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Budapest, Hungary


In name and content, the radio café evokes the café bustle that has grown with the city and is now inextricably intertwined with it. A spiritual home and workshop, a place to discover, to relax with old and new friends, and a community where you never get bored. With friends, you can talk about anything. Radiocafé is about people who help us navigate our every day and not-so-ordinary affairs. What's the best book and theatre show in town right now, how to navigate the mazes of economics and taxation, who's the best manager and what you can learn from them, what artificial intelligence means and how it affects our lives, what we can do to be sustainable at home and at work, what's the solution to green transport. Our students are men and women who are open to the world, aware, responsible about their future, sensitive to culture, and receptive to new ideas. They are people who liked the spirit of the old radio café, but who are willing to embrace new impulses and keep up with change. Curious about the world they live in, our programmes focus on conscious consumption, value choices, quality entertainment (books, music, theatre), new platforms for the modern age (movie streaming, services, podcasts, music), and the intellectual and cultural richness that is the essence and lifeblood of Budapest. Openness is important to us, so we want to see how the issues that affect...