the inclusion of a certain relative of the director, as well as the recently announced composer. Next, we talk about Captain Rex ties to Return Of The Jedi, and then a recent announcement about Episode 9 getting a new...

Duration: 00:57:59

Wookiee Radio 28: Kids’ Size Pieces Of Awesome

Wookiee Radio is back. This week your Smugglers Three didn't have to go to a galaxy far, far away because we are talking San Diego Comic Con. We start off looking at the new Landspeeder from Radio Flier. Then we are attacked by the cuteness that are porgs, and we look at the Last Jedi costume display from the show floor. And we finish off with a look at what Hasbro and Lucasfilm Books brought with them

Duration: 00:45:05

Wookiee Radio 27: The Galaxy’s Edge

The Smugglers Three are back for another exciting episode of Wookiee Radio. We start this week pondering the idea "What if they made an Ahsoka Tano anthology film?" Then we take a look at all of the wonderful news and views from D23. Specifically we look at the "Galaxy's Edge", Battlefront 2 and that new Last Jedi behind the scenes sizzler reel.

Duration: 01:00:49

Wookiee Radio 26: SDCC, Not Cloud City

We start off this episode by bringing some attention to the band Pallette Swap Ninjas, and their Star Wars themed music. Next up, we give a rundown of the Star Wars related panels that will be found at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year. After that, we cover a story about Dave Filoni tweeting about the fate of Ahsoka Tano, and some news about the Galaxy Of Heroes game. We end the episode with a rundown of the books and comics coming out this month.

Duration: 00:57:57

Wookiee Radio 25: Forces Of Destiny

We start off this episode talking about the Forces Of Destiny YouTube cartoon series. We discuss our thoughts on the show, as well as some highlights from each episode. In the middle of all that discussion, we take a few minutes to talk about some of our favorite droids in the Star Wars universe. Next, we talk about the bonus features that will be Included in the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Rebels season 3, and then discuss a ridiculous Wars/Trek argument that ends with a stabbing. We...

Duration: 00:57:57

Wookiee Radio 24: Plot Holes and Detention Cell Escapes

Wookiee Radio is back on the Holonets. San Diego Comic Con is only 2 week away and we start this week by looking at some of the exclusive items that you can only get there. From there we learn how Darth Vader almost made it into Guardians of the Galaxy. Next we look at 15 “plot holes” from the Star Wars movies that were “fixed” in books and comics. Marvel has released some images from the upcoming Captain Phasma book and we can see how she escaped the trash compactor. Then we tackle the...

Duration: 00:55:59

Wookiee Radio 23: Imperial Checkpoints, Yuck!

This week, Mike is missing, and Ken and Derrick suspect he may have been captured by Imperials, but fear not, a plan to rescue Mike has been put into action. In the meantime, Ken and Derrick continue the show to honor their missing companion. Ken starts out with an in depth description of the Star Wars costume exhibit he recently visited, describing all the amazing costumes and props he saw. Next, the duo discuss some interesting possible revelations that were discovered in leaked photos...

Duration: 00:58:08

Wookiee Radio 22: Puppets R Us With Mike Quinn

This week on Wookiee Radio we welcome Mike Quinn. He is the legendary actor, puppeteer and animator that brought us Nien Nunb. We talked to him about that , what it was like to work for and with legends like Jim Henson, Frank Oz, George Lucas, David Bowie and many more. He also told us what it was like to work on the set of The Force Awakens.

Duration: 01:03:22

Wookiee Radio 21: Solo In Japan

We start off this episode with our thoughts on the winner of the recent Hasbro fan figure poll, a result that made at least two of us very happy. Next, we discuss the once planned cameo of Han Solo in Episode 3, Revenge Of The Sith. After that, we get into some comic book talk with discussions on the new Mace Windu miniseries, and a prequel comic for Rogue One. We then discuss some Last Jedi rumors from a land far, far away known as Japan. We then read off a list of 5 things you didn't...

Duration: 00:44:14

Wookiee Radio 20: There Is A Promo Code

Wookiee Radio is back with episode 20. This week we start with some Celebration coverage and then move on to talk about the new mobile game “Star Wars: Puzzle Droids.” Next we take a look at what special deals are being offered on May the Forth this year. In movie news, John Knoll is working on another anthology story idea and Star Wars Episode IX gets a release date. Next we take a look at Battlefront II in video game news. And we finish the show looking to upcoming books and comics. Then...

Duration: 01:13:55

Wookiee Radio 19: A Celebration In Time

Star Wars Celebration palooza. We talk all things Start Celebration Orlando. We get the inside scoop from Mike and Eric from Mighty Marvel Geeks as they were there on the scene. We get inside info from the writers and Rebels panels. We talk the pros and cons of Celebration, and being able to get into the halls and move around. We talk Ahsoka Tano and our hopes for another book. We talk the Star Wars Battlefront trailer as well as the Last Jedi trailer. We talk exclusives, as well as the...

Duration: 01:07:13

Wookiee Radio: Star Wars Rebels Press Conference

On Saturday, April 15th of Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Mike and Eric were invited to sit in on the Star Wars Rebels Season 4 panel, but also a Press Conference with Executive Producer Dave Filoni and his STAR WARS REBELS cast. We bring to you the entire audio from that press conference. Talent Participating: Dave Filoni - Executive Producer, Tiya Sircar - voice of Sabine, Steve Blum - voice of Zeb, Vanessa Marshall - voice of Hera and Taylor Gray - voice of Ezra Bridger At around the...

Duration: 00:35:30

Wookiee Radio 18: Zero Hour

We start of the podcast with an assortment of Celebration news, including a rundown of the list of podcasts that will be recording on the podcast stage at the con. Wookiee Radio sister show Mighty Marvel Geeks will be one of the lucky shows to be included. There is a brief debate (again) between the Mighty Marvel Geeks podcast (Mike), and the DC Superpowers podcast (Ken) before we move on to talk about the panels that will be at Celebration, as well as the items that can be found in the...

Duration: 01:10:32

Wookiee Radio 17: Yub Nub Begins

Wookiee Radio is back with episode 17 and this week we start by talking a little about Star Wars Celebration. We take a look at the art print offerings and some of the exclusives being offered. We also check out the list of featured exhibitors. Then we move on to take a look at the latest episodes of Star Wars Rebels, “Double Agent Droid” and “Twin Suns.” Next we discuss Star Wars Land at the Disney Parks opening in 2019. It looks like they are building Full size moving AT-ATs at the...

Duration: 01:30:23

Wookiee Radio 16: Rebels And Rivals

The show starts off on a strange, yet humorous tangent as we slip into a classic Marvel verses DC debate. Once we get things back on track, we move on to our Rebels recap, where we discuss the last three episodes of the show. After the recap, we discuss the announcement that Rebels will be […] The post Wookiee Radio 16: Rebels And Rivals appeared first on We Be Geeks.

Duration: 01:13:19

Wookiee Radio 15: Touring The Stars With Mark Eades

Wookiee Radio is back with episode 15 and this week we are joined by former Disney Imagineer Mark Eades. Mark was one of the team that created the original Star Tours ride at Disneyland and with that created a whole new type of theme park attraction. We cover the history of the ride from concept […] The post Wookiee Radio 15: Touring The Stars With Mark Eades appeared first on We Be Geeks.

Duration: 01:17:13

Wookiee Radio 14: Duck, Dodge And Dive

We start off the episode with the announcement that Mike will be representing Wookiee Radio at Star Wars Celebration this year in Orlando, Florida. Next we have another announcement from Derrick about his new podcast, Keepers of the Fringe, that will be coming to the We Be Geeks network soon. We follow that up with […] The post Wookiee Radio 14: Duck, Dodge And Dive appeared first on We Be Geeks.

Duration: 00:59:07

Wookiee Radio 13: Trials Of The Meatbags

Welcome back to issue 13 of Wookiee Radio. This week we start off with a report from Disney World, where Mike and his family got to be some of the first to take the Guided Tour of Star Wars. And of course, you cannot go to Disney without picking up a toy or two. Next […] The post Wookiee Radio 13: Trials Of The Meatbags appeared first on We Be Geeks.

Duration: 01:08:51

Wookiee Radio 12: Detours With Jenn Hill & Todd Grimes

On this episode of Wookiee Radio, we welcomed guests Jenn Hill, and Todd Grimes who are the producer and director of the cancelled Star Wars television show Detours, as well as a documentary called Rogue 39 about the making of the Detours show. We start off the discussion by asking the pair where the idea […] The post Wookiee Radio 12: Detours With Jenn Hill & Todd Grimes appeared first on We Be Geeks.

Duration: 01:14:23

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