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Equipped with Chris Brooks encourages listeners to live an impactful Christian life in a rapidly changing culture.

Equipped with Chris Brooks encourages listeners to live an impactful Christian life in a rapidly changing culture.


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Moody Radio


Equipped with Chris Brooks encourages listeners to live an impactful Christian life in a rapidly changing culture.




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Raising Joy-Filled Children

We all want our homes to be filled with joy but do you know that joy-filled kids are not always happy kids? However, joy-filled children do know how to work and wait for what is best! Chris Coursey has been studying brain-based solutions that make relationships work and he will guide us in raising joyful children at every stage of development.


Gender Identity and the Christian

It’s no secret that one of the greatest cultural questions facing the church is the intersection of gender identity and Christianity. Many Christian families struggle to know how to interact with loved ones who see this issue differently. Dr. Mark Yarhouse joins Chris to answer some of the toughest questions about how we can navigate these relationships with grace and truth.


God's Hand in the Headlines

On this edition of Equipped, pastor, culture-watcher, and medical ethicist, Dr. Jim Denison unpacks lessons on forgiveness from Phoenix Suns coach Monty Williams and also explores why Christians are afraid of death. Bring your questions and comments as Chris Brooks and Dr. Denison teach us to walk wisely in this present age!


Grace-based Grandparenting

Grandparenting can be one of the most rewarding experiences of life, but sometimes these relationships can be challenging. Maybe you are one who wishes you had more time with your grandchildren! Today, family expert and grandfather Dr. Tim Kimmel takes your questions about reaching and relating to your grandkids as a mentor, encourager, and a spiritual rock during the hard times of their lives.


Unmasking Gender Reassignment

One of the most frightening trends in modern America is the pressure on our children to ‘choose’ their gender under the influence of doctors and educational professionals. Coming up on Equipped with Chris Brooks, a former pediatric critical care nurse and medical ethicist will reveal the roots of this movement and take your questions about how parents can protect their children from life-altering decisions.


Relevant Responses to Current Concerns

How can Christians be relevant in today’s world? Listen as Chris Brooks talks over several key items Christ-followers are facing in today’s culture. It’s time to combine critical thinking with Biblical truth as we answer the challenges of our time and speak confidently to those who need our Jesus! Join Chris for the next edition of Equipped!


Teen Girls Bravely Battling Anxiety

Anxiety among teen girls is skyrocketing. They feel the pressure to excel, please friends and family, and be beautiful before they are old enough to understand their own emotions! Counselor Sissy Goff has seen the rise in anxious teen girls and decided to reach beyond her clinic walls to empower girls and their parents. She will take your calls and offer time-tested strategies for guiding our girls toward peace and confidence!


Living a Life that Leads other to Jesus

When it comes to sharing our faith with others many of us get stuck. We may fear offending others or don’t know where to start. College professor and Cru staffer, Dr. Heather Holleman says it all begins with a proper understanding of our identity in Christ! our Jesus! Learn to live a Sent life, sharing your faith with a world that desperately needs our Jesus!


Caring Well for the Abused

Is your church prepared to care for individuals who have experienced abuse? What kind of leaders do we need? What policies should be in place? Counselor and Pastor Brad Hambrick has guided many churches through this process of caring well for the abused. He will take your questions and offer practical, Biblical insight for making your church, school, or ministry a safe place for the most vulnerable.


Hinge Moments

Someone has said that the one thing you can count on in life is change. We all face times of transition; some are good and some are bad. The way we navigate these seasons often contributes to our future success and the fulfillment of God’s purposes in our lives! Dr. Michael Lindsay combines sound science with Biblical wisdom to help us maximize those pivotal points of life.


How to Listen so Your Kids will Talk

If you are a parent, you know that getting children to listen is a challenge but have you ever considered that our kids may feel the same way about us? Most children actually want to talk to their parents! Are we listening? When we do, the rewards are priceless! Becky Harling leads us in learning how to listen so our kids will talk.


Confronting Current Cultural Concerns

Join Chris for a very special hour of questions and answers as he hosts a live studio audience from Maranatha Bible Conference in Michigan! The discussion will cover many of the key issues facing Christians in today’s culture and Chris will show us how to be winsome witnesses for Christ in a post-truth age.


After “I Believe”

Did you know that living a life with Christ is not a one-time commitment? In fact, it’s a series of daily choices, infused with the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor and author James White reminds us of the keys to a dynamic relationship with Jesus in this confusing and hostile world. If your Christian life needs a good dose of adventure and wonder, don't miss this edition of Equipped!


Marriage Knot

Pastor Ron Zappia and his wife Jody were high school sweethearts but by their first anniversary, they were on the brink of divorce! Jesus restored their marriage and rewrote their life plan! If you are engaged, newly married, or are years into your marriage, Ron and Jody will share the lessons they learned and answer your relationship questions. Learn to build a secure marriage that will survive the storms of life!


Hope for Desperate Marriages

When you said, “I do,” you entered marriage with high hopes, dreaming it would be supremely happy. You never intended for it to be miserable. Millions of couples are struggling in desperate marriages but it doesn’t have to end there! Marriage and family counselor Dr. Gary Chapman believes every troubled marriage has the potential to change for the better. He will lead us through steps to evaluate the problems, begin to see things more clearly and make choices for lasting positive impact on...


Finding God’s Strength in the Military

Our military service members and their families experience challenges the rest of us know nothing about! How can we help them find the spiritual strength they need to navigate life in the military? Chaplain Gordon Groseclose shares free resources and practical ways we can encourage our military friends and family to find Biblical wisdom for each step of their journey!


Healing Family Relationships

Every family has hurts but those wounds that come from our family members run especially deep. Conflicts may range from daily frictions and annoyances to full-blown rage and even estrangement. We know reconciliation is at the heart of the Gospel but how do we get there? From his 25 years of family ministry, Rob Rienow will outline the steps toward peace and healing for your home!


Solo Dads

Single fathers must navigate their own set of unique challenges. If you are a single dad, you know the fear that can topple your fragile confidence as you seek to parent your children alone. Robert Beeson of the Solo Parent Society joins Chris Brooks to help you find your footing and gain strength & courage to be the dad your child needs.


Redeeming Power

Power has a God-given role in human relationships and institutions, but far too often, power is abused and lives are decimated. Psychologist Diane Langberg helps us learn to protect the vulnerable and create safe spaces for them to thrive. Diane explains the clinical and theological framework for power, and illustrates how to bless and not curse those under our care!


Extraordinary Influence

Whether you are lead an organization, a sports team or a family, we have the ability to speak words of life that will inspire our people to unleash their potential. Leadership expert Dr. Tim Irwin combines brain science and the wisdom of top CEOs to reveal a new approach that brings out the best in those we lead! If we want to see a change in our team, we need to let that change start with us!