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Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.

Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.


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Conversations In Close Protection is the podcast of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB). We seek to enhance the discussions and promote values, information and education within the Close Protection Community.




Chris "Doc" Rogers

Chris "Doc" Rogers by Conversations In Close Protection


Craig SouthNarc Douglas

Craig SouthNarc Douglas by Conversations In Close Protection


Bill Mathews - BlackWater WorldWide

This week we talk to the former Executive Vice President of Blackwater USA and current Director at Blackwater Worldwide, Bill Mathews. We discuss Blackwater’s rise, mission, track record and get a behind the scenes glimpse at what was going on during its trials and tribulations. Further, we get to hear what the company is doing now. Join us as we get to learn about one of the most powerful security companies in protection history from one of its executives.


CiCP Shop Talk Jan 28 2021

This week Chuck and Chris review happenings in the industry. We talk about protection after power transitions, cyber threats affecting the industry, Sun Tzu, the EP Technology Officer, and EP Modernization at the Sixth Annual Executive Security and CP Technology Forum among other things. Join in!


Kate Bright Umbra Intl Group

Kate Bright Umbra Intl Group by Conversations In Close Protection


Security Specialist Will Geddes

We talk to Human Threat Management Specialist Will Geddes, the Managing Director of International Corporate Protection. His story is unique. He has found himself all over the world, from the US to the world's most dangerous places protecting, consulting, training and advising on security issues with no law enforcement or military background. he surrounded himself with the right people, executed his role, learned and continued his way up the ladder in an impressive career. Listen in!


Eclipse Holster CEO Jessica Hazelaar

We kick off the year discussing business and growing in the tactical space with holsters. Yes, it is a bit different for us, but we thought with the growth of the close protection industry and folks in it doing things a bit differently - showing personality in their roles, Eclipse holsters was a great fit. Listen in as Jessica Hazelaar the founder of Eclipse Holsters talks about her start, keys to success and gives a business 101 class with great passion. ~


DEC 31st Shop Talk

This week Chuck and Chris talk about the past year and what to do to prepare for the future, whether planning for the year or a career. We discuss identifying direction, goal setting and how to ensure we are on the right path. We also go over Chuck’s many R’s to ensure our focus is purposeful and we are able to meet our objectives. Lastly, we talk about gratitude. It’s a shorter talk, just us, but with some gold nuggets. Happy New Year from CiCP.


The Annual CiCP Christmas Movie Special

It's back by popular demand! The 2nd Annual CiCP Holiday movie review. Take a break with the team as we discuss another of our favorite downtime viewing pleasures. Charles and Chris are joined by "The Mighty Aaron Peck" who helps tease out some additional information about the film. Let us know what you watch - HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the CiCP Team!


Jesse Jaureui on What it takes to get in and stay in the industry.

Jesse Jaureui on What it takes to get in and stay in the industry. by Conversations In Close Protection


Jermaine Flythe

In our second installment of our New Practitioner Series we talk to Former US Army Warrant Officer Jermaine Flythe. In reality, Jermaine is not really a new practitioner. He was on PSD teams in the US Army. However, he is new to the corporate/commercial side of EP. In this episode he shares his experience, thought process and plan to move into the new space with an open mind and a smile on his face to impact the industry and give to it and those in it, what it is giving to him.


Lee Sansum CiCP

Military Policeman, Martial Artist and Minder Lee Sansum talk to the team about this extended career working everywhere from Northern Ireland to Somalia. He has protected Princesses, evacuated people out of hot zones, and minded sports teams all over the world. Lee is also a world-class instructor, who has taught combatives to specialized military units, world-wide. Lee’s focus on being ‘fit for purpose’ within the Operators Circle group has people re-thinking the way to they approach...


Garry Curtis

British Royal Marine, Fire-Fighter, Close Protection Agent, Hostile Environment Consultant, Medic, Asset Retrieval Specialist, Documentary subject, and Author Garry Curtis has devoted his journey to protecting people and assets in hot spots all over the world. His passion, devotion, and skills come across in both an honest and humble conversation. Come, join the conversation and let us know your thoughts at


Veterans Day Special

“To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory.” - President Woodrow Wilson, 1919. On the anniversary of Armistice Day (later to be called Veterans Day) the CiCP team gets together to discuss this time of remembrance, why the military is such a feeder into the industry, and thank all of those who have stood in service of something higher. We also have a special...


Janina Lincke

Our first interview in our "New Practitioner" series, we talk to the impressive Janina Lincke, a humble, but driven and accomplished practitioner who defines the renaissance protective agent. We discuss how she got into the protective industry and her successes and challenges thus far. It is an informative discussion with a future leader in the industry.


Mac Segal

This week we talk to Mac Segal about assessing security at fixed sites. Mac has over 25 years' experience in executive protection and security consulting. For years he specialized as a Hotel and Fixed Site Security Consultant. Join us as this consummate professional shares his story, wisdom and experience in assessing site security all over the world.


Shop Talk With Chuck And Chris

This week - no guest. Chuck and Chris discuss travel, books, podcasts, risk, COVID considerations, intelligence programs and more. It's the audio rip from our first VIDPOD!


Justin Hanson SpecVIP

Justin Hanson is passionate about executive protection. He works in both the public sector and provides training to the private sector. His company, SPECVIP provides innovative training that includes an EP Support course. Justin has also developed a unique industry network, VIP LOCAL ASSET. Join our discussion as we find out what drives Justin's passions about connecting the Close Protection Community.


Technon CEO Joe Gehr

Technon Security consulting's CEO Joe Gehr has had quite a career. From Latin America to the Middle East and then the US, Joe has conducted Close Protection, Event Security, and training for a myriad of clients and protectors. He's even been shot... on purpose! Join the conversation and understand what drives his philosophy and mindset for success. Send us your feedback at and rate us on your favorite platform.


Meredith Wilson CEO Emergent Risk

Former Department of Defense intelligence Analyst Meredith Wilson joins the CiCP team to discuss how protectors can benefit from a better understanding of intelligence, how she approaches her work, and why she is so passionate about the industry. She has tirelessly worked to create her company "Emergent Risk International" as well as taking the time to give back to the improvement of the industry through her volunteer work, mentoring, and community building. Give us your feedback at...