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Word of Mouth is the sound of new ideas, hosted by Virginia Prescott.

Word of Mouth is the sound of new ideas, hosted by Virginia Prescott.
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Word of Mouth is the sound of new ideas, hosted by Virginia Prescott.








'Only in NH' Best Of: Liquor Laws, House of Pizza, & Income Tax

Which of these subjects is more controversial: New Hampshire liquor laws, regional pizza preferences, or the concept of a broad-based income tax in NH? In this episode, we look back at some of our favorite (and most hotly debated) stories from our "Only in New Hampshire" series, where you ask the questions and we find the answers. We'll hear about a requirement that bars selling hard alcohol must also serve food. We'll find out why one style of pizza dominates the Granite State, and we'll...


This is Not a Love Story

As the legend goes, Sevilla Jones and Henry N. Sargent were courting when Sevilla's heart changed, and their romance took a tragic turn. The pair died over 160 years ago, but the notorious gravestone in New Boston's cemetery still draws curious visitors. But what really happened?


#MeToo: New Hampshire Stories of Survival, Reflection and Prevention

In the months since #MeToo went viral on social media, millions of people across the globe have broken the silence on their stories of sexual assault and harassment. But where do we stand in New Hampshire? How has the Granite State responded to the Me Too movement? What conversations are we having? What actions are we taking? Months ago, we asked listeners if they used that hashtag, and whether they'd be willing to share their stories and perspectives with us. In this episode, you'll hear...


Houses and Houses of Pizza

If you're looking for a slice in New Hampshire, you can find a House of Pizza in just about every town in the state. These pies are pan baked, with a hard crust that works like a retaining wall for an even layer of sauce and cheese. This is Greek pizza. And if New Hampshire's got a signature 'za, this is it. But why are all of these Greek pizza joints called "House of Pizza"? And how did Greek pizza come to corner the market in the Granite State? Listener Matthew Jones asked us to get to...


Big Brother and the Tax Man

New Hampshire is one of 9 states without a state income tax, and one of just two states without a broad-based sales tax either. Democrat or Republican, almost every serious candidate for governor takes the Pledge: a promise that they won't even consider a broad-based state income or sales tax. When listener Mary Douglas moved to New Hampshire in 2005, she couldn't make sense of the state's strong anti-tax sentiment. For our "Only in NH" series, she asked us: why doesn't New Hampshire have...


All The Benefits of Sherbrooke, Without All The Headaches

When the state of New Hampshire submitted a bid to Amazon , throwing Londonderry into the ring as home for the company’s second headquarters, they summed up their case like this: "All the benefits of Boston… without all the headaches." Of course, that logic doesn't really apply if you live in New Hampshire's northernmost towns, where the closest city of size is Sherbrooke, Quebec. In this episode, as part of NHPR's series "The Balance", we look at arts, culture and economy north of the...


Swing Your Partner: Democracy and Change in New Hampshire's Contra Dance Scene

For many, the mention of contra dance conjures images of tradition and wholesomeness -- a thoroughly American, and old-fashioned, past time. But in New Hampshire, contra dance has shifted over the decades. From turn-of-the-century stiffness to hippy ease to Millennial intensity, contra accommodates whatever community chooses to adopt it. In today's episode, we speak to one of the leaders of the contra spread in New Hampshire, and learn how the dance is living on through in the modern era....


You Asked, We Answered: What Can I Do to Help People Struggling with Opioid Addiction?

The obituary, so stark and visceral, captured the public’s attention. It was for 24-year-old Molly Alice Parks. She died in 2015 of a heroin overdose in the bathroom of her Manchester workplace. The obit’s final line: “If you have any loved ones who are fighting addiction, Molly’s family asks that you do eve rything possible to be supportive, and guide them to rehabilitation before it is too late.” But what if you don’t? What if you’re lucky enough not to have a loved one battling this...


Death Resulting

New Hampshire is one of the hardest hit states in the current overdose epidemic, leaving communities grasping for answers. Meanwhile, some local courts and prosecutors have dusted off an antiquated state statute called "Death Resulting" to target drug dealers. But how are courts discerning between dealers and people with active substance use disorders? On today's show, we'll hear a complicated and tragic story that may shed some light moving forward. Death Resulting - A Story of Addiction,...


Stalking The Wild Frost Heave

Every spring, many New Hampshire roads come to resemble obstacle courses as frost heaves emerge with the thaw. On this week’s installment of Only in N.H., we answer a listener question: “How and when did the term 'frost heaves' originate? Is the phenomenon unique to New Hampshire?” The answer brings us from 17 th century Swedish geological manuscripts to Martian ice formations and, finally, on a winding journey down the country roads through New Hampshire’s hills.


In Conversation With Bill McKibben

On a rainy night in December, author Bill McKibben joined Virginia Prescott in front of a live audience for the "In the Spotlight" series at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, New Hampshire, presented in partnership with Gibson's Bookstore . In this episode, McKibben reads from his newest book, and speaks with Virginia about the importance of humor in activism, hope and despair in the face of climate change, and how to deal with the depression that's tied to covering an...


Why Are Liquor Laws In New Hampshire So Weird?

Whether you buy, drink, or do business in the Granite State, liquor plays a significant role in the culture and the economy. Today, Word of Mouth tackles a complicated (and very broad) question sent in by a listener: "Why are liquor laws in New Hampshire SO WEIRD???" So here goes: in this episode, we'll try and get to the bottom of a Prohibition era law that requires bars to sell food, take a trip to a local distillery to find out more about what it means to produce "scratch-made" liquor,...


Farm-to-Table Facts and Fiction

As the farm-to-table movement caught on nation-wide, a cohort of farmers, chefs, and organizers put in the legwork to make local food possible here in New Hampshire. This week on Word of Mouth, we trace the history of local food in the state, and we address a listener's question: How can you distinguish real, authentic local food from the dizzying display of marketing gimmicks? We also hang out with a local arts collective on the seacoast, and we sit down with National Book Award-winning...


Light-O-Rama: Behind the Scenes of the Ultimate Holiday Hobby

Years ago, in the very early days of Youtube, a video was posted that mesmerized audiences and inspired thousands of imitators across the country. But there's someone in New Hampshire who says he's been doing it just as long: syncing sound and light in an all-consuming holiday spectacular on his front lawn. On this episode, we find out what it takes to produce the kind of Christmas display that stops traffic. Also: what exactly happens to your leaves after you rake them up and send them off?


'Only in NH' Best Of: Chicken Farmer v. DOT, Seat Belts v. Freedom, & 'Wood Smoke'

In this episode, a look back at the most controversial stories from our "Only in NH" series, where you ask the questions and we find the answers. We'll hear about the origin of the famous "Chicken Farmer I Still Love You" rock, get an update on the health effects of inhaling wood-stove smoke, and investigate whether New Hampshire's lack of seat-belt law results in more accidents. Plus, your feedback on what we got right (and wrong) reporting each of these stories!


Forest for the Trees: Dispatches from N.H. Forests and Courts

This week on Word of Mouth, two stories about New Hampshire's past, and what it means for the future. First, what did New Hampshire's landscape look like before the intensive logging and development of the past few centuries, and what does that tell us about our history? Next, a New Hampshire court case in the 1970s wound its way to the Supreme Court--and what seemed at the time to be a narrow freedom of speech case is still influencing laws today. You Asked, We Answered: What Did N.H....


Revisionist Holidays

Holidays don't simply spring into existence - they're conceptualized, created, lobbied for, and passed into law by state and federal lawmakers. On this show, we're looking at the New Hampshire author Sarah Hale, who helped craft the modern traditions of Thanksgiving. Also, a holiday that's still under construction: Indigenous People's Day.


Speaking Up: Life after Military Service for N.H. Vets

In the past few months, the Manchester VA Medical Center met with scandal, disaster, and a full helping of public outcry. Today on Word of Mouth, NHPR's Peter Biello looks back on the summer's news and tells the story of one woman's effort to improve hospital facilities for survivors of military sexual trauma. Also on this week's episode, New Hampshire remains the only state in the country without a law requiring adults to wear seat belts, and we investigate why. A recap of recent news...


Bodo's Story: Piecing Together the History of a N.H. Holocaust Survivor

Bodo Schrader was just a baby when his mother was taken to Auschwitz, and four when the concentration camp where he was being held was liberated. While many Holocaust survivor stories are first-person narratives told from memory, time and trauma have prevented Bodo from accessing the details of his own history. For the past two years, Bodo's daughter Margot has taken on the taks of researching his past. Today on Word of Mouth, Bodo and Margot talk about their shared journey.


The Legend of Via Tranquilla: Crafting Horror and Halloween in New Hampshire

For generations, the little red house at the end of Via Tranquilla has been home to a legend. The kind that makes your heart pound and your hair raise. A ghost story... a murder mystery... a curse. On this episode, the keepers of this myth share the grisly story of Via Tranquilla. And then, the truth comes out. Also in this episode: A walk through Haunted Overload , Eric Lowther's haunted wood at DeMerrit Hill Farm. It features towering pumpkin-headed scarecrows, a deranged circus and a...


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