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Mindset Coaching for Online Business Owners, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.

Mindset Coaching for Online Business Owners, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.
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Mindset Coaching for Online Business Owners, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs.




"I Failed the Required Exam 3x"

When a pesky test is the only thing between you and your dreams, it's everything. When at first you fail, you try again. When it's the third time you've failed? What then? How do you stay strong? How do you stop yourself from giving up? How do you stay focused on the dream when the road is all uphill? Have a question for the show? Find me: Become a supporter of this podcast:


Introverts BOSSing: Networking

How do you network when doing so makes your skin crawl? How do you stand up for your business without breaking out into a cold sweat? Introverts have some challenges when it comes to increasing visibility and networking. Here's how they can set themselves, and their businesses, up for success. Have a question for the show? Find me: Become a supporter of this podcast:


How to Make Friends As An Adult

Loneliness comes in all shapes and forms. Being human, we're all going to experience it at some point. What do you do when you realize your tribe is too small? How do you make new friends as an adult? It can be and feel daunting. Here are some insights on getting started. Question for the show? Find me: Become a supporter of this podcast:


How to Stop Obsessing Over Perfection

Everyone tells you that you can't be perfect and that is a waste to try. How do you actually BELIEVE that it can be true for you, too? Tackling an all too familiar conversation in a new way. Recommended in this episode, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown-- Become a supporter of this podcast:


Taking Pride in Solving First World Problems

"First world problems". What a judgmental and self-limiting description of what we do or what we feel. However, when we think our feelings aren't important enough for attention or we think the pain we help people with "isn't real suffering", we stop paying attention. We stop taking care of things. We stop showing up for ourselves and others. How does that do anyone any good? Here's how to find pride in what you do, even if you aren't saving the world. Have a question you'd like my two cents...


How Are You, Really?

When asked how we are, we usually say "fine" but how are you, really? Are you willing to look and ask yourself that question? Here's what to do when answering it feels scary. Have a comment or question for the show? Find me: Become a supporter of this podcast:


How to Define Success for Yourself

When you give other people the power to decide what good enough is, you give them control over your self-confidence. That power needs to stay with you. You may know this, but how do you hold it close when everyone on the internet has an opinion and isn't afraid to share it? Tune in to find out . Have a question for the show? Become a supporter of this podcast:


Mom Guilt: How to Deal, How to Heal

Mom Guilt is a BEAST! It's so insidious in our society that it has become the default experience of many moms I know and work with. Today's listener shares her experience and it is my hope that any suffering mom who needs to hear my perspective finds it and begins her own journey toward healing and self-acceptance. If I can help ease your suffering, I invite you to schedule a introductory call with me: You can always find me at:...


Boss Problems: When Staff Members Fail

Hiring help is supposed to make your job easier but what do you do when your staff just make more work for you? How do you clean up the mess, prevent more messes, and set your business up for better success? Here’s what you have to do. Have a question you’d like me to tackle on the show? Find me:


How To Really Run A Business on Your Terms

In the land of shoulds and at a time where everyone and their brother is teaching and preaching a formula, how do you do it your way? On your terms? Tune in to find out. Find me: if you want to join the fear busting masterclass, the fear busting bootcamp, or if you’d like a weeklong Voxer intensive with me.


When Your Personal Life Becomes Public

What do you do when your private business becomes public? What happens when you are professionally attacked for your personal beliefs? In a changing social time where people are held accountable for their opinions across the board, what do you say? What do you do? How do you respond? As I mention in this episode, I am now accepting new clients for my Voxer intervention. It's a voice messaging app where you can tell me your situation and pose questions and I get back to you in the same...


When Your Business is Making Zero Dollars

When it’s not working and no one is grabbing for your services, it’s easy to become reactive and impulsive. As the BOSS, you have to be smart and take deliberate action. Here’s how. Have a Q for the show?


“ So, What Do You DO All Day?”

Location independent business owners get this question all the time. It’s easy to react with defensiveness but this is really an opportunity for better communication and connectedness. Here’s how to look at an old, tired question with new eyes. Have a question for the show?


When Your Partner in Life is Toxic

When your spouse or partner is struggling with addiction or mental illness, it affects the whole family. It creates toxic situations for all involved. When you’re the functioning partner, how do you deal? How do you navigate what comes next and how do you chart a new course for everyone involved?


Are We Going About Happiness All Wrong?

When it comes to living happy lives, we hear a lot about being grateful, looking for the good, and staying positive. But that makes happiness about isolated moments that we have to link together in order to create something that lasts beyond the moment. What if we are going about happiness all wrong? What if we're just playing small and staying safe? Starting a conversation about what choosing happiness might really mean and what we have to do in order to have it. Link mentioned on the...


How to Accept Yourself

“Good is enough”. “You are worthy”. We hear these things all the time but how do we apply them to our own lives? Taking more quotables on self-acceptance and turning them into coachables. Have a quotable for the show? Send it in:


What if I Can't Handle Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship comes with risks. If risk taking keeps you up at night, does that mean you're not cut out for it? What do you do when you can't stop seeing the risks? How do you learn to stay steady? Have a question for the show?


How to Respond to Trolls

What do you do when trolls and haters become persistent? When they dog you around the internet and leave hateful comments on your content. Anyone can say "just ignore them" or "haters are going to hate" but it's not always easy. Here's how to take control of something that feels very much out of your control. Have a question about your life and business? Send it my way and I'll feature it on the show:


When Your Business Isn't Respected

When what you do is looked down upon, mocked, and judged, how do you respond? You know it's business but it's also personal. How do you respond when you're not taken seriously? Need to take new actions on a problem holding you back? Work with me for a one and done session. Here's the link:


How to Fly When Stuck on the Ground

When you have done everything you need to and you're totally set up for success, how do you simply press play? How do you go when you have no idea what's coming next? That's what we are tackling on today's show. Have a question that you'd like my two cents on? Write me: