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BrumPod, the podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you; including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, as well as covering various business tools & technology. Find us on Twitter, @brumpod. Brought to you by Brummies Networking, the home of free, stripped-back business networking (Twitter: @brummiesnet). Produced by Happy Content Co. Music by Birocratic -

BrumPod, the podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you; including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, as well as covering various business tools & technology. Find us on Twitter, @brumpod. Brought to you by Brummies Networking, the home of free, stripped-back business networking (Twitter: @brummiesnet). Produced by Happy Content Co. Music by Birocratic -


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BrumPod, the podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you; including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, as well as covering various business tools & technology. Find us on Twitter, @brumpod. Brought to you by Brummies Networking, the home of free, stripped-back business networking (Twitter: @brummiesnet). Produced by Happy Content Co. Music by Birocratic -






BrumPod037: New Year Updates - It’s Been A Hell Of A Year And It’s Only Been A Fortnight

In this episode, we bring you an update as to what’s been happening since our last episode at the end of last year. We’ve seen massive changes in social media since the ‘insurrection riot’ at the US Capitol buildings a few days ago. Twitter and many other social media platforms have now banned Donald Trump for his involvement in allegedly stoking the violence. Since then, tens of thousands of other accounts related to QAnon have also been deleted, and we assume, banned. This sparks one...


BrumPod036: Xmas Special & Predictions for 2021

As our final episode of 2020, we thought we’d issue an extra little episode before Christmas as a brief roundup of this year, but more looking ahead with positivity and optimism to 2021. We also make a few predictions about what the world of work, online tools and social media may be like in 2021 and ongoing, hopefully making it more beneficial and positive for all. Will there be more fact checking on Twitter and Facebook, with them deleting more of the disinformation out there? Will more...


How Will The Upcoming Clean Air Zone Affect The Birmingham Business Community?

[Apologies for the crackly audio in the early part of the episode - was due to broadband connection interference with our guest. This improves greatly just before 11mins in.] In this episode, we talk to Councillor Waseem Zaffar from the ‘Brum Breathes’ department at Birmingham City Council who are launching the Clean Air Zone in the city. Waseem explains what exactly a Clean Air Zone is, who will be affected, who will be charged, and who will be exempt from the charges. Will everyone...


BrumPod034: The Future Of The Electric Car - Is It Right For You? A Deep Dive With A Motoring Journalist

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the world of electric cars and where they’re going, with motoring journalist Richard Aucock from We take a look at how far electric cars have come on, technology wise, in just a few short years - and what the future of driving electric will be in the NEXT few years; both in terms of the car tech itself, and the infrastructure needed to support it. From the inception of the 1st Nissan Leaf with its very limited range, we now...


BrumPod033: The Network Shoutout Episode - This Time It's All About You!

In this special edition episode, we wanted to turn the podcast over to you! So we've invited a handful of folks we know well to submit their own audio promo pitches, as a way of introducing them to you, the wider world. Since England is in Lockdown 2, we feel it's more important than ever to keep up your marketing and networking, to ensure you've got a good pipeline of work coming in during these uncertain times. And one way to do that is giving folks the opportunity to introduce themselves...


Brumpod032: Brummies Jobs Exchange And How We Can All Help Each Other Throughout Lockdown 2 And Beyond

In this episode, we’re launching a new initiative, the ‘Brummies Jobs Exchange’ - our way of helping to link up people who are either seeking new employment if they’ve say been made redundant due to COVID19 etc - or indeed if you are a company who have roles available looking to be filled, we want to try and help you fill them. This isn’t a commercial venture, and we’re not acting as recruiters - we are simply helping provide a platform and an audience via our Brummies Networking LinkedIn...


BrumPod031: Midlands COVID Update, New iPhone Launch & 5G Expansion PLUS How To Support Local Small Businesses

In this episode, we're offering up more of a slightly shorter and snappier 'updates episode', just to give you the heads up about the latest news re. COVID19 in the Midlands, and what West Midlands Mayor's latest announcement is. We also talk about the impact the local lockdowns and new Tier system is having on the region as a whole - with hospitality being hit quite hard yet again. Apple have also recently announced the new iPhone 12 series of phones, with launch happening Friday 23rd...


BrumPod030: Decoding The Winter Economy Plan with Alistair Hayward-Wright

In this episode, we’re talking to Alistair Hayward-Wright, from Hayward-Wright Accountancy Group, who helps us to decode and decipher Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Winter Economy Plan, the scheme that will replace the furlough and SEISS grant payments ongoing. It’s been an incredibly tough time throughout COVID-19 for all businesses, both the self-employed and those who are salaried. With numerous inevitable redundancies being mentioned on LinkedIn and beyond, now is the time to really focus...


BrumPod029: PR vs Marketing - What's Right For You? Setting Up An Agency During A Pandemic! Plus How To Deal With Negative PR

In this episode we talk to Leila Smith from Promise PR and Creative, a PR agency based in Solihull. Leila set up her agency during the pandemic! So we explore how that went, and what brought her to that point. We explore the world of PR versus marketing - how and why they're different, and how to decipher what a business might need. Lots of businesses during the pandemic and lockdown period starting cutting back spending on PR and marketing, so Leila explains why it's more important than...


BrumPod028: Lisa Brown from Lisa B Interior Design - The Design Industry During Covid, And Are The General Public Creative?

In this episode, we speak to special guest Lisa Brown from Lisa B Interior Design, a design agency based at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. We discuss what the state of the design industry has been like during COVID, as well as hearing her backstory about how she got to where she is now. We also pose the question, just HOW creative is the general public when it comes to starting a new project? What to do when there's no forthcoming information from a prospective client! And of course, how...


BrumPod027: With Jordan Patel from Art.Quarter, Birmingham's Newest And Most Adventurous Multi-Use Commercial & Retail Space Yet!

In this episode, we talk to Jordan Patel from Art.Quarter, which will end up being, we think, Birmingham's most adventurous multi-use site yet; currently being built, it will end up housing commercial units, office space, retail outlets and pop-up shops, food and drink outlets, technology centres, AR and VR gaming centre, amongst many other things! All in the heart of Digbeth, the home of Birmingham's creative industries. We find out how the build and overall project is going, especially...


BrumPod026: Returning To The Office After Lockdown. Do You Want To? Do You Have To? How Different will It Be?

In this episode we take a look at the issue of returning to the office after so long. How different are things going to be now? Is your workplace geared up and ready? Is it safe? How do you feel about it all? What are the expectations, and your rights as an employee if things don't seem to be up to scratch? Has all this changed how we work forever? There's certainly been a major environmental impact given a study we touch upon, as well as people's mindsets having changed and been slightly...


BrumPod025: How the hospitality industry needs a radical rethink, with guest Anthony Tattum from Big Cat Agency

With special guest: Anthony Tattum from Big Cat Agency. In this episode, we talk to Anthony Tattum, CEO of Birmingham based creative agency, Big Cat. We discuss how, in a post-COVID world, the hospitality industry needs a radical rethink in how they operate, to optimise earnings and efficiency, given how there will be so many restrictions for months to come. Many businesses have managed to adapt really well through lockdown, operating in a different capacity to what they're used to, by...


BrumPod024: Will You Be Covered Post-COVID19? What Should You Be Checking Right Now? We Talk To An Insurance Broker

In this episode, we talk to Daniel O'Brien, an insurance broker from Aston Lark. We discuss the current state of the insurance industry in the midst of the pandemic, what cover you THINK you have, what cover you NEED, and lots of top tips and advice that all business owners should be aware of to ensure you're fully covered for all eventualities once we reach that golden egg that is 'the new normal'. We cover areas such as what business owners and facilities managers need to consider when...


BrumPod023: How To Manage Flexible And Remote Working Employees Effectively In The New Normal

Today's Guest - Sarah Burns from Handled PA- In this episode we talk to Sarah Burns from Handled PA, a virtual PA service based in Birmingham. As someone who runs an entire team completely virtually online, as well as of course their clients, she is well positioned to give some great advice as to how businesses might manage remote working and flexible working environments ongoing post-COVID19, in what has been referred to as 'the new normal'. There is talk of...


BrumPod022: Lockdown Week 7. How Is Life Changing? The Dangers Of Not Diversifying - Like Primark. And Gov Portal for Self-Employed Income Support Now Open

We're now in Week 7 of Lockdown here in the UK. We chat about how things have changed, and where things might be going once Lockdown is lifted. Will businesses still flock on their normal commute into city centres? Or will there continue to be more working from home? Big businesses to scale down their operations to maintain smaller centralised hubs? It would make sense maybe. Our main topic is about the dangers of businesses not diversifying - with Primark being the prime example in recent...


BrumPod021: Dealing With Stress During Lockdown With Martin Warrillow

In this episode, our special guest is Martin 'The Warrior' Warrillow, a stroke awareness campaigner, blogger and podcaster. Martin suffered a stroke in 2013 after dealing with a tremendous amount of job related stress. After collapsing whilst crossing a road & nearly being hit by an oncoming bus, he managed to drag himself to safety, with half his body paralysed, with only a foot between him and the passing bus. During this period of global lockdown, stress is going to be playing an...


BrumPod020: How Businesses Can Use Marketing And Social Media To Their Advantage During The Coronavirus Crisis

This episode's guest - Greta Geoghegan from Digital Glue - With the continuing coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis dominating every headline and website, we try to cut through things to offer some help and support for small businesses. In this episode, we're talking to Greta about how small businesses can utilise marketing and social media to their advantage to help get them through this period of uncertainty. What platforms might be useful for you. What tools she...


BrumPod019: Coronavirus - How Is it Affecting Small Business? How Can We Adapt And Survive? How The Government May Help. Plus Tips For Working From Home

In this episode we're (unsurprisingly) looking at Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it's currently affecting small businesses. With so much fear and worry in the world right now, small businesses are having to think on their feet, adapt quickly, and do what they can to survive through this period of uncertainty. The hospitality industry is a particular worry, as the government tell the public we should be refraining from visiting bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. So many are now turning to...


BrumPod018: Brummies Networking's 5th Anniversary! Our Origins & Where We're Going. Plus, How Networking Has Changed With LinkedIn

We're back from hiatus! In this episode we're going a bit self-reflective, talking about how Brummies Networking has recently turned 5yrs old! But as many will know, we've been going even longer than that, just under a different guise. We discuss how it all came about, the changes we've seen along the way, how networking attitudes have changed, how technologies have evolved for us to continue the networking far easier online, forging even closer relationships thanks to tools like LinkedIn;...