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Wookiee Radio 54: Untini With Youtini

Your Smugglers Three are back and this week we are joined by Corey, one of the creators of Youtini. Youtini,(, is a new Star Wars books subscription box service. Also this week a lot of Solo merchandise was announced. Here is some of the other topics that Corey talked about with us. The list of Solo tie in books. Lawrence and Jon Kasdan talk about starting on a Solo project before the Disney buy and the inspiration for the movie. Disney announced more details for Galaxy's Edge at...


Wookiee Radio 53: #FlySoloFly

This week, the Smugglers Three are joined by Jeffery Fischbach of The Canto Cast as they fly Solo as they take a deep dive into the trailers that were finally released for the Solo movie. A breakdown of both trailers released for Solo. 5 highlights from the Solo trailer. The story behind Lando's co-pilot droid in the Solo trailer. A look at some of the character names revealed for the Solo movie. A story about Harrison Ford giving some Han Solo pointers to Alden Ehrenreich. A discussion...


Wookiee Radio 52: Solo, Han Solo

Your Smugglers Three are back with episode 52 of Wookiee Radio. At time of recording we still don't have a Solo trailer but we discuss that and when we may get it. We also discuss: ​Galactic Nights returns to WDW for the Solo premier weekend. ​Carrie Fisher was honored at the 2018 Grammy Awards. ​Rian Johnson talks deleted scenes on the Last Jedi Blu-Ray. ​The new book 'Star Wars: Bomber Command" ​Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season 2 coming soon to DVD/Blu-Ray ​A review of the...


Wookiee Radio 51: Solo Oscar Talk

This week, the Smugglers Three take a dive into the Oscar nominations as they relate to Star Wars, and mention a graphic novel sale on Amazon. Oh, and they play a bit of Star Wars Family Feud as well. Topics discussed on this episode include: Still no trailer for the Solo film, but a synopsis has come out. The funeral of Han Solo. A college in Ohio is offering a course on Star Wars. A look at the Oscars nominations each movie has gotten over the years. Books and comic releases for the week.


Wookiee Radio 50: Action Figs With John Tyler Chrisopher

Your Smugglers Three are back with an EPIC issue 50. This week we are joined by Marvel cover artist John Tyler Christopher. He is best known for all of the awesome action figure variant covers for the Star Wars comics. We discussed the action figure covers. How much we all love late 70's and early 80's toys. How many covers has he done? And even answer some listener questions.


Wookiee Radio 49: Back At Almost Full Voice

The Smugglers Three are back after a short holiday break. Mike caught a bit of the Correlian flu over the break. But, if the Empire can't stop him, surely a bit of illness can't either, right? Topics discussed on this episode include: Kevin Kiner has finished his soundtrack work on the Rebels show. Rumors about a trailer being released soon for the Solo film. A discussion some of the things found in the Last Jedi Secrets Revealed special. John Williams will do the soundtrack for Episode...


Wookiee Radio 48: Spoiler Alert – Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Smugglers Three are back and finally we have all seen The Last Jedi, but first with Christmas behind us we look at what we got from Santa Yoda. Then play a few rounds of Star Wars Family Feud. And then we get into our movie review. Here are a few of the topics that we covered: How similar Kylo & Rey are to Jacen & Jaina. A little bit of nit picking. Internet haters are gonna hate no matter what they are given. Lukes dark decisions in the past haunt him still? Where does the story go...


Wookiee Radio 47: Who Has The Distro

At last, the time has finally come! The Last Jedi has finally come out! Unfortunately, at the time of this recording, only one of the Smugglers Three had actually seen the movie, so you will not find any discussion about the actual movie on this episode. But, perhaps that is a good thing. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. A discussion about how The Disney/Fox deal could affect the Star Wars franchise. 2. Thursday preview night box office numbers for The Last Jedi. 3. How the...


Wookiee Radio 45: Sheev On The Shelf

This week, the Smugglers Three are very excited because Last Jedi is less than two weeks away. That is like Christmas for Star Wars fans, only so much better. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. Daisy Ridley days she is done with Star Wars after episode 9 2. Mark Hamill was concerned about the sudden change to the ending of Force Awakens 3. Does the Last Jedi refer to Kylo Ren? 4. Sheev On A Shelf could take over the holidays 5. A petition is out to have the Star Wars license...


Wookiee Radio 44: Battlefront 2 & PETA vs Porgs Too

Your Smugglers Three have returned to full strength and are joined by Jeff Davis of DW:60 Press Row on Sorcerer Radio. Jeff brings us his review of Battlefront 2 which is now here. Some of the other stories we discuss are: ● PETA is protesting the unethical treatment of porgs in the Last Jedi ● We take a look at this week's mid-season finale of Star Wars Rebels ● Star Wars Galaxies Edge at the Disney Parks now has a planet name ● Lego and Hasbro both have new figures coming ● We finish...


Wookiee Radio 43: We Scream, Last Jedi Ice Cream

This week, Ken has gone missing, possibly captured by the Empire, leaving Mike and Derrick to record the broadcast on their own. Perhaps the Smugglers Three might be pushing their luck a little too far with the Imperials, that might end up badly for them if they continue. Not sayin', but I'm sayin'. Topics discussed on this episode include: Rebels recap Rian Johnson will be directing a brand new trilogy Possible proof that Grand Admiral Thrawn will survive the final season of Rebels A new...


Wookiee Radio 42: Porgs Will Be Huge

The Smugglers Three are back for episode 42. This week we look at new trailers, Rebels, Ron Howard and PORGS. We discuss this and: 1) Highlights from the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi tv spot that premiered during the World Series. 2) Recap and highlights from the Star Wars: Rebels episodes “The Occupation” and “Flight of the Defender” 3) Kathleen Kennedy discusses the future of the Star Wars films with The Star Wars Show 4) How much of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” did Ron Howard really...


Wookiee Radio 41: DJ Erza In Da House

This week, the Smugglers Three seem to have joined the rebellion as this episode is devoted largely to the Rebels show. Oh, and to All Hallows Eve as well. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. A listing of the three favorite characters of the Smugglers Three 2. A bit of reminiscing about Star Wars toys. 3. A recap of Rebels, including highlights and trivia from the two episodes this week 4. Answers, sort of, from Dave Filoni 5. A new comic one-shot about new character DJ 6. The top...


Wookiee Radio 40: It’s About A Red Cup

The Smugglers Three are back with a week FULL of news. Rebels is back with a bang, we learned the title of the Han Solo movie and much much more. Here is the stories for the week: The Return of Star Wars: Rebels with “Heroes of Mandalore” Ron Howard revealed the name of the Han Solo movie. Ron Howard also has made Tag & Bink cannon We have details about the Battlefront 2 campaign mode. What are the Smugglers Three's 3 favorite ships in that galaxy far, far away A Parma, Oh man builds a 2...


Wookiee Radio 39: Oy, Trailer Talk

This week, the Smugglers Three are two once again as Ken is hiding from an Imperial raid and is only able to make a brief appearance. Topics this episode include: 1. An in depth discussion about the recently released Last Jedi trailer, including some of the highlights 2. Could a trailer for the Han Solo movie be coming soon? 3. Could Rey and Kylo Ren be siblings? 4. J. J. Abrams advised Daisy Ridley to treat Star Wars like a religion 5. Books and comic releases 6. A discussion about the...


Wookiee Radio 38: Thrawn, Vader, Oh My

This week Mike returns to the Smugglers Three. New York Comic-Con was this past weekend and we have news from Sphero, Lucasfilm Publishing, Habro and many more. This week's stories include: 1) A new book about Thrawn is coming next summer. 2) IDW is doing a Star Wars: Forces of Destiny book. 3) Sphero and Ubtech have new robots coming. 4) According to rumors Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be the longest Star Wars film yet. 5) Hasbro showed us the newest figures in the 6” Black Series, Mighty...


Wookiee Radio 37: Trailers, Trailers Everywhere

This week, the Smugglers Three are only two as Mike is mourning the recent passing of his father. Though he will be missed, your father is one with the Force now Mike. Topics discussed in this episode include: The new trailer for The Last Jedi will air during an episode of Monday Night Football A new trailer has been released for the next season of Forces Of Destiny There is an update on the airdates of the new season Rebels We have a couple of interesting news items about the Han Solo...


Wookiee Radio 36: Presenting Darth Jar Jar

This week, the Smugglers Three talk about expensive toys, Carrie Fisher's daughter, and Sith Lord Jar Jar Bunks. Yes, you read that correctly. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. The book of short stories about the casino Canto Bight 2. Twenty-one facts about the Lego Collector's Series Millennium Falcon 3. The top most expensive Star Wars collectables of all time 4. The possibility of Jar Jar Binks being a secret Sith Lord 5. Carrie Fisher's daughter auditioned for the part of...


Wookiee Radio 35: Porg, Porg & Porg

This week, the Smugglers Three cover everything from new toys, to new cartoon episodes to the new (or not so new) director of Episode IX. Topics discussed on this episode include: 1. Rebels has a new time slot. 2. J. J. Abrams is returning to direct Episode IX 3. Hasbro has released images of some new figures coming out 4. New episodes of Forces Of Destiny are coming soon 5. A look behind the panels of the new Captain Phasma miniseries 6. Book and comic releases 7. Some facts about Pogss


Wookiee Radio 34: It’s Beginning To Look Like Kamino

Your Smugglers Three have returned to full strength. Mike has escaped the belly of the space slug just to crash land in an area that is beginning to look like Kamino, but a little storm cannot stop the rebel transmission of Wookiee Radio. This week we cover: The ISS National Lab – CASIS 2017 mission patch designed by legendary Star Wars designer Doug Chiang. Colin Trevorrow is out as director of Star Wars Episode IX. What happened and what does this mean for the future of the saga. The...


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